Should I work until the day I give birth?

I am due 10/08, but they intend to induce me on 10/01. I have 12 weeks of maternity leave approved. Should I work all the way up to the first, or should I start my leave a little early? What did you guys do? I am having the hardest time deciding! Everything is ready for the baby.


I’m working til the day of c section. I worked last time even on the day I was induced.

I worked all the way up until the day before I had 3 of mine. Then spent everyday of my maternity leave after. It’s whatever is best for you.

I was a Corrections officers and worked up until the day I had my baby… it all depends on how you feel… if you feel like you can work then work…

I’d say go a week before, that gives you your own time before the demand of baby.

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Stay as long as you can at work! You need those days after the baby!

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I worked until a week before I gave birth.

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I would save the maternity leave for after you have the baby. You will want to spend all that time with baby before you have to go back to work. If you are too uncomfortable then I would definitely start a little early maybe a week or two depending how you feel.

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Honestly I think it depends on the nature of your job. If you can do your job and it not affect how you are feeling then I say go for it and have more time with your little one. If your job is too hard, just work as long as you can.

I worked till the end. I wanted all the time I could get home with my daughter. I know some people leave because they don’t feel well. But really it’s all up to you! Everyone has different reasons to go either way!

It’s up to how you feel and what you think is best

Maybe take a day or two before hand to get the much needed rest before the birth. It will be a long time before you’ll get rest afterwards.

I had planned to work until I went into oboe but after 2 weeks of early labor and my managers attitude I went on leave at 39 weeks and delivered 5 days later

I worked till I gave birth. I liked it just fine

Work all the way if you are able to do so.

I’d work till the very last day!!

I personally worked up until the day before I was induced so that I could spend as much time as possible with my baby girl

I worked until the day before I was induced so I could have every bit of my maternity leave with my little one.

Work as long as you feel comfortable. I finished up two weeks before I was due and had my boy a week early. They say anywhere from 32 weeks you should finish but as long as it’s safe for you to work then you can. I was on light duties at work as I work in childcare so I did a lot of office work and supervision of children

It’s up to how you feel. I worked up to giving birth with my first two and then had to make sure to make phone calls to HR and employee health letting them know when to start my leave. This time, I want to be done prior to giving birth— my due date is Oct 15 and I was induced a week early with my last baby (due to a history of big babies, last one was 9lbs a week early) so that would mean I’d be induced around October 8th, so I decided to start leave that Monday October 5th so I could just worry about having a baby not making a bunch of phone calls to work

I worked up to a week with my first and a week and a half with my second… you need to listen to your body , xx

Up to you. My first and third I worked until I went into labor. Was actually at work when I went into labor. But my second I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks.

Save the time for the baby because you will NOT want to go back even then!

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I worked the day before my baby came, I was nearly 42 weeks

It’s all about how you feel. I had to be put out at 6 months with my first due to complications but with my second I was at work when I went into labor…

Work all the way until the end.

I worked up until i had mine. I figured it kept my mind busy so I wasn’t stressing over anything. You will want all the time you can get with the baby once it is here

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My youngest daughter was a scheduled c-section. I worked up until about a week before she was born. I spent that last week getting my house cleaned and organized and ready for her arrival.


If you have everything ready just work maybe take one day early just a relaxed but you’ll probably get bored if you take a whole week

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With my last 2 I was working and I worked until I had them.

I did. It went fine. I literally worked a night shift and walked over to LD after it. I do wish maybe I have napped or had one day off before.

I worked until the day I had my daughter
My water broke at work

I say take a week or two off! It’ll be nice to rest and relax before baby’s arrival :blush::heart:

You will want the time with the baby. Work up until the end.


I worked till I couldn’t!!!

I worked up until my water broke… Then I took three months off…

Taking one day off before being induced was a good idea for me. I cleaned my whole house, and packed my bags. I was able to walk into the hospital feeing ready, and come home to a spotless house. Personally, I wouldn’t take more than a day. I think you’ll want as much time with a baby as you can get. Also, all the cleaning helped baby move down and dilate me, do induction was easier.

