Should I see another doctor?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and I have high blood pressure, plus my heart rate is in the 120s and 130s. My stomach is upset all the time; I throw up multiple times a day and night. My doctor doesn’t seem worried, but I can’t keep fluids or food down. Should I be concerned? Should I see a different doctor? Has anyone else had this problem?


I changed at 15 weeks due to having hyperemesis and my dr not caring. My dr I switched to was fabulous. I was still sick nonstop (you may have hyperemesis gravida, bring it up
To your dr) ultimately, do what you feel is best for your health and your baby. You have to advocate for them and yourself. :heart: prayers for healthy baby and mommy!

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As a nurse it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion. You know your body better than anyone, so always trust your gut Intuition! I’m not going to try and scare you because that is the last thing I want to do ,but with that being said you need to talk with another OB Doctor at once and make sure you aren’t developing Pre-eclampsia or anything else! Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy your sweet bundle when he/she arrives😊

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Yes!! I had a severe headache for two days it was making me sick so finally I went to the emergency room and I was losing fluid! My son ended up being Emergency csection he was born at 34 weeks but stop growing at 28! Don’t listen to the doctors! If your concerned go to the er

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I’d absolutely go see a different Dr. Trust yourself and your intuition. I wish I had for my first pregnancy. I had pre-eclampsia but I didn’t know it and wasn’t diagnosed until I went into the hospital to have my baby by a different Dr than my own.

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Follow your instincts. My GP said morning sickness is normal and won’t kill you. I not only almost died from dehydration I almost lost my daughter twice until I got an OBGYN that diagnosed me with Hyperemesis. I had to get a drip with vitamins every week and I had to take cancer patient nausea medication.

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Yes! I had almost the same issues. I had bad morning sickness but lasted all day for four months. I swelled up bad. Had a headache for 33 days straight! They didn’t seem concerned. I had toxemia. Luckily I made it to 38 weeks with emergency C-section! Prayers :pray:

Yes. I was in a similar situation, went to another doctor and realized I needed much different treatment. I had pre-eclampsia. Everything ended up fine, baby was healthy but I truly believe it was all because I went with my gut and saw a different doctor. Good luck, mama.


Go with ur gut…I had what I thought were stomach pains and I was told by my dr that it was round ligament pain. The pain became so bad I couldn’t stand it so I went to the hospital even after he told me I didn’t have to. I was in labor at 5 months! It was my first baby so I didn’t know what was going on! So do what ur gut and heart tell you!!!

If you are putting on weight or maintaining then they are not going to freak out I stayed ridiculously sick with my son and no meds helped my dr is amazing and would keep me checked up on but he was growing and healthy you could definitely seek advice from another dr or a midwife but know your baby will get what they need even if you don’t. Always trust your instincts and stay away from google

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Be your own advocate, if you feel your doctor isn’t listening to your concerns or worries, then I would highly suggest you find a different doctor to calm your concerns. It could be nothing to be worried about but having a second opinion should help ease your mind a bit.


I had that too. I puked so much through my pregnancy had to keep going to the hospital for i.v’s because of dehydration. I went to the walk in and she prescribed me pills for morning sickness, helped a bit. Later on I asked my prenatal doctor when I was 8 months pregnant why am I still puking lots. He said because your eating too much and there no room. I told him I am barely eating and not gaining very much weight. He just kind of looked at me. After having my son. A friend of mine had it just as bad and she got diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. I didnt even know that was a thing… some doctors dont even recognize it. They think it’s normal to puke when pregnant. It’s normal to puke 1-3 times a day for the first trimester not your whole pregnancy and lots a day. It really sounds like hyperemesis gravidarum.

I switched at 22 weeks because my dr thought I was 14 weeks at my appointment and never went over my 2nd anatomy scan! She was very rude from my first appointment and I think it was because I was young and she assumed I was careless so she could be too. Loved who I switched to, she was extremely caring and loving! Do what’s best for that baby!

I’m not even as far as you and I’m nauseous but not throwing up and my dr offered a prescription to help. Sounds like you need a new dr for sure. Hope you find one that treats your concerns better and helps you feel better so you can focus on your little one.

