Should I Report My Niece's Car Seats?

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"I recently went to my dad’s and he had my nieces. They are 1&2 years old. Their car seats were both there and they didn’t have any of the padding that comes on the seats. They were both just plain plastic and one had the Styrofoam broken in two spots. The other carseat had the label rubbed off so I couldn’t see if it was expired or not. These are their main carseats that the parents use for them. Is it even legal? Do I report this to someone? I can’t find anything online saying whether or not it’s safe or legal. I don’t see how it can be."

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"Not safe. But why wouldn’t you just say something to the parents or your dad? They’re family and getting CPS or authorities involved is serious, if you can solve this with a conversation then you should."

"Why wouldn’t you just talk to your sister about it?"

"Why not just talk with them?"

"Is there any way that you can help get them new ones instead of reporting them? The cosco scerna seat should fit most 1& 2 year olds and they are only about 55$ a seat"

"Is it possible to maybe help them out & raise some money to replace them for the sake of the children instead introduce legal troubles??"

"Not safe at all but why report them if you’re not gonna say anything directly to them? They’re family, family should be able to tell each other things like this, especially when it comes to our babies"

"Maybe instead of reporting and starting issues, check different resources. Alot of places u can get free car seats. I got 2 free for my kids from the fire department. Then When they out grew them and needed the bigger car seats I just had to trade them in for new ones."

"If you can afford to get them some please do. Or look up a place that gives them out. Maybe they can’t afford new ones"

"Why not try to help them instead? They may be having some difficulties and could use a hand. If otherwise the children are loved and taken care of, don’t open a can of worms."

"Why don’t you help them instead of report them?"

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