Should you force a child to get braces?

Would you force your teenage son to get braces if he didn’t want them?


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I would definitely sit down and show them how braces can help and show them what can happen if they don’t correct the problem and how it will affect their self esteem later on…


Invisalign! More pricey but I’ll do it in a flat second for my child.


Have you considered Invisalign

Yes, because they are needed


If they are needed yes


It is up to you to decide what is best for him! Teenagers are notorious for making bad decisions.


No, not unless it was necessary. If it is just cosmetic then I would wait. They are painful and as they get older they may change their mind

Depends if it’s cosmetic or not - I needed braces at a very young age because if I didn’t get them then they would’ve had to break my jaw to fix it. In a case like that yes, otherwise no but we would def have some in-depth convos about it

My parents told us they would pay for them as kids but if we decided as older teens/ adults we were on our own. So that helped to get them on sooner. :rofl:


My bottom front teeth are not straight. But I have never had braces or any problems with them. Matter of fact they are the best teeth in my mouth.
As for forcing him to get braces. Tell him the pros & cons with them. Again I never had braces & they are the strongest and best teeth in my mouth

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I got braces, retainer, head gear thr whole lot when I was younger. I was never asked if I wanted them I just went for the appointment with my parents and took it from there but I’m so glad now as an adult my parents got thrm for me. They can be so uncomfortable and the head gear I had to wear to pull my jaw back was so uncomfortable that it affected my sleep but i learned to sleep with it. If the child needs the braces I would sit them down and show them pictures and explain but of its just cosmetic then I would wait. I have alot of adult friends who have clear braces now and I didn’t even know half of thrn had it


Only if it’s medically necessary.
I had one set of braces done solely for cosmetic reasons and in the end it was a waste of money (sorry mom and dad). Even with a permanent retainer my two front teeth really didn’t want to be side by side, they apparently need some space from each other.

Yes because their jaw health matters and my kid doesn’t get to determine serious long term health issues. Braces are not just about looking funny for a few years or not to have a pretty smile.


Definitely depends on how bad they are. If his teeth are overlapping or in positions that will cause cleaning issues and cavities then I would definitely have a dentist talk to him about that. But if his teeth aren’t that bad I wouldn’t force.
My oldest is 9 and we started the process of stretching his arch. After hearing what issues a narrow arch can cause - he would be in the position his dad is in 30 years.

If it was necessary, yes. If only for cosmetic reasons, no.

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No! If he says he doesn’t want them don’t force him. They are a lot of work and very painful every time they tighten them. They need extra care while cleaning and you HAVE TO brush after every meal/ snack. He may not be willing to step up to the Commitment they require and will leave cavities under most/all his teeth. I personally went threw it all and not sure i would if I was a teen again

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Ur mouth is the gateway to ur health :weary: there’s so many different alternatives for braces nobody’s going to know they won’t know :black_heart:

Only if it’s medically necessary. Any kind of cosmetic work should be their choice.

I would definitely talk to him and have the orthodontist talk to him as well. I needed them as a kid/teen and didn’t get them. I have just spent close to $20,000 with all the work I had to get get done. Better to get it done now than have to pay for it later

Yes, or I would think one day when they are more mature they would resent you for not doing what’s necessary for a healthy smile.

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Why is he against? Would he do something like Invisalign?

I would, yes. I know so many adults who now regret never getting braces as a teen because at the time they thought it was “embarrassing/ugly” etc.

Yes because they will thank you later…coming from someone that said no to my parents because I would be embarrassed and now I’m 42 and embarrassed of my smile


It depends on the issue I guess. I didn’t have a choice. I had to have all sorts of work on my teeth including braces because of abnormalities I was born with

Well from the perspective of someone who couldn’t afford braves but wouldn’t have wanted them if my parents could afford them… I am 34 and my teeth bring uneven and messed up have never hindered my life in any way :woman_shrugging: I was even the face of the pizza place I managed for more than a decade… If it doesn’t bother him unless there is absolute medical need for it he’ll be fine if he isn’t worried what other people think :woman_shrugging:

If dentist says it is needed then obviously like glasses it is necessary so ya kinda would need to force it since it is necessary

Would you want to be forced to do something to your body if you didn’t want it?