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Go with your gut I was constantly in and out with stomach pains and it being my fourth they said it was just my belly stretching more. I ended up having an emergency c section and my little girl being born with servere meconium aspiration syndrome. She was on life support for a month and a slim chance of pulling through. She’s super strong now tho thank god. See a different doctor and Stand your ground and tell them you don’t feel right.
All the best x

Go see another Dr and get another opinion. Trust your gut! If you feel something isn’t right and this dr is just brushing you off then they aren’t right for you. I was lucky enough to have an amazing dr for my first pregnancy but unfortunately bc of insurance changes and other circumstances I didn’t have the same dr and I hated my dr! I was lucky my second pregnancy and delivery didn’t have issues but it could have and if I had started having issues I would have done everything I could have to get another dr ASAP. Long story short the dr I saw throughout my pregnancy was just a PA doing the exams and monitoring, I didn’t actually get to meet or see the Dr until 2 weeks before my scheduled c-section and that was bc I was a high risk and it was required I get a c-section. I saw him the day of and the day after my c-section in the hospital. That was the last time I saw him even after I had a complication after I went home I saw the PA he was awful. I wish you all the luck in the world and I send prayers for you and baby!

Go with your gut. Never hurts to get a second opinion. My co-worker when pregnant couldn’t keep anything down either for her entire pregnancy. She ended up with a little machine that she would wear all the time that gave her fluids and medicine. Not sure what her diagnosis was called but if you look up Kate Middleton she had the same thing her last pregnancy.

You should worry… This happened to me. My doctor didn’t care. Until I had to deliver early at 33 weeks, I had pre_eclampsya and was rushed into emergency room and my child and I were in critical condition. God saved us. Dont wait otherwise it would be too late. God be with you dear.


With pre-eclampsia I had to stop all salt and have bed rest… laying on my left side with 2 hospital stays. But with a good doctor everything was fine. Praying

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Trust me you are yours and your baby’s best advocate! If you feel like something is wrong go get a second opinion. While pregnant with my oldest I knew something was wrong she didn’t move hardly at all a nurse told me that everything was fine and I needed to stop worrying. I didn’t feel her move for two days I was 34 weeks. But the nurse last time said to stop worrying and stop coming in. My
Mom talked me in to going in and checking her. I was rushed to a major hospital and emergency c-section she
was measuring at 25 weeks no fluid but one small pocket right at her face and a blood clot in the umbilical cord. She was about dead. She turned 17 last week! Happy and healthy!

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Its sounds like yu have high risk pregnancy Preclampcia im not spelling it correctly thats close that is wat i was told same symptoms i had threw my whole pregnancy its nothing they can do about it besides ya heart beat get to low blood pressure get to high put yu in the hospital

Definitely see another doctor. I had severe pre-eclampsia and had all these symptoms. I ended up having an emergency c section at 30 weeks.

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Usually I don’t comment, but had to on this. It is always good to get a second and even third opinion. So yes. Definitely see another doctor to put your mind at ease. All the best to you.

Yes see another doctor. Depending on insurance and financial you could start off with another one or a Nurse practitioner in same office but if you can go outside-that office! It is your bossy and baby not theirs!

I would ask for something to help with the nausea. If your doctor doesn’t seem concerned with prescribing something to help, then switch doctors.

I had high blood pressure with both my sons. My first was delivered at 28 weeks- I had severe pre-eclampsia. I would trust your instincts and perhaps see another doctor.

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Yes do see another doctor I am pregnant and have high blood pressure they are always on top of it even with me taking meds for it you shouldn’t feel that way they really need to be watching you and baby a lot closer js good luck to both of you

I would get a second opinion. High heart rate and high blood pressure aren’t good even if you weren’t pregnant, especially if you feel like something is wrong. Pregnancy tends to lower blood pressure and if you’re is staying high. I would definitely be seeking a new doctor that will at least look into your symptoms and make sure you and your baby are safe.

I would see another dr. Mine has told me multiple times to call if I start throwing up everyday, because she would be concerned.

You need a new doctor… til then get to an urgent care so they can give you an iv to put fluids in you. They’ll check the baby for you. I hope you two are okay and you get better soon.

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I would get extra advice elsewhere, I’m 5 months pregnant and told if I go over 130 /80 I should check my blood pressure every day and if I get to 140 then straight to A&E because it could be a cause of preeclampsia, I’m in spain so the advice might be different, but if you’re being sick too I personally would get it checked out xxx

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I was constantly nauseous and threw up day and night from about 8 weeks until the morning after I gave birth, 41+2. I did did not have high BP though; a 2nd opinion can’t hurt anything!

Do what you feel is needed. With my son I went in to labor at 38 weeks 4th of July weekend didnt relize it was labor the on call nurse told me it was not labor I started throwing up constantly went to the hospital and he was born a few later not breathing with the cord so tight around his neck he was blue and it snapped own its own when the doctor tried to unwrap it. The doctor (not mine) even said had I waited like the nurse told me to do my son would be dead hes also my rainbow baby and is 3 years old now

Girl go to the OB ER, you could be developing pre eclampsia or HELLP syndrome. Which is an emergency & abdominal pain is a huge indicator along with high blood pressure

I would see if they can prescribe zofran or something for the Naseau
Momma knows best but sometimes doctors don’t say anything simply bc we aren’t asking. Speaking from experience

Be your own voice for the child and yourself. I was in a car accident pregnant and my doctor didn’t see to care so I stopped seeing her. His hart rate dropped the night of the accident and I wasn’t feeling him as active as he was prior to. I saw her midwifes who seems to care more about my child and I then the doctor did. I even had them deliver my son instead of her.

