Should kids birthdays be celebrated together?

Question if you have two kids with bdays 1 wk apart, would you celebrate them together? Or separate? Or together when they’re little and then when they’re older let them choose? My youngest (my 6th)was due about almost a month after her littlest big sister(my 5th) but came at exactly 1 wk after my 5th turned three. All my other kids are not that close, so I’ve never had to make decisions like this. I still have 10.5 months to decide but would like input


I would do them separate. I feel it makes them feel like its their special day.

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No. My first and last are 11 years and 2 days apart. When they are older, like the youngest in her 20s, maybe.

Id celebrate them separately. Your birthday is your special day. Everyone should get their own special day :blush:


My sister and I always celebrated ours together. She was born the day before my birthday. My grandkids who are twins have no choice. It’s not going to harm them.

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But my youngest is a rainbow, so we celebrate each alone. It’s expensive…but for now, separate celebrations.

Have them together but get 2 cakes I think that’s what I would do

My kids are 5 years apart. One bday is June and 1 is July. I do a combo because it works for us and it’s one big party. Our family lives all over so it’s easier to do one big one

Definitely separate! My kids are 5 years and one day apart and they’ve never celebrated together.

Personally I’d celebrate them separate.

We all only get ONE day…in my opinion we shouldn’t have to share it

No… They should have their own celebration.

When they’re little it’s just family. Once they’re in school and have friends coming, see what they want to do.


I would do party together each there own separate cake and maybe sing to one then the other then on there birthdays do something one on one special maybe let them choose dinner etc

Definitely together, 2 different tables for presents & cake. My younger sisters birthday is 6 days after my son’s & when she was younger my mom and I would do their party’s together on the same day to make everything easier for friends & family & ourselves.

My boys bdays are 1 week apart. I’ve always had their party together.

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I have 2 that were born 5 days less than 3 years apart.
We did joint birthday parties when they were younger but now that they are older( 12 and 9), they asked for separate parties, so that’s what we do.

I have 3 birthdays in Oct this year my youngest will be 1 n his sister 8 ( on same day ) n then there brother will be 15 , 5 days later so we’ll will do something together

No they should have there own day!


Being so close in the same month yes.

It was easier for family to come to 1 party. I did a different table for each kid with their decorations and cake. Now that they are older we let them pick an activity to do on their day and do 2 smaller parties so they each have their own.

My brother was born a week and a day after my birthday. I was born ON my dad’s birthday! It was cool ish when we were super young because we could both rock a dinosaur theme or something but after that, no way. It definitely takes something away.

My 9yr soon to be 10 her b/day is 27th December , we always celebrate her birthday separately from Christmas :christmas_tree:

If they are really little. But after a certain age . No bc is not cool😂

Definitely separate… it’s their day!! They shouldn’t have to share it!

First birthdays are special and should be celebrated alone and I feel like until they are older like getting to teenagers it’s totally fine to celebrate parties together especially if you don’t have that kind of budget for 2 parties which is understandable. But if a kid acknowledges joint parties then you should stop celebrating them together

My girls are 2 years and 1 day apart. I do separate friend birthday outings for each of them and 1 joint party at home for the family to come, with separate cakes

I’m pregnant with a second who is due days after my firsts birthday. We’re gonna do their birthdays on different weekends to make them special!

Something for them individually on their actual birthdays and a party together with their own stuff (decorations, cake, presents, friends etc). We do whatever they want for dinner with one gift on their birthdays and a party between them. My kids have never had an issue or felt they didn’t have something special.

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It depends on your budget if you can afford to have two parties then do it if not they’ll understand have one

No … they shd all be given their own special Day and cake …

Separate Im a twin and even my mom would buy separate cakes and everything for me and my sister.

My son and my sisters son are 2 years apart in age but born 1 week apart. We celebrated them together until my son was 14. As little kids we just planned it together. Made it so much easier for friends and family. As they got older we would ask them what they wanted. They were fine with a shared party until the teenage years.

