Should I wait or get induced?

I have a question or would kind of like some advice on what to do. I’m 20 and pregnant with my 2nd baby; I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I’m currently 37 weeks; the baby is 7lbs and can come out and live, but she is turned sideways, and I’m not having contractions. With my 1st child I had at 16, I carried until 34 and a half weeks, and he came out 7lbs, 7ozs, and was fine. My doctor wants to induce me on Monday if I am dilated like 3cm, but he said it might increase my risk of having a C section, and I want to do it vaginally and have more kids in the future. Should I just wait and let her come on her own, or would it be so bad getting induced? I also had my first in a different state, so everything is completely different

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I had a different OB with all 3 of my pregnancies & each of them said inductions lower the risks of cesareans. But if your baby is sideways, it might be safer to do a scheduled cesarean. You can also still have a VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean) the recommended wait time is 18 months between births though.

You can still have a vaginal birth after a c-cection

Its not up to you. I’m sure your doctor knows what is best. You should be concerned that your baby is sideways at 37.


Just because you get a csection does not mean you wont be able to have more kids. I had 5 csections and then got my tubes tied.


Whatever is safer I’m a type 1 diabetic which is a little different than gestational diabetes and I had to have a c-section for the safety of my son and myself so if the doc says it would be better to get induced listen to them.

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Well having a c section doesn’t prevent you from having kids in the future…just saying.
And you don’t just get to decide lol.
If your doctor wants to induce you due to birth complications you don’t just get to say no because you feel like it.
Unless of course you’re rather risk letting your baby die.
What do you think is gonna happen???
Either your baby is going to come out your Vag sideways which is impossible or she’s going to listen to you and take orders and roll into the right position? No…
You sound ridiculous.

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Whatever is safe for your baby

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U can have more kids after a c section less ur planning on 5 kids are more


You’re not even full term yet. As long as it’s medically safe for you to continue to be pregnant, let baby come on their own.


Typically with gestational diabetes they like to induce early because the placenta can start to fail as you get further along. I had gd with my 3rd baby and was induced at 39 weeks because of if. My other two were inductions as well. All three were uncomplicated vaginal deliveries.

No one on Facebook can answer that question. Your doctor has a license to practice medicine and has your chart with your full medical history. You need to review the pros and cons with a medical professional and make your own educated decision.


You can have a cesarean and still have more kids. I’ve had one emergency csection and 3 scheduled with no problems.
That being said, I was only induced one of 6 pregnancies and it is the one that resulted in the emergency cesarean after 24 hours. My advice is talk to and listen to your OB. W the medical complications, he will listen to your concerns of not wanting a cesarean then advise you on what’s the best/safest option for both you and baby.

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You can have a csection and more kids in the future. If the baby is sideways you might need a csection

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It is completely safe to induce. You have gestational diabetes which is a valid reason for them to suggest induction. I’d go that route.

I had an emergency csection with my second. We didnt know he had flipped sideways during labour and after 15 hours I couldn’t take it any more. He came at 39 weeks and totally healthy. I had extra fluid which is why we went in a week early.

If you can wait, i would wait.

I would personally trust your doctors on this one. I was induced and it was horrible, 30 hour sof labour with non stop prolonged contractions (up to 5 minutes and 60 seconds apart from about 5 hours in) I had to have IV to slow contractions down, ended up needing fluids etc. My little boys heart rate suddenly dropped and wasn’t dilated enough so had emcs. Nothing scarier than that last minute panic of getting me on the operating table. Personally if I could do it all iver I would’ve opted for a planned section. I still would’ve been scared but at least I wouildve been prepared for it. If we have another I will 100% be having a planned section, despite feeling robbed of the natural water birth I had planned to have.

You have gestational diabetes and it is not safe for you to go to term so get induce when 3cm

It sounds like there is a lot of fear trying to go over facts they are doing.

Honestly, as long as it’s medically safe, I would let baby come on it’s own. Baby being sideways at 37 weeks doesn’t really mean anything. Baby can turn right up until they are born. As for the gestational diabetes part, as long as it’s well controlled and your placenta is maintaining fine then you could wait until baby decides to come. If your doctor decides it’s not medically safe to wait, then I would definitely get induced.


Trust your doc they know best…good luck x

You can still have more kids in the future eben of you have cesarean. Trust your doctor.

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My baby was full term and I was induced. She spent a week in NICU due to sepsis and getting stuck sideways in the birth canal and then cutting supply off from her cord by wrapping it around her neck. She could have died, just don’t do it. We never expected it.

I don’t understand why so many doctors are pushing for induction. This makes zero sense to me. Babies have been coming out when they are damn good and ready for all of time! Unless there is a medical necessity, putting you or the baby in danger, why induce?

