Side effects of Depo?

Hey, Mamas. So I’m close to giving birth. And after I have my baby. I want to get on the shot. I have never been on it. Just the pill. Reason why. Is because I know I’ll forget to take the pill. So anyone with experience on the shot??? Especially for those who are anemic. TIA.


First time I used it I was fine but the second time I used it I got all the side effects. Less than no libido, weight gain, and depression. Depo is what’s used to chemically castrate sex offenders so it’s pretty intense. I’d suggest Nexplanon or and IUD for semi permanent birth control instead.

I’ve been on Depo for 25 years with absolutely no bad side affects. The only thing my doctor ever warned me about is that Depo depletes calcium. I’m not a milk drinker, nor do I consume any real calcium besides what’s in my multivitamin and veggies. Because of that I’ve had to have bone density tests every so often over the years.

I got the shot after having my son and shortly after was diagnosed with PCOS. I was completely sterile for almost 10 year’s

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Girl, please don’t do it. Depo is the worst form of birth control, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. Maybe an IUD if you can’t remember the pill?


Bad idea. I was on it and I ended up on a constant period for two years even after I got off of it


Have had the best experience been on it 2 years now haven’t had a period at all. Do get mood swings but that’s expected with any birth control that’s hormonal.

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I bled for like 12 weeks straight, sometimes heavy sometimes not. But totally stuck it out to let my body do its thing. After 12 weeks it got on a schedule, by my 5th shot I no longer had a period and haven’t had one in about 2 years.

I gained weight on the depo

I’ve been on it for years. I love it. I haven’t had a period in 5 years and no other side effects from it. Everyone is different but it’s great for me.

Don’t do it. Periods stopped entirely after a few months, followed by random bleeding, excessive weight gain, and extreme mood swings. I was not myself and everyone around me begged me to get off of it.

Once off, my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and it took over 3 years to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy.

I’d highly recommend buying cheap ovulation kits, tracking your cycle, and using protection versus the depo.

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My side effect were I still got pregnant lol

I’ve been on the depo for 7 years. No period, no period symptoms. I was horrible on remembering the pill and reading iud or nexplanon horror stories kept me away from those. Only side effect that sucks really is weight gain, but if you keep a healthy diet and work out…it really shouldn’t be a problem.
This is just my experience. Everyone handles everything differently. Id say talk with your doctor…maybe they can recommend your best option?

It made me crazy, like angry all the time and I put only alot of weight

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I did it and gained 30lbs out of nowhere, seriously! Once it got out of my system the weight dropped thankfully

I was on it for 6mos. I gained a bunch of weight from it & bled continuously the last 3mos. I would highly not recommend it!

I was on it for 3 years and it was brilliant for me. I had no periods at all.

I was on depo… I gained almost 40lbs in the year I was on it.

I never had a period on depo and quickly gained a lot of weight, it’s different for everyone

My daughter is currently on the depo, granted shes 15 ( and this is just to regulate her heavy, horrible periods) but she has gained almost 40 pounds in 6 months… shes had 2 shots… shes devastated…

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The shot was horrible for me. It led to my hysterectomy. I had continous problems. It caused endometriosis and adnomyosis.

I wouldn’t do it I put on 6 stone with depo injections and I only had three never ever been able to shift the weight I went from a size 8-16/18

I hate it. It messes with you. It took me a long time to finally get pregnant after taking it and I also blame it for two miscarriages I had. It will cause you to gain weight bad stomach cramps whether you’re on your period or not. It’s the worst thing in my opinion :woman_shrugging:

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Whatever you do, do not get depo. I’ve been on it for 5 years and completely hate it. I’ve gained 80 pounds. I can’t take the pills because I forget and i dont want anything in me so it was my only choice. I’m now getting off of it because I have major memory loss, tiredness, and headaches. i’m completely exhausted 24/7.

I gained a lot of weight and couldn’t control my moods at all. One minute I’d be laughing, then yelling, then crying. It was horrible I only got it once and never went back.

Alot of crying and mood swings and anxiety. Couldnt be on it. :worried: but i struggle with anxiety anyway.

Zero stars. I don’t reccomend.

My side effect was another baby!!!

I love my mirena no issues it’s 5 years each I’m almost on my 3 round!

I love it, I don’t have fluctuations with my weight so I didn’t gain weight. I don’t have periods, I don’t have random bleeding, I don’t have mood swings, I got my period back about 6 months after being off it, but got back on it after a year being off. Talk to your doctor, because literally everyone has different side effects. Clearly from some of these other comments, people hate the depo. I love it, been on it for 5 years (3 years on, 1 year off, 2 years back on) and have no intention to get off of it.

I bled the for almost 5 months… Everyone’s body is different though. :woman_shrugging: (I’m anemic)

I loved the No period part… But I stopped because of the weight gain…it was ridiculous

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I would never get the shot again. I have the Mirena and love it.

