Should I switch to formula?

Are there any other mommas continuing to make breastmilk just through this pandemic? Or maybe I’m too paranoid; I’m an under producer as is and only exclusively pump; I make about 16 oz total (2 bottles) for my three-month-old, but I’m exhausted from it and haven’t stopped because I feel she needs the antibodies, would you mommas keep doing what I’m doing or do you think formula all together is fine and my baby will be okay through this covid pandemic? Just wanted some input on what other mothers are doing


I didnt do it thru covid but I chose my sanity over breastfeeding 3 times . No shame . Long as the babe is fed and happy you’re winning


Breast is best even if its alittle. Id say keep trying and stay away from formula as long as possible. Way to go keeping up with all this stress. You got this.


I was doing both as I didn’t produce enough for my baby. Drink a lot of water too

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Dont stress. Baby will be fine either way! Do what is best for you!!!


I have always been a huge believer in breast is best but have since seen my two grandchildren have formula and realize fed is best.
It’s okay to make a decision that’s best for you and your baby.


I didn’t produce enough for my little boy and started using formula, you will see the difference in your baby and wish you’d done it sooner. There’s no shame in it, you’ve tried but your baby’s health and need for food comes first xc


I quit pumping at 7 weeks because I was under producing and my son wasn’t eating enough so I switched to formula. He was born right before the pandemic lockdowns started and has been on formula the entire lockdown and since then. He’s been perfectly fine and thriving more on formula than he did on breast milk.

That’s the amount o pump and give my little one. We supplement with formula and he gets best of both plus I keep my sanity. Pump what you can and supplement with formula. I pump two- three times a day max. Once when I get up and once before bed. I sometimes pump around lunch or afternoon if I feel up to it. Hang in there momma!

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Neither of my kids would take to brest feeding quickly enough and I started formula for fear they would starve . Fed is best .

breast is best IF thats an option. HOWEVER i can’t imagine exclusively pumping. i nursed for three years and only pumped when i was at work and that was exhausting. let alone pumping all the time. I would say, keep pumping if you mentally and physically can, mama. but its okay to supplement. if you can afford formula and feel comfortable doing so, then do it. no matter what, baby will be fed and fine. there is no guilt or shame in stopping pumping if you have to.


I didn’t have covid babies but I had two premies and they told me I’d have to exclusively pump to start and decided to exclusively formula feed. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I was killing my self trying to breastfeed my son. He was starving grumpy and underweight for an already premature baby. First night switching to formula was such a thankful blessing to my life. My now 6 week early baby boy is happy healthy and above average. This is my experience

Fed is best. I didn’t produce enough the feed my son and after a couple weeks of supplementing with formula I quit producing all together. So he was in formula by a month old. You do what you feel is best and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong

You choose what is best for you!! I pumped until I went back to work and realized I just couldn’t do it. I made it almost 5 months and that is what was best for me!!

Pump as long as you can. Try nursing if you can. The natural suction will help stimulate more milk and will also encourage your natural ability to rest.

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You are doing best for your baby! Real mom.

Girl stop that now. You’ll kill yourself doing that. I did worth both of my kids and I regret not switching to formula sooner.

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In the same boat, mama! :raised_hands:t3: if I pump I only get about 10oz a day, but I know with the actual nursing as well he’s maybe getting double that. He’s 8 months and so squirmy that he has lost all interest in it unless he’s sleepy. I’m continuing to nurse as long as I can, especially given COVID and flu season, just so he gets the antibodies he needs, but I won’t stress out over formula. He gets that at the sitter and mama milk at home while it lasts. If it makes you feel better to keep going for whatever amount she gets, go for it. If you can get her to nurse at all she’ll do a better job of emptying your breast than any pump, and it may help boost your supply, if not then any amount you give her is awesome. If it’s too much, formula is great. There are no guarantees against getting this thing for any of us, breastfed or not, so just do what you can and love your little one!

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Both of my kids were exclusively formula and they were completely fine, they’re both smart amazing children. Fed is best.


