Should you get pregnant right after having a baby?

How many moms got pregnant immediately after just having a baby and how many decided to wait 1+ years? Opinions on whats better and why? Wanting another baby but mine is only a month old…


I have Irish twins we decided to get it put the way vs wait then start over and tbh it has its moments but I’m glad we did it

There’s 2 years and 360 days between mine lol. Only having 1 in diapers is nice, it was easier to explain about little brother coming, sister was big enough to help if she chose.

I miss being pregnant. My baby is 6 weeks


I got pregnant when my daughter was 3 months old. I ended up pregnant with twins, then when they were 3 months old I got pregnant with my youngest son. It was so worth having them so close together but I struggled with postpartum because of the twins being early and in NICU.


My baby is 9 mo. And we want another one soon. Your body needs healing after the baby is the only reason we haven’t had another yet.

It can fuck up your body if you don’t let your body heal

my first was 3 months old when I was pregnant with my 2nd and my 2nd was 5 months old when I was pregnant with my 3rd. I had 3 under 3. Most days are hard but doable. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are 5 years between my oldest and my twins. There is 6 years between my twins and my last. Lol two is harder than one but it is great having two close in age. My sibling and I are 10 years apart, and while it doesnt make as much of a difference now that we’re adults, it mattered growing up.

My two girls are two years 1 month and 5 days apart and I love it because my two year old loves to help and she’s very loving

I got pregnant at 13 months pp

Your baby needs your undivided attention for atleast a year or two! It’s great you are loving it, but you have time and your body needs to recover :blush:


Following… my daughter is 6 months old, I had her in February and I’m pregnant again due in January and to be honest I am highly stressed out about it. Grateful to be blessed with another baby but definitely nervous.

There’s no right answer. My kids are all 2 years apart from the next (give or take a few months). They’re 4, 2 and 1 week old. I’m done having kids. We have anymore it’ll be through adoption.

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I haven’t but I always have baby fever. But my step dad scold me. Wait till I get a bigger house. Oldest is 7. Second is 5 and my daughter will be 2 in 24 more days. Husband is making the house bigger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: massive baby fever

I have a 9 year old daughter and currently pregnant with baby number 2. Idk if its bc im 30 now or what but idk how people wait so many years in between kids. I feel miserable with this pregnancy. Definitely dont wait 9 years like i did lol

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My daughter was born oct 2015 my son was November 2017 and I’m currently due dec 2019 I honestly couldnt imagine having them closer in age! Even 2 years apart is a struggle sometimes but worth it!

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8 years apart but we tried for 2 years before getting pregnant.

7 years apart and I think it’ll be super helpful and a great bonding experience :blush: my girl is excited to be a big sister!

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Consult your doctor because you need to be properly healed, your partner because they need to be on board and your finances because you don’t want that to be a source of stress as you seek to expand your family.

My kids are 11.5 months apart

I got pregnant fast after I had my son. It wasn’t planned, but I’m 17 weeks pregnant and have a 6 month old. I love it. Everyone’s different though. I wanted babies close in age.

My first 3 are 2 yrs and 5 mon apart and I got to enjoy them being a baby from my 3rd to 4th there is a 4 yr difference and it was nice now my 4th n 5th are leSs than 2 yrs apart and I can already feel the struggle lol the extra 5 months made it
Worth it

If you have to ask then you should wait lol.mine all 2yrs apart and God help us.
No two moms are alike. No two kids are alike. This should definitely be a huge discussion with your husband

My kids are 11 months and 14 days apart. They are best friends

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I was 4 months pregnant when my son turned 2! It’s the best feeling watching them grow up together so close in age. But if we’re being honest it’s tough :sob: getting both of them ready, having 2 sets of everything just in case… having inconsistent nap times, one crying while the other isn’t listening :joy: it’s a blessing for sure but takes patience :heart:

I didn’t want 2 in diapers. I loved the infant time and felt like I would rob them of that so mine are spaced.

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:stop_sign: W A I T​:bangbang: UNTIL BABY TURNS 2 OR SO

  • Communication with baby is better
  • Also Potty training

:woman_facepalming:t2: there’s a reason you should wait. Let your body heal! Enjoy your new baby for a while!
I have two sets two years apart and that seems too soon sometimes.


