Side effects of Depo?

I was on depo for three years I hated it I gained weight my emotions were all over the place and when I got off OMG I had severe migraines, I had hot flashes, I was nauseous my hormones were sooo out of wack It took me a year to get pregnant with my youngest. Now I have the Mirena best thing ever no problems with it.

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I gained over 50lbs in 2 years n was told by my dr u can’t stay on it longer than 2 years cuz it affects your bones n can make them brittle

I gained 100 on it and never successfully took it off to stay off the weight

I gained weight, an when I went off it i never got my period bk till 7 month later

Weight gain period extremely emotional and then when ingot off it i couldn’t ovulate for 16 months

It made me crazy and have a period for the whole 9 months I was on it. My bestfriend had no problems.

:frowning: ongoing monthlys, weight gain, sore bones :frowning: but it’s the oy one that kept working for us

Things have changed over the yrs. When given the shot for many yrs then all of a sudden that changed. Now the nurse has to glove up & suit up because of the possibility of it causing cancer. When they told us this, all i could think of these poor moms that were breastfeeding. What are the effects on the their babies??? I don’t know of any cases, but something must have happened to warn us nurses !! It has work , but i would think of another method. Just a little FYI

I got pregnant with my second son on the depo shot… would not recommend

I’m anemic. Terrible side effects. My hair fell out, loss of appetite, loss of libido, fatigue, mood swings. Dsnt happen with everyone. But it dsnt agree with me

I knew 1 lady on depo and she gained 70 lbs and didnt lose baby weight.

I bled off and on for a year. Had no period for 7 years. Then bled off and on for a year and developed cysts in my uterus and stomach and had to go off it

Weight gain is pretty bad with the shot. I had the Nexplanon (arm implant), didn’t notice any negative side effects with it and it lasts 3 years. Everyone is different, a non hormonal IUD might be a good option to look into.

I would not do the shots… I would do a IUD or something

I gained alot of weight and never had a period.

I’m on it now and don’t like it I’ve gained weight and killed my sex drive and haven’t had a period since I started the shot.

I’m anemic, got on the depo at my 6 week check up. I didn’t not stop bleeding from the time I have birth may 2019 to March 2020. I kept asking them about it and they kept saying give it time. After March I told them I wasn’t getting the shot anymore since I wouldn’t stop bleeding. It was a horrible experience and I was so tired from bleeding and being anemic

I loved depo until I realized the reason I was gaining so much weight was because of it.

I had a few rounds, did ok at first but the longer i stayed on it the more side effects i had. I gained weight after a few months of being on it and then my last round my boobs swelled up badly and hurt. I couldn’t even lay on them, even had trouble wearing a bra. After that i went on the pill

I jumped almost 4 pants sizes bigger from being on the depo… and I wasn’t even on it very long… hated every minute of it!

Depo made me crazy. Like psychotic beyond reason. My ex husband told me if i ever got it again he would divorce me :rofl:
I now am single and have nexplanon and i love it. This is my 2nd one and is the only bc i haven’t had a bad reaction to. But each person is different#!!!

Weight gain and mood swings were AWFUL for me on the depo! I switched to the mirena 4 years ago and will never look back!

I would not get it.
In one year even with watching what I ate I still put on 60+pounds. Also did nothing for my menstrual cycle. Plus they told me 12 to 18 months before I could get pregnant again
I went off the shot June of 95, I was pregnant by end of july beginning of August 95. Had my son prematurely March of 96.

I love the shot. No longer have a period and I didn’t get any crazy side effects

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Lots of weight gain and irregular bleeding…

Anger rage !!! Violent thoughts and irrational behavior.And severe depression and anxiety.
Don’t get it!

I gained alot of weight with the depo. Then I tried the nexplanon… bled for 8 months straight so I got it out. Personally I want to try the iud. I have heard better things about the iud

Wasnt a fan of the depo but loved the rod, which is the same hormone but released in microdosages (i believe - could be wrong) but i never got the bad side effects of the depo from the rod

Be careful after giving birth and getting the depo, I got it and had my period for over 3 months that is very hard on your body. It made my cramps way worse after also. I quit taking it

My granddaughter is grumpy. And grumpyer, And skinny.!!! She has a period 2 times a year.

I did tell just for the first shot. Omg the Charlie horses I had. I am anemic. Never again did i get it. Went on birth control but had a side effect from that too . good luck.

I gained a ton of weight and had bleeding almost the whole time.

I had the worst experience with depo. Weight gain was the worst part of it. Then depression

Bled for a year straight.