Diabetic babies are full term by 38 weeks usually. I’d say you were ready to be induced x

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The 37 weeks is usually the recommended delivery time for gestational diabetes

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Different story. But my water broke at 35 weeks and they had to induce me. My daughter was born at exactly 5lbs we stayed in the hospital for 5 days. She’s now a very healthy 4 year old :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason they want to induce is cause baby will grow bigger while in there. Also the risk of c section is cause baby isn’t turned correctly and is on their side. Also just cause you have a c section doesn’t mean you can’t have more kids and you can still do vaginal births after a csection it’s called a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean)

This is 100% a doctor and you conversation, not a Facebook one. Call your Dr, ask questions, tell him your fears and then decide what’s best you and your child. Good luck!

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Also my son was born when I was 35 weeks on the dot but that was my water broke in the middle of the night n there was no stopping it and he didn’t need the nicu or any medical help after he was born

I had gestational diabetes with my daughter granted she came out 9 lb 8 oz but I had a C-section and to me that would be your safest bet to do because they’re prone to having what called football shoulders and they could get stuck in the birth canal and that could put your baby at risk of passing away and it could also put you at risk so I would definitely talk to your doctor about seeing if a C-section would be better for you and for the baby safety. But that’s just me but it’s definitely something worth talking to your doctor about my daughter also two weeks prior to me having her was weighing in Via ultrasound at 7 lb 11 oz and exactly two weeks later she was born 6 days early weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces like I said before so that’s why I would say definitely talk to your doctor because your baby could be a pound heavier than what it’s showing on ultrasound

I had an emergency c-section on baby 1 and we(OB included) opted for a planned c-section on baby 2. It will not cause you to not have another baby.

If you can wait, wait. If it’s for the safety of your child, do the induction. I was induced for the safety of my kid and was still able to vaginally deliver. Even if it was a c section, I wouldn’t regret it one bit as long as my kid was safe.

Of your doctor feels its best to induce u at 3cm i would let him/her. They know what is best to protect you and your baby. Good luck to you​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

They can try to turn your baby to the right position for delivery before induction as well. They tried with my older son. Mine refused but he was all the way butt down and extremely low in my pelvis. My younger son, I had gestational diabetes and opted for a planned c-section at 39 weeks but I had the option to do a vaginal delivery.

I had the same exact issues. My daughter was delivered at 37 weeks (via planned C-section) and we both ended up great. Listen to the doctor.

I had my son at 37 weeks not Gestational diabetes but he was still 8 lb 10
Why do they want to induce? Are you measuring big?
If no medical reason I’d wait. If medical reason get induced, even if you end up with section you can go vbac next time or section again

She could still turn but it’s probably unlikely that she will

I was induced at 39 weeks and didnt know i was pregnant until 27 weeks but my opinion is if its harming u or the baby then go ahead and be induced but if everything is fine then just wait. Even if u do have a c-section u can have more children in the future

Honestly if your baby hasnt turned head down by now the chances of baby doing so are very slim.and more than likely you will have a csection anyways.u can have more kids via csection.but i would not be induced because u coupd put stress on the baby.if baby wont come naturally and is still sideways id schedule for a c section

Here in Florida if it isn’t an emergency csection you still have a chance at natural if you have more kids later. My daughter was breach when I had her. But, that was 3 years ago.

I would wait until 39 weeks babies can turn at any time even in labor I wouldn’t purposely induce before then Some babies need that extra week or 2 for lung development.

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You can give birth vaginally after having a c-section. Follow your doctors recommendation they want what will be best for you and your child. If you are given the option on what to do ask for more information or just ask questions. Such as will waiting cause further complications?

If your doctor wants to induce you due to medical concerns, it may be wise to listen, they do tend to have your and babies best interests in mind. I was induced with my first and had some complications (I don’t know if they were related to the induction or not, I was at 42 weeks at that point), but ended up needing a c-section, anyway. Since my first was delivered via c-section roughly 2 years before my second pregnancy, they determined that it was safer for me to deliver my second via c-section as well, as they felt I was at an increased risk of rupturing. Both of my babies came out and still are healthy kids, and aside from a pretty impressive scar, I’m fine, too. I chose to make sure that I wouldn’t have any more children, but was never told that I would be unable to after/due to my two c-sections, either, had I chosen to do so.

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My son was breech and we did an ECV, where they turn your baby, and it worked. But the cord got wrapped around his neck. Which is a possibility. His heart rate would dip here and there, so I went in for regular monitoring. I was induced at 39 weeks at 1cm. Had him and everything went fine. Just talk to your dr. Everyone’s situation is different. The procedure to turn him hurt but was ultimately worth it for me. I was able to deliver vaginally.