My daughter is 10 months and I’m 16 weeks pregnant. Still having a hard time dealing with it, but know it will all be fine

My daughter was 6 mos when we found out I was pregnant again my girls are 15 months apart they’re inseparable!!!

I’m waiting until my son is potty trained and fully out of diapers before trying for another.

My son is 4, my daughter is 3 months. I couldn’t have handled a baby and my son at even 3. He refused to potty train, behavior issues. He’s still way more work than the baby🤦🏻‍♀️. I’m glad we waited though. And it’s really important to give your body time to heal. They now recommend waiting a full two years between pregnancies.

My son was due on my daughters first bday thank goodness he came two weeks early it’s exhausting but manageable they were at kindy together go to primary together and same with intermediate and high school they are 9 and 10 now the struggle now is birthdays two weeks apart can’t combine anymore

Mine are 13 years, 8 years, and 3 weeks… :flushed: lol

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I’ve done it both ways. I have what they call Irish twins (that’s a derogatory term though) which means 2 of mine are 13m or less apart (they’re exactly 11m apart). And I have a 3yr span between 2. Both are better for different reasons, it’s more about if u can handle 2 babies. I loved every min.

I have a 3yo 2yo and 1yo…

It has its perks for sure bcuz they are extremely close but it’s also really hard most days…
Also my body didn’t have a chance to recover from the baby before (birth control pill is friend) so I had a lot of issues during my.pregnacys

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My sons are 10.5 months apart. Took 15 years to have the first one and 15 min to have the second :rofl:. I got preg wheny son was 5 weeks old. The very first time we did it :confused:

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14 months between 2 of my girls. Great as they were getting older as very Close, but I would have liked to have had more ‘baby’ time with the 14 month old, I was just lucky she was such a good baby, never murmured really, and was a great sleeper too. So there’s fors and againsts for both.

My daughter just turned 1 on the 10 and i just had my 2 week old son on the 1st. They are 11 months apart :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I didn’t plan any of my pregnancies my oldest child shes 2 years older then her brother and hes 3 years older then the little brother… It just happened that way without birth control

My daughter and son are 37 months apart. BEST DECISION EVER! They are close enough in age that they can play together just fine and my daughter acts like a mother hen!

My daughtet turned 6, my son turned 5. ( they live with their dad)… My twin girls turned 3 and my son turned 2. I got a tubaligation right when my son was born. Best decision ever… Their all close in age and im done having kids. They all love playing with eachother and have eachothers backs :relaxed: :two_hearts:

I have a 10 month age Gap, worked out perfectly. My older two play together, learn together. School together :grin:

I just had my daughter 3 months ago and my son is 10. I turned 32 while being pregnant and I was miserable the entire time, it was definitely much harder on my body!! I’d honestly not suggest waiting TOO long.

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My kids are all exactly 3 1/2 yrs apart. My oldest son and my daughter had the same due date, 7 yrs apart. Her birthday is 4 days before his.

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I have a 2year old a 1 year old and a newborn and the two oldest drive e crazy but im glad they have eachother

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Mine are 3 years and 7 months apart. I think it is a good age difference. They are still best friends. The love each other immensely. I just wanted to enjoy my daughter while she was little


Omg enjoy the child you have now and let your body recover…


I have a 17 year old and a 8 yr old

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My son is almost 1 but I’m waiting at least a year or more! I’m finally starting to catch up on some rest :rofl: but also I’ve always said I wanted 2 kids but my son is so great I don’t think I’ll need another one :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I have four babies: 9, 3, 2, and 6 weeks.

For me, having kids back to back almost killed me :weary: But my boys being six years apart was pretty easy.


Our oldest 2 (teens now) are 13 months apart. It wasn’t planned… Waaaaaay too close! My body didn’t have time to recover and I couldn’t give either one the attention they deserved. We had our 3rd 13 years later. She’s almost 2 and I’m due with our 4th in December. They’ll be 2 years apart. My siblings and I were 2 years apart, I’ve always heard that 2 years is a good gap, but honestly it seems too soon. My little one is still so little. Had I known, we might’ve waited another year, but my Husband and I aren’t getting any younger! :joy: I’d say 3 years apart is a nice space.


