Should I take a job after staying home with kids?

That’s a tough choice. If you’re open to other job options I made it work nannying through the pandemic. I was able to bring my son with me to work most days snd the other Mom loved it because her child go to socialize with another kid rather than being with just me all day.

No. Find a job for a few hours a day, a couple days a week if you have to. Your baby is to young to be away from you 10 hours a day.


Not worth it stay home as long as you can those babies need you!!!

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An option that my husband and I chose after me being home with my stepchildren for the last several months was to begin work FROM home, you could toy with with idea! I was going to do crochet/knitting and sell that but have recently decided to take up photography (long time hobby) as a career. My Husband loves it too so we do it together, i just kind of take the “lead” role since I’m the SAHSM and have the time to devote to it. I love it bc I can do my work around the children, so I can be there when they need me, and work when they dont!

I’ve been a SAHM for about a year and half. I tried to go back after my 3rd baby turned 6 months old. I couldn’t do it! I was so worried about my baby because she wouldn’t take a bottle. Not even with pumped milk! I think it’s truly hard to work with kids that are 4 and under. Time really does go by fast. Although we are tight on money we still get by! And the memories are so worth it.

I was a sahm for 2 years before wanting to go back because I wanted extra money also, I only work 2 days a week which was enough for me. But I always had anxiety while I was at work (was she okay? Is she getting enough attention? Is the house clean?) and when I was home on the other 3 days I felt like I was playing keep up. Trying to get everything done. I had the mom guilt and had extra stress trying to get everything done.

Congratulations :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:being a mom is a special assignment from God. Stay home until baby is 2 years or above… You can begin to potty train and teaching good eating habits as well as reading to him and teaching him to read, by sound of your reading poetry… Enjoy your life as mom… keeping your connection with them.

Take a part time job with hours that work for you. I worked full time and I’ve been a sahm. The best thing I found was to work a few day so I was getting relief from the house and not so much I felt like I was neglecting my home and family. Be picky in the job you take. Take what works for you. Maybe hours yout husband could watch him?

I don’t think I could work those hours with two little ones, especially if it’s not actually needed to survive. 1yr old at daycare or sitters everyday, and Older kindy kid at kindy then where?
I would look at a part time 3 days a week job or something you can do from home.

For me stay home, that time you will never get back. I’m lucky enough to be able to be home with my son now. He will be in school before you know it. Dont get me wrong I loved my job but it’s a short period in time to be with them when they are little. Of course if you want to go back do it but for me. I regret working with my older two. Money isn’t everything is you are able to afford be at home with your child. But of course do what is best for you and your family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Why don’t you sign up for Instacart and all of those delivery apps? You can work when your fiancé gets off work so he can watch the baby. Choose your own hours! Great for extra income.

May be worth looking into the possibility of qualifying for free hours at a nursery or preschool and go from there?

At the end of the day, however, it really just depends on what you want to do mama. If you wanna go and work, go and work. You wanna stay at home with your baby, stay at home with your baby.

Noone is judging you and im sure you will make the right decision :heart:

If you want to help with extra income and still spend s enough time with your kids just find a part time job Mon-Fri where your only working like 20hr a weeks and off on weekends that way it balances out

Would this job cover more than daycare? If you’re not making more than a few dollars a week after paying for childcare expenses then no, it’s not worth it. It’s not ideal but how about getting a job around your fiancé’s schedule? For example, when I reentered the work force I worked evenings and weekends, my husband was home with our girls. It’s not ideal but it would certainly help cut daycare costs.

That’s a lot of hours for someone who’s been a stay at home mom for a long time. I think it would be great to get back to work just so you can have some extra money and some time for yourself, but something part time would be less overwhelming.

If you really feel the money crunch, and since your son is use to you being home. I would get him use to you being gone by getting a part time job at first.

Maybe look for something part time just so you can stay up to date in your field… I was a stay at home mom for 20 years and I could not find anywhere to work after that amount of time! I’m in a completely different field now but love it!

I stayed hone because no one could take better care of my children than me When my son started kindergarten we became foster parent but neaver took children than older than my own

I’ve got the opportunity to be a SAHM and I found a job that was 15 or so hours throughout the week cause I loose my marbles and dad only works sat-mon 🥲

I’m glad I get to be a SAHM for my 4. I don’t have to miss anything and I’m always there for them incase of an emergency. They’re only so little for so long. If we are getting by on my husband’s salary, I don’t feel the need to get a job. If money was incredibly tight and we were struggling a lot, then it’d be worth getting a job.

