Should I take my child to the ER for ear pain?

hey everyone. my son woke up around midnight saying his ear hurt. i gave him tylenol, i’ve been doing a warm compress on it. nothing seems to be helping. any remedies you know to help? ofc everything closed at the moment. i was going to wait until 8 when everything opened to take him to get seen but debating if i should take him to the er? here we are almost 4 hours later & he’s still bothered by it.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I take my child to the ER for ear pain?

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If he is not consolable I would take him in especially if pain medication is not helping as well as nothing soothing the pain

Put rice in a sock. Heat it until it’s warm (not hot) lay it on his ear. If there’s any fluid it will pull it out.


Warm olive oil works for all 6 of my kids.

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If nothing is helping take him in. From my experience you’ll all just be up all night because he’s in pain. Bring him in now to get relief. Hugs mama. You got this! :pray::heart:


Put Vicks vapor rub on a cottonball and place it in his ear don’t push it all the way in it but just gently put it in. My ears are super sensitive if I’m around smoke I will get a week long ear infection to the point my lymph nodes in my neck would be swollen and I can’t sleep unless I take strong pain medicine to knock me out but this helps and I live by it 

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If you have a children’s hospital in your area, I would go there.

Take him to the doctor.dont leave it to long

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Try childrens motrin. My daughter had ear infections consistently when she was 1 and they always said Motrin worked better! take him to urgent care in the morning if you can’t get a doctors appointment. Ear infections suck. I hope he feels better

Don’t take advice from anyone go take him to the er , it shouldn’t even be a question if nothings helping him and he’s still in pain take him in to be treated!!


Sometimes, tylenol doesn’t work on its own. Try giving your child motrin as well. If the baby still complains, do take him in.

Definitely take him in so they can help give him some relief I suffered ear aches as a kid, and they’re the absolute worst. Poor baby, hugs mama, you got this.:heart:

Polysporine ear drops works AMAZING!

Ear pain is awful, my heart hurt when my son had an ear infection… and he had LOTS, until he got tubes…if Tylenol doesn’t help him in a half hour or so… and keeping him sleeping upright, I’d take him to er…? Good luck momma… I know the feeling!!


My son Just got better from exactly this no fever just slept it off I put ear drops and woke up like nothing !

Benadryl is my go to for my kiddo for ear pain. She’s got allergies. And it’s always both ears.

Yes. Tf. Ear infections are horribly painful and nothing to mess around with.


Take him in. Hell, i go to the ER for ear pain myself. Earaches are the worst. Especially when they are really infected.

yes take him in. He may have a eardrum infection or something

Yes, I’d take my child in asap, I wouldn’t question it.

An ear ache isn’t an emergency so you’ll just be sitting in an uncomfortable er that is already over burdened with non emergency cases. Comfort the best you can and get an appointment in the morning. The er likely won’t give any additional options that what is available to you now


TAKE HIM to doctor. It could be strep flu covid or mono. All going around. His ears hurt because he has fluid and mucus in ear nose and throat he isnt getting out. Breathing treatments humidifier elevated head at night and no dairy products!

His ear drum could rupture causing damage to his hearing take him in

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I use a couple of drops of lemon juice works great for my little ones. It will get them thru the night

Advil is what he needs for inflammation Tylenol doesn’t work as well …take him in

Coming from someone that works around the ER. Just wait. You don’t want him picking up something worse. Unless it’s like a pain level of 10 being the worst and it feels like his ear drum is going to explode.

Is he old ilenough for motrin? Antinflamatory could help

Probably has an ear infection
Take him in he probably needs antibiotics

Cotton ball dipped in warm olive oil in the ear always fixed my ear aches as a child.

Honestly, if you go to the ER for an ear ache your just gonna be waiting till urgent cares open back up. Might as well wait. Give another dose of pain meds. You gotta keep in mind your currently playing catch up to the pain so things aren’t going to seem as effective.