It makes you gain weight…im back to my pregnancy weight bc of it and I’m not pregnant…and I had twins…DONT DO IT

My experience was awful. Bled for 60 days. But I know a ton of people who had great experiences. I will tell you I had a Gyno herself tell me (years after I got the shot) that the shot is the worst birth control out there and she never recommends it

I bled for 3 months straight. My fiance and I joked that, that was the birth control because I was bleeding heavy for 3 months straight but it really was horrible. I never went back for the next shot

I hated it. Made me very moody and no sex drive

I bled for forever, gained a ton of weight on depo… blew up like a tick after my first. It also made my anxiety worse. I went off and switched to the IUD.

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Pro for me was zero period!! But cons were extra weight gain ( I don’t eat much as is and slowed down when I started to notice weight gain it didn’t help) and then I ended up pregnant in January and my ob said I shouldn’t be able to get pregnant until possibly June maybe late July ( this was said in 2019, got pregnant Jan 2020)

I turned into a balloon so did a couple other women I know. F*ck the depo shot.

It stops your period and can make you gain weight.

Every birth control is different for every woman. Just have to find the one that works for you. Mirena sucked for me and can’t take hardly any bc pills because of seizures. Depo is what works for me. No periods and no weight gain for me.

Depo horrible for your bones, also made me bleed heavy for a month straight

I have a great experience on the depo except for the little side effect of ending up with an unexpected baby lol, I lose weight (like I’m only 6weeks in after my first shot in 2yrs and I’ve lost 2 dress sizes back to nearly my pre baby weight yay all my cloths fit again) my moods better, anxiety more controlled, my skins clearer, my iron levels are starting to stabilise at a normal lv, no period, it’s really agrees with my body but not everyone has the same experiences, some as above have horrible periods and weight gain, headaches, dizziness there’s positives and negatives all round

Everyone reacts differently to it. Personally I loved it. No major changes on my part, in the beginnings the periods were long, normal then completely stopped

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It was the best birth control I was ever on!!! Every body is different but for me it was the BEST


I hated the depo so much. I bled for almost a year straight when I finally got off of it.

I got pregnant after my first shot. I have an iud now and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I got it when my baby was 12 weeks old.

I was on it and it was horrible! I had a period for three months straight. And then heavy spotted in between. For the three months It was less than normal but heavier than spotting. I was so emotional which is not normal. I think the surge of hormones was not good for me because I was just constantly crying and had ridiculous anxiety. And then I started losing my hair. It was gradual at first just more than normal hair loss and then it started to thin out really noticeable. I never noticed any weight differences. But I will never do it again. Two shots was enough. I tried the nuvaring after that and it was not for me. I could always feel it no matter whAt I did and it would come out from time to time. ended up going on the lowest dose hormone pill after that.

The shot made me bleed 25 days a month and gain lots of weight. After 6 months I got off of it . Everyone is different. The only thing that didn’t make me crazy/emotional or bleed all the time was the nuva ring.

I was on it for 10 years and I didn’t gain any weight. And it’s almost 100 percent on not getting pregnant but it it change my skin and made my chest hurt for the last year I was on it .I stopped depo and within a couple months I was pregnant at 42 .

It messed with my hormones badly to the point i didnt have my periode but every three months and when i did i bleed extremely heave for the full seven days my mood swings got bad along with a bunch of other things

I do not recommend. Was on it and bled the entire time. But i had friends that never had any issues with it.

I was on it after I had my kids and I had my tubed tide I had my period twice a month so dr put me on the depo to stop my period then when I got off it I had my period heavy for the first few months then it was normal my only side effect was weight gain… with saying that everyone is different so maybe you should talk to your dr about the best birth control for you

I gained a solid 50 pounds… I had 2 shots. Do NOT recommend. Try an iud

It was horrible do not reccomend. I bled 6 weeks straight. Had horrible headaches. It fried my hair and even though my last shot was in 2014 my hair is still damaged. My boobs were so tender hurt to even wear bra. It made me extremely moody and cried over everything.
And it can actually cause that brittle bone disease so make sure you take vitamin d with it.

I was on it in my teens. Horrible for me. I’d bleed for months at a time. I didnt gain extra weight like they said I would. Just the bleeding forever with no breaks in between made me stop it

Didn’t have too many side effects while on depo but when i stopped OMG period cramps are god awful. Have been off for years and have to take midol at each period ever since. Had never experienced such bad cramps and back pains before having been on depo

I hated it too, the first time I got it I bleed for 3 months straight. Second dose nothing. Until about 2 weeks before my 3rd dose was due in April. I decided not to get it again & ever since April I haven’t had a period. I’ve heard after you go off it it can take up to a year for your cycle to rerun. But I did gain weight with it. I didn’t like it :disappointed: but everybody is different.

