Should I tell my neighbor my husband cheated with his wife?

Do I tell the woman’s husband or leave them to it? Distraught, after finding out my partner cheated on me with our next-door neighbor’s wife …I ended it with him. What’s eating me up is that her husband is unaware of what’s been going on. He was away for a week on a trip with his mates when it happened. I do feel sorry for him, but I’m also so angry not just with my partner but with her too. I feel like I have a duty to let her husband know, but then again, I really don’t know if I should.


I would want to know

You probably should. I’d want to know if my hubby was doing stuff like that

I hate getting involved in other’s relationships, but he deserves to know

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Tell him. If I were him I’d want to know.

If you have proof. YES.

Yes hell yes. Dont let him be blind to that.

He deserves to know. Please tell him!

I would want someone to tell me :woman_shrugging:

Yeah I’d tell him. I’d want to know if it was me

I would want to know if I was cheated on

She can’t have her cake and eat it too. You should tell him.


Tell him in other words

I would want to know :woman_shrugging:

Absolutely, think of if he knew and didnt tell you


Yup he needs to know

I would feel him and back it up with proof.

Tell him. Definitely. Wouldn’t you want to be told?

I’d tell him. Call it petty or call it honest, I would let him know.

Hell yeah tell him…

I’m telling for damn sure!

Tell him. You’d want to know if you were in his shoes…

Would you want someone to tell you? You know the answer.

Would you want him to tell you if he was the one to find out instead of you?.. Well yeah you would so don’t tell him.

He needs to know she is taking away his right of choice.

Yes ma’am TELL HIM, I’d want to know if it was me

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Tell him he deserves to know

He deserves to know.

Stay out of it. A house built on lies will eventually fall down.


Yes!!! Tell him! It is hard but necessary!

If you have proof and you know for a fact than wouldn’t you want to know?

Tell him and let the pieces fall where they may

If it was me I’d just put a letter in the mail

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I’d want to know, so I’d tell him.

I’m a snitch, TELL HIm. The ultimate question always is, would you want to know ?

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I would definitely tell him

Put yourself in his shoes. Would you wanna know?

I’d want to know so I think I’d tell her.

Nah tell him, fuck that

Tell the wife she needs to tell him if you will.

I totally understand how you feel.
Ask yourself what good will come out of telling him???
She will eventually get caught in her own web of lies.


No- mind your business


Would you want someone to tell you?

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I’d Ask Him “Do You Know why I Left?” and Then Tell Him

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Yes tell him, he deserves to know !!

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Well would you have wanted him to tell you if he were the one to find out?
I’d wanna know.

Snitch lol your marriage was effected so should hers


Absolutely. My ex husband cheated on me, and I didn’t find out until months later. If it were me, I’d definitely want to know.

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Absolutely! Let her feel your pain! The pain she helped your husband give you!


I’d let him know. It’s fair for him to know the trying

I would tell him. Delicately. But I would. No one deserves ti he lied to

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I would want someone to tell me to be honest.

I’d tell him. You dont owe her anything. And she could be sleeping with more then just your husband, he has the right to know he might get something from her.


Girl. Yes do it. You have nothing to loose. An its eating at you. I would.


Tell him. He deserves to know.

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Tell him. If it was me, I would want to know


I’d want to know If it was me.

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I personally would want to know. She deserves to get thrown under the bus!

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I definitely would have a serious conversation with him about it but make sure it doesn’t seem spiteful and that you genuinely care that he is informed about the situation


Leave an anonymous note in her mailbox to avoid issues and confrontation

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Honestly, if wasn’t with your husband, I’d say it’s not your business… EVEN though if you were in her shoes, youd want to know. BUT, since it’s with your husband… I’d definitely say something. Ugh, people are so twisted. :smirk:

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Hell yes you tell him.

Can you tell us what happens after? When you do end up telling her about it lol


I would have immediately.
I know I’d want to know if I were in his situation…and I’m pretty damn spiteful. :joy:

I would go out with her husband and see how she feels

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Yes, do another person a favor. If my husband cheated with someone, I would hope that persons SO would tell me

Tell him! If I were being cheated on & someone knew…I’d want to know.

Tell him he deserves to know.

Tell her to tell him if she doesn’t then tell him he should know why should he be in the dark then if it gets out and he found out you was aware you new that would make him feel worse than he gonna feel when he finds out so yes let him know

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If I was in her position I would hope someone was brave enough and caring enough (even if they didn’t know me well) to tell me - it’s betrayal on their behalves.

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Tell him! Don’t let him waste more of his life with someone who’s unfaithful.

I would. But make sure you have proof because he could be in denial

If nothing else than out of spite, I’d tell.

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Do it. He has a right to know and make the choice to stay or go, just like you did.

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yes tell her now she needs to know.

Definitely, I think it makes you a good person to do so…it’s not your job to cover up their sloppy mess they created


I would stir the pot :smirk: your relationship got ruined so hers can too but that’s just me :woman_shrugging:t4:


Personally , I would want someone to tell me if my husband was doing that .

Tell him for sure, how he handles it is his business. I personally would be pissed if I found out someone knew I was cheated on and didn’t tell me.

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girl tell himmmmmm!!

I’d want to know. So I would tell him.

You should definitely tell her don’t let her look like a fool

I would tell… Cheaters suck and deserve to be busted


He may never find out otherwise he deserves to know the truth about that hoe :100: she messed with your man and ruined your marriage it’s not like you owe her something


He has a right to know that his wife is a home wrecking whore

As someone that’s been cheated on by my ex husband and multiple people knew, some that I thought were my best friends at the time who didn’t tell me…YES, tell him!!! It doesn’t matter if you’re close or just a neighbor. Knowing that other people knew and could have had the decency to let me know and save me from more wasted time and pain was one of the hardest things to deal with. There’s a way to do so with class and without turning it into a spiteful revenge filled truth bomb. So sorry you’re going through this. I promise it gets easier.


Tell him, you owe your ex and his new fling nothing.


The truth will set you free


Agree with everyone. Definitely tell him. Cheaters deserve to be exposed dont let her get away with sleeping with your man. They both did it so they should both take accountability. Do the guy a favor and let him know

Tell him… tell him tell him tell him

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Hell to the yasss tell him!

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You damn right you should’ve told him. He would’ve known as soon as I found out. Hell I’m not gonna lie, the whole neighborhood would’ve known. :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

Yupppp air that shit out! She don’t get to live a happy life while she and your husband fucked up yours!!!

Tell him the truth! He thank you later! :broken_heart:

10/10 recommend telling

Make sure you have proof to back it up.

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Tell him- you would want to know, wouldn’t you?

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Hell yeah, he deserves to know.

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Just think it this way if the roles were reversed would you want him to tell you ? I would


Oh I would!!! I would have done it the day I found out!!!

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