Drive food delivery like Door Dash or Grub Hub. It allows you to work when You want to, schedule yourself or not. I make pretty good money most of the time as I often take advantage of the peak pay times and any benefits from working for them. No boss, no Ridgid schedule to adhere to, and easy to learn. Good luck with making your decision :pray:

If you make enough don’t rush it. However if you want more income and you make double what daycare costs go for it

He only has a little while before he can go to day care. They grow so fast. If you can afford to just hold off and spend another few months with him it would be worth it. They are only babies for such a short time. :heart:

I’m a stay at home mom by choice I have a 5 month old and I’d rather stay home with him and enjoy this time while he’s growing up. I don’t want to miss a moment of it. That being said if you really want to go to work or if you need the money then go for it. There are also plenty of stay at home jobs that only require a few hours a week that bring in a lot of money! It’s up to you and what you want to do I completely understand being at home restless and wanting to contribute to the family however just remember that you ARE contributing to the family by taking care of your babies and putting your time with them first

Will you actually be adding to the household income after you pay for childcare? If it’s not a significant amount of money, then it’s not worth it on my opinion

You could babysit for other moms that need a babysitter while they work, you could doordash, work nights at Amazon

If u can find a job to work from home at than do that but do what you think is best and what your heart tells

If my husband and I could afford for me to be a stay home mom, I would do it and not look back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately due to student loans and a mortgage, it’s just not feasible for us and our situation. I would give anything to get that time with my kid. That being said, it sounds like you aren’t that far away from your younger one being of school age. If you enjoy being a stay home, and your financial situation allows it, I would stay home until my youngest was school age. As soon as all my kids were school and going to public school, I would be going back to work. You could also likely do part time work (either do a few days a week or a few hours a day after the kids are in bed or middle of the afternoon). But it’s totally up to what you can afford in your situation and what you want happiness wise. That’s just what I would do if I could.

If you’re looking to stay at home with the kiddos but make an income you could just run a little side gig? That way there’s still a small income and you’re still with the babies more often

It may seem like “extra money” but paying a babysitter is most likely where that will be going

It’s really a personal preference. How much you’d be bring in after paying the babysitter is something to consider too

I was dealling with PPD, PPA, PPR, PTSD… feeling isolated being at home etc. For me my escape was going to work… so it was a no-brainer in my situation. But everyone is different, and I know that majority of kids are actually enjoyable to raise (not my experience but they’renot all dragons) so if you’re enjoying the time with your kids then keep doing what you’re doing. Like others have said, you can’t get this time back… and it’ll only be for another year or two anyway

By the time you take childcare cost, travel expenses off your wage will it be worth it, will the baby be with tge sitter 10 hours every day or will there be days your hubby has him x

If you can stay home I think you should, we only get a short amount of time with our kids because they grow so fast. It is a struggle but to me well worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you guys are ok financially then I would stay home until he is older (that’s what I chose to do). However there isn’t a right or wrong answer. You need to decide what you want to do. If you want to work there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and if you choose to stay home there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad no matter which you decide.

check out child care pricing and see how much extra money it would be after paying child care then think about if it’s worth being away from your child, then think about covid and other illnesses

Please stay home with you little ones. You will NEVER get that time back. Maybe when they are both in school, consider going back to work then. imho

My son was 6 months old when I had to back to work

I stayed home until the last my last baby turned 4 and started going to headstart program. We scraped by every week but it was so worth it!

Unless its your dream job, stay home, you cant get back the time with your family

Everything is about money.
Children getting raised by daycares, babysitters.
So what if you don’t have that new apple XR , that new vehicle, the newest $100 Nikes, the $50 yoga pants.
What you will have is a child that isn’t resentful, doesn’t feel entitled,.
Nothing wrong with living off one income.
It’s the jealousy and envy of the friends that makes people want to have all types of money.

With the way the world is today…stay at home!

Get a job being a school bus driver to where the district allows you to take him with you along with your kindergartener… problem solved and you don’t have to pay for childcare

Can you find a remote job?

Trust me- never ever get stuck in a relationship without your own money. It can go SO bad, no quick. Especially when you say “fiancé.” You have a child together & he hasn’t married you yet? That is a huge red flag.

I’ve seen a lot of remote jobs lately. I can help if you want.

I’d rather be a little tight with money & be home with my baby, he will be in school soon enough. Or pick up part time when hubby is home

Work can be good for moms mental state but be prepared for your baby to be sick for the first 6 months straight.

I would look into work from home jobs in your area to see if that’s something you’ll be able to do

They are only young once! Go back when both are in school!

I probably wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t going to have a significant financial impact on my family.

Is daycare expenses worth it?

Maybe while they are so young, you could work a night job a few nights a week and you could make some extra money without the expense of a babysitter. In the end, you might pocket the same amount while being away from home a lot less.