I would work until I couldn’t anymore.

I’d leave about 2week before to get plenty of rest

Take a couple days before the baby to get some rest.

I waited. I wanted all my maternity leave with my baby

Only 12 weeks off? That’s not Near enough time. Here we get a Year off when you have a baby. On the question asked…I had to leave work at 7 months pregnant with my first because I couldn’t get my shoes on…Im a Barber and it’s a safety issue. My second I left at 5 months as it was a Major health concern. I Never went back to work.

I say relax and go with the flow.

I stopped working a week before my due date. I cleaned relaxed and just enjoyed my last week being pregnant

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Take a week off before the baby is due. You need time to unwind from work and finalise everything at home and rest. Just remember that this will be the only pregnancy that you will ever be able to rest for. Any others after this, you will have toddlers or older children to look after. Enjoy this time. It is special. And Congratulations Mum. I hope everything goes beautifully.

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Completely up to you and how your feeling. My water broke on my due date on my lunch hour. I wanted all the time possible to spend with my new baby once she was here.

Work till the end. Maternity leave is too short!!!

I took a few days to myself before my c-section. I needed that time for me and to prepare for the changes coming.

Stop working! Put your feet up and enjoy some quiet before baby comes. You will not regret it!

I worked until I gave birth and saved all of my time for when I had the baby

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I worked until 33 weeks, I went into pre term labour at work but they managed to keep her in. I was advised to stop working.

I worked up until my due date with all 3 kids. But you do what makes you comfortable

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If you feel like you can do it, then keep working :woman_shrugging:t2: I worked until 2 weeks before I had my 2nd, would have worked until the day except for I was already having extremely bad Braxton Hicks

Check state disability law. CA is 4 weeks before, 6 weeks after, 8 with C section not a total.

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Find a friend or family member to help deep clean your home 2 days before then rest day before. All day. Watch a movie and hydrate.

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I would work as long as you can so that you can spend as much time as possible with your child

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My last day was the day before my due date which was a Thursday and then I was induced the following Tuesday. It was nice having a couple days to myself. My HR rep tho had the audacity to ask why I was starting leave before I delivered.

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Wait and work as long as you can comfortably. That way you use your leave for healing and bonding with your newborn.
I worked till my doctor advised me not too with my first 2. I was a stay at home mom with my 3rd.

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I worked up until 6 days before my first was born. It’s really up to you and how you feel about it. Whatever you choose wish you and baby good health and happiness. Enjoy every moment you can bc they grow so fast.

Enjoy ur last days as a single

I went into labor on my lunch break.

I worked until 12 the day I went in to be induced. I knew I had to be there at 730pm, so I got off a little early that day to pack my stuff and get ready :slight_smile:

I took the day I was due as my first day, but he didn’t end up being born until a week later. I’d say take a couple days to yourself before induction.

I did, I worked until Wednesday and I had him Friday. Wednesday I left work early for an apt, Thursday they had me go in for a stress test but I planned to go back to work later that day but was admitted and had baby the next day. I wanted as much time with him, so I worked till I physically couldn’t any more

I went to work in labor! Until contractions got worse! Good luck!

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If you can then take the 12wks for after you deliver


I couldn’t second pregnancy I straight couldn’t went to labor 36 weeks sent home every day miserable until exactly 37 weeks

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I worked Monday-Friday doing manual labor, I’m talking bending constantly and lifting 50+ pounds all day. Worked on a Friday was due for maternity leave two weeks from that day but she decided to start coming that Saturday. Glad I worked clear up until then and was able to have all the extra time afterwards.

Only 12 weeks. Here in Canada new moms get 12 months off. And the option of the dad taking some of it. With 50% of your wage


I worked until I was induced. Mine wasn’t planned lol.