I had high blood pressure at about 32 weeks until I had my c-section at 38 weeks . Highest being 100/170 and my doctor didn’t do anything but kept giving me higher dosages of BP meds everything the ones I was on wasn’t working. By the end of it I was taking 400 milligrams and had other preeclamptic symptoms but my doctor refused to even give me the official pre-eclampsia diagnosis which I WAS 100% … some doctors are just ridiculous and think they know best just bc they have the degree but deep down you know what’s best for u and your baby…I’d see what another doctor says…I should have!

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I would definitely go see another Dr! My friend was having those symptoms and ended having pre-eclampsia.

If you have serious concerns and dr isn’t listening you need to switch to someone who will I did the same thing last year about two or three months before I was due and all my concerns turned out real and preeclampsia

So if you feel something is wrong go in to the er and switch drs

When I was pregnant, I was sick for 8 months straight and had gotten preeclampsia. My baby came out c section a week early he was 8lbs and 1/2 oz and 22 in long. The only things he had wrong was an iron deficiency and jaundice.

Might want to get ur kidneys checked. I did all this with my daughter and they didnt find out till later that i had kidney failure and they were only functioning at 18 percent

You listen to your body and your gut…if you cant keep anything down and your doc doesnt seem worried i would find another doctor. Seems to me your doc doesnt care much about your feelings on your health. It may not be anything to worry about but you know your body you need to listen to your body. Find another doctor than can put you on something for the nausea and vomiting so you do not dehydrate

You have Hyperemesis I’m pretty sure. Look it up and adbocate as much as you can…after you go get some IV fluids to rehydrate. I lost 3 babies and almost died myself because of drs who didnt care or thought I was “being dramatic”

If you do not feel like you are being taken seriously about your health absolutely find a new doctor

I had hyperemesis graviderum. Probably spelled wrong but I puked until I gave birth. It caused preterm labor due to dehydration. If that’s what you have, find a doctor who knows about it and will treat it. I was told by my first doctor it was in my head. All 3 pregnancies were like this.

I had high blood pressure at 23 weeks pregnant it was pre eclampsia and I had to be admitted to hospital and ended having my baby very early please go see a different doctor.

As a L&d nurse, you need another opinion. You need labs done to assess for pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure on 2 or more occurrences is reason enough for them to do that. The nausea and high heart rate could be related or completely separate. Either way, you really should consider a second opinion.

If you feel uncomfortable with your doctor, definitely get a second opinion.
It is important to keep fluids down and stay hydrated !!

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Doctor asap! Preeclampsia could be extremely detrimental to the health of you and your baby if left untreated.

Ya get a second Opinion a fried had this it was her gallbladder they tryed to hold off but had to get it removed and during that the baby had trubble so had an emergency c section during the removal good luck don’t let them say it’s nothing

Go with your gut. Always listen to what your body is telling you… My mom almost had to have an abortion with me 53 years ago (it was before roe v wade) because of high blood pressure.

Listen Ive vomitted EVERYDAY when I was pregnant with my 1st born. Even water. Just do what you feel is right eat even if you know you will eventually bring it up. I delivered a healthy 6 lb15.9 ounce baby

Go see another doctor. Vomiting is a sign of preeclampsia and can be life threatening if it turns to eclampsia. Speaking from experience.

Take some baby asprin to help with the blood pressure and i would seek out another doctor or go to the emergency room.

Is your hr normally 120s and 130s? I would definitely seek out another dr… your health and the baby’s health matters the most. If you feel uneasy, go with your gut

I’m also 28 weeks also, try Rush university that’s where my previous obgyn sent me. They specialize in high risk pregnancies.

Honestly FB isn’t the place for your answer, just because one person may have the same symptoms doesn’t mean your the same. See a professional.

Have u been tested for pregnancy diabetes ask to get checked for that and any other tests if ur dr says no then definitely seek different advice you could always go to hospital see a dr they may do sometests while your there ask if there any infection or anything idk if baby can have moconium this early

See another doctor. There are different methods of relief such as infusions

Honestly I would switch if ur doctor isn’t taking your concerns seriously then 2nd option is best. I had high blood pressure when I was pregnant with my son towards the end and they kept right on it that’s something that shouldn’t be messed with or ignored

I threw up at least 1 time every hour for the entire pregnancy including the day i had the baby. I actually lost 16 pounds during my pregnancy and my doctor never worried. I would say if you feel you need another opinion get it otherwise i would say your ok. Every one handles pregnancy different.