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No it should be his choice.n

I think it depends. For me, I needed braces or I would have had to have surgery on my jaw down the road, so that right there was my go for braces. Rather have done that than surgery on my jaw!

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I wouldn’t force my teenager to. I would consult with an orthodontist to see if they are medically necessary or not. If they are medically necessary then get them, your child may be ok with how their teeth look

Yes. Momma knows best, & aint no baby of mine going to be walking around with janky teeth.


No because there are more options out there now, I’d explore alternatives.

Nope. It’s his mouth. If he doesn’t want straight teeth, that’s up to him. Just remind and educate him on what can happen if he doesn’t.

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nope, cause I have other plans for that 5 grand, if he says he isn’t going to wear them, he won’t appreciate them either. Let him spend the money out of HIS pocket when he decides he wants nice teeth

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My mom forced me and I popped them off over and over until the orthodontist refused to put them back on. Braces are very painful and if it’s just cosmetic I wouldn’t do it. My mom spent years telling me I was perfect just the way I was, to then telling me I wasn’t good enough because my bottom teeth were a little crooked and insisting I had to fix them because it reminded her of my dad.

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I think it would depend what the braces are for.

If it’s just to straight the teeth then that’s your kids choice.

It’s it’s due to overbite / speech complications etc then yes I would force my child and probably pay a bit more for the see-through / clear ones so it’s not as noticeable.


If it’s for health reasons then you need to explain and make that medical decision for them if necessary but if you are doing it because of cosmetic reasons then that should be their choice not yours. You should never force cosmetic changes on a child.


Yup. Crowded and misaligned teeth will cause tons of problems later in life. I have crowded teeth, and even though I brush, floss and listerine at least twice a day, there’s always issues. Still can’t afford to get them fixed to this day. If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m doing is getting them fixed. I fucking hate my teeth.

No. Braces fucked up my teeth. Braces and pregnancy caused me to need all my teeth pulled and dentures by 34

If he really needs them and it’s for his own well being yes you are his parent and he probably is letting teenage hormones get in the way of him not wanting them as he doesn’t want to be picked on .I wore braces for four years and didn’t want them because I didn’t want to look different but my teeth were very crooked and my parents wanted better for me.he will thank you when he is older.he is still a child.

Yep! My 15 did not want her braces. She’s glad now that she has them, because her teeth are so straight in comparison. She also had to have 4 extractions, which she was against at first, but better that jaw surgery. And like I said, she loves her smile, now. She was a thumb sucker.

Nope , his body his life

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No, my daughter “needed” them but didn’t want them. It’s cosmetic, if the child is happy and okay with their teeth I will not tell them that’s not good enough. They can always chose to do it later.

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I had them twice (once as a teen then again in my late 20’s) id never force them especially if it were more a cosmetic issue

I never wanted braces as a teen and then wanted it done as an adult. The sooner he gets them on, the sooner they can come off. Talk to him about it and maybe offer an incentive for wearing them like allowance or something

Sometimes braces are not cosmetic. My kids NEEDED them. My daughter had a tooth up in the gums that couldn’t come out without help. Had we not fixed it, it would have kept pushing the roots of the teeth next to it until those teeth eventually fell out. She’s needed major work so that she has her teeth for her lifetime.

My son had two teeth that he did not get permanent teeth for, and one that stayed up in the gums like my daughter. He needed braces to close in the gaps where the teeth didn’t come in and allow the one to come down so it wouldn’t stay in the gums.

So, if it an issue of needed to fix to prevent permanent damage, then yes, you’re getting braces as long as I’m in control and I am looking out for you long term.

If it is just cosmetic, I’m not having the battle.

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My 12 yr old had to get a lot of work done… widening of his jaw….teeth pulled to the front and more recently oral surgery to expose two teeth that weren’t coming down. Him saying he didn’t want it done was NOT an option.

On the other had my daughter had spaces between her teeth inherited from her dad. Getting braces would have been purely cosmetic and I wasn’t about to pay for that. When she became an adult she did it herself


If it was real bad then yes…let’s not forget that we have to make sure these kids actually brush their teeth and not just wet their brush…and make them shower and tell them to wash everywhere really good! They aren’t old enough to think rationally for themselves

Yes teeth are very important. Thank Goodness mine didn’t mind and loved the results afterwards.