No. My friends mother did that growing up and she hated it! They both should have their own birthday

We have 2 with birthdays 2 weeks apart and 2 with birthdays one day apart.we do joint parties for them. Cheaper and easier

So family party together
Kids have different friends so different parties for school friends

I had my youngest 2 on the same day 3 years apart. Girl & a boy not by choice he just came 2 weeks early & on her birthday. They have shared a birthday for the past 3 years and will this coming year. After that the older one has requested separate parties so that’s what we will do.

They always get thier own cake even if we share a party.

Sometimes I’d let them decide my sisters birthday is dec 18th mines the 22nd she’s 13 now and I’m 26 some bdays we wanted to share but mostly we had separate parties… my son (4) bday is Jan 7th and I’m due the 14th with a baby girl if my son wants to share cool but if not we will have separate but I mostly think I’ll do separate my boyfriend has 2 boys (3,5) he had them share a party this year but I told him that next year they each get to have there own party if they want because they should have there own special day if that’s what they choose

I have kiddos 11 months apart. We did joint birthdays with the plan on always separating them as they get older. Well they are 6 and 7 still prefer a party together! I’m open and ask them and when/if they choose that’s when we will separate them.

If they want to I would say go for it but they shouldn’t have to share if they don’t want to. I know I would resent my sibling like hell if I HAD to share every birthday party with them because of the day I was involuntary born was a week before or after theirs :joy::joy:

I’m a twin. And it stinks to share a birthday until you are much older (then it’s kinda cool). I’ve got a 4 year old born 5/12 and my 6 year old born 5/1 and it is always separate. My Dads birthday is 5/4. Keep it separate! Go with the weekend if you have to so they are spaced out a bit.

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My two youngest birthdays are about a month apart. They are 9 and 14 now and have never had a joint birthday…bc they didn’t want it and I understand BC of the age gap.

My step sons birthdays are 9 days apart. We do 2 separate celebrations because they very much want the day to be about them as its there day & dont want it to be shared so I respect that. I just want kids to have fun & enjoy there time :slight_smile:

Let them choose if they want together or apart.

My husband and my daughter are exactly a week apart. My other daughter and son are also a week apart. All get separate birthdays. Obviously depending on age is how far I go all out for the party. Older ones get a bigger more involved bday then my youngest. All get the same amount as far as presents.

I would offer them a joint birthday party a big one with friends but have a small celebration with the best gift on their birthday for family. Letting them pick the menu and desert for their actual birthday.

Yes I do we do one big party with two cakes so Noone feels left put one child is the 12th the other is the 14th

For the ones who celebrate separate so you do one birthday one week and the other the next week or ? Genuine question bc my kids birthdays are 3 days apart and I don’t want to always do their party together. I did the first two after my son was born together. The first birthday focused more on him though bc it was his first and then last year I focused more on here but I don’t think it’s fair. Just can’t figure out the best way to do it

My youngest was born the day of my oldest’s birthday party :sweat_smile: Everybody left and bam, labor hit. They’re 4 days apart. I did my baby’s 1st birthday separate but we have done together since then. Usually a big party with family and then have a fun weekend away. My oldest wants his own party this year because he has friends in school now so we’ll party 2 weekends in a row.

My son and stepson (12 & 11) are only 1 day apart… we’ve done a shared party but with 2 cakes. They had a blast


celebrate together my sister and I are 11 months apart her bday is the 16th mines the 24th and I’m older. with the exception of 16,18,and 21 we celebrated together

My brother and sister are almost a decade apart as a family we celebrate together my sister would have her own party with her friends when she was younger.

I do my 3 oldest kids together. They’re all in December and it’s so busy for everyone!! I make sure they’re able to invite their friends and take all their input for the party. They all have their own cakes and we have one big party!!

