Should Your Partner Spend The Night Somewhere Without Telling You?


"When in a relationship and living together, is it ever ok for your partner to spend the night out (without notice)?"

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"If you are sharing your life with someone else, basic respect dictates that you let them know where you're going to be."

"Honestly I understand they're adults and you're not their mother but when you're in a serious relationship it's important to be open and honest with our significant other and if they get offended then they don't respect you and are probably doing things they shouldn't be doing in a serious relationship."

"If he let me know he was safe/ok. Mine has gone out and decided to stay with mates rather than trying to get back drunk. He would possibly tell me not to stay up/worry then I wouldn't expect contact. He has got stuck and not been able to let me know. Just explain you'll worry if they don't just text to say they won't be back."

"Communication is key in an relationship.
Sadly, a lot of people like to think of things like this as controlling when in truth, it is all about respect and understanding.
If your partner respected you, they would have told you. I can understand that things happen accidentally, but if this was truly done planned and/or on purpose, it is definitely not okay."

"I mean they shouldn’t have to ask our permission but definitely needs to be communicating these things. Id be furious."

"No, they should at least let you know where they are and what’s going on. Doubt they would be understanding if you did the same."

"I mean, out of respect, I've never stayed the night somewhere, where my spouse didn't know where I was. And vise versa. We have been together 9 years. But every relationship is different."

"I say no. Relationships need open and honest communication. I don't worry because my man tells me everything. If he was to clam up, then there's problems and trust issues."

"I have no issues with him staying at certain places. Going to our friends house for a guys night? Have fun and most importantly be safe! If you're too lit and need to sleep it off I'd be pissed if you came home. I get to have girls nights and stay at my friends homes so why shouldn't he? We communicate with one another though."

"Communication is always the number one most important thing in any healthy relationship so no."

"I would say it depends on the situation. If he trashed and at a friends house and tells me at the last minute im good with it."

"Why would he not tell you? It would be understandable if he was at his parents. Other than that, not okay."

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