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When it comes to braces yes I would. Do it while the insurance will buy when young and they might hate it now but it’s better before too old. The exposure to uncomfortable scenarios is character building.

NO! Everyone says mama knows best, that’s true but not always if you know what i mean. Last thing you want to do is force your child to do something they don’t want to do, talk to him/her & then take it from there. If they are comfortable with the teeth they have now, let them be. At the end of the day it’s their teeth, if maybe down the road in the future they decide to get braces then it’s win win for the both of you. BUT IF it’s for medical reasons seek out the options and discuss it with them before you go and make decisions for them. Love and light mama :heart:

nope. im not forcing my teenager to do anythin they don’t feel comfortable with

I’m getting braces and I’m almost 40 ! Needed them as a kid couldn’t afford them, if my kid needs them I will make sure she gets them so she has good teeth for a lifetime ! :heartpulse:

If he doesn’t want them he probably won’t do the proper care so they won’t be as effective. I was sorta forced to get braces that I didn’t really want. I didn’t do what I was supposed to with the little rubber bands so I had them for at least two additional years.

I’d say no, only because he probably would not do what is needed to take care of them


No. All 3 of mine needed them 1 didn’t get them bc he didn’t want them. Why pay thousands of dollars if they don’t care enough about it to do the extra stuff necessary when you have braces.


Absolutely, teeth are so important these days. It’s the first thing you notice about someone.

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I think it all depends on the severity of the situation. I had the option to get braces when I was younger because my bottom teeth were/are crooked. My parents left it up to me and I said no because I didn’t want to have braces in jr high/high school. Now as an adult, I regret not getting them as my teeth are still crooked and I will be getting them soon hopefully. If it’s serious then I wouldn’t give a choice. If it’s purely cosmetic then I would say let him choose.

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I didnt want them as a kid ( most kids don’t) but needed them. I’ve thanked my parents later in life for providing the treatment . I would encourage my child to get them even if cosmetic and financial able. Maybe explain further why you would like your child to have them.

It’s their body not yours.

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I know a kid that used pliers to pull his off in high school. If he don’t want them then I wouldn’t force it. But I would try to sit down and figure out why he doesn’t and try to convince him it will be worth it in the long run.

Yes… if your teeth aren’t straight… they are harder to clean, meaning more cavities later in life… then you have the problem of getting them removed and their teeth shifting even more, more gum disease… it isn’t cosmetic as insurance believes…


Hell yes! They will thank you later in life!

In my experience I would say yes. Encourage it heavily. I refused to get them because they offered them when I thought I was too old to have them and now years later I regret it and wish my mom would have made the choice for me instead of letting me decide. :slightly_frowning_face:

Braces are not always optional…what does the dentist say? If its optional it depends on why they wouldnt want to…I’ll look stupid is not a good reason if they already get bullied and dont want to get picked on more good reason…ultimately it’s something that should be discussed and educated on and then make a decision together u both are comfortable with

We are talking about “Needed” oral care, not about “want”… Most kids don’t “want” to brush their teeth everyday… This doesn’t mean they should get that either.

Many kids under the age of 7 “want” cookies everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we know facts about oral hygiene and too much sugar in a child’s diet.

This question seems insane! Think of the child’s “needs”, versus the childs “wants”, then make the decision from there.


My kid uses invisiligns. While it costs an arm and a leg its beneficial to her in so many ways. And she doesn’t have to deal with bands and pain. But we were told she needed them immensely. So I did what was best for her because as her parent its my duty. She is 13. Not old enough to make that choice, she doesn’t understand the long term benefits. She also did not want braces. Who would blame him. It’s just our duty. Wish my parent had. Js.

So my daughter wanted them at first but then decided that she didn’t and refused to put the bands on or anything. Eventually I agreed to have them taken off early as she turned 18 and wanted to join the national guard but couldn’t with braces on. I told her that I did my duty by paying for them and one day she would probably regret not doing the right thing. The braces did help while they were on and her smile looks better as of now. But I say this to say that even if you force it they will be the ones to take care of them or not. So that’s something to consider.