My son and daughter are a year and 13 days apart. My sons bday is October 3rd and my daughters is the 16th. We do something small for each of them on their actual birthdays but their party is always the same day. We just let each one pick their own cake for the party. They will be 3 and 4 this year and shortly after my daughter’s bday (anytime between then and mid November they will have another sister)they always have a great time at their parties.

My brother’s birthday is the day after mine, he’s 2 years older. We always celebrated birthdays together. When we were younger, it was pretty much family only anyway, so no big deal. As we got older we each invited a few of our friends. We always had our own cakes though. Parties are expensive, and everyone has so much going on in their lives. It’s probably easier for everyone, including the kids. Let them help plan the party.

On my husband’s side of the family there’s 6kids with birthdays in September… 3 out of those 6 are mine… we do a big family birthday party… and celebrate day of with cake with grandparents and immediate aunt &uncles that live close by.

My son and husbands bdays are two weeks apart so we have a big party the weekend between them but do a special dinner, gifts and small cake on their actual day.

Do both one year together one year separate and see what they like better

My daughters birthday is 11/11. My sons birthday is 11/13. We are doing joint birthday parties until they decide they want separate. They will only be 2 and 1 this year so i think joint will last a while

After a certain age why not? Save money on venues

I have grandsons a year apart on the same date but they have their own friends their own cake their own presents just one big party together it works really great don’t know they get older though

My kids birthdays are 5 days apart (3 years and 5 days) but they’re most of the time in the same week. So, we usually throw them something together unless it’s a milestone. Son just turned 18 on the 30th so he got his by himself. We will do hers on her birthday. The same as when he turns 21, she will be 18. They will get their own. We normally do theirs on the weekends also so everyone can relax and cookout. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on their birthday to celebrate.

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My sister and i are 5 days apart and we always had a joint party. We also didnt have much money growing up so. But it didnt bother me much

I would do a joint party, but special dinner or whatever the day of as well.

My daughters Literally share a birth date 4 yrs apart and we do joint birthdays

If they are years apart and If it’s ok with the kid., give the child the option.:two_hearts:
If they are twins of course.

I have 2 kiddos and their bdays are the 1st and the 2nd. I ask what do they want to do. Last year they were separate and this year together!

I have 5 sins and 2 of them have bdays 2 days apart (19 yrs between) and I’ve never combined their bdays.

I celebrate each child individually :heart:

Oct 23rd, Nov 1st and Nov 25th …my 3 kids are all a year apart :unamused: and there birthdays are so close together. I personally do seperate because Im extra​:joy: and I try to give them there own day to feel special- not to say having a combined one is bad. I just personally do it separate.

My two sons are 3 days apart, so we do a party for my son one weekend and my other son the next weekend. With the pandemic lock down they missed so much. We try to give them their own special day. Maybe cuz I was born on Christmas eve and I feel I never get a birthday that I try to let my kids have their own day. But to each their own.

Joint party especially if inviting family

I have 3 kids…June, August and October. We started joining all 3 parties together. Made it easier since a lot of our family has to travel. This year was different because my oldest had 5th grade graduation so we combined a graduation party with my June babies birthday. And then we will join the August and October birthday party. We make sure each kid has a individual celebration on the day of their birthday though. They get to choose special meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we do a homemade cake for them :slight_smile:

My two daughters were born on the same day, but three years apart. Since they were born on the same day and not twins, we celebrated their birthday on their birthday.

My oldest son’s birthday is 3 days before my youngest son’s birthday & I split them up. Each deserves their own day.

One of my boys is Dec. 4th and one is Dec. 14th so 7 days apart and we celebrate them individually…

My daughter turns 6 then 7days later my son turns 8 I’m doing them a joint prince’s and super hero party :relaxed:

My girls are 11 months apart. We have done one birthday party for both every year so far. Just this year and last year started doing something on each birthday to make it a little more special for them. (They are 9 and 10) so far we have had no issues and it works well because we have family that has to travel and they can plan for one visit instead of 2 visits within a month.

Separately. Its THEIR day.
Only twins share a day.