I was on it for almost 4 years in my teens and it took almost 2 years before my cycle went back to normal. I got migraines and acne and all kinds of stuff.
Every body is different though.

Honestly. The shot is HORRIBLE!! Research the chemical makeup in it😳. It REALLY messed me up bad. Like I will never be healthy again from 1 dose. Look into an iud.

Im on the depo and i have had no side effects

I have a periods for months w it , gained weight.

The depo shot sucks!! I hated it!!

My cousin was on it tho and she experienced periods for 2 days a months and a little extra weight gain and that was it. So everyone is different

After taking the depo shot i had my period for 90 days, my anemia got so bad i had to go in for weekly iron shots. That was about 15 years ago, after having my son 2 years ago i got the nexplanon birth control in my arm and have not had any issues with it.

Nisa Rodriguez give your experience of getting pregnant and giving birth in the toilet

No no no . Weight gain … hair. falling out . Moods horrible . Could not get pregnant sence . Only can be on it for 2 years only and I was on it for 10 years and my Dr never told me anything about that and I found out I was so mad . It makes your bones weak . List goes on and far warning about the nexplanon implant I bleed for 3 months straight heavy like a water fall 40 boxes or more pads a months I gave it up . Dr said some it does that way some it does not . My body was not haven any of it . Horrible pain . Not worth any thing
.but everyone is different so just go talk to your dr get pamphlets and stuff up on it . I’m doing the pill I’m not

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Side effects of Depo? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Side effects of Depo? - Mamas Uncut

I had the shot after my 3rd child and I didn’t care for it really!!! It made me gain weight and made me feel like a raging bag of hormones (also just had a baby too so there’s that to add to the hormones lol) and I never got regular menstrual cycle on it? I had mirena after my first child and it was uncomfortable being placed and removed but was the best birth control I’ve ever used!!! Aside from tying tubes :wink::wink:. But I didn’t tie tubes til after my 4th child :heart::angel::heart::blue_heart: good luck momma!!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I had it before leaving hospital after my second birth and bled for 9 months with barely any breaks! Everyone is different so might not be so bad for you but I know I’d never have it again xx

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I’ve had the depo a few times and had between 18 months and 2 years each time.

I’m now on the pill that u don’t stop taking and I just set an alarm on my phone so I never forget it


For me, when I was on it, I had a very prolonged period. Got the shot October 2011. Didn’t stop bleeding/spotting until Feb 2012. Then no period after that. First 3 months, slight weight gain. Got it under control. It can cause muscle density/brittle bones if you are a smoker. It doesn’t say it but I’ve talked to a few others who have had it & including myself I sweated profusely. Sometimes taking 3 showers a day. If you are suffering from mental issues (depression, anxiety) it can contribute to a low sex drive. Everyone’s body is different however. Some women are completely fine with it. Talk more in depth with your Dr. to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

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Nope nope nope. Never again. Do your research on it and there are threads of what woman have happen. I had the worst time after I got off it for the second time in my life. I first had it when 16-20 and everything was fine. Then did it again after my daughter and before having my son. I will forever tell woman to stay away from the shot.

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I got was on it after having my first child . Every time I got the shot for about a week after I had horrible mood swings and it caused me to be very depressed and loose a lot of weight . Also it made me never have periods so although it was kinda nice it also made me paranoid I was pregnant lol

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Don’t do it. When I got my period I bleed for 3 weeks straight. It was the worst. Mood swings like crazy, I didn’t know if I was going or coming! I didn’t gain weight but I lost it. I was hella stressed out. I suggest the nuvaring you can control your cycle. 3 weeks in 1 week out.

I had it for about a year before I had any kids. It was awful. I bled nearly all the time, my hormones were all over the place, I put on weight, I felt awful, got horrible headaches, had huge mood swings and would fly off the handle at everything. Would not recommend

I’m anemic and have been on depo for about 2 years. No side effects or periods after the 1st month.

I was on the depo shot for 9 months and a lot of women will not get a period on it and they will gain about 20 lb typically. I was actually underweight which is why my OB suggested I start taking that so I could gain some weight but it did the exact opposite. I did not gain weight and I bled for 9 months straight until I stopped taking the shot and went back on the pill

Some people react BADLY to depo! And the thing is, ypu won’t know if you’re going to have a bad experience until you’ve had it. And then you’re stuck with it! Do some research on it, and also check out some other options. Both of my daughters have iuds. They work extremely well, and most people are fine with them. If you have a problem, they can be removed, unlike depo.


Was on it and loved the fact I wasn’t getting hardly any periods. Then the weight gain started.