If you have a c section you can have more children :joy: don’t know where you heard that you can’t from, seriously :roll_eyes:


You’re not the one who decides that. You can still have more kids even if you do c-section. I went 2weeks over-time with my youngest, and had to be induced. The doctor knows whats best, not you.


I had a repeat csection at 37w4d with my rainbow and she’s now 3 months and healthy as ever. She weighed 6lbs 3oz but they thought she was barely 5oz according to ultrasounds. I had her because I was spilling protein and had slightly high bp, same symptoms I had with my angel and they kept my angel in and I lost her because of it. It wasn’t worth the risk to me. And you can have many sections. There are women who have had 5 csections and more.

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I had gestational diabetes with my first. They induced me only 4 day before her due date, I labored for just over 24 hours. Her heart rate dropped because he umbilical cord was wrapped around her ankle. I went in for an emergency c-section and she came out at just over 8 lbs. She’s completely healthy and super smart. Having a c-section doesn’t mean you can’t have more babies. My other 2 were scheduled so there were no surprises. Hell, while not recommended at all, my mom had 6 c-sections.

Is there another doctor in the office? If so make an appt with them. Ask their opinion. Usually they’ll go along with their colleague but not always. I don’t trust weights based on u/s. They’ve never been correct or even close for me. I’d trust your Dr. If baby is sideways I’d request a csect. Better to have a planned csect than go through hours or days of labor that results in a csect.

If you want a vaginal delivery then being induced is what you want. Especially if your baby is already 7lbs and your only 37 weeks. Just had my second induction last Monday, both pregnancies I had gestational diabetes. Both inductions went smooth and I delivered vaginally both times as well. Just ask to get the epidural BEFORE they break your water. It’s terribly hard to sit still for the epidural if you’re contracting at the same time. And you’ll most likely start contracting hard core once they break your water. Get induced and good luck!

I had my son at 38 weeks and he literally turned head down the day before delivery, it is what caused my water to break :woman_facepalming:t4:

Uh. You can still have kids vaginally even if you have a c section. I’d be trying to get that baby out since she is sideways

You know you can still have more kids if you have a c-section? Do what is safest for you and bub.

You are delivered from ANCESTRAL CURSE in Jesus name Amene

I just want to throw this out there for everyone mentioning vbacs. I had a c section with my first in a hospital 3 hours away. The town I live at has a hospital with birthing capabilities but will not allow vbacs because they don’t have a nicu. The hospital with the first allows vbacs. But it was very stressful driving in the middle of winter in Montana for appointments with my first, plus very expensive. They also require mothers to live somewhere in town for 3 weeks before until your due date or you go into labor, again very expensive. I removed vbac as a possible birth situation because of where I live, maybe if I ever moved I’d consider it. But, my main point maybe OP is in a similar situation. I’ve obviously never been able to and will probably never experience vaginal birth which is fine by me, but I know some moms can be very a against c section. Possibly the hold up? Anyways it’s not always as simple of an answer as vbac.
I would try the spinning baby thing first before induction.

You can still have kids after a c section. I’m going to be having my 2nd in a few more weeks. I also have GD and I’m not going to be having the cesarean until 39 weeks.

Unless the baby is having problems I would wait until at least 39 weeks. Many babies born before that can be poor feeders or have breathing issues. The baby can still turn.

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You can have more than one c-section. They want you to wait at least 2 years from a c-section to do vaginal again (that’s what my dr said anyway) but one c-section doesn’t mean you can’t have more kids

I definitely wouldn’t, I had so many problems And complications after being induced, I wish i had waited

Honestly I’d wait until 38 and a half weeks, the baby can turn very quickly. At my 38 weeks scan my boy was still transverse. At 39 weeks he finally put his head down. I was then induced at 40+4, as I was fully effaced and 1 cm dilated. He’s was also a whooping 8lb9

Don’t induce. Yoy can go up to 42 weeks. Wait till baby comes. Higher chances of NOT having any type of intervention. It is my biggest regret after doing research.

Is there concern for the baby’s or your well being? Having GD changes the game a little bit in regard to when it’s appropriate to induce/birth. If you wait too long the baby could be very big (resulting in a possible csection for you). GD babies frequently have issues regulating their sugars which can cause feeding issues and other problems. I think the best course of action is to ask the doctor outright why it’s safest to induce and deliver early rather than waiting a bit longer. As far as csection - I will be having my third csection (VBAC is not an option for me due to the type of emergency csection i had with my first). I’ve never been told I couldn’t have more children.