I’m pregnant with my fourth. We have 3 boys. My oldest two are 20 months apart & that was rough. The hardest was the first year. But now I love it. They’re 5 & 6, best friends. My youngest is 2 & the new baby will be here before my youngest turns 3.

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My mom has 7 kids. All kinds of age differences from 15 months apart to 8 years apart. She says in her opinion about 2 years age difference is perfect.
Plus having kids so close together can complicate your pregnancy (seen the result of that while I was in the nicu with my daughter) and can be harder on your body. It’s recommended to wait 2 years to give yourself time to heal.


Give your body the time to heal and enjoy your baby right now


Your body says wait a year but do whatever makes you happy

My kids are 2 years and 5 months apart… 2 in diapers was a struggle. But now they are best friends…

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Haha…might wanna wait a few months and see how you feel. I have 11 month old twins and some days are insane!


Waited 4 years between my son and daughter. But when she was 3 months old found out we had an oops and I’m pregnant with our 3rd. It’s a bit stressful to think about but I’m sure it will work out once the baby is here. I hope. 🤦

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My boys are 10 months apart. Worked for us. It’s cool now.

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I have a 7 1/2 yr old, 6 yr old, 5yr old, 3 1/2 yr old, 18mo, 6mo, and I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant.


I done both my 2 oldest are very close then i waited 5 years before the last me personal say wait aleast a year that way u can go threw the teeth and give ur baby all he or she needs i felt like i didnt get to enjoy my oldest due to he just started walking when i had my second but i love my babies and wont change a thing…there grown now all 3 of them and i really miss my kids


I didnt do it that quite but i guess i would ask the doctor.

I suggest get the first one potty trained then start trying again.

My daughter just turned one on the 10th and I’m due November 4th and my body feels like I got hit by a car every single day. I cry because I want to be able to thoroughly enjoy her growing and learning new things but because this baby is due so soon I’ve been frantically trying to get things ready. I’m missing out on being able to enjoy my daughter.


We got pregnant six months after our first born, couldn’t be more happy with our kids being born back to back!!

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My first baby was 6 months old when I got pregnant with my 2nd, and my 2nd was 4 months old when I got pregnant with my 3rd.
I’ll have 3 babies under the age of 2 and I get a lot of hate for it but my kids are healthy and happy they have what they need it’s just super shitty when someone puts in their 2 cents :unamused:

Enjoy your baby first. You’ve barely had a real dose of parenting let alone with 2 under 2. You’ll be drained.


I got pregnant a month after I had my son with twins. I have always wanted my kids close together

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Its a lot easier and a lot less expensive when you only have 1 in diapers at a time :joy: mine are 2.5 years apart and its been great for that reason and many others


My closest two are two years and three days apart. And that was a bit rough. In my opinion, it’s good to give your body and mind both at least a little rest between babies.

My mother had kids 14 months apart twice, followed up by one just less than two years younger. It really took a toll on her, body, mind and spirit.

My kids have a three year age gap. I love it ! Having them back to back isn’t something I would have wanted to do

I’d wait but it’s up to you

Your body needs to heal,give it a rest

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I know the feeling, I started wanting another baby immediately, my baby is not even 4 months old. We are not going to have another baby immediately though, I’m on birth control because we arent financially able to do another one right now. I have 2 total

Mine r only 11 months apart its pretty cool now except they fight like crazy lol but it is waayy expensive buying two different size diapers good thing is i have all girls so i just passed down the clothes lol

I plan to wait. Mainly bc i had a csection and fiancial reasons. That and I’m going to be 30 when my daughter is 3.