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Probably needs the banana antibiotics (amoxicillin) my son gets bad ear pain quite often, it’s usually due to their ears not draining properly. It’s severely painful, take him to clinic first thing in the morning.

I have taken my son multiple times for ear pain and he actually ended up needing surgery because he gets chronic ear infections

I have to put vinegar and isopropyl alcohol drops in my kids ear every time he goes swimming- only to keep swimmers ear away. But that would not work for an inner ear infection. Call the Dr in the am to get an exam. Just keep him comfortable until then the best you can

Polysporin eye drops can go in the ear too :ok_hand:t2: they are over the counter

Forget all the comments for a minute, what does your motherly instincts tell you? Obviously, child’s ear(s) need to be looked at but does Tylenol and/or ibuprofen, warm compress, and any other remedies help minimize the pain until can get into primary doctor? Personally, go with what your instincts are telling you to do. Personally, if able to manage pain at home until able to get child into personal doctor, I’d wait due to many trips to the er only to get various diagnoses on various things when in fact all were wrong and primary doc got it right every time, the 1st time. Yes, ear aches can be serious but hospitals are also were the sick often get sicker cuz of all the germs. Does your primary doc have an after hours, in call doc to advise what you should do? Does child have a fever? Is there other issues along with the ear pain?


I had blood coming out of my ear after an injury. I sat in the ER, waiting, for 6.5hrs.
So, I’d call and ask if they’re busy. If the pain isn’t getting worse, try peroxide. If he is getting worse or has a fever, take him in.

Give him ibuprofen and a nice warm bath if u have and lavender or chamomile. Have him relax. I know they hurt. Going to the emergency room will be for nothing. As long as there is no blood coming out of that ear or smelly drainage he will be fine. Take him to his doctor in the morning

Is there a tele-nurse at your local hospital? I’d call them and explain the issue and tell them it’s not emergent, but that you don’t want him to be in pain. They can usually recommend home remedies until he can be seen by a doctor. Even if you’re unsure, you can always call the hospital and ask if they have a tele-nurse or pediatrician on call. I hope he feels better soon!

I would. I took my son for an ear ache one night to find out his drum busted. It’s painful so if your gp isn’t avail them yes take him

Put heated salt in a bag or pillow case wrap it good so it’s just warm lie his ear on it…salt draws out the pain

Have you looked in his ear? If there are no other symptoms, and you haven’t looked with a flashlight then you should look. Depending on the age he could have put something in it, could be gunky or have a bug in it. If none of the above then go with your insticts. But just know if he’s not writhing in pain screaming, the ER will just make you wait and you probably won’t be seen until morning when you could get him to an urgent care


Do u have some vodka or hydrogen peroxide? Pour just a few drops in there and rub the side of his ear to work it in there. It can help kill off some of that bacteria and may help a bit until u get him to the doctor. Afterwards, let it drain out and put a tiny amount of olive oil in his ear. Olive oil has healing properties. I learned these things years ago and it has soothed ear pain in my kids and myself quite a few times until we could get to the doctor.

Maybe OTC ear drops? Or ask a pharmacist what they recommend?

ER HE needs antibiotics

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I hope you took him in. My stubborn adult son let an ear infection go on for too long. He’s now deaf in that ear.

Mix hydrogen peroxide and water and drop that in his ear lay on that side and let it sit for a couple of minutes then let it drain out on a paper towel. If there’s wierd discoloration, like blood take him in. If not a warm bath and then a warm washcloth make sure he’s laying on the side of the ear pain with the warm cloth pressed and a towel under neath that throw on a favorite disney movie and give him advil or ibuprofen not Tylenol. And some warm mil and sit with him and stroke his hair and rub his back. Till either you both fall asleep or urgent care opens


Yes, you don’t want the eardrum to rupture and then that’ll cause more issues including hearing loss


Sound like my kid she had a ear infection , I took her in the next morning it was so sad seeing her in pain ,I would have took her in the same night but I’d be stuck with 3 kids in urgent care . I took them in the morning , both were sick with different reasons. One ear infection one sinus infection. Both painful

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Ear infections generally are most painful in the middle of the night. If you can’t get him to the dr in the AM take him to the ER that way he can have a couple of doses of antibiotics before bedtime tomorrow. Give him extra pillows tonight, the higher position keeps the middle ear from getting so backed up with drainage

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Probably has an ear infection. What you’re doing is fine until the doctor’s office is open. I wouldn’t go to the ER because even if not busy, if someone more urgent comes in, you’ll be put to the bottom of the list and be waiting hours.

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Phone after hours doctor. Also check is teeth

This happened to me. I texted my audiologist that is a Dr. She said if you have some afrin or allergy nasal spray, it is a steroid and will help with inflammation. Sure enough, after everything I tried without ear numbing drops, it worked until we could get to ped in the morning.

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Do not seek medical advice from facebook. Especially putting things in their ear when they are already in pain. :persevere: Call your child’s pediatrician and speak to an on call nurse or doctor to get advice.


Take to ER earinfection or something in his ear you would want him poking it or something

What if there is a bug in there or something

ER nurse here. Wait and take him to urgent care or his pediatrician in the morning. Unless he’s bleeding from his ear, or you can visually see a foreign object in his ear then don’t take him to the ER. Yes depending on what the cause ends up being he might need antibiotics, however waiting until morning will be perfectly fine. Hope this helps :heart:


1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and liquid half a cup of warm water.
Put it in his ears for about 2-5 minutes on both sides. It’s fine to do this once in a while, not everyday or it’ll rupture the eardrum
But if you haven’t done it yet, it’s worth a shot. Then call drs in the morning

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It is not an emergency - go to a Dr not ER

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Go too er…good suggestions above bt with little ones ear aches are horrible…n doctors know the cure to gt them through.

Er asap!!! Don’t wait!!! I grew up with ear aches

Your child needs relief…it shouldn’t be a question…

He may just have a build up of wax
You can possibly take your little one to the ED
But they may just syringe it
Or when you can get to a chemist
There some great candles that remove ear wax

Definitely get him medical help… but when I was a kid, I remember my mom spending long nights stuck awake with me crying in pain from an ear infection… we never had children’s Motrin or Tylenol and she would lay awake blowing hot air in my ear… when we got more money/advanced she bought a blow dryer and used the low setting on hot and held it close to my ear… that was the only thing that would give me relief and help me rest till we were able to get antibiotics. So if u can’t get to the Dr or emerg, but u have a hair dryer, try that. Warm heat on low, lightly blowing in the ear.

I’ve had one for days I use virgin oil in a dropper it helps

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I use the ear ache medication from Walmart or any store

Use Vicks vapor rub. Rub it behind the ear and under. I helps a lot. Please don’t put anything in the ear.

Motrin works better for pain then Tylenol. Give the childrens motrin & go to the urgent care or pediatrician in the morning

Probably an inner ear infection perhaps needs A dr but ring health line to confirm

You are his mom. Listen to your instincts. I personally do not think I would ever take my kid to an ER for ear pain. Urgent care or PCP would be the usual course of action. Your pediatrician should have an on call md answering calls after hours too. Tylenol and warm compress is good. I’m an RN and I receive these calls all the time after hours when I’m on call.


Look up the warm coffee mug trick. It worked for my little guy, and you don’t have to put anything in his ear. Never do that unless a medical professional who has laid eyes on his ear, tells you to do so. I had tubes in my ears twice as kid due to “tricks” for ear aches/infections, and it heavily affects me as an adult.

Also, you can give Tylenol and Ibuprofen at the same time. They actually work better together.

If he is still in pain or spikes a fever after an hour of meds and coffee mug trick, take him in to the ER.