I also had GD during my second pregnancy (but not the current)- doctors are frequently considering multiple angles when making this recommendation.

Do what your doctor says. Most people in here are not doctors and should not be giving advise. If you wait with gestational diabetics the baby can get very large and be hard to push out leading to c/s and also puts you at risk for other complications. Baby is already 7lbs! You may also have other health/baby issues we are not aware of. Just get induced and get it over with.

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i had the same problem and i went in and the nurse i had would sit in my room and rub my belly with my son and she helped him turn around and i was able to have him vaginally but i had a kind nurse that was determined to help me and my baby

If your induced just make sure your nurse has plenty of experience. Nurses really makes all the difference!

The important thing is a healthy baby. C-sections births can be followed by later vaginal births.
As always, you can seek a second medical opinion.

You can still have more kids with a c-section. I had 2 and was able to have more but chose not too
. If it’s better to be induced do it.

I got induced with my second child because of the same thing and I still had him all natural

I have full diabetes and was induced. After 50 hrs of labor I had to have an emergency c section. Let her come when she is ready.

Nothing wrong with getting induced I was induced for both my sons so nothing wrong with it

I had to be induced cause my labor stopped. My girls are great.

Having a c-section does not mean you can’t have more children. Just make sure to demand they give you the bikini cut instead of the up and down cut…up and down cut requires c-sections for any delivery after. I had the bikini cut in 1997 with my first baby…a vaginal delivery in 2000…and another bikini c-section in 2009. Do what is best for you and your baby!

I always tell people to wait UNLESS there is a medical reason for the induction. Diabetes sounds like a good reason… maybe check with doctor about risks of waiting being an induced was a terrible experience for me (my 1st kiddo was 15 days late but all else was healthy). About 20 hours of labor but normal vaginal delivery. It was Also bad for my sister with her first (hers was due to BP problems for both her and baby). After about 40 hours, she was able to deliver vaginally.

Talk to ur doctor about waiting and see what ur doctor says if they say u can then go for it the worse they can say is no. But if they say no ask why that way u r informed

Do what your doctor says

I was induced due to preeclampsia high blood pressure

I was induced with all 3. Baby 3 i had gestational diabetes i ended in csection only because his heart was deceleration before n after contractions. I was 38 week and my doctor said i couldnt go a day over 39 weeks due to my diabetes we went a week earlier cuz 2 previous pregnancies i had preeclampsia and my blood pressure was getting up there for this one

You are definetly able to have more kids after a csection. I’ve had 3 total. After the first. They give you the option for a vaginal or another csection birth. Because I knew the healing process of csections, I chose to have them. My first was because I was 2 weeks late and wouldn’t dilate more than 4 cm after 17 hrs.


I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies. My first got stuck was blue and I hemorrhaged. 12 days before she was born she only measured 7 lbs and she came out at 8lbs 14 oz. my second was a c section due to the complications of my first. Both are striving now. Please be careful and ask your doctor all the risks and be if it’s of waiting. Babies born to mothers who have gestational diabetes are known for being larger babies. Good luck to you.

Just because you have a c section does not mean you can’t have more kids, it’s not a hysterectomy. As far as inducing I would probably try and wait to see if he turns. My first was by c section followed by twins born vaginally. My sister had 4 kids all by c section. Good luck and congratulations

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First i just want to say that if for whatever reason you end up having to do a c-section with this baby or one in the future please do not stress that. I had to with my first and will have to with my future children. There is no reason to stress the operation.

As far as being induced i would imagine that if the baby’s numbers are normal the baby is not stressed and is doing fine and they are not 100% concerned for the baby’s safety i would recommend waiting on the baby to be ready.


If you or the baby are not in jeopardy wait it out. I had gestastional diabetes with both my pregnancies and was induced at 39 weeks only because a huge storm system was expected around my due date and we didn’t have a car the second I was induced at 39 weeks because I had went in for a NST and asked for a Tylenol for a minor headache. They left me in the room overnight induced me the next morning. No problems with either delivery. Trust your instincts.

Having a csection does not mean no more babies. If they want to induce there is nothing wrong with that either. C sections just require a little more recovery time.


Honestly I was the same way I wanted to do it vaginally and in the end I had an emergency C section. It has to be what is best for the baby and the safest. Having a C section does not mean you can’t have more children.

