Should my husband check his own pockets when I do laundry?

Am I crazy for thinking my husband needs to check his pockets for earbuds or other things not to be washed before he puts his clothes in the dirty laundry for me to wash? If I had to check every single pocket he has on top of the 3-4 loads of laundry every day and everything another chore along with a 6&7 yo and their distance learning, a 4month old going thru a sleep regression and teething, two old dogs that pee in the house because they either can’t make it outside in time or the need help to get up to go out and sometimes I’m stuck nursing, I think I might explode.


Maybe you could sit him down and explain you’re feeling just a little overwhelmed with it all.


Not only do I think he should check his own pockets. I think he should help with the laundry.


Is this issue starting fights?

When I do laundry what I find is mine


Yes!!! Me and my husband kept having this problem it is insane. Just empty your dang pockets it is not that hard


Oh yeah that boy needs to check his pockets.


Even my kids checked their pockets. (10yrs old and up)If not it got washed and dried :woman_shrugging:


I’ve asked my boyfriend many…many…MANY times…to empty his pockets, to pick up his dirty xlothes, dont leave your dirty socks laying around, put the tras hash in the garbage (hence why there’s now 3 garbage cans in our room), and many other things…hes gotten maybe…1 thing of the long, long list of tasks I’ve asked him to help out with…

I’m starting to think it’s a man thing in most cases.

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Okies my thoughts is … pick your battles , ask him to empty his pockets, if he doesn’t meh , wash as usual , any money you find is yours


My partner knows I don’t check pockets, I know he doesn’t check pockets. At the end of the day we’re both responsible for our own stuff


My husband has his own laundry basket for his clothes and is in charge of washing and putting them away. I don’t do his laundry for him.


Had this argument as well :woman_shrugging:t2: maybe it’s a guy thing

I do my washing every second or third day, family of 6 and I’m
never behind on it thankfully I wash dry and pack away, I check my partners pockets.

I just check everything out of habit .

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I dont even check his pockets i just throw them in the washer😂


I check his pockets cause he knows whatever I find is now mine…my ex left 200$ in his pocket, i got breakfast for me and my daughter and we got our nails done


mines clothes get washed separate and ooo well not my problem i hope you can pay to replace whatever you ruined by your carelessness and my favorite whatever money comes up is mine!!!


Its a man thing mine never checks his but I do and I keep what I find my spouse leaves ink pens in his pants so I check them

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I don’t know…but whether I want him to check his pockets or not…it’s instinct for me to check pockets before tossing them in :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I know it sounds crazy, but just check his pockets. You’re gonna miss it when you no longer have too. My husband is deployed and as crazy as it made me, I miss checking his pockets.


and why are u doing his laundry he should be doing yours as well

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When I have to check pockets I keep all the money and whatever else I find that I like.

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He can do his own laundry since he’s a grown-ass man. Problem solved.

I check pockets because it doesn’t take but an extra 10 seconds to check. Plus i don’t want my new washer or dryer ruined because i didn’t check pockets :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Haha this was always argument in my house :woman_facepalming: men

I think he should do his own laundry until life is a little easier for you. Better yet, he should do his own laundry forever!

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My rule: Washing comes out the same way it came in, except clean.
If you don’t empty pockets, that how its washed.
If its inside out, it will be folded inside out


I don’t check pockets

I don’t check pockets unless I hear something in them but it’s usually just his pocket knife which 9 out of 10 times needs washed anyways lol

I mean, it doesn’t really take that much time to just do it. If you’re the one doing laundry, just check.

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Yes, yes he should. It’s unfair and almost impossible to keep up with everything you have on your plate. It wouldn’t kill him to have a little responsibility for himself and whatever’s in his pockets. Not to mention having some respect for you and everything else you do for him.

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My husband washes and dries the laundry I put it away. The kitchen is also his, dishes and cleaning.
He works full time I’m a SAHM. Just because my job is at home doesn’t mean I should work 24/7.

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My hubs empties his pockets every night, not because I don’t check pockets (to be real, I dont do the laundry at all) but he does it because he’s just set in his ways and he empties his pockets

Why focus on the smallest issue when you should be focusing on the main problem: you need help! He needs to step up and help with laundry in general or with something else to lessen your plate.