I’m on it. Was before a baby and now after. Never had any issues

I gained a lot of weight and just felt terrible the entire time I was on it.

I was on the pill too n hated it also, always forgot to take it but so far the depo has been the only one that works for me. No periods, no cramps, nothing! I love it. Although, little sore in your cheek from the shot for a day or two. But, totally worth it.

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Weight gain, bad mood swings, and my dr said thats probably why i had breast cancer. I wouldnt go on it

DON’T DO IT!!! Nothing but problems

Remember everyone reacts differently to everything. In my experience tho, I would never reccomend depo. I had high blood pressure, gained a lot of weight, and even got pregnant on it. I also had serious mood stability issues.

I’ve been on and off depo for about 15 years now. I love it! I did have some weight gain but not getting a period, not having to take take daily pill at the same time every day and it helping my hidradenitis Supporative outweigh the side effects

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Loved it. No issues. Used it for 2 years in between my first and this pregnancy. I’ll use the needle again after too. No period, no milk issues and only have to worry about it every 3 months. Was awesome

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I bled for 3 months straight.
The copper IUD is the way to go

The first time I was on the shot… everything was fine. I had no period, no cramping… nothing. Which was great. I was on it for 2 years which you had to go off of it before it causes damages. So I got off the shot and went to the pill for awhile. I ended up having my 3rd baby and decided I didn’t want to do the pills. So I went back on it. Literally three weeks later my symptoms was bleeding, heavy bleeding, headaches, upset stomach, and moodiness. Come to find out I ended up being allergic! Since this I had another baby but got my tubes removed. So no birth control for me lol.

I got the shot April 19th and have been bleeding ever sense. 🥲

I take the shot, and I’m anemic, no more periods just spotting occasionally and no weight gain. Plus I’m on a blood thinner due to a complication from surgery so doctors don’t want me having a period either.

I took the depo shot ONE time like a decade ago lol. Bled an entire month, didn’t bleed for a whole year, then bled a month again.

I practically went bald in some spots and the vitamins they gave me To take after the shot made me sick and I couldn’t lose weight so after two doses I stopped I hated it

I gained 20lbs on it

Worst birth control ever. Constantly bled while on it. Gained a ton of weight(no diet change & exercised regularly) & i felt super depressed on it always wanted to stay in bed.

Got off & my depression went away finally was able to start losing the weight & it took alittle while for my periods to go back to normal.

Been on depo for 10 years no problems or side effects for me

Get a mirana IUD. You don’t bleed anymore and I never had one problem with it

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Worst thing I ever did… heavy bleeding from almost a year

I had a period for a year and a half

Do not do it… it cause so many long term problems. I was on it for 7 years. Now I have been diagnosed with pcos and told I can not ever have kids again. On top of excessive weight gain, growing facial hair, terrible mood swings and my period is so much worse…

Maybe look into the implant type of birth control

I’ve never personally had it, but my ex sister in law got it and she bled for like a year straight from it and had bad mood swing issues. I think it really depends on the person, but I think it only lasts for like 3 months at a time? I could be totally wrong, but if it is that shorts of a time period, I would maybe at least try if it’s what you really want. I do have to to say though that she also got pregnant on the shot twice

I was on depo for a few years. And had to switch to merena. I now suffer from migraine because of depo.

Oh my gosh I don’t wanna scare you but I had horrible experiences with depo. I was on it 2 years and went through lots of weight gain, mood swings, no sex drive, headaches.
After I stopped A lot of those symptoms corrected on their own but I started the sever cramping and bleeding for almost a year. Ended up. In the er.
I had years of irregular periods after that.
It took us 7 years to conceive our 1st child and after her birth my periods finally reset.

Gained weight was the major side effect. Weird periods, acne, etc…

I know it works well for some people, but most doctors won’t even recommend the depo anymore. I told my doctors I’ve had that I won’t take it and they pretty much said of course not, we don’t ever recommend those to anyone anymore.

Just food for thought.

I was on the shot and got pregnant with my daughter

I had the shot and hated that I bled for months on and off, go with an iud!!!

I’ve gained about 30lbs since on it and snapped my tib and fib. It causes bone density, not 100% sure that was the cause but i know its one of the effects. No periods with it.

I did have an IUD which made me gain 30 lbs, bleeding at odd times, hot flashes, mood swing, then when I went into my doctor a while later he told me that it fell out and was just floating around in there. It was crazy!!!

I’m not anemic but my symptoms were moody, no sex drive, gained 50 pounds. No periods though

I loved the implanon (the one in your arm) though.

My dads ex wife had 2 kids on the depo. I know of friends who gained alot of weight also. I had the mirena and ended up needing it removed 3 diff times bcuz of it falling out, getting attached to my uterus and it made me so sick i lost 40lbs . i ended up giving up after that. I now have my tubes tied.

