Should I report my sons daycare teacher?

Report it immediately. Let the teacher defend herself. You do not need to protect her.

Definitely turn it in. You can never be to careful.

Definitely report it!!

Yes, hands down. She could potentially harm another child.

Report it. Next time it could be worse. Show your child the trust you jave in him and 3 yr olds dont know to lie. Believe in your child, trust your gut and protect your child and others by reporting it.

ALWAYS believe your child!!! They are counting on you to protect them…… imagine for a moment was he said IS true… then you drop him off there again… to get hurt… with zero consequence for the worker…. Next time could be worse!! FILE THE REPORT!!!

Trust your child. Obviously that teacher hurt your child and had to use hard force to cause an injury like that. File a report

Call the police, file a report, and request video of the incident. No way I’d let that go. That’s your baby!

Report it. The facility probably has cameras. The police can investigate the truth. Never protect a possible abuser. Think about the other children and their safety. If it’s a accident they will find out

Report it right away. It doesn’t matter how it happened your child ended up need to go to the hospital and needed treatment. If your child did what she said it wouldn’t have hurt the way it is so I’d definitely report it.


Hell yes! And if the child made that accusation, the hospital should be calling the police as well as they are a mandatory reporter.

If u don’t advocate for ur child who will? File a police report n go from there.

My 2 year old was pretending he was falling off the bed, he was pretending to be captain America; my sister grabbed his arm playing along and she heard something pop. She did not grab it hard, it’s called nurses maid elbow. If she was holding his hand and he dropped to the floor while she was still holding his hand it is very common for that to happen at that age.
If it’s still hurting that means it’s not back properly and you need to take him back to ER. I would not file a report as of yet.
The NP told me it will happen again until he is older.

I would 100% file a report !

Make. A. Report. If you don’t and she has no repercussions and does this to another child you’re going to wish you had. If it really was an accident then she’ll be fine. Embarrassed but she’ll survive.

I would report it! If it happened by you at home,you would be in jail.

I wouldn’t. That’s a very common injury in toddlers. I have one daughter who it happened to at least 10 times as a kid. We never knew what she did to cause it either. She’s 17 and double jointed. She can pop it in and out. :woman_shrugging:

Report. No doubt about it.

A couple of my kids have had nursemaids elbow. My 2 year old can just barely pull and his elbow pops out. The ligaments in that area aren’t completely formed until 5 so some kids are more prone to it popping out. The hospital showed me how to pop it back in with one of my kids. So I can now get it back in place in usually one try.

If they daycare has video request for it or file a police report and let the police handle it. You as a mama know your child. No child should ever come out of a daycare facility with that type of injury.

Accident or not that much force should not be used! The police would be coming to get me cause that wouldn’t have sat well

Nurse maid elbow.
Super common
If the kid pulled away or dropped suddenly that could easily do it

Always believe your child. If she did this to your baby what’s to stop her from doing worse to another child. Please report her

Omfg the posts on this page just keep getting worse and worse. I can’t believe someone would even ask a question like this… you don’t just “accidently” pull a child’s arm from their socket. Your child also is saying they hurt him. Be a responsible fing parent its not that hard


I would file IMMEDIATELY!!

Report it. She should know better than to pull on their arm like that.

Find a new day care and hell yes you report them to the agency that oversees day care in your country and statem I think its child services. The hospital should of reported it also I’d call the unbudsmsn at the hospital and find out. I used a home day care it was smaller kids only and only like four kids. Much better than a center.

Omg report to police this should not be a question, that can’t accidentally happen it takes a great slot of force elbow out of socket even with a child that why the hospital telling you to report them to the police, medically there no way even if it was a accident that this kind of accident was a accident, as a elbow out of socket needs great strength and obvious the adult did this

As a nurse practitioner there are injuries that are sustained that point straight to abuse. This is one of them. Their story does not align with what the type of injury he has. I would 100% report them. Not only would you be stopping her from doing it to another child in the future but you would also be letting them know that it is not ok. I feel like with letting them “get away with it” it would just continue

Don’t doubt your child. You will teach them that even when they tell the truth, their truth, no one will believe them or stick up for them.

Always make the report. Let someone else determine the truth.