I was induced @39 weeks w my 3rd baby. Simply because he was going to be my 3rd vaginal delivery. EVERYONE acted like this baby was just gonna fall out at any inopportune moment within seconds! Doc felt it best and safest to induce me before that happened. I went in at 6am and deliverd at 12:43pm after pushing for an hour. He was 6lbs 14 oz, and hardly “fell out quickly”! He was cheesy, and gurgally. He needed a lil assistance breathing. All in all he was great! However i could tell in comparrison to my others that he WASNT READY YET! I could tell he could have used that extra week or two before being delivered. I still feel like I wish I hadnt been induced. ALSO, I was hemorrhaging badly after and came close to needing a blood transfusiin. I was told that it was because of the pitocin and that i dialated so quickly from 3 to 10 in an hour. Soooo, my opinion? Unless its medically necessary to save yours or babies life, DON’T DO IT!

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My cousin also had gestational diabetes for both pregnancies. She had a c- section for the first but had the 2nd vaginally. Doesn’t mean you can’t have any more or have them naturally. Good luck!!

I haven’t read the comments but I’ve had one natural and the rest C-sections. You can still have more babies but the way they’re delivered needs to be discussed with your DR. Don’t rely on FB opinions. :heart:

Having a c section isn’t a bad thing and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have more children vaginally. You should choose the best option for a healthy baby and a healthy you.

I had gestational diabetes as well and they told me my son was going to be huge, they didn’t want me going past 40 weeks with him. I was scheduled to be induced but went into labour on my own the night before at 40+2. He was born only weighing 7lbs 2oz. Why is it that your dr wants to induce you so early? Baby still has three weeks to turn on her own.


I have had gestational diabetes twice and wasn’t induced with the first one but I was induced with the second one but at 39 weeks and it was because I was allergic to the insulin I had to take daily. I’m pregnant with my 5th baby and if you could wait I would just personal experience going into labor naturally I think is less painful then being induced. Every pregnancy is different though so do what is best for you and your baby :heart:


I am a type 1 diabetic and 3 of mine were induced. The dr. didn’t want the baby to gain anymore weight. He said they gain the most weight the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. 2 of mine were 7 lbs, and I forget the ounces, but the last one was 10 lbs. You will be able to have more children if you have to have a c section. Who’s to say that you won’t have to have a c section anyway?

I would wait a little while longer before inducing. You still have three weeks before you’re close to full term. It would mostly depend on how you’re handling the diabetes. If you’re doing what needs to be done (no meds just by food) then you should definitely wait. If you’re on meds for it then I would speak to another doctor that specialises in it for a second opinion. But I definitely wouldn’t induce right now there’s still a lot of time

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I’ve had 2 kids, 2 inductions, 2 vastly different labors. 1st induced at 42 wks (though there may have been miscalculations in my due date, she didn’t appear “over due”). Once it got started, labor was like 15 hours, pushed out healthy 7lb baby.
2nd pregnancy (almost 9 years later) induced at 41 weeks. Did not progress very fast even with high doses of pitocin. Epidural kept wearing off. Started the induction Saturday morning, by Sunday night I was so tired and done that I jumped at the suggestion of a csection. My 9lb7oz son was born just as healthy as his sister. He was very broad shouldered and never would’ve fit on his own. He barely even descended down the birth canal.
My only birth plan was to have a healthy baby each time. I would talk to your doctor, weigh the risks with inducing vs waiting it out another week or two. Be flexible because babies sure as hell do whatever they want, regardless of what you think lol
Good luck!!!

Wait… it will increase your chance of csection- they’re harder to recover from. You can still have other babies though even with a csection and you can even have vaginal births after a csection. But if baby doesn’t turn you’ll probably end up in one anyways…

Keep in mind that many decisions made by your doctor are for your safety, as well as the babies. I personally would go by what the doctors say. There must be a reason they feel that induction is necessary. I was induced with all 4 pregnancies, had zero c-sections, but I know you can still have more kids after c-section.

Just because you have a csection doesn’t mean you cant have kids in the future. I had my oldest daughter by c section and then had 3 more the same way. Dont make your choice just based on not wanting a csection. The main thing is delivering a healthy baby

I had twins at 38 weeks. (Induced because they were so big for twins and baby #2 wasn’t growing as muck as baby 1) Wanted to do vaginally. They gave me a full eplidural just in case it needed to go c-section. First baby was born head first just fine at 6lb 3oz. 4 min later, I was given the option to do emergency c-section cause baby 2 had her self curved up in my ribs and wouldn’t turn head down. Option 2 was for Dr to lube up and go get her as she was in distress… in he went and she was pulled out feet first at 5lb 6oz. He was able to avoid broken bones ect. and Other complications that can occur with breach delivery. Dr. Terel MICHELLE was a rude sob, but i loved him!!

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C-section has nothing to do with having more kids. If your doc wants to induce, ask why if you are unsure or uncomfortable. It usually has to do with your or your baby’s health and well being.