Yeah it gets annoying when you’re taking care of two “kids” Pretty sure men don’t have the mental capacity for this stuff.

If it’s in the basket, it’s getting washed…
If they don’t mind that, By all means then :thinking::joy:
Otherwise, they don’t put it in the washing basket with the clothes to be washed! :sweat_smile::sob:
But if it’s something that messes up my washing waaatch out!

Should he? Yes. Will he? Never :rofl:

Maybe give him a dish and remind him everyday to empty his pockets.
Eventually it might stick.
My hubby comes in and empties his pockets contents into his hat that he wears to work. That way everything is in one place for the next morning.
Also, you can start having your kids help with their laundry.

Nope not crazy at all my husband tells me all the time to check his pockets I tell him why should if if your the one who wears it and put said stuff in it maybe you should check them I’m not ur maid or ur momma I do the landry I’m not about to go threw an hr or so I worth of landury just because your too lazy to check your pickets before they are placed in the hamper if I can remember so can you

My long time bfs a roofer, I ain’t sticking my hand in his dirty ass pockets!! He does his own laundry! He doesn’t have clean clothes, HIS responsibility amine!! Hes a grown ass adult!! I do my laundry & 3 yr olds. All 4 boys, 11, 12, 17 & 19 all do their own laundry. Your baskets full, walk your lazy butt down. To the laundry roo. & do it! U don’t, dont cry to me about it!! They all know that! Teaches them I dependence, will be able to do their own when they move out lol, & I work 2 jobs, sometimes 3 when covid isint here grrrr & have a 3 yr old again lol so ya, my house is busy. If u leave it in the dryer, washer or it falls on the floor, it’s moms!!

My husband always checks his pockets plus he does his laundry, mine and our daughters I don’t have too. :heart:

Jesus people :joy: checking pockets literally takes an extra 20 seconds to do. If that’s draining…you my friend…have bigger issues to deal with. Either do it or have the man do his own laundry.

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Haha. If hubby doesn’t check then good luck! Im not his mum


I’ve always checked everyone’s pockets. Even with five kids and a husband it doesn’t take long at all. I check just in case.


Wow, your a busy Momma! I wore a uniform for 36years.When i came home from work, i take stuff out of my pocket, then take off uniform and throw it in hamper. Not hard, certainly he can it. Or do his own laundry.


It drives me nuts…I then have to pick out the screws and coins and omg any paper or receipts that mess up the wash, I always make a comment but… Honestly I do it anyways and I don’t make l him suffer for it. I just want him to know it’s a sacrifice for me to do and I do so because I love him. I know he works so hard and at least he puts all his dirty clothes in the hamper every single time. When I can’t do it because I’m too exhausted he helps wash or we do it together, I’ll wash he folds and hangs. He puts up with so much of my OCD ways and so I chose to make myself happy and not let it come between us. He’s the same way it’s like we both know what bothers the other and we know that it’s a choice to except certain things and move on and not let it come between us.

Plus any money I find is mine lol and I’ve got to say $20-$80 bucks each wash is a highlight… Sometimes I wonder if he leaves the money on purpose :thinking: but I’m not going to complain lol

Lol my husband leaves money in his pockets. I dont mind checking at all. :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Fuck his laundry don’t do it anymore you have enough to do.

Ugh. This drives me insane, but after 8 years, I’m still checking his pockets. He leaves EVERYTHING in there. Grrrr.

God, why are almost all men stupid about this kind of stuff?! All the dumb little things that they do add up and I swear to god it drives me freaking INSANE! They wonder why we “nag” but they can’t do simple shit, LIKE EMPTY THEIR OWN POCKETS!

I have a basket for my husband he comes in and empties pockets into it for the next day. I dont check pockets anything I find in washer either goes into trash if no longer good.goes into a bowl on top of dryer to be claimed or if money it goes into jar labled household and when it gets full I go buy something we need or for the house. I have a 19 year old son here with me and my husband.