Ah I would definitely believe your child, how many times has your child had this issue with you and never had dislocated shoulder etc? Trust your guts report it

The Hospital Employees are mandated reporters of child abuse also you should report it and let the professionals figure it out. Hod gave you him to love and protect. :muscle::heart:

Of course file a report! Especially because the doctor is telling u to! If you don’t then it will just happen to another child if it hasn’t already…

Um if she’s hurting children and lying about it… she shouldn’t have that job to begin with. Definitely file the report and call the daycare asap

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If your child’s nursery has cctv ask to view it

File the report…but also, Dr’s and nurses are mandated reporters. They should be filing one as well…


Yes file a report. And when it gets looked into. They will either find out it was a first time thing or if it happened before. And if it is first time it will be in records Incase another parent has to make a report.

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Is this even a question?

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I would have to believe, as it is in Michigan…. that both the hospital and the teacher are mandated reporters.

Daycare should have cameras

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I would file a report with the police.


Nope believe the child esp if he verbally said what happened



The child has no motive to lie. The adult does.

If the daycare person did nothing wrong, an investigation will not be a problem. But clearly something is very wrong, or your child would not be hurt.

Not reporting would be stupid and irresponsible and will send the message to your child that you are not a safe person either, because you are not protecting them from someone who the child TOLD you has hurt them.


Does the daycare have cameras?? Report it

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I definitely say you should file the report and ask for a copy for your records. I’d also ask the daycare provider for a written statement of what they claim happened. It covers you both ways.
As a parent who’s child’s arms dislocate when moving the wrong way, I get it. It happens but your child is 3 and knows what happend to himself, he wouldn’t make that up.

She’s lying. A three year old child’s weight is not enough to cause a dislocation. File the report immediately.


WTF I would be pressing charges!!! You should not be torn. That’s your son you need to protect him. Press charges immediately.

It takes a lot of force for an elbow to come out of joint. I would definitely reported see if there’s cameras in the classroom.

Are there cameras in his room? I’d definitely ask to see footage. I’m so sorry this happened

File the report because if your child said the teacher did it but the teacher is saying something different err on the side of caution…Former pre-k teacher

REPORT. my god, please report. thats your baby they were watching and they are watching other people’s babies too. For their safety, Yes. Report.

I would definitely report it and hope she loses her job. Accident or not she should not be grabbing any child like that. She could really harm a child. So sorry this happened to you

If the hospital tells you to file a report, YOU file a report . Someone may be abusive to your child and others in the day care !!

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Ask to see their camera footage

This needs to be reported!
I appreciate your consideration for her, but… protect the little ones. Your little one.

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Make a report, just in case. Better be safe than sorry.

Press charges!!! As far as the elbow, it took almost a month after getting her cast off, for my daughter’s elbow to fully extend. I wouldn’t worry too much before 2 weeks pass, this is what I was told.

Don’t report it kids bones aren’t as hard as adults their more squishy and easier to break/dislocate and it is something that can happen if a kid jumps and then drops to the ground also check the cameras to make sure. It’s wrong for everyone on this post to jump to the worse conclusion when it could of been an accident and 3 years old might not lie but they are rambunctious and like to throw tamptrums which includes them throwing their self to the ground.


Always believe your child. I would 100% file a police report and have that teacher fired. It takes alot of force to pull a arm out of its socket.

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Just to provide an alternative view, my daughter was about 2 when the same thing happened to me. We were crossing the street and I was holding her hand, she flopped to the ground upset and her elbow did pop out. It’s more likely to occur again so since we just knew to not grab her hand if she was likely to pull away. The doctor was able to pop it back in after an xray to ensure it wasn’t broken.

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Report it. End of discussion.

Nursemaid’s elbow is a fairly common injury for this age, and I wonder, did they give you an incident report?

I can’t believe you’re even asking fuck her job your child is number 1!

Did they call it a nursemaids elbow? My daughter is 3 and this has happened to her a couple times, not at school but playing with her brothers or getting picked up by her arms. When they are young they are more easily to slip in and out even without heavy force. Does your daycare have cameras? Maybe have them show you the footage, do what you feel is best.:purple_heart:

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i feel like if the dr said to report it, you should. it could be held against you if you don’t. the dr is a mandated reporter, so it likely been reported already anyways! good luck mama


File the freaking report!

Um… report it. You already know your child doesn’t like to hold hands so we know the woman’s story is already BS. She should not be grabbing or putting her hands on your child in a disciplinary manner and many states’s board of education are strictly against it and will cite the actual institution for allowing it.