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I found out I was pregnant with my son on my daughters 1st bday and he’s 7 months now and my daughter 2

Well medically speaking you’re supposed to wait two whole years before getting pregnant because it takes one full year to fully recover from pregnancy I would say if you plan on getting pregnant soon I would encourage you to keep taking your prenatals and wait until your cycle completely regulates and I would advise you to speak to your Ob-Gyn because it also makes a difference if you had a vaginal delivery versus a C-section delivery but two years is what they recommend to wait mainly because if you had a C-section you can run the risk of your incision rupturing which could be deadly to you or the baby vaginally or C-section the sooner you get pregnant after having a baby puts you at high risk for preterm labor.

Got pregnant and my son was 8 weeks. 2nd one was early so they are 9 months and 3 weeks apart. Both starting middle school this year. Then less then a year after that got pregnant again so I had a 2,1 and newborn. Interesting few years!

You should wait about 6 months at least. I had my girls 10 months apart, and the second pregnancy came with complications that caused me to be hospitalized when my first baby was barely 7 months old. I was put on bed rest which made it hard to care for the baby that needed me. Give your first baby time to be a baby. It would have been easier if they were twins. It took three years to get pregnant with my first, so I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant right away again. I advise against it, but do as you want.

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Honestly. It was tough at first. My teenagers are 11 months apart and they are 16 & 15 now. They did fight a lot during elementary but now in highschool they are each other’s support system :purple_heart::blue_heart: Do it :partying_face:

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Uh. Waiting lol. Not even healthy to do that even if people do

Enjoy the little one you have right now, they need all of you at this stage and your body needs to recover.

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I didn’t want a second to be honest haha! But I fell pregnant when my daughter was over 2.5 years old. They are 3 years and 2 months apart and the age gap is amazing! My eldest loves to help her baby sister and help me with her. She can understand a lot and knows what she can or can’t do to her. My youngest is only 4 months old and they love each other and are best friends already! So glad that I got pregnant when I did even though she wasn’t planned at all lol

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My boys are 10-11 months apart. 3 months after after them

My kids are a yr apart. My 7 &6 yr old are 16 months apart to the day and my 6 and 5 yr old are 14 months apart. I wanted to wait 2 or 3 yrs between eavh kid. It was definitely hard while they were babies. They fight with each other but got each others backs

My daughter is a year and half older cause I had her before I met the boys dad. & I personally like it better this way cause they all get along so well but I now having my daughter saying she wants a sister :joy::joy:

My daughter in law got pregnant 1 week after delivery. She due with the 2nd baby now. We are waiting on her debut

I think every baby should have their time. I waited 3 years in between I wanted them to have their own special time and felt that if I were to do it too close to each other it wouldn’t be fair. Silly I know.

Mine are 5 years apart. Lol im planning on having another when my baby is 3 years. I can NOT do the super close in age. Lol but its whatever feels right to YOU.

I have 5 that are all spaced out by 5 and 6 years. Except the last two, they are 13 months apart. Needless to say, that wasn’t done on purpose lol. I would recommend waiting. Mainly because I really like that each kid was old enough to remember the next one being born and being a baby. It also gives them, especially girls some real life experience as to what it takes to raise a baby. When you have them close together, they develope a really close relationship with each other, and that’s cool too. For them to have a little buddy to play with. But let me to you, it is hard!

Im one and done. Emergency C section was hard. And I had a very complicated pregnancy. Financial reasons as well. And if I were to have another I would rather wait awhile to let my body heal

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I waited 3 years because I did not want to in the diapers at the same time

6 year gap between my first 2. 3rd & last baby born 17 months after my 2nd one. Not intentional, but it happens. They’re 11, 13 & 19 now.

I started trying at 6 weeks. It took me 3 years to get pregnant again.

Give your little one your full attention for now. Otherwise youll miss out on the little things while tending to a newborn baby.


I got pregnant 6 months after my first was born. It’s been pretty easy tbh. You’re already used to the sleep deprivation and the ins and outs of having an infant. My second was really colicky though which was a nightmare but now she’s awesome and they’re both in bed by 8pm :grin: she just turned 6 months and my oldest will be 2 in November.

I got pregnant again 3 and a half months later! I’ve got a nearly 11 month old and I’m due in 28 days! :weary: at least they can grow up together and always have eachother! Very exciting :heart_eyes::heart: