Should I talk to my daughter about BO?

I just recently noticed my 8 year old daughter is starting to have body odor mainly at her arm pits. She takes well I make her take a shower/bath every other day. I even asked her if she is washing that area and she said yes but how true that is I’m not sure. I tried to talk to her about it but she got so upset and embarrassed she wouldn’t even look at me. I told my husband/her father and asked maybe he could talk to her and he said she’s fine leave her alone. For one I am a firm believer in good personal hygiene also she is starting 3rd grade next week and I would never want my child to go to school and have body odor just for the principal of it but I also don’t want her getting made fun of. Any suggestions?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I talk to my daughter about BO?

Shower and use roll on deodorant

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Just buy her deodorant. I don’t understand why this is a question…


Buy her some deodorant


Yes! My daughter is 9 and started wearing deodorant at 8. Some kids mature fasters than others absolutely nothing wrong with that, just encourage and remind her every morning to use her deodorant!


Watch what she eats! Have her carry some deodorant (traveling size) in her backpack for after PE

Have her start wearing deodorant. My 7 year old daughter wears deodorant.

The reason she washes daily and buy her deodorant

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Buy her a roll on deodorant. My daughter uses that! You can definitely go buy books on Amazon about the female body for young girls. I have a few that I’ve read to my 7 year old!

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Maybe make her a little hygiene basket for starting a new year? If she’s embarrassed throwing more then just deodorant in it will make it less embarrassing. Get her some new shampoo and maybe some body wash then throw in deodorant. Tell her it’s just for her!


she should bathe or shower every day and maybe get her some deodorant


My 6 year old smells like a construction worker, started at 3. Her pediatrician told me to have her wear a deodorant without antiperspirant so that’s what we do. She’ll knock you out with her underarms :woozy_face::joy:


This happened with my kiddo at about the same age!!! I took her to Walmart and let her pick out her own lotion, perfume and deodorant!!! She is almost 9 now and her favorite deodorant is the Green spray on dove!!


Teach her what deodorant is before she does what I did at her age. Everyone at school was saying I stink one day so I went home on lunch and put a whole bunch of my mom’s cologne under my arms and went back to school, which just made the stink even worse. Please save her from the embarrassment.

She needs deodorant. Tell her about stench and sweat, no big deal, but you have to incorporate deodorant in you daily hygiene routine


Take her to pick out hygiene products and educate her in the process. Her being able to have a choice will be a much warmer welcome.

Every other day showers? Shouldn’t it be everyday? She deff needs deodorant & some body spray. Yes you should talk to her. Thats the only way shes going to understand.


Take her to the store, let her pick out which ever deodorant she likes the smell of. Tell her after showers and every morning it needs to be put on. Don’t make a big deal out of it but tell her that you just don’t want anyone picking on her. Hormones are just so much fun for everyone :roll_eyes:. Currently fighting a 13 year old on putting it on daily…

Body Odour Glands can pop into action at any age for anyone :slightly_smiling_face: Deodorant would be the first answer

But honestly you should inform your doctor and see if she may have a gland issue if you find even washing doesnt make the smell go away -

Not everything is a simple fix - it could be genetic


Stock the bathroom she uses with deodorants, a small one for her school bag. Shower gels that she enjoys and maybe also treat her to some perfume sprays like impulse. Try to support her growing up rather then treat her like a stinker. I know your coming from a place of love. Wanting to look after her. But maybe try the soft approach make it all seem her choice?


Just buy her some deodorant and show her how to use it and tell her why it’s important lol

I buy the back to school kits I have been getting them every year since grade three

Just tell her to wash her armpits and if she still smells then she needs to have another shower and put on deodorant. Happens to us all at some point in life right. Don’t worry too much:)

She needs a bath every day and if she plays sports she should twice and use deodorant

My son is 8 and has to wear deodorant so does my 7 year old neice. They start puberty earlier than we did it’s completely normal

Make her a cute gift basket with deodorant, body spray, maybe some nail polish


I feel your pain. My 9 yr old doesn’t understand that he smells like a whole a** man when he comes home from school. I’m as stumped as you bc mine WILL NOT wear deodorant.

My niece started wearing deodorant at 6… was using Mitchum Men’s by age 8 because of how much BO she had from sweating… that was with daily showers also

I noticed my 6yo daughter developed BO this summer. The same day we talked about it and I gave her some deodorant. She seemed embarrassed when I told her she smells lol but I explained that that’s what happens when you get older and myself included wears deodorant.

I make my 8 year old daughter take a shower EVERY night and wear deodorant EVERY day!

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Daily showers and deodorant. Just make it part of the routine just like brushing teeth and wearing socks.

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Of course my daughter is 7 and we’ve been having that talk, I bought her a mini deodorant and told her to use it if ever she feels she needs it(smells) I talk to her about how she needs to Thoroughly wash her private area feet underarms behind her neck ears and belly button… and of course do not go more than two days without washing your hair because your hair gets greasy and you’ll start to break out.

Talk to her again, but this time tell her you’re taking her to choose deodorant. Make it fun


Ask her what her favorite scents are and put together a small perfume/deodorant basket for her… and tell her that the basket is for her


I use the all natural deodorant sprays. Works really well as they’re so little. It’s just a part of life. Some start a lot earlier than others.

My daughter is 7 I noticed that she started smelling after excersise or running around. I told her she’s growing up so took her to choose her own deodorant and nice smelling spray just like mum abs she thinks she’s all grown up and cool now lol


She should bathe every day and start using deodorant. It’s fairly common for 8 yr olds to start having these issues because their hormones are kicking in. They’re kicking in younger all the time because of hormones fed to animals that they’re eating and drinking milk from.

A active child needs to shower every fay

Buy her the baby powder dry stick deodorant it holds pretty good.

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I was that kid. I was also very active in martial arts at that age so yes, I showered every day It’s no big deal. Buy a deodorant (aluminum free is best IMO) and show her how to use it and when to use it.

Make a mom and daughter day of it. Go let her pick out stuff she likes and get ice cream or something with her. Make it fun rather than upsetting. You will likely see she will be more open to the conversation when you guys are having this outing than if she feels embarrassed by it. Remember to let her know you’re there for her and all these changes are normal.

Tell her straight out she stinks and needs to wash up good and use deodorant …otherwise someone else will say it …

I just got to the point I started scrubbing my 9 year old down and told her that if she didn’t wash everything that kids at school would make fun of her. She has off PH like her bio mom and has just some funky BO and VO so we make her clean herself and if she doesn’t I’ll make her get in the tub and I’ll just wash her myself like I did when she was a toddler.

Yes definitely! My youngest started having BO when she was 6-7. She started to have to wear deodorant and I basically told her your body is slowly changing or it’s what you’re eating. She’s now 11 and already started her period when she was 10…so she definitely showers regularly now and wears deodorant. Only thing is she has to wear unscented because her teacher has allergies which I understand.

Make a cute gift basket with teen deodorant that smells good and some body wipes and scented powder. Then talk to her about how she is growing up. Make it a nice thing.


Yes, my kids are 5 & 9 and have been wearing deodorant since they were 4. They’ve always been intrigued so we bought stuff specially for them.

Love all these ideas, make sure she knows the proper way to wash…some kids think just standing in the shower is good enough…she might not understand the right way to go about it.

You can talk to her or kids will. They won’t be nice. Buy her some deodorant and special bath items to make it feel more fun/special

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My daughter is 6 and she wears deodorant everyday because she sweats alot and it was starting to get stinky.

Shower or bath every day


Make it fun for her! Scents are pretty! Maybe you could take her out for a girls mani/pedi day, and on the way back stop at the store and let her pick out her favorite scent of deodorant stick or spray, and some perfume and flavored lip gloss or chapstick

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Just tell her some girls develop quicker than others and personal hygiene changes so we have to make changes - here’s a stick of deodorant that will help:). Try to get a smell she likes. I find secret 24 hour is only one that works for me. My 14 year old step child is 14 and where’s same as my hubby. Also my mother-in-law swears by the brand Mitchum. And you can get at dollar general

I was straight forward with my daughter about her BO & she got deodorant.

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Help her in the shower?
Give her deodorant
Maybe a bath and body works spray
Honestly with kids so young they need help some times I still help my 7yr old daughter

Just tell her she’s growing into a young lady now and it’s time to start wearing deodorant just like mommy. Worth a try.

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Don’t wash her hair everyday if you do want her to have daily baths/showers.

Take her to sauna, hot tub, swimming and drink lotsa water

Just get her some deodorant :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s really not that big of a deal. Just be like “hey I’ve noticed you’re starting to grow up it’s time to start using this” get her some special girly stuff & make a big deal about being a little lady now

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Yes you should talk to her, better it come from you then someone making fun of her at schiol

Sometimes you have to remove choice and put your foot down and make them clean themselves and put on deodorant and sometimes you have to let them find out for themselves

My 14 year old has the same problem. That’s why I bought her men’s deodorant. This stuff works wonders for her

Get her some deodorant and body spray to use :slight_smile:

At her age some girls start to mature early. In my granddaughter class at thst age already started there period. But her deodorant and take her to bath and body and buy her stuff from there. My granddaughter and i make it a nana and her day we go to the smelly store as see nick named it and try out the new scent and buy . There is coupons online and you also can sign up and get them in the mail too

Just give her some deodorant that smells good and show her how to use it. More than likely she will think it smells good and will continue to use it .

You’re doing the right thing!
Father needs to jump on board unless he wants to console her for being bullied ab being the smelly girl in class​:smirk::smirk::smirk:

It’s imperative NOW that she understands and gets a small handle on it before menstruation​:smirk::100::drop_of_blood:

Buy her some deodorant the teen kind and have a talk with her if she smells she’s start puberty.

I could wash my pits all day but if I ain’t putting deodorant on afterwards it’s pointless :rofl: buy her deodorant :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


my 1 daughter started using it at 13, my other needed to start by 8/9. We try to openly talk about this stuff even with my husband and their brothers around so my daughters and sons both can feel comfortable talking about this kinda stuff…cause there is going to be A LOT more changes coming and you want her to be comfortable talking about stuff, especially to you. Let her pick her own Deodorant out and just remind her to put some on here and there until it becomes a habit for her.

Buy her a nice kids/ organic deodorant. She probably doesn’t want to be smelly either. Don’t make her feel like she did something wrong. It’s not her fault.

She needs to take a bath every day and use deodorant,what is this every other day?


My 8yo gets BO, luckily were very close and talk to each about everything, she has her own hygiene type bag with a roll on deodrant, antiperspirant deodrant and a body spray and she loves having her own bag of things just like ne and feels all grown up putting it on every morning.

Get her involved in choosing some on which scents etc she would like to try etc

First off, stop making it seem as if she’s not cleaning herself and/or is just a dirty person. Body odor can come from a dozen different things and is just a human thing. The fact she got embarrassed about it and hid from you says a lot about how you handle things, and I suggest you stop coming off as mean about it. Educate her and help her. Poor girl. Get her some deodorant and body spray. Hormones, diet, etc can be factors.


Look up Lume! Great products!

Mine started wearing deodorant a year ago she’s 9 now lol

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Take her to pick out some deodorant that she likes. The roll on kind is easier for younger kids. Just tell her that it happens everyone and everyone is supposed to wear deodorant.

Get her some deodorant and start incorporating it into morning routine…

My daughter has been using deodorant since around the age of 6 consistently. Also, showering every night would be good. Its just part of the route now.


And another thing: kids are too busy on devices to bathe, eat, ride in a car hell anything…start taking that phone :100::ok_hand:t5:

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You have to talk to her about it or one of the kids in her class will say something to her. Would she rather hear it from you or a classmate? Go shopping for some personal hygiene products together or make up a gift basket of products and do a spa day!

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Men’s deodorant work better than woman’s and smelled better or perfume all girls like perfumes

Mine is 9yrs old and she started wearing deodorant last year. I said you don’t want to be the stinky kid in class :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:. She never forgets it now. Every morning she puts it on while brushing her teeth.