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My granddaughter was behind me and when I swung around to answer the phone I accidentally hit her in the lip .she insisted that I hurt her .I told her it was an accident but she really thought I did it in purpose .accidents do happen and children that young can’t differentiate if something like this is on purpose .it could have been totally accidental.have a forensic child psychologist interview your child first before accusing this worker. Don’t bring your child there until an investigation is completed though!


My daughter was about that age and her older brother was helping her up on the bed and pulled her elbow out of socket. It was not intentional or to hurt her, they’re arms are just at the age they pop out easy. However if your child is saying the teacher pulled them- I would certainly bring it up with management and go from there. Devils advocate- the teacher very well could have been trying to change locations or activities without any intention of doing harm. Honestly, I would start with daycare first and see how they handle it. Good luck and hug your sweet baby reminding them they are loved and what they say has meaning. :heart:

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I’d report it for sure.


Report this instantly. It shouldn’t even be a question. If she truly didn’t do anything wrong then she should be fine :woman_shrugging:t3: but you should always report because you never know. People nowadays are evil.


REPORT I’m so sorry this happened.

Why is this even a question?


Report it it’s not easy to pull your arm out the socket! bless him I would be raging x


Are you seriously asking a group online if you should file a police report for someone hurting your child?
:sob::sob::woman_facepalming: accident or no accident. The video surveillance of the daycare and the police investigation will decide that! Smh.
I do pray it didn’t cause any long term issues. Bless your sweet boy.


Still report it. Just in case

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Report to police and request a copy of the accident report from daycare. They are required to do them. If she didn’t could be an indicator that she was out of line. Make sure you get ER discharge paperwork but also request a copy of his medical records, they will have more details than discharge paperwork. Hope your son is doing better.


I’d make a report but for the ones saying there is no way she dislocated the little boys elbow by him pulling in a different direction are very wrong, when I was 5 I was holding my moms hand and she went one direction and I went to run the opposite and my shoulder became dislocated. So it does happen.

File the report. They will investigate the cause!… it’s up to you to be your child’s voice :blue_heart: good luck!

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Report them 100%. Wether or not it was an accident, she lied about it so she’s no longer trustworthy. I wouldn’t allow her to watch my child again.


Does the center have cameras in the room? If so, request to view them.
They should also be writing a report about the incident, labeling it as a major accident as you sought out medical attention. There should be an investigation into this.
So, if you feel something is wrong, I would absolutely report it

You’re your child’s advocate

Sad to say but I did this to my daughter trying to pull from a parking lot that a car was racing through. It doesn’t take much to dislocate. I would check with daycare supervisor to see if any other complaints on same teacher. You don’t want to have someone lose their job if there was no ill intent. Go with your gut I guess.

Report pleaseeee. I hope your son is doing better. :heart:

Personally this mama bear would whoop some ass then file a report but to each it’s own

Why haven’t you done something already instead of asking 10000 strangers??? If you are truly questioning it that worries me because if something really happened you have waited far too long to do anything about it! Drama!!!


Are there cameras at daycare?
A child jumping up and dropping to the ground shouldn’t pull his elbow out of socket… although I’ve seen strange things. :woman_shrugging:t3:

You report that insane teacher. Your child is hurt. N prevent it happening again 2your child n that of another. There so called teacher is a menace

I would ask to see the video first nurse maids elbow is actually very common and doesn’t take a lot of force to happen. My older daughter was holding my 3 year old’s hands and the 3 year old tried to drop down and it happened to her. My older daughter felt terrible but it wasn’t her fault by any means so it could have happened from your child trying to just drop down

Yes definitely file!

Personally I would report it, safety is paramount.

I would see if they have cameras and if you can view them or ask if anyone else saw it happen

File a police report! That injury is too serious!

Coming from a seasoned daycare worker…Report her! She is clearly not telling the whole truth


Do a full report, my daughter broke her knee when she was 2 at her old daycare. The director left all the kids in one room including the after schoolers and supposedly she did see what happened this happened on a Wednesday and this lady quit her job that Friday because she “found a better job”:woman_facepalming:t2:mind you she’s been working at the daycare for 10 plus years​:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: there’s more to it but nobody wanted to say. My daughter didn’t talk at the time neither​:sob:

She straight up lied. That’s reason enough, report her and get her away from those other kids. How is this even a question???

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There should be cameras first of all to be able to see what happened. I’d absolutely be making a police report and keeping my child out of that daycare.

Someone probably yanked their arm. A teacher more likely. It’s happened at a few daycares.

Doesn’t your daycare have cameras?

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