IMO stay home as long as you can. You’ll never get the time back with your babies but there will always be another job.


Uber eats you can have your kid w you .

You could try part time if you’re not sure you want to work full time

I wouldnt if i had the choice

Id stay home with my babies.

If you don’t just take that job you a mommy its only right period​:100::exclamation:

Work from home if you can!!

Depends on the pay. I returned to work, work 4 days a week 12 hour shifts. I actually prefer it cause it breaks up my week and gives me a break as a mom. The days I work, I don’t see my kids for even a second. I live before they are up and home after they are down for the night

That’s pretty much a majority of mamas every day lives

Honestly I picked up a job that was 5am - 3pm and I still couldn’t make it work. Child care aside it was hell on my personal and family life. Then I switched to one that let me decide my own hours, that was fine but I was still spending way to much time gone and then they messed with my pay because of how their system works, I literally got 50 on my last check after working 35 hours. I was PISSED but I couldn’t do anything to fix it (again cuz of how their system works) so I was just done.

They are only little once

I was a working mom wit our first, he was working mornings I worked nights, then when we were expecting our second he switched jobs and became a truck driver so I had to quit my job and I became a full time housewive for 8yrs. I just recently started working but I’m only working weekends since my kids are in school and the hubs still a truck driver(local now) but he doesn’t have a 9-5 schedule.

I think if u can stay gone you should that is a long day for momma

It never hurts to try!! I’m not a mother, but I am a child of parents who worked a lot throughout my childhood. My dad worked long ours and went out of state for 4-5 days like 2 times a month. It never hurts to try it out and see how it goes and if it’s too much at the moment try something smaller.

If all the extra money will pay for child care its not worth it. Or find a Job on a different shift so you don’t have to pay for child care

Get ur independence. I would say work. Bring in some money to help out. Many relationships after while fail and women dont know what to do next. That way u always have something to fall back on. U have a plan B. Plus u can save up to go on vacation or do something else u have been wanting to do. U can also a start a college fund for ur child.

Try getting married before anything else!!

Go to school an get a career education

Why work to pay someone else to care for your littles? It was easier to find expenses to cut and stay home instead. A lot of benefits.

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Personally, if you don’t HAVE to go to work I’d wait until your son was verbal. It’s hard to know who to trust so until your child can say how his day is and if he’s safe and cared for while in the care of someone else I wouldn’t risk it.

I had gotten a job in a daycare as an assistant teacher. That way I was near my kids and making money…look into something like that

My kids are grown. I have some regrets, staying home with them wasn’t one of them. Best thing I ever did.

Didn’t read the whole thing, but I recently started a WFH job. If interested please feel free to PM me for the information. The business is called Conduent. Totally legit, and simple work. If you want info on the duties I can let you know. :blush: I want to be home with my Kindergartner and 3 year old, covid and I’m a helicopter mom lol

If you work at FedEx, and you ask for a weekend shift, they more than likely will give it to you. Not sure what state you’re in, but I work for FedEx and I work on the weekends.

Find something part time, that works with your schedule.

Take it. If it doesn’t work, quit :woman_shrugging:t4:

If you want a little extra money, do Doordash/Uber eats/Instacart. You can bring the little one with you so they’re not with a costly sitter and it’s very flexible (start/stop when you need)

Can you ease back in part time?

Take the job. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out!

Daycare would take any extra income you would make unless you’re able to get a job working your own hours from home while keeping your son at home with you.

I would just get a part time job to start. You’re gonna burn yourself out too fast if you go hard like that

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I take a job after staying home with kids?

My particular situation has been both a blessing and a curse. I am now 100% disabled… So I get my retirement at 42 years old. My daughter is 6.
When she was a toddler and her father and I still together, I worked as a Medial Assistant and he has a long standing career in the roll off trucking industry. He was given the chance to gamble on a new company that if it worked out, it would put him in a much better position, making far better money with less hours. So I did everything I could to “sling shot” him forward. In the meantime… While he was working RIDICULOUS hours, once I picked the kids up from school and daycare… I took them home and did all the usual. Dinner, homework, baths,laundry, cleaning etc… Then once my ex came home, I would bundle our baby up and take her BACK to work with me. I had an amazing boss and the Dr I worked for was all for family. So she had her own little office as well. And I’d work a few more hours to make up for what I missed during the day when I had to leave to go handle all of the above…
Fast forward 3 years… We’ve bought a home. My Ex was in an excellent position with that company that was excelling in the local industry. Meanwhile, my health had declined drastically. I was in awful shape. Was given a nasty diagnosis and was put on medical leave immediately. I had to apply for Social security… There is absolutely NO WAY to live off of SSD w/o retirement. So I had to figure out what I could do that I could keep my daughter with me. A schedule that I could work around my medical condition… etc. A friend made a suggestion… Be a Mobile Notary and Girl Friday. I knew a LOT of Dr’s, Attorneys etc in my area… I had it in the bag. I did everything from Notary work in real estate to power of attorney in the middle of the nights. I picked up dry cleaning. Dropped their pets and kids off at the groomers or ball practice etc. It was PERFECT!
So long story short… Look for something thats profitable but that fits your schedule and keep your kiddo with you.
It wasn’t easy and I worked my BUTT off! But the $$ was good and my baby girl rode it out with me. :heartpulse: We were 2 Divas in a Truck. And yes… I had her a stamp made and she had a briefcase as well :wink:


I tried going back to work for a few months. In the end I felt the pittance I was bringing home after a full work week of child care expenses, having someone else raise my child, only seeing my child for maybe an hour before work and 2-3 hours after work and having to cram all the housework into those hours as well just wasn’t worth it to me, so I quit. You can always try something new and change your mind if it doesn’t feel right to you.


There not babies for long i would stay at home if I was you no amount of money is worth missing moments


Sometimes going back to work will save your sanity you could go back part time because staying at home with kids is just like a job but it’s also good if you get out around other adults too


Maybe look into a different job that isn’t as many hours. Give you a better piece of mind. Doesn’t have to be forever but something to help you to transition. I was in health care and made the switch to a school bus driver.


For most of my sons life I was not able to work a standard job because logically I would have been handing my paycheck over to a care/sitter without any profit especially without a general support system to help us. Assess whether the circumstance is truly in your family’s favor for the mean time.


I’d look into if you’ll actually be bringing home extra income to make it worth being away for such a large amount of time. You not only have to account for babysitter cost but whether or not it will bump you into a higher tax bracket. I’d look at your income minus babysitter/taxes and decide based on that. I personally wouldn’t want to be away that much time. I’d maybe look into something with less hours or maybe getting licensed to have a small daycare in your home.

Do what is best for you! A lot of people want to be home with the kids as much as possible when they are little and I totally get that but it also was not for me. I love going to work and then coming home to my kids that missed me and me having been away for long enough that day I’m not pulling my hair out and happy for the time together. When I’ve been at home full times I’m usually just trying to keep from losing my s***. Everyone got different pros and cons for this situation.

I would wait until the youngest was in preschool or kindergarten

I started working just a couple days a week. Not for the money just to get out of the house with out kids. It has helped me a lot. I feel like a better mom/home maker having that break. I only work 6 hours shifts so I’m not away too long but it’s the best seeing my kids faces when I get off work. They never really got the chance to miss me before cause we were always together. So it has been a great thing for me and my family. And grandma enjoys her day when she watches them. The other day I work their dad is home.

I’m going to be very honest, I wish we’d never switched our lives around to where I am no longer a SAHM. I mean it was so my husband could start his own business which I don’t regret but my life feels so crazy all the time. I feel like I’m missing out on so much etc. but I work crazy hours not mon-fri so maybe that would be different

Not if you don’t have to. The cost of a sitter, gas back and forth from work and the stress of trying to be all things to all the people who rely on you will be costly. Your kids need you more than anything else. Good luck.


Perhaps look into stay at home Jobs so that you can still be home to ‘watch’ over your son with maybe a nanny for extra measure if needed depending on the job. I personally had remained a stay at home mom until my little was in school and then worked part time while she was in school. Once she was a bit older to be able to watch herself after school, I became full time.

When my kids are young like yours i tried to work i have my in laws with me to help (they are retired) my husband is in the service one of my friend advised me not to work bec we will just end up paying tax also kids grow so fast enjoy every minute with them You will miss it. If u can find a online job or reselling is a good idea

If you can flip schedules with your SO or work from home, that’s good option. If both my man and I work 9-5 Mon-Fri, the amount of $ we bring home is just not worth it after childcare. I’m doing overnights making a few extra bucks and getting XP for my future. I’m also going to school. He works 9-5. We have 2 children in school and part time with their dad and an almost 2 year old full time. Its better this way without childcare expenses. I do feel like I never have time to sleep though!

Every woman and mother is different. I value independence, creativity, having something that is my own so my answer will be go for the job. It’s guaranteed guilt though. Trust me, you will feel guilty about leaving your child with someone else while you make extra income and create some work experience which is also important if you plan to work later when they are bigger too. So, weigh up all your pros and cons. It’s not an easy decision because you rely on babysitters and you might have pressure when you get home to cook, clean and spend time with your kids before bedtime. All the best.

Spend time with your son…he is only little once, you have the rest of your life to work.