Look in to paced feeding. If you are giving breast milk, baby only needs 1-1.5oz of milk per hour. An 8oz bottle of breast milk is too much at a time. Keep in mind too, any amount of breast milk contains so many antibodies and is beneficial! In the end, whatever works for you and your babe is best. Good luck mama!!


A three month old baby doesn’t drink 8oz at one time. My daughter is almost 3 months and if I pump I only get about 4 ounces. I rarely pump. If you can it would be best to nurse the baby. It will stimulate more milk. Baby will go through cluster feeding which will signal your body to produce more milk. If you aren’t actually nursing during these times then your body won’t produce enough milk. Babies go through growth spurts and cluster feed around 3 months old. Maybe try pumping more often for a few days to get your supply up. Also you can try body armor drinks they are great for milk production. Or lactation cookies. It’s ultimately your decision and baby will be fine either way. I plan to try to breastfeed as long as possible especially with the pandemic. Good luck

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Formula is just as awesome as breast. It’s food for the little tummy.

A formula fed baby will have no differences than a breastfed baby. Both get sick, both are healthy, both are being fed.

Do what you need to, momma! Sometimes they make it seem as if you should feel guilty for using formula, but in the end you need to be comfortable too. Formula will feed your wee one perfectly and give you comfort. Win-win!

I had to switch with both as I dried up. If you want to, you can give a bit of breast with the formula, but don’t exhaust yourself.


If you are exhausted and wanting to stop then stop! I have one who was supplemented with formula until I dried up at 3 months pp. One who was strictly formula fed and another who I pumped for for 6 weeks. I kept struggling with diet which ended up being a milk protein allergy and an amino acid based formula is what ended up being best for him. Pumping to keep up was exhausting! Mentally I was over it and I have no regrets stopping and getting him on a formula that makes him a much happier and healthier baby! Your mental health is just as important as feeding your baby whichever way you choose.

I would encourage you to contact an IBCLC

I’m having the same issues with breast feeding and using formula. I’m a smoker so my milk production was lower with my first two (don’t need the whole smoking is bad I know) but I feel like this round I really want to try breast feeding exclusively and once I feel like it’s just not enough anymore I’m terrified to talk to wic about formula because when I had to with my second, I swear I had 4 different people lecture me about breastfeeding.

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Wow! I am impressed that your 3 month old breastfed baby drinks 8 ounce bottles. I would keep doing it, but each person has to decide what is doable for them. Have you tried drinking a couple cups of mothers milk tea daily? This increased my output by about 3 ounces daily (for me this meant an extra bottle). Also, eating oatmeal increases supply. Good luck Momma!

Fed is best. You do what feels the best to you. If you’re just honestly over breast feeding and it’s just draining you or your mental health there isn’t anyone that should be judging you. I tried breast feeding and it was terrible for my mental health. I was also and under producer and my kid was almost 10lbs when he was born. We switched to formula just a few weeks after he was born as he wasn’t getting enough to gain weight. Fed is best.

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Use both formula and pump. No shame in that!

I pumped for 5 months but with my job I don’t have the time to pump as much as I needed to and changed over for formula at the the end of September

We did both because I wasn’t producing enough even with pumping. My boys refused to latch on I stopped and switch them to forular and they did just fine. Do what you feel is best for your baby. A mom that makes sure her baby is feed no matter what form and is happy is a real mom.

Oh hunny. You’re important too. Are titty antibodies great? Hell yeah. But is a sane, functional, not constantly stressed mother also important? YES.

I exclusively pumped with both of mine and the longest I went was 3 months.

I was crying constantly. Depressed. I was pumping constantly, eating and drinking weird shit. All I could think about 24/7 was boob milk. Why I couldn’t make enough, why my body was failing me, and all the “horrors” of formula. The baby will be fine without your milk.

We spend so much time worrying about doing what we think is best for our babies, we hurt ourselves in the process. I do not think it is worth it. I wanted to breastfeed more than anything in this world. And some people just can’t. That’s okay. That’s why we have formula.