Sounds like you are rightfully overwhelmed. I’d just tell him he has to do the laundry from now on. If things aren’t clean, folded, put away on time you are free to spend his money on new clothes as needed. Sounds like he needs to pick up a few other chores as well. Tell him to take a week off & you go visit a far away friend & block his calls & let him shoulder the load for at least 5 days. Should change his tune.

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He should check his own pockets! I have washed my mans wallet a bunch of times because he doesn’t empty out his pockets… :woman_facepalming:t3:

Girlllllll… u are 100% right… my hubby realized when his favorite shorts got ink on em. Oh well. Run ya pockets before it hits the basket

I check them for him. My hubs is so tired from working it’s not that big of a deal. Now removing my kids underwear from every single pair of pants is a struggle. But it’s not just the pockets. It’s everything else. You’re stressed and should focus on the real reason

I don’t mind checking pockets , I’d rather not have a mess in my washer! But I also got lucky and normally my man does the families laundry and I fold it all

I dont really care anymore, i keep the money i found in his pockets 🤷. I call it “laundry tip” :dollar:.


That’s how I get my spending money😂

Just get a bowl, put it in the laundry room for pocket things and keep any money you find.

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I check pockets. It takes just a min longer to make sure nothing gets ruined
Should they do it themselves, yes… will they, no…


Yes he should check his own pockets. What is he, 5 years old!?
He’s a grown man. Start washing whatever’s in his pockets and I bet he’ll be more mindful.


Just throw the damn things in the washer. He’ll learn eventually

That’s how I make my tips every once in a while I’ll find a random 5, 10, $20. Rules are finders keepers

They’re his pockets, how hard can it be for him to stick his hands in them to make sure they’re empty. You’re not his mother or maid.

If he remembers to take his wallet out of his pocket, how difficult is it to check other pockets?

Tell him you’re not gonna check pockets anymore so if he doesn’t want things to get ruined he better take stuff out or do his own laundry. You have alot you’re doing. He can empty his damn pockets

Get your husband to do his own laundry. Problem solved

This is one of the reasons I won’t do my husband’s laundry anymore. I have a 4 yr old, 2 yr old and a 10 week old. I don’t have time to check his pockets (and put his clothes in the drawers) after I collect all the dirty clothes, tote down to the washer. Sort, treat stains, wash, dry/hang, fold tote back upstairs and sort into everyone’s separate rooms the least he can do is clean out the pockets and put his clothes away.
He’s a grown man. If he doesn’t want his things ruined he can take responsibility for them.

I’m sorry what’s wrong with a grown adult being able to take everything out of his pockets? I do not check anything and anything that gets ruined is whomever fault that left it in the pocket. I’m not your mama or you maid, take care of your own basic property and personal items.
If you want me to do nice things like your laundry, cook , be a teammate I expect the same respect in return.


Umm if you tell him he needs too than yes! No question. Or don’t do his laundry .

It’ll never happen. I just do it before, or wash weird shit lol legos every damn load

My husband leaves 100 dollar bills :dollar: n he says you can keep it wen you find it I say no it’s your money not mine I ask first before I take

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Maybe he should do his own laundry. Then he would learn

I do mines but never check the pockets hell I don’t even check mine lol I make him put his clothes away unless I’m bored

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My husband does his own laundry. Has since we have been married (a little over 2 years). He doesn’t do mine either unless it’s starting the dryer or moving my clothes out of the dryer ( I do the same.) we only really do this if one of us has started to do a load of laundry and we ran out of time before going to work so the other one will switch the load over for the other when it is done.

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Umm he is grown and should know to check his own pockets. And if there is money left behind it becomes mine.


A. Yes he should. B. He won’t.


My husband knows to clean his pockets out or I will wash anything left behind. And I put it on the dryer when it comes out of the washer so he knows he forgot it. :joy::joy:

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So glad my man does 90% of the laundry. Lol. He washed his own ear buds and has only himself to blame. :joy::joy:

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Maybe he should do his own laundry. He got two hands and he’s a big boy, he can do it himself. You got a lot on your plate.

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I dont check pockets. If they leave something in the pockets thats on them…they need to check pockets or do their own damn laundry.