I was on the shot for 10 years and it’s the only bc I didnt have issues with. I tried IUD 2x and the pill also

I was on the depo for 6 years it put weight on me and my periods stopped all together then I came off the depo February 2020 only had one period back that was august 2020 then I got pregnant in the October 2020 i would say apart from the weight gain it’s brill contraception all woman are different x

I was on Depo quite a few years. May have gained a little bit of weight from it but I think the pluses outweigh the negatives. I’m bad at remembering pills as well

I did it for about a year and half. At first, it was terrible. I spotted for about 3 months straight. I had to carry tampons ALL the time cuz I was constantly bleeding. I would also get crazy intense hot flashes out of nowhere. I was lucky to not have any mood swings, but I could tell my body felt a little on the fritz. It took me a little after the 2nd shot for my body to get used to it and I stopped getting my period all together which was flipping awesome and the hot flashes stopped. HOWEVER, I gained alot of weight… 20-30lbs. That was my only side effect, but it rele sucked. After a year and a half, I decided to discontinue. The shot does not leave ur system right away after u stop it. It takes about a year for ur body to “go back to normal”. The first 6 months after stopping it, my hormones were thru the roof and it tooks forever for my menstral cycle to go back to normal. Did it work? Yes. I did not get pregnant obviously and it was nice only having to get a dose every 3 months instead of taking a pill every day at the same time which I was just too busy and forgetful to do. However, I think there are better alternatives that don’t mess with ur body as much as the depo.

I get it and I’m anemic. I have no issues. I haven’t had any side effects. I was on the pill for years and always still got my crazy mood swings and extreme cravings while on my period. I switched to the shot because I have migraines with aura, and even though the risk is low, there is a higher risk of strokes for people with migraine with aura for people on birth control that have both progesterone and estrogen. Switching to the depo shot, I no longer have the mood swings or crazy cravings. My other choices were the mini pill or the implant in the arm. I’ve heard so many horror stories about the implant, so I didn’t want to go that route, and for the mini pill to work, you have to take it at the same time every day, which would never happen for me, so I chose the shot. And as I plus, I don’t get my period anymore.

Looks like a lot of different experiences. Talk to your OB/GYN about your health history and pros and cons of all hormonal birth control. I didn’t have any issues with birth control pills, depo, the patch or nuvaring. I do prefer not having to use hormonal birth control because it makes PMS worse.

I now have to take daily medication for other things and am back on the pill and use an app to check off when I take my meds each day. If I miss one medication I get really dizzy and nauseated so that also helps remind me if I ignore my app reminder to take my medicine.

It actually stopped my periods. I had no problems other than about a 10 lb. Weight gain. Everyone is different. But you can always go with something else later if u dont like it.:slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t had any kids but when I was on depo I wouldn’t get my period for the first 2 months and then would have it the entire 3rd month. Then I got the implanon stick in your arm and was pretty much always bleeding. I decided to just go on the pill and now am super regular.

Unexpected periods, bleed for 2 weeks after my first shot ( took advil a few times a day for a couple days until it stopped) deffinetly lowers your sex drives. Little bit of weight gain. But I was on it for 5 years before my baby and I lost the weight and periods completely stopped so that was a plus. Not sure why I chose to go back on it, but I can’t remember to take pills either lo l

I think the side effects with the Mirena iud are much better. And lasts for up to 5 years! When you want to get pregnant - just have it taken out

I was on it for 8 years, didn’t get a period for 11 months coming off it. Had slight weight gain but it worked for what I needed.
Negatives- weight gain
Breakthrough bleeding
Irregular period for 12 months after.
Positives- improved my mood
Improved my skin
Didn’t get pregnant
Had no affect on fertility long term as I had 2 babies in 3 years 4 years post shot

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I had the depo for 2 years. I hated it, made me gain weight and when in the sun I got a strange heat rash only on the arm with the injection. I also felt like my hormones were a little out a line, never felt quite like myself. I never had a period which was nice and barely bleed in the beginning. The birth control I thought was the best for me was the nuvaring, if you dont mind inserting it yourself once a month. I could never feel it and was so effortless and effective. Good luck!

I had a period that lasted like 3 months and I gained 20 pounds so I was not a fan. I have anemia and it made it worse for sure

Weight gain is an issue also double check your receiving the correct dose as I fell pregnant on this and also know a friend of mine who experienced the same thing. Could look at a uid instead. Way more reliable. Or implant. Do your research as there are many many different contraceptions out there.

A copper IUD stays inside you for over 10 years and theres no hormones and can be taken out whenever you want. Just sayin.

Someone in my family had the shot and she ended up having her period for 9 months! Stayed very light all month and then peaked when she was “due” for her period
She lost a lot of hair due to the amount of blood she was losing over that span! Once it was out of her system after the one shot her body finally went back to normal … obviously everyone was different but that was her experience!