I worked up until the day . I would recommend that so that you can have as much time with your baby as possible. It’s so hard going back to work after having your baby


I worked up until labor my last 2 babies and labor was so easy

Everyone is different. I didn’t want to miss a single second with my daughter so I went into labor at work. :joy:

I worked all the way up until the day I delivered. I had a 100% healthy pregnancy. I got to save all the maternity leave for after I had her which I definitely recommend. It all depends on how you’re feeling Momma! Good luck!

You’re not going to be able to work the day they induce you lol because they more than likely will want you there bright and early for the induction.

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12 weeks that’s crazy I got 15 months 3 month sick leave and 12.months maternity leave after that

I would give my self 1-2 days off before baby just to sleep and zen before baby. I just delivered Monday and have slept 7.5 hours since then… :sleeping::partying_face::woozy_face:

With my first i worked up till they induced me. It didn’t work and I had to wait another week but I had already started my leave

I worked up until my due date. Didn’t end up having him til 5 days past his due date lol. I would say work as long as you think you can

Just work as long as you can

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I worked up until exactly 1 week before I was getting induced.

I worked until a few days before my son was born. Next baby I will be going on maternity leave sooner. I think it depends on what type of job you have. I worked at a hospital. 12 hour shifts, and I cried every day I went to work after 38 weeks. It was so rough.

I went on maternity leave 4 days before being induced (2 days being the weekend which were my days off anyway) just so I could relax, finish some last minute house cleaning, and mentality prepare myself for the long process of induction. (My first was 26 hours then luckily my second was only 15 hours)

I worked all the way. I actually went into labor the weekend before I was to be induced so BE PREPARED

I worked until my employer wasn’t listening to my requested days off for appointments. My first was high risk so I was in the office three times a week and they wouldn’t schedule me off. With my second one, I worked until 35 weeks. My first came early so they wanted me to rest and take it easy towards the end

Ive done it both ways. Ive worked up to the day before one child was born and Ive taken the week before their birth off. If everything is ready for the baby I personally would keep working and save the time for when the baby arrives, as long as you are feeling up to it.

I worked right up until my due date, in a disability service
Listen to your body

I worked until the night before .

I worked up to due date and i left work 2 days before i got induced

With my second pregnancy I stopped working right away because I wanted to spend as much time with my 1st as possible. With my 3rd I worked up till I hit 36 weeks and finally with my last i worked till the day before my csection

With my second I worked until my doctor told me I couldn’t anymore. I have hip dysplasia and was really struggling with it during my second pregnancy . I worked grave shift at walmart during that pregnancy they let me sit and fold clothes at the fitting room counter for bulk of my shifts so I worked until 37 weeks. My 3rd I worked my 9 hour shift the day he was born from 745am- 445pm was in early labor the whole time. He was born at home at 4am. I think it really depends on what you want to do or are able to do, and how you feel. But If it were me id maybe go on leave a day or two ahead of time just to give yourself the chance to rest up before the birth and new baby.

If you are being induced 10-01 thats a thursday id take the few days off before so that i can relax and rest and have a little time to myself.

If you feel good then work and save the time to spend with your baby

Went on leave 6 days before I had the baby and only that because I had to get tested for coronavirus which meant I couldn’t return after testing

Work as long as you can that way you have more time with baby. Ive had to do both before and i really liked working as far up to birth as I could. Ive had 7 babies.

My last day of work was the day before I was induced, I wanted that time off with baby! Also if you have everything done I’d say to wait, if you didn’t I would say maybe a day or two early; but it goes by so fast that you’ll want to spend it with baby!

I worked until the day before my due date

I went to work the day my youngest was born I had him about 3 hours after I was off. I thought he was teasing me because I was in labor for over 2 weeks & even went in once to get sent home lol

Start leave a few days before. Give yourself some time to rest and get everything in order.

I worked until the day before, that way I could have my full 12 weeks with the baby.

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