I was sick all day every day! Lost 25 pounds and the minute I was giving birth to my 10 pound boy I told them I had to be sick… get a bucket!!!

If you cannot keep food down, the baby isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. So there is obviously something to worry about. Go to a different doctor.

Get 2nd opinion, and worth every dollar if not covered by insurance. You deserve this ! But do take it easy. I had preeclampsia, and no doctor I had denied it.

The high blood pressure comes from all the pressure ur body puts from vomiting. I would go to an er and explain. To them what’s going on that u want a different dr. High blood pressure is not good when ur pregnant .

I Feel your pain. I’m was admitted to the hospital cause my blood pressure. I taking medication to control the vomits. Talk to your doctor and ask for medication.

I did the same thing. I never gained any weight because
I was so sick. I had a healthy baby girl who weight was right at 7 lbs.

My Sister in-law was sick throwing up all the time and her doctor wasn’t too concerned ether and when she went into labor she was in labor for about 23 hours and my nephew was 121/2 pounds :blush:

Absolutely go to another doctor with the blood pressure alone that is preeclampsia that can put you into early labor if not managed

I had to switch taking my prenatal vitamins from the morning to at night right before bed. That stopped my nausea.

See another doctor, I had morning sickness with 1 pregnancy up until 37 weeks on send off.

So I updated my comment and now it seems to be gone?
Anyway, I say yes. Always listen to your gut. I was having similar symptoms with my first at 28weeks and it ended up being a severe UTI on the verge of a kidney infection.

I would see another dr im 21 weeks and never been sick with my baby girl

It could be diabetes I know someone who went through it

Also get blood work done maybe? Do you have anemia? … you might be nauseated regarding the pulse etc :disappointed: , m

Go to the hospital something is not right at all… should not be throwing up … never heard of it and I also had 4

I would speak up and stand firm , during pregnancy you have to be your own advocate

If you stop peeing, go to e.r and get i.v. hydration.
But I made it through my 3rd pregnancy without ability to hold down water. The human body is amazing.

Always seek seek advice if you feel the need to.

Don’t let all these “doctor” comments scare you. Every’s body is different. Seek out another doctor

Yes definitely any dr that thinks this ok is a quake I don’t know how old you are but even you d should know this is not right

Look for a high risk specialist in your area. They tend to be more proactive with treatments

Baby is developing it needs everything possible from you…you’ll be fine…

If ur heart rate is in the 120s and 130s and ur not running go to hospital a normal heart rate is between 70 and 90 depending on ur health

Make sure you take your prenatal, well that’s what a Dr told my daughter…

Pre eclampsia. Get to a dr that treats that. Sounds like you need your baby out.

Go to doctor. High blood pressure can be a sign of pre eclampsia

Fluids fluids fluids. My dear, I promise you, try to go and get something natural first, like pretty pops or some swear by the placebos, like the bracelets. Me though. Mine was rough. I had hyperemis and I LITERALLY could not and would not keep anything down. I had to go on a PIK line so I could at least get fluids at home. Zofran didn’t work for me. But try that anyways. My only relief came from laying in the shower. At my 6 month mark they told me I would need a feeding tube bc inwas losing to much weight. I was like hell no. So…i smoked flower. I did it sparingly and only when I was gonna eat or I started to feel sick. When I went in to deliver I was able to gain my normal weight back but instill delivered a month early and she was 4p 11oz. Healthy. She had to stay Nicu for alittle less than 2 weeks. My doctors all told me whatever I did saved her life. I never actually told them and they never tested me :blush:

Yes I had this and it was an issue with my platelets

It doesnt hurt anything to get a second opinion…

High blood pressure you should go in maybe preeclampsia

Yes. Definitely. I did.

Yes absolutely I threw up my entire pregnancy and didn’t have high BP until I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome at 31 and 32 weeks it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt

I threw up for 9 months But if your gut feeling is , see another doctor do it , go with your gut feeling bless u n good luck❤️

Yes and I was prescribed meds. Yes see another doctor to get 2nd opinion

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Bonjesta worked wonders for me. It’s a prescription for severe pregnancy sickness.

Can you see a midwife?

Be careful dont get dehydrated . with you being sick all the time it’s easy to do

I think you need to go see another doctor for a second opinion

See another doctor better safe than sorry