Don’t beat yourself up about it

I think she means she can only pump out 2 whole bottles about 16 oz in a day i think she is storing the milk and giving her daughter bottles Long with formula as well but in a day she can only get 16 oz and its draining her but is afraid of stopping bc of covid and flu season

Stress causes milk to slow production. What you produce is what you can produce. You could try boobie bikkies (increases milk production), drink more water and eat more veg snacks like carrot sticks, cucumber, celery, raw broccoli (it tastes a little peppery raw).

You could always do both I use to do that with my daughter I pumped 15 oz from each boob every 2 hrs but I eventually started putting half abd half in her bottle.

Power pumping is a blessing! I only did it for a short time and jumped my OZ up instantly

I was never able to breast feed my babies. Formula all the way and they all turned out healthy. Nothing wrong with one or the other

Hey, with my first born I struggled so much to feed, and moved to formula after 3 months, n his immune system was strong, but he was also at home most of the time. My sec born (3months now) I found that electrical n manual pump dried up my milk, so I hand express and use a mama moo pump, that collects let down milk. It collects more milk than a pump n it’s hand free n not painful, I managed to store almost 20 bags in one week and still feed my son, I was so determined to breastfeed this time around bt he was swallowing too much winds on my breast, so his drinking breast milk in the bottle

Midwife told my daughter to mix 2 ounce of breast milk to formula every feed because she was constantly on the breast pump and not producing enough due to over pumping. My daughter does this and my grandson is still getting the best of both and very healthy

Both of my kids are/were formula fed and both were premature my son was born at 36 weeks and my daughter was 32 weeks my son didn’t even get a cold til he was over a year old and the worst sickness he has gotten is strep my daughter is 6 months old (knock on wood) had been healthy also you have to take care of yourself also you cant poor from an empty cup so if switching to formula will help you be less exhausted then do it fed is best

You need to give yourself a rest because the stress and anxiety is going to get to be too much. I was an under producer with both of mine, so I supplemented with formula. I gave them what I could and filled in the void with formula. The most important piece is that you don’t beat yourself up over your decision! Being a mom is hard enough, so skip guilt and move right on to acceptance. Trust me on that.

Yes ebf for 10 months now & planning on going for another year. Im an over producer & produce a lot for my boy but pumping is a different story as my body doesn’t respond to the pump so I don’t get out a lot if I use it. I definitely have an aversion to pumping - it just gets me down having a pump attached to me. Have you tried breastfeeding instead of the pump? I would continue with breast milk for as long possible maybe get some help from a lactation consultant, mine was lovely - but if it’s affecting your mental-health make the switch.

Reading this as I pump, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I don’t quite make enough for my 4month old so we supplement with some formula, She still gets around 75% from me. I have stopped pumping in the middle of the night which has helped me get a little more sleep and increase my sanity as well. My opinion- some breastmilk is better than none but don’t overextend yourself, use the formula to fill in the gaps or switch completely… mostly do what works for you.


If you are feeling overwhelmed it could be contributing to your lower production. You’re doing a great job and you’ve tried it! There’s no shame in formula or trying both if it makes you feel more comfortable.
I exclusively pumped for 7 months and was an over producer, which was extremely stressful feeling like I was a cow milking constantly! At the end of the day you need to focus on your needs and your baby, like other comments “fed is best!”

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You have to do what is best for you and your baby. If you choose to go straight to formula, you haven’t failed as a mom, you are choosing what you think is best for your little one. If your baby is fed and healthy than that is what matters.


You do what makes you feel better as a mom. With my second one I had to do formula but gave her a bottle of breast milk until 6 months old. Just because that is what made me feel better about not being to feed breastmilk all the time. A feed happy baby and a non stressed mom either way is best.

