Should You Have Your Spouse's Passcode?

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"What are your opinions on passcodes on phones from your parter?? Does it matter if you are dating, engaged or married? Do you expect them to give you the code or not have one at all?? Does trust have anything to do with your decision?? I’m wondering what the overall take on this topic is. I have a code on my phone and so does my boyfriend. We dont share them with each other. Should it change once we get married? He has never asked for mine. I sometimes wonder if that is supposed to change once the relationship gets more serious."

REALTED: My Husband of 11 Years Added a Password to His Phone After Trust Issues: Advice?


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"It’s up to you and him."

"Ive never looked through anyones phone. I wouldnt give my code, nor ask for theirs"

"I have a code on my phone. Its not to keep my husband out, its if its lost or stolen. If he wants it, I feel that he would just ask for it."

"Having it vs using it are 2 different things. We have each other’s but never go in each other’s phones unless asked. Everyone needs some type of privacy"

"If my spouse doesn’t trust me enough that he has to snoop through my shit, we have no business being together. I do not go through his phone and he does not go through mine. I am sure we could probably figure out each other’s code if we wanted to, but the point is we trust one another and there is no need to go through each other’s stuff."

"That’s entirely up To you, what works For one relationship might not work for the next. My husband and I all have the same passwords for everything lol. I could Honestly care less what’s on his phone. If trust is an issue than marriage shouldn’t be on the table."

"I know my husband’s passcode and he knows mine but neither of us snoop in each other’s phones. It’s more like we just know them out of convenience sometimes. Like my phone is upstairs and his is next to me and I want to text my son"

"No. He is entitled to privacy as am I. Stay out of yalls partners phone. It’s none of your business. Period."

"Nope. I don’t have hers and she doesn’t have mine, if I ever feel the need to search her phone I’ll just leave."

"Nope. Everyone is entitled to privacy no matter the relationship you have. As long as you fully trust your significant other, there should be no reason to ever go through their phone"

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