Should I let my mom take my child out of state?

I need some advice.I currently live with my mother(divorce)she wants to take my 4year old out of state to Disney World without me.I am torn or whether or not I should let him go.


Let him go, its a once in a lifetime chance :relaxed:

Take? You said Disney World. That’s a vacation. Why wouldn’t you let the child go?


Shes his grandmother . Why would you have to ask facebook such a question .


Depends on age of the child.

He’ll never forget :thinking::thinking::thinking::sunglasses:

If you trust her completely without doubt, I see no harm. If you have some worry, go with your gut. Some parents and grandparents aren’t that responsible. Disney world Is huge.


Is there something wrong between with you and your mother? Let her bond with her grandchild


Baby doesn’t go without momma. I deserve to see the look on his face.


Do you trust her? I trusted my mother more than anyone and I let her take my kids wherever whenever.

Personally I wouldn’t being that hes so young… especially Disney being those major wish list trips for kids. I would certainly want to be there. it all depends on your relationship with your mom and how responsible she is. Are you able to go?


Why does Grandma want to take the child WITHOUT YOU? That doesn’t pass the sniff test to me. Your child deserves to make DisneyWorld memories WITH you too. Everyone goes or no go.


Um she raised you why not?


The fact that you are questioning whether the child should go or not makes me think there is a trust issue of some sort with your mother? If there is not a good reason, I would let him go … they must have a special bond if she wants to do something like that. My children don’t have Grandparents and never did. It would also give you some “me” time.

If she’s a good grandma that will take good care of him I would say yes. The only problem I see is that a child that young may get homesick and have a hard time being away from you. My son is very close to his grandparents and had a hard time being away from me for a week. He wanted me to come get him and I couldn’t. They usually are fine while they are busy but nights are tough!

Was she a good mother? Did she take care of you? Did she ever lose you? If the answers are yes, yes, and no, let the child enjoy the vacation with grandma.

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My parents took my daughter out of state and country when she was 3. I trust my parents explicitly. Was it easy? Hell no! Now, I love Disney so I wouldn’t have let my mom take her without me to Disney for the first time.

At the end of the day, you’re his mama and it’s up to you. If you have a gut feeling, I say go with it. If you think it might just be some nervous jitters about your baby being away from you, that’s normal, but it’s up to you. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you with “shes your mom why not let him go?”, “its a once in a lifetime chance”, blah blah blah.

Because we do not know you or your family or anything in between and what is okay for one person, may not be for another. :two_hearts:


Unless you have knowledge of her wanting to take her take her then no… Otherwise why not?

Im a grandma that lives with my daughter and her child. I would not take my grand baby without Mom. However, if the child was a teen and we were going in a group I would consider it, but it seems unfair.

When my daughter was young my parents took her to Disneyland and she had a great time. I don’t see a problem with it

I mean why not…she raised you and you turned out okay right?!

I had this come up once. The fact that is even a question to me means you should be safe, rather than sorry.

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Yes thriers nothing wrong with it
I take my grandchild out of state all the time

I see no harm but i question what are the concerns?


It’s the grandparents job to spoil grandchild not the child. Take off and go and pay for yourself


I’m a grandma that just took my 3 grandsons on a road trip to Tennessee their ages are 6, 9, and 12 we had a blast and sometimes mommas need some me time to just my daughter is already asking when I am taking them again.

Why don’t you go with them ?

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Glad my kids would never question me taking my grandkids anywhere , They know I love them to pieces and would never let anything go wrong … js

Why would you not want him to go? Besides the fact your going to miss him. My mom has taken my kids out of state. We as mothers need a break too. And your mom is probably just trying to give you one, and at the same time give your son an amazing memory.

I feel to much is left out of this to even begin to make a statement on whether or not the child should go with or without you. :woman_shrugging:


My grandma and grandpa took me and my sister to Disney before we all went as a big family. I was really young, but I recall a few beautiful memories when I see pictures of the trip. Also anytime someone wants to take your child and give you a break I say run with it lol

Why wouldn’t you? Are there trust issues?

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Yes such amazing memories

Yes let her go she’ll have a blast & it may be a once in a lifetime for her to go

As long as grandma will take care of him 

You should be there to enjoy that special time with him. Not just your mother.