If he’s in major pain, don’t delay. I had to take my daughter to the ER over the summer for an ear infection that came out of nowhere! She was fine one day and the next day it started hurting and was so bad she was bawling and panicking (12) in the ER she was begging them to give her something to make it stop! Broke my heart :sob: the antibiotic drops helped almost instantly give her relief and they gave her a pain pill to help the pain and calm her down.

ER is unnecessary, He will be fine to go to a doctor’s appointment or urgent care tomorrow. As long as he is not bleeding from his ear or you can visibly see a foreign object he will be OK most likely just needs some antibiotics. If you pull his ear back from the ear lobe take a flashlight look into the ear you’ll be able to see if he has an ear infection, his ear drum will look full like a balloon almost.


Absolutely take him no hesitation research the Tylenol CDC just released report it is causing autism in our children

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Hold a warm blow dryer away from his ear, but let the warm air blow in it.
Praying for him

Tylenol is for NERVE pain an ear infection is INFLAMMATION give ibuprofen instead


Warm, NOT hot oil and put a drop pr two in his ear and a small pc of cotton ball to keep it in, Works wonders. This is just a temporary fix until proper medication or Dr visit.

earaches r not fun, I remember walking the floor with one waiting for morning, and I was an adult, if it gets any worse, I would, head for the ER

Take to er it could only get worse

One time I had an inner and outer ear infection (as an adult) and let me tell you I have never known pain like that before. If your child is in agony go to ER


If he’s not able to sleep and really upset I would take him in now so you can get him comfortable and he can get some rest.

Could be a perforated ear drum

My daughters ear drum busted 6 weeks ago. She never complained of ear pain. She had an ear infection that turned to staph. Definitely take him.

Yup. Get him in. Ears are not something to mess with.

I use Vicks for earpain… But I’m a lifetime sufferer . It depends on the person… Does the person usually tolerate pain well??
For a child if unsure ER…


Cut a onion in half warm in microwave place in a clean sock place it on sore ear it will sooth the ear n draw the pain my pop use to do it for us when we were kids

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If its causing him too much pain take him to er so he can get on antibiotics asap

If your child is in unbearable pain then of course, do what you need to do to help them, but that being said if it can wait until the doctors first thing in the morning do that. People rush their kids to the er for any and every thing just to sit there for hours waiting, the doctor will get you in at your scheduled time and it’s most likely going to be more comfortable for them to wait around at home to be seen than in a boring awful waiting room.
Definitely don’t play when it comes to ear pain, always get it checked out asap… but don’t make it harder for you and kiddo of you don’t need to

Don’t use hot compress will spread infection

Uh… your child is suffering and you are asking advice on Facebook? Do what comes natural to most of us and get him care ASAP!

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Always remember you can call the after hours line for your pediatrician as well if you’re unsure.

Nurse here…do not go to the ER, ear aches/infections are not considered emergent cases. They get thrown to the bottom of the list . Give rounds of Tylenol and Motrin and call Dr in the AM.


Do not go to the ER for an earache. Thats not an emergency :unamused:


He’s got an ear infection! Get him to the doctor asap

Take him to the ER.

Ears can be signs of something worse.

Always move on the side of caution.

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Go to This.

How about urgent care?!?!?!?

Urgent care if available not ER. This is something they can handle and the wait time will be much less. Hope he feels better

No. An earache is not an emergency and should be attended to by his pediatrician. If unable to get into your pediatrician then a walk in clinic, while it’s unpleasant, it is not an emergency. You are doing the right things for temporary relief (pain medication & warm compresses). If he has been swimming recently and potentially has water in his ear you could try a swimners ear product or isopropyl alcohol to dry it out.


ER are for emergencies… this doesn’t sound like an emergency. Call doc when they open he prob has an ear infection.

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With the way appointments go these days unless you have an urgent care available. Emergency room may be your only option. Call this morning and see if you can get him in to on call doctor. But yeah. He needs to be seen.