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A happy baby is a fed baby. Do what works for you :relaxed: If you’re happy pumping and supplementing with formula, do that. If you’re too stressed with pumping, switch to formula :heart:

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Formulas r fine and work very well . If u r not up to breastfeeding then it’s time to switch and help yourself. U will be a better mom and less stressed

You could do both that way when it comes to feeding bubs full time on the formula they’ll be use to it and if special requirements are needed you’ll have the time to figure that out, perhaps pump if necessary and feed breast for lunch and dinner and formula for brekky or how every you want to do it :hugs:

2 bottles for 16oz? Thats a awful lot to feed baby at once :disappointed: the general rule is 1 to 1.5 oz per hour and to eat every couple of hrs. Personally, I would contine to give breastmilk, but if you feel you need to stop then do whatever works best for you and baby.:heart:


I believe it’s normal to under produce as infants grow into new eating habits . When I was unable to meet my daughters new eating needs . I would try formula while my breast filled up . But my child just would not take the bottle of formula. I had to bear her cry’s. I do have lots of patience though. They are only babies. Do what they are comfortable eating as well as what you are comfortable with .

if you’re worried about production i was always told exclusively pumping produces less than actually having your baby on your boob
stress also affects productions so if you’re feeling overwhelmed it might be contributing

saying that do what you think is right for you baby AND for you - there is nothing wrong with doing both or switching straight up to formula

i have a covid baby (he’s 5months now) and i straight up switched to formula at around a month for my own sanity (i have 3 under 3) and it was what was best for us as a family

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The only way your baby would get the antibiotic for covid is if it’s in your system. Your antibodies will help as far as vitamins and minerals but as another comment said, you should research and find out exactly how the antibodies in breaskmilk work.
As long as you feed your baby, you’re doing it right.

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My almost 10mth old is still on the boob mostly for comfort cuz her appetite is def bigger now but it eases up how much I use formula too so it’s saving some coins for me

Fed is best!!! Do what you need to. My first i exclusively pumped and stopped at like 6 months . With my second im still nursing at 13 months ! Its alot of work and i absolutely wanted to pull my hair out pumping at work or anywhere honestly

I do both. I don’t produce a lot. Gave up pumping after a couple weeks of trying. I nurse a couple times a day to keep my milk coming and especially because my son likes to nurse when her upset or can’t fall asleep. But I also give him formula; mostly at night or when I’m working when my family has him. I find it easier that way since I wasn’t able to pump enough to create a stock pile. But every mom is different. Do what’s best for you.


I started mine on bottles around 3 months old bc I was overwhelmed and tired. No regrets with my decision 14 years later, very happy I did. You should always do what’s best for u and ur family. Don’t overthink it. Covid doesn’t affect the young and the healthy, but most important, you need to be as rested and happy as possible to be the best version of u as u possibly can be, during the tough times after childbirth. Anything u can do to lighten the work load, by asking for help, by looking the other way at the dishes in the sink, by bottle feeding, do it. It’s not taking the easy way out, it’s managing, it’s doing the best u can, it’s being a good mom, and you sound like a great, caring mom!

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If bub is still hungry I’d use formula, if bub is content with a full tummy, no need for formula.
I had issues with my 2nd bub, I don’t think I was producing enough milk for him, health nurse was pushing me to keep breast feeding but I knew my bub was hungry so made the decision at 3mths to change to formula. I had a happy full tummied bub after that and shut the health nurse up too.


I stopped breastfeeding at 3 months because I had to go back to work and I was underproducing anyway… my baby is now 15 months and is very healthy… formula is there for a reason, and babies need a happy mom more than they need breast milk in my opinion


I breastfed my baby for as long as I could. Went to formula and she did very well and she is now 14 months and is doing amazing. Breastfed or formula your baby is going to be just fine! Do what u r comfortable doing!

If you feel that formula is better for you and your baby…go for it.
If you feel up to getting your supply up, try fenugreek and blessed thistle 3 each, 3 times a day. You can also ask your doctor to write you a prescription for domperidone. When nursing mothers struggle with supply a few months after baby is born…this is an option.
Try using your hands to express milk…sometimes pumps just don’t create the desired outcome.
Lastly, if you want to nurse and supplement with formula…you and your baby can get the best of both worlds if that feels like something you want to do.
As long as you’re both happy and healthy, that is what matters. :heart::heart::heart:


I supplement :blush: i also got tired of pumping, pumped enough to freeze, now i do both formula and breast milk and no more
Pumping for me

You could do both. That’s my vote😉 that way you don’t completely stop your supply. Also, I’m unsure if there is a reason you’re exclusively pumping, but I do know you may be able to increase your supply if you breast feed and pump for awhile. Regardless, do what YOU feel comfortable with, and what your gut tells you is best…and it will be the right decision. Pretend nobody would know what that is, and choose that way❤️ who cares what others think. It’s about you and your baby only.