I know this may sound a little off the wall BUT! Just for piece of mind compose a letter saying you are allowing the grandmother to take your child out of state. Have it notarized. This was some legal advise given to a friend of mine. Too me it made great sense because of all that’s going on with child abductions.


I had same issue with my daughter I ended up taking her with Had she had to work I still wouldv taken grandchild Let child go…

It would be a wonderful experience for a little one. I would let my mom take my children anytime. As the others have stated enclose a note proving she is allowed to go and maybe a copy of her birth certificate Just to be on the safe side.

I went everywhere with my grandparents.

As long as your on good terms (which you seem to be) then why not?

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Why not? Has she done something wrong?


A 4 yr old won’t have much fun they can’t ride anything

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For you to havee this question raises a red flag for me. What aren’t you telling us? What are you afraid might happen?


She raised you so why are you asking?


I just came back from Disney with my 3yr old Grand and my daughter didn’t blink when I told her I wanted to take my grand daughter with me on vaca. My daughter knew my grand daughter would be very well taken care of and it would mean the world to me to share that special time to bond with my grand daughter. My daughter would NEVER question if it would be ok for me (grandma) to take my grand daughter anywhere.

Do you trust her? If so…I say yes.

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Yes let her go I let my boys go on a long vacation last summer with my mom they left Michigan an went to Florida. They was gone a month I cried when they left but I really needed the break an I missed them like crazy but I talked to them every day.

Do what is best for your child. Try not to be selfish and let him enjoy. I speak from experience lol. I used to hate to let my kids go without me, but they only suffered due to my selfishness of their time.

Let them go make memories.:purple_heart: If you’re worried, put a hedge of thorns around them. They’re going to have so much fun.:purple_heart:

I would 100% let my Mama, apparently there are reasons to even have to ask such a question…

I’d let my parents take my children out of the state to do whatever. I had no problem with it at all even if aunt and Uncle is wanted to have them their family

If you trust her with your child’s well being then yes

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My parents have been taking myoldest on missionary trips in Mexico since she was 3 they raised me and 5 boys just fine id certainly hope i could trust themwith my own children

Follow your gut feelings and. Come right out and ask her intentes about this

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Do you not trust your mom??


I’m over protective so myself I would not but I’m me

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If your mom isn’t crazy, dangerous, or on drugs, let that baby go hang out with Granny


I think you may just be experiencing some seperation anxiety and he’s young. I felt the same when my older son was about that age and my dad wanted to take him on a trip. But I let him because there’s some things my dad can afford to do with him that at the time I couldn’t. Didn’t want him to miss out because of me. He came back just fine. But every mom has to make her own decisions. I couldn’t go cuz of work, I’m guessing it may be the same for you. No shame in that.

Yes. I assume you trust your mom and are torn for more reasons than just the obvious of being a cautious and concerned parent.
I was in a similar situation as a child and my father I love my grandmother to take us to Disney World…it was something he couldn’t give us bc he worked, had bills, etc. He later took my daughter to Disney…when he could, while I worked, etc. It was a special memory for a grandparent and grandchild. Something I cherished as did my daughter. I took her when she was a bit older and we made our own memories. Let them have it because grandparents will not be around forever and this is a special memory that will be

what is the issue…why ask on F.B.?? You know your own mom…perhaps she… over refreshes ??

Yes let her have fun

Yes I just took my grandson on a trip.

Don’t do it! You’re torn and that doubt is enough for you to say no.

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REALLY? She raised you, why not?


No sure how you honestly expect that answered from strangers.Shes your mum so you know if she’s capable or not.If she is it’s insulting asking strangers.


Wow why would this even be an issue!?? Your still alive!! Smh

Why would you have to ask that question that is your mom? You know the woman she is it would have to be a reason that you are having doubts about YOUR Mom taking her grandchild. anyway I pray things work out

I don’t see an issue. As a mom you’re going to have to realize, you will miss stuff. And that’s okay. That will be an experience for him. My mom hated me but I allowed her to take my oldest from Kansas all the way to Corpis Christi for a couple of weeks.

Oh my God let the baby go to Disney world

No thats weird as hell. If she is specifically asking you to leave your child and doesn’t want you going then I doubt she’s taking him/her to Disney. Sounds like she’s taking them and not coming back.