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I’ve had multiple friends suffer from multiple miscarriages after getting off of the depo shot not sure if it’s related but seems a little too coincidental :woman_shrugging:t4:

I ended up being allergic to the depo! (Only medicine I’m allergic too) I don’t have a depressed bone in my body and I became so deeply depressed with the shot. I was nauseous too! Not having my period messed with my hormones for sure

Horrible experience, bled nonstop! I am bad at remembering pills as well. I personally would recommend nuvaring since you only have to remember once a month.

It’s different for everyone I’ve been on it for 5 years and no problems at all

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I was on it for 4 years and will always advise against it. One problem after another, hemorrhage, weight gain, migraines, bone density, but… everyone responds differently. Just watch yourself and make sure to keep your doctor up to date.

I didn’t get along with it. Also didn’t get along with the implant because the hormones. I’ve been on the patch for a few months now and couldn’t reccormend it more. You only have to change it weekly.

I had the shot and only symptom was weight gain. No periods. I have the nexplanon now and I bleed on and off all the time.

Ive been off & on depo since I was 15. (I’m 28 now)

I’m anemic as well… I completely stopped having periods. Weight gain. Permanent infertility.

I dont recommend.

I was on it the day after i had my son for 2years then forgot a shot n ended up pregnant im now on it again. I do gain a little wait but ive stayed at 160 no higher. But i have no periods the first few shots a few days before shots due i spotted but nothing serious. But after being on it for awhile i didnt spot any more. I dont have periods at all now.

I gained 60lbs in 2 years on the shot, no sex drive, made my depression horrible but everyone is different. I personally liked the arm implant so much more

Don’t do it. You gain extreme amounts of weight and just feel shitty and huge and gross the whole time.

The shot gave me SEVERE depression. I would be extremely careful using it postpartum :heart:

I gained weight and had no period but conceived after I stopped taking it fairly quick.

I had absolutely no side effects. My step daughter has endometriosis and she still had a period while on the shot. A side effect that many don’t know about is loss of bone density, so if you are going to get on it, only do so for 2 years straight and then take a break.

I’m not anemic, but I was on the shot for 8+ years with no issues at all.

I was on the shot for 6 years and loved it. I never had a period but i did gain weight.

With my experience I would say stay away. I was so depressed and I bled for 3 months till I got a second shot and then I didn’t get my period for close to 2 years. BUT like I said I was depressed, I gained about 40lbs, I was losing my hair. I had no sex drive at all… I got anxiety it was the worst for me. Once I stopped the shot my hair started growing back a year later, my anxiety and depression got better and my sex drive came back about 2/3 months after. It was very hard for me and my family

I’ve had them all and I’d never recommend depo. Weight gain, loss of sex drive, mood swings and when I did stop it I had to get on another birth control to regulate. Try an iud or an implant.


If you are done having kids, I’d recommend a vasectomy for him. I’m SO done taking pills, putting on patches or having devices inserted into me. SO over having my hormones up-and-down, weight gain, bleeding when I’m not supposed to, cramps coming out of nowhere. Nope. It’s his turn to worry about it! :slight_smile:


I been in depo of long time I dont have any problems with it little bit gain weight but nothing bad I got off of it and got pregnant not to long after I was off ever one different

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I gained 60 lbs in the 2 years I had it.

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I was on it for 6 months and didn’t have a period the entire time. But I was also CRAZY moody, depressed, gained almost 50lbs, and had no sex drive whatsoever :confused: I currently have the nexplanon and love it!

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No periods. Weight gain was my main side effect. Amd mood swings (mainly once a month around the “cycle”) I only took 3 doses then stopped. I didnt have a period for over a year. I finally went to dr and they put me on the pill just so I could get a period again.

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I gained 40 lbs on the shot.

I was on the shot for 9 months when they told me I was 4 weeks pregnant. He is 11 yrs old and is the size of the 6yr old.

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Gaind so much weight… Had my period 9 months. I quit tking it

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I am anemic, been on the shot for 2 years, and haven’t gained a pound. If anything I’ve lost weight. I don’t have a period, I may spot here and there. The only thing I don’t like about it is I still get period symptoms bad, back pain cramps all of it

Weight gain and I was Sybil!!! Was never so glad to get off something in my life


I had it straight after my daughter was born and bled for 2 years straight it was a nightmare x

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I was on it for about 21 years. Fantastic. It’s a single hormone versus a double or multiple hormone. It worked for me I had no periods.

I wouldn’t. Infertility and bone density loss are a few side effects that come to mind.

I am anemic and the shot made me bleed for a year straight. I reccomend getting the nexplanon implant

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I was on depo around 10 years. Went off of it. 4 months later found out I was preggo. My son is 3 now. Going back on depo Thursday! Pills didn’t help me. I also have cysts on my ovaries, endometriosis and weird periods

Oh, and I had no periods while on it