My step sons birthday is May 28th and my sons birthday is June 7th, they are only a year apart. We celebrate their birthdays together for now (they are 3 and 2). We will most likely continue to do this until they are older. Well have their parties together I should say. We try to do something with each of them on their actual birthday.

My brother is a year and six days older than me. Growing up we had our birthdays together which was fine until like 12/13 we wanted our own parties. Having our birthdays be in the summer it was easier to have our own. We separated them for a few years and then by like 17/18 we were doing them together again. Kind of depends on the age I think.

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My oldest was a week apart and there dads family always said if I did separate they would only go to one so that made me have them together I feel like it’s your birthday so you should get to be celebrated by yourself unless you where a twin!! I’ll never forgive myself for allowing family that could care less about my kids chose how I done things!! Now they are older and don’t even want a party :pleading_face:

My older 2 boys birthdays are 11 days apart and my younger 3 boys are 11 days apart as well. We do shared big family/ friends birthdays and their own special meal/ cake on their actual birthday. When they’re a bit older l will likely let them have fully separate friend parties.


Together when little then when old enough 8-9 separate. They need to know they are special & it’s Their day!

My middle girls are exactly a year apart, then my other middle is exactly 10 days before their birthday. We do one big birthday bash :woman_shrugging:t3:
*My middle girls are 3,2,&1 though. When they get older we’ll probably do something every weekend to make it special for each of them.

I have 2 that are 10 days apart they absolutely hated sharing a birthday party. I always had one for family together then let them do something special with their friends seperately. And explained that it was easier for family to have only one party to travel for

I have 3 daughters all born in the month of april. They are 5, 3, and 2. We are currently doing one big party for all 3 and on their individual birthdays we take that child out for the day.

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My two youngest are 11 months apart from each other and literally born a day apart! My daughter on the 24th and my son on the 26th so we decided to have their birthday on the 25th until they get older and want their own parties.

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Let them have separate days. My husband and I have birthdays exactly one week apart and everyone is always like celebrate together. I love him, but I want my day back lol


So my sister and I had birthdays fifteen days apart. We did one family party but individual kids parties! A birthday is a special day that should be about the person. Not shared in my opinion!


When they’re little not a huge deal but as they get older I’d separate and make sure there are touches that make both feel special

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My kids are 2 weeks apart (11.5 months apart in age) and we do a combined birthday party so family and friends can make it, and then something small and special on their actual birthday.

When I was a kid (a long time ago) it was just family for birthdays. My sister and I are not quite a year apart, so we always had a party together. Never gave it a thought. We still celebrate our birthdays together.

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My kids are 3 years and one day apart. We have had a few joint parties when they were littler - like when we had the party out at a kid friendly establishment. For the past several years we’ve chose to take them on a trip the weekend around their birthdays (Great Wolf Lodge in January), but we definitely celebrate with their own cake on each of their birthdays. We also celebrate their half birthdays with a half cake on each of their half-birthdays. :birthday::tada:

We have 3 kids with birthdays within 11 days of each other and we do separate

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Mine are 5 years and 5 days apart. I did their birthdays together because it was easier. Once they got older we went from birthday parties to birthday dinners where they were able to choose where we ate for their individual birthdays.

My little brother and I always celebrated he was the 6th of Sept, I’m the 21st of sept

My kids birthdays are 1 day apart. They are 2 and 4, so we do a joint party. They each have their own cake and theme. On their actual birthday each child gets to celebrate their day. This will probably change when they are older and it isn’t only family attending.

It should be completely separate, regardless of how close in dates they are. Even if it were the day after they should still get their own special day. It’s not their fault they were born near their siblings birthdays, and they shouldn’t be punished for it.

Well my dad’s is may 9th
Mines on the 13th and
My sister is may 18th
When we were younger we celebrate all 3 bdays at once
Me and my sister is 8 yrs and 5 days apart
We celebrate separately as Adults