She might need some deodorant. I was in the 3rd grade whwn I started to need deodorant.

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She may have a fungus as well as normal hormones.
Get her to use a roll on, and before she uses it, you can drop a few drops of tea tree oil. The oil won’t change the deodorant, but it will help if there is a fungus.
You have to speak to her, you are her Mom, and nobody likes the smelly kid.

Take her for a girl’s day and while out shopping get smell good stuff like have her help pick deodorant and body spray shower items and stuff but don’t make it like your doing it because she stinks. If she’s involved she’s more likely to use it


Bath wash shower which ever every day, let her use a roll on or deodorant x

I make it like a game without being insensitive to my 9 year old. Like “oooh girl, those pits are stinky! Let’s get you some new deodorant!” We’ve had the cleanliness conversation, so she enjoys putting in on now.

Explain to your daughter that everyone has body odors. It is a natural thing. Let her know she shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Its a part of growing up. If she doesn’t take a bath everyday she needs to wash that area everyday. Deodorant is a must. Kids can be cruel. You don’t want her to be teased about smelling bad. You are her mom. Talk to her, show her how to take care of herself. My daughter started at age 8 wearing deodorant.

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I found the secret 48 hr unscented gel is great. Just say wash and dry and applie. Yes, you just tell your kid you smell and let’s fix it so you don’t get people avoiding you. How else will they learn

Present her with a Gift Basket of Body Wash, Lotion and Poofy Sponge :sponge:. Add a Stick of Unscented Deodorant. Girly it up and make it a Back to School Gift! I did this for my Sons and then Grandsons! Hope this helps.

If she’s getting BO, you should probably be getting her deodorant and talking about periods and stuff that comes with that. I was 9 when I started my period and I had no idea what was going on.


I just wouldnt grill her about where she showers. Explain that it is normal development and take her to get a small stick of deodorant that she likes the smell of. Shes probably confused and embarrassed to why she doesnt smell good. Just hug her explain we all have it and how to help it and leave it at that. That’s what I’m doing with my 10 year old son

A daily shower and deodorant

Get her some nice smelling body moisturizer and some roll on and spray. Also time to start talking to her about periods etc. Pre google some helpful images and have a girls night paint ur nails eat ice cream watch movies etc it’s a scary time she doesn’t understand what’s happening properly ur her mum it should be a safe topic

My now 9 yr old started getting bo at 8. I just sat her down with me and talked about puberty and how bodies change. Her body is growing and that we needed to do extra things to help. Found some great books on Amazon about puberty, emotions, organization, etc that is at her age/appropriate level. Took her shopping for under garments, deodorant, body wash, and stuff to make it an easier experience. I myself didn’t have my mother around so I learned as I went through things. I didn’t want that for my girls, so I proactively started looking into ways to teach or at least be there for my girls during puberty/growing up. We’ve order and prepared period bags to carry in their backpacks incase they start at school. They’ll know what to do and be prepared.

We started using Lume and it’s amazing!! We had a scientific talk about BO when my kids were about that age. I explain to them that sweat has fat and fat needs soap to emulsify/get rid of it. So they have to make sure to use soap in anywhere that has a crease. We made it a family things to put deodorant on in the morning LOL it sits by the front door.

I have three teenagers, I can’t even tell you the smells get better. :nauseated_face:
Currently were battling stinky shoes


Buy her some aluminum free deodorant and show her how to use it. She’ll probably like the smell of it too. Might as well get her used to it now.

Get her some baby powder with cornstarch. Tell her to put it on after her bath should help and need a deodorant yet she’s young. You can get her some dove deodorant and it’s really nice and smells good.

Try buying her a nice deodorant that doesn’t look like a deodorant. Dove has one with coconut and freesia it is a dry spray. Have her start showering every day to keep the bacteria that causes odor at Bay and use the spray afterwards. Maybe a body soap that is really fragrant as well.

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Great book for some guidance if she’s embarrassed to talk to you about it.

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