My daughter was ab7 week premi spent 4 weeks in NICU I tried pumping but couldn’t pump enough by the end of two months I switched to just formula. She is now 18 months and doing fantastic. Do what is best for you and your family. If it’s stressed you out then your only going to limit your suply. Just of luck to you. Do what’s best for you. A FED baby is a healthy baby.

I believe you have been misinformed on the way antibodies are formed, especially in regards to breast milk. It is perfectly fine to do formula. Baby will make it’s own antibodies now.

I under produced for both of mine…with my second one she wouldnt latch and was pump only…i felt like i spent most of my day pumping…at 2 months i switched straight to formula…she turns six months in 11 days and has been very healthy…remember Fed is best…do what you think is right

If you’re not wanting to completely give up breast feeding, why not try combination feeding? I did that for a while with my daughter and it took a massive amount of pressure off! X

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I pumped so much milk the hospital and mid wives were asking me to donate some

Alas your body will produce as much as you let it. If you had twins or triplets you would need to make more than just 1 baby. I breastfed both my kids until 1. Do what feels right

Breastfeed as long as u can due to its protective features. But supplement with formula to top baby off.

My son is only formula fed and is a happy healthy 4 month old.

I did both . Pumped what I could and if she was still hungry I gave her formula for “ dessert “

If it’s stressful it’s not helping you produce milk. Just supplement with formula. :woman_shrugging:t4: I did both, BOTH times with my daughters. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’ll be okay

I bottle/formula feed both my kids. No issues. You do what I best for you and your baby. :heart:

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Do what you feel comfortable with. If that’s continuing great if not thats great too. Fed is best

You do what works for you!!! :heart:

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Many mommies do both it’s fine

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Fed is best is bs. My kids do formula. My nieces and nephew do breastmilk. Guess who’s kids are stronger and healthier? Don’t believe their lies

My friend posted this to help spread correct information to breastfeeding moms.

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Do what you feel is best!! I struggled to produce, but managed to exclusively pump for 6 months, and supplement for 2 more before I switched completely to formula just as we went into lockdown, it was the best decision ever! Any drop of breast milk for any amount of time is beneficial to them! The fact you have made it 3 months is amazing!

Reason you only pump and don’t actually let bubs suckle ? Any way ask a breast feeding consultant they should be able to offer lots of advice for supplements to take to increase production and technique as per with the pumping biz and perhaps helping transition to let the baby actually feed from you .

Ok, first of all what do you know about the way breastfeeding works? Best thing to do is find advice from a lactation consultant or even a midwife if youre able.
I’m not sure what country you are in so dont know what you will have access to but try searching ‘la leche league’
In the mean time read this, hopefully you can find this page too. You are welcome to pm me with a bit more info about yourself so I can better point you in the right direction (I’m a student midwife so not an ‘expert’ yet but still lots of knowledge or at least know where to direct you for expert help)
Screenshots to follow…

Fed Is Best. You do what works best for YOU and YOUR baby.:heart:

Not sure if you’re drinking enough water, breastmilk is made up of mostly water. A Momma can get quickly dehydrated and in turn can be exhausted, also when our baby is eating, our bodies release a hormone that causes a relaxing tiredness to Mommas. That could be another reason you’re so tired. Fed baby is a happy baby. Doesn’t matter if breastfed or formula :heart::blush:

Im having my baby exclusive on breastmilk. Thinking about switching to formula but I was told that I still can do breastmilk since Im only away for 4hrs during weekdays and max 8hrs during weekend. Apparently, our breastmilk adjusts every month. Like it has its own vitamins necessary for the baby during a certain period, Unlike formula. However, I do understand that we may have different work environment or schedule but my advice would be, just try pumping in the morning around 6am to 11am. Thats when we produce more milk. AND, breastmilk consumption of babies dont really change. I still feed my baby one and half ounce per hour. So I just pump 2 3oz sometimes i leave 3 3oz. Hes already 4months on 14th :slightly_smiling_face:

My son is 2 months. He only gets about 10-12 oz breast milk because I’m an undersupplier. I use to try to keep a pump schedule. But I got exhausted and discouraged. So now I just pump when my boobs start to get sore or when I have the time… even 1 bottle of breast milk will give your baby benefits. That being said, there are aton of babies strictly formula fed who are doing just fine. You need to do shays best for YOU!