My guy has left pens or what not! Money stays mine. I’ve made him scrub the dryer from a pen exploding in there. He still hasn’t learned! :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: a check that was written for $$ hundreds went thru the washer and dryer. Surprisingly the bank still accepted it.

I don’t make my fella and kids check their pockets. But i get to keep what I find lol

No reason your husband can’t check his own pockets. Tell him check your own pockets or do your own laundry


Yes he should, and if you end up washing any valuables because he didn’t check then that’s his own fault :woman_shrugging:t4:

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No husband here and that’s 1 of many reasons why

I guess, I have the unpopular answer, but it doesn’t bother me to check his pockets. My husband works out of town and is rarely home though, so when he’s home or if I go to visit him, I enjoy taking care of him. We have 6 kids (all teens also) and I love being the caretaker. I have a friend who lost her husband suddenly and the day after he passed, she sent me a random text that said “just do the laundry.” I never asked her exactly what she meant, but I’ll always “just do the laundry.” My husband also uses heavy equipment on a barge, and it’s dangerous. So, I “spoil” him when he’s home. Everyone is different though. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. :heart:

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I don’t check pockets, he empties them as soon as he gets home. My son on the other hand has had his headphones washed more than once :joy: Now he does his own laundry, he’s 15 though.

Amen charolette women washing should

He should definitely check his own pockets when he takes them off! Like any other grown person who has valuables in their pockets. I check my boyfriends pants most of the time just because I know he probably didn’t. But if he left something in them and I accidentally washed it then it wouldn’t be my fault. He is just as capable as I am and if it was important than he would have removed it. It’s not your “job” but sometimes it’s nice to just check it quickly before throwing it in the washer. If he doesn’t like you doing his laundry he can do it himself.

Its kinda just common sense to check pockets before u put it in. But.i mean I have a almost 8 year old boy who puts everything in his pockets

Yes husbands should, but I’ll bet majority of out husbands don’t. My husband always tells me I should be the one to check em. I’m like these aren’t my jeans though. So I don’t check em. Every time his clothes are washed and dried you’re guaranteed to find a combination of coins, pens, tissues, a pocket knife, and a couple weeks ago a USB cord (he was so pissed at that one too, but he knew he could only blame himself!) Lesson learned for him, but he still never checks his pockets. :roll_eyes:
Also I can be a little petty and won’t even unfold his socks before putting them in the laundry. Any other moms in here tired of being mom #2 for their husbands?


Mine doesn’t check his pockets but he hauls cars for a living. Our 6 year old girls help me with the laundry so what they find, they keep. Sometimes it’s car pieces and sometimes it’s money but they’re happy either way :joy:

Say less girl you are already doing him a huge favor by doing all of the laundry and so at the very least he can check his pockets or risk losing whatever is inside them to the washer machine

I am a stay at home mom/wife, with that being said I fell that as a stay at home home keeper it is my duties to do his laundry (even going through pockets) he works long hours and when he gets home he just wants to spend time with his family. I don’t feel that he should have to worry about not having clean clothes, or hot food at the table, I even start him a hot bath when I know he needs one. I take care of my husband just like he takes care of our kids and myself. I may be 24 years old but I was raised by my grandma so I guess I got some old fashioned traits of hers.

Tissues are bad enough in the wash, imagine if he left a bullet in there. Came up once when sorting clothes at vinnies as a volunteer… got in trouble for missing it ourselves

Nah it’s getting washed if it’s left in a pocket lol I’m usually the one leaving stuff in my pockets though. He’s left his pocket knife a few times but you know it’s in there when it starts banging :joy:

Tell him you are not responsible if his things get ruined in the washer

He’s a grown ass adult he can either check his own pockets or he can start doing the laundry…i don’t check any pockets…his or the kids…if the kids can learn that pockets need to be emptied before clothes go in dirty wash basket…he can learn too

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I check pockets before washing. I have 5 kids, 3 are remote learning. I do laundry daily as well. I have washed crayons, cigarettes, lighters, you name it. You can ask him to check his pockets, but if you’re already doing the laundry, checking just makes it easier on everyone.