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If you trust your mom then of course. But I can tell you 4 is too young. They tire quickly & get crabby.

Its ur mom… unless u have some kind of court order saying ur kid cant go without permission from or notification to Dad. Nothing wrong with taking a vacay with Grandma.

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Sorry but there’s not enough info to really answer. Like why are you feeling iffy about your mom taking your child?
Is she older and not capable?
Is she capable but you don’t trust her?
I have a wonderful relationship with my mom but after her car accident she’s not the same so therefore I don’t let her take my 3 yr old as much as before because of that. My older boys definitely cuz they’re 10/11 and they’re independent.

But I think you answered your own question. Don’t doubt yourself

If you trust her to keep him safe and happy and cared for while they are in vacation, then yes. Absolutely. I let my kid go with her grandparents from MN to Wyoming to see family for two weeks or so. All depends on if you trust them enough or not. They can always call you while they are gone and check in

I see no problem with it as long as you trust her judgment and know she’s not going to harm your child. I see no problem with it

I wish my mom would offer to take my kids out of town for a few days lol

My mom id let him go she raised me very over protective. Has she your mom shown you not to be watchful of your son before?

Really depends on so many things. Many questions, and to have to ask on FB to strangers answers some of them. No no and no

Let the child go, its memories that they will never forget! Are you torn or jealous that she wants to take your child and you’re not?

You don’t trust your mom!? I let mine go Everywhere when she was that age. And she spent every summer in Louisiana with her other grandparents. Wonderful memories. Don’t deny her/them😊And I was divorced. My in-laws still love me😁

Definitely let him go. It’s every kids dream to go to Disney World and that might be the only chance he gets to go. You should take that offer because he would be a happy camper. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s seems to be an elephant in the room. There’s the question as to why she’s torn? Did grandma tell mom she was taking her son or did she ask if she could take him? Is it because she’s not invited and wanted to her child to Disney World? Or is it only because she wasn’t invited? Or perhaps she feels that her mother is trying to replace her?

Maybe her son is closer to grandma than mom? Does her mother overshadow her parenting? In other words, does her mother, feel that she’s not a good parent and goes against the way she parents her son? There’s a lot of factors to consider. I for one, would not have hesitated if my parents wanted to take my children out-of-state without me. It depends on the mother and daughter relationship. It also depends on whether grandma is responsible.

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Thats a very special occasion! Unless your mother is not fit to be alone with your child, I see no reason not to let them go.

This is a personal decision and it really has nothing to do with the care your mother would give but are you comfortable with it. I let mine go much earlier than that but my daughter is not comfortable with her son being taken to far away without her. I respect that I know it’s not because she doesn’t trust me

Let her go have fun with your mom and just relax while she’s gone

Absolutely, my mom has traveled with my kids when they were young many times. I’d never denied either one this opportunity.

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My parents took my daughter that was in kindergarten at the time to California and she had a blast.

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I took my granddaughter to Disney from NYS. 1st plane ride & everything

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Go for it. I would. She will take good care of him. Time with grandma would be good

My parents took my daughter to several states. I think gone a month or so. She had a blast

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I dont think a 4 year old is near old enough for Disney world! My daughter was 5 amd remember nothing! She was also barely tall enough to ride anything

It’s ultimately your decision. If you really don’t feel comfortable with it, perhaps discuss it with your Mom.

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Is disney somthing you’ll be able to do with your child in the future? If not and you trust your mother to care for your child. Absolutely Yes. When my third was born my inlaws asked to take my older kids on a camping trip several hours from home. I let them go because I know my inlaws would take care of my kids and it was a experience I dint know if I would ever be able to give them. I missed thwm but they had a great time and made awesome memories with grandma and papa


My mom traveled with my kids at a young age, why not ? Unless you don’t trust her !


You live with her… and you are questioning her ability to take care of your child? Is there something else your leaving out about her daily interaction with them? Or is it possibly just slightly jealous that they will be going and you won’t :confused:


Clearification question:

  1. Is the childs other parent ok with the child crossing statelines with out one of you present?
  2. do you trust your mother with your child?
  3. can you go? afford for all 3 of you to go?

She took care of you right? Then she will be with ur child

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Do you trust her enough? Why can’t you go? If you trust her enough then yes!