Should You Charge a 16-Year-Old Rent?

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"Opinion is on charging your 16 year old day rent? My 16 year old daughter has a job. me and her father work full time we have 3 younger children. Now she comes and goes as she pleases sometimes she’s goes for 4 days maybe a week she comes home eats showers doesn’t help around the house at all. sits in her roomHas access to laptop internet We cook for her pick her up take her places her attitude is absolutely disrespectful towards me as her mother looking for advise please? I feel she needs some responsibility"

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"That’s ridiculous. She’s your responsibility at 16. 18 is another story."

"Charge her rent? No. But you can have her pay for her own things, like cell phone bill, her hygiene stuff, car (if she has one) clothing, etc."

"It’s not her fault you have other kids to care for."

"Give her chores to do but let her learn and live. She shouldn’t be chastised for starting to have some privileges in life. Just teach her how to be thankful for them. You’re acting spiteful and that’ll only cause her to resent you."

"no it is not her fault that you have 3 younger kids and work full time she is still a child."

"Is she still in school? 16 is young to pay rent. But other rules should be followed. How much does she make? Most teenagers do above stuff except for the staying away from home. Does she let you know when and where she is? Does she drive? The disrespect and staying away need to be addressed. Do it when you’re not angry and good luck."

"That’s your child though, as a mom its our job to take care of them - Regardless of how much of an attitude they have."

"No not until she’s 18 but I would tell her she needs to help pay a bill maybe the internet since she uses it and tell her that since she is working and not helping around house she needs to pay 1 bill."

"Rent for your 16 year old? If she works she should pay for her insurance and things she wants or needs… she not even an adult yet? Why would you charge your kid rent to live in her own house?"

"A teenager acting like a teenager? Who would of guessed. People who try to charge their own children rent as a form of punishment don’t sit right. They are your CHILDREN. You’re supposed to take care of them and provide for them. She’s home to shower, eat, hang out and sleep. And you have an issue with it? Children are a life time commitment no matter how old they get but she is literally still a child. She’s got parents who want to start charging her rent for doing what most 16 year olds do, my attitude would probably suck and I wouldn’t want to be home much either."

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She will probably quit her job if you charge rent. Legally you are responsible for her. If she’s running around staying gone for 4 days, with or without a job, start acting like parents.

My son had a job at 16. We did not charge him rent and he did not do anything or go anywhere without our permission. Even when cell phones first became inexpensive, (he had to pay for one) I was so used to calling his friends landline, if I needed him I would call the landline of where he said he was going and he would be there. We were able to trust him because we enforced the rules as his parents. He is 37 now and a terrific Man and responsible father.