Depends on the reason they are needed

Yes… I am perfectly okay with letting my children have an opinion & even voicing their opinion but in the long run they will thank you for doing what’s best for their health… that includes dental work as well. My daughter got braces at 8 and didn’t want them, she got them off at 10 and has thanked me a million times because she sees a HUGE difference in her teeth.


I did :woman_shrugging:t3: but I also worked in dental and know the issues that can come from having overcrowded teeth.

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My daughter had her first set at 7 , she wasnt happy. Second set at 12. As an adult she can sure appreciate the sacrifice we made not having dental ins. then. She still thanks me for having her teeth straightened!

Actually braces are just cosmetic, thats why most insurances don’t cover them. Braces are not a need unless the orthodontist says so. Why not consult an orthodontist? Consultations are usually free. And even after braces you have the risk of your teeth shifting back. My daughter had hers taken off about 6 months ago and they are slowly going back, even with the retainer. If his teeth really bad and he could really benefit from it, then I say set up a consult. And if it’s just they you don’t like his teeth, then maybe you need to change.

It’s not about wanting them or not it’s about how badly he Needs them because there are many tips on braces

Yes while insurance still covers it

I would ask his dentist thag question
Bc it may be needed or something.

So with my “older sister,” my parents forced her to get braces. She didn’t take care of her teeth and ended up losing them at a young age. When it came time for me to get braces, my parents wouldn’t get them for me because they were afraid to waste money on my teeth for me not to take care of them. I had a huge fear of the dentist due to an accident when I was a toddler and I grew afraid of going even for a cleaning. When I got old enough, I paid for them myself out of pocket. Thankfully my dads insurance still covered me until I was 21 so I only had to pay about $2k out of pocket. I had serious over crowding, teeth turned completely sideways and an awful overbite.
I think they took mine off a little too soon because two of my bottom teeth were still crooked. They assured me the retainer would help “finish the work”. It didn’t. But I’m a lot happier with my smile now than I was before as it made a huge difference. I also no longer have TMJ issues as I was having before.

Yes!! I was the kid that didn’t want them and now I ble my parents for my jacked up teeth. Sometimes being the parent means doings what’s best, not what they “want”.

If his teeth won’t physically hurt him then no. He can do it later if he changes his mind

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Hes a teenager. Personally no i wouldnt force him…but discuss the problem calmly. Ask the dentist to talk to him about the problems with his teeth and let him decide when he has all the information


It depends on why they need them

No…… I paid 10000.00 and she didn’t take care of them, I would not force it again

Probably not. We are paying for my son to not take care of his. :expressionless::expressionless:

It depends on why he needs them? Will it affect him if he doesn’t, or is it cosmetic? If it will be detrimental then yes, if not no.

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If he needs them. Yes

My ten year old got braces so she doesn’t have to worry bout when she’s gets older

Yes, I wish my parents forced me. I’m regretting it now at almost 30

Probably a waste of time and money if you do, if he won’t maintain and look after them it won’t work. He will come round one day I’m sure, or just be happy with his teeth the way they are. Have a good talk with him and explain how much it could help him

I wouldn’t waste my money bc he isn’t going to take care of them. And it is more work. If he doesn’t want them right now, he may eventually want them and that is his opinion/ option. I know a lot of people who get them as an adult

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no, but i would make it very clear that our dental coverage will only cover them until X time, after which they’re on their own, because our coverage would cover them if not 100% pretty close to it, and im not paying that out of pocket.


Only if the dentist says it’s important he gets them. If it’s just cosmetic, no

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Can you have the orthodontist give him a little extra time and show him visually why it is important and what will happen to his looks if he dosent?

Hes a teenager. They make poor decisions ALL the time. Get the kid his braces and get the permanent retainer so he can’t fuck em up after lol

What is the issue in taking care of them? Braces don’t need any maintenance? He is more than welcome to pay for it when he is older and has a job then…

Yes , im all about good teeth, so if my son needs braces then he’s getting them but I’ll be doing it before teenage years

Yes. Mine needed his. It wasn’t purely for cosmetic purposes.

Braces are a lot of work, time, commitment and it’s a huge investment. It would totally depend upon the severity of the case and the age of the child…

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Yes. They aren’t mature enough to comprehend what their needs truly are. That’s where the parents come in…