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At the risk of being killed on FB


Do you hun. It’s ok. My daughter was a nurse then formula baby and she’s freaking perfect. And we had to use formula from day 1!


I was in same position and gave up on the breastfeeding. It just wasn’t feasible when I started back to work. Formula is fine! As long as baby is eating.

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I currently only formula feed my almost 6 month old and she is totally fine I had to stop breastfeeding bc I wasn’t making enough either

Do what is best for the both of you! Formula babies are just as healthy.


Neither of my kids ever had a drop of breast milk. They are 13 and 7. Complerely healthy, no allergies, athletes, straight A students.

Fed is best. They will be great regardless of what they eat. Do what works for you. Happy mom=happy baby


You’ve given her the antibodies already by breastfeeding to begin with, the colostrum is the most important bit, formula has everything that your baby will need, she also needs a mummy who is not exhausted so if it was me I’d stop and just formula as that’s what’s its made for you don’t need to feel bad or like you’ve failed, if your baby is happy and healthy that’s all that matters xx

It’s ok to switch to formula, I did with two of mine, as I couldn’t produce enough, no matter how much I drank etc, I still wasn’t producing, so went over to formula, and it never effected them one bit.

My son is now 13 healthy and happy. He was a tiny little premie at 4lbs 3 oz. I breast feed for about 6 months before I couldn’t do it anymore. I switched to formula. I have four kids and all off them were breast and formula. They are all happy and healthy. But I use my premie as proof you can switch and your baby will be good. You breastfeed for as long as you could handle and if you have to switch don’t let anyone tell you your a bad mom for it. You are doing what you feel is best. Good luck.

Bottle is fine but i drank Gatorade and it really does help get more milk out. I swear by this. Went from making about 4 oz total to about 9 per pump


I think as long as your baby is fed that’s all that matters! I am confused at the amount of milk your baby eats. I know I’d be exhausted too. My son just turned 1 and only eats 3.5 oz per bottle. He’s at daycare for 9 hours and only has 3 bottles. My concern is if your baby was being pace fed. Again, do what’s best for both of you. Your baby will just as happy and healthy on formula😊


Do what ever works best for you my preemie was 3 lbs now almost 30 at 1 year 9 months we used enfmil 22 calories cause I never got Brest milk with him born early and I didn’t want him to be on my seizure med that made me not hungry

The antibodies from the breastmilk if you or the baby contacted any sickness the breastmilk would be great for the baby. But do what feels right for you.

Do what works … don’t listen to any negative Nancy’s … you have a baby who needs food either alternate with breast and formula… or just formula .
It’s more important that your baby puts on weight and is healthy … !!! Do what your instincts tell you :wink:

I’ll be honest. Kinda hated breastfeeding. I supplemented from day one cause I had nothing happen for like three days. I breastfed for like two months and called it quits. This time around I plan to do the same. Give them the best stuff for the first few weeks then giving them formula.

The most important part of breastfeeding is the colostrum that you provide the baby with during the very first feedings. I am the mother of 4 healthy kids and a new grandmother to a 6 week old boy. My children were all put on strictly formula by the time they were 3 months old and my daughter has now switched my grandson, as she too, is an under supplier. Of course mommy’s milk is always best. However, formulas now provide almost all the same benefits. Becoming a new mommy is exhausting enough. Don’t exhaust yourself any more than you have to when there are such great advantages today to help you. You are doing well mommy! Formula will provide you with less exhaustion, more rest, and in turn, allow you to be the best “you” that you can be!