Side effects of getting your tubes tied?

Hi I have read online that getting your tubes tied, removed etc can trigger pre-menopause along with a bunch of there side effects. I’m 28 I’ll be 29 this year & I was planning to get operated after having my baby (due Sept 1). I am however a bit freaked out about hearing the side effects. Have any of you experienced any after getting your tubes tied or removed etc?


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I’m 35, had my tubes removed 4 years ago, and I have 0 side effects or issues and any menopause issues. Glad I did it. After having five kids I am doneee lol


I had my tubes tide at 27 no side effects … And hysterectomy at 35 best desison I ever made

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I had my tubes tied almost 10 years ago now and I have had 0 side effects or issues no more bleeding no less just normal functioning.

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I had mine done at 26 and it was the best thing i ever did. No side effects and birth control freeeee :rofl::blush:

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My only issues is that my period are more painful and I bleed a significant amount more. I go through a heavy duty tampon within an hour or two.

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I had my tubes tied after my youngest when I was 41. I am 48 and still have not reached peri menopause. I have zero side effects.

My cycle was a little off after, it got back to normal after a few months, no other side effects

No side effects at all for me. I was 33 and had 4 kids.

I had mine done 12 years ago at 32. No side effects for me.

I am 25 and had mine removed almost 3 years ago after having my twins and I haven’t noticed any side effects. Maybe little heavier periods and noticeable more cramping on my time of the month.

No side effects, had mine clipped tied and burnt in 2009.

If your ovaries are removed then you have rapid menopause but not with tying of tubes.


Honestly got mine cut 3 months ago the only thing that’s different for me is heavier periods for longer but it took the cramping during my time of month almost completely away and I used to suffer during periods. I’m also extremely hot all the time. I’m anemic so it’s weird to now always be hot instead of always cold. But other than that nothing ends it was the best decision after 3 babies and 2 miscarriages my body is done :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:lol

Ummmm them coming untied…and no I’m not joking I had 2 after my tubal litigation (right tube came untied and it was the most painful thing I ever went through) and now pregnant with the third.

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I got mine tied 16 years ago…I had heavier periods and really bad cramps. I had to get an IUD…much better now.

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I’m 32 and no side effects

Ive had alot of issues for 4 years. I got my tubes tide during my c section with my daughter. Now unless i take this pill (visanne) i will just always bleed! & personally i think cuz of this pill i am having all my other side affects. Bloated, feeling like i cant loose weight, never feeling hungry but eating cuz i know i need to, etc. ive been fighting for the past 4 years now to have my uterus removed & they keep saying oh, you might regret it(um i have my tubes tide i obv dw more kids) or o its a healthy uterus we dont remove healthy stuff(even though its causing me all these issues🧐) its absolutely ridiculous.

I got mine done in 1985 never had any regrets

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I had mine done after my daughter was born. I had no side effects other than not getting pregnant.

I dont think so im 60 yrs old I have my tubes tied since I was healthy as a horse and exercise everyday

I’ve had my tubes removed. It’s been 6 years. No signs of premenopause.

I got my tubes tied at 23 after having my third child, I was told having another baby could kill me. Never had any issues, I did ultimately have partial hysterectomy due and unrelated issues about 12 years later.

I had mine done in 1980, never had any problems.

No side effects for me and I had mine tied 22 yrs ago

Had my tubes removed after my twins. I’m 34. So far so good. My twins are 5 months old now

Happiness :blush: lol I’ve not noticed any negative changes

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Got mine done with my C-section 7 months ago and every month my periods are sooooo heavy now, to the point it’s embarrassing. Consider exhausting all options before you decide to do it. I don’t even leave the house for 2 days because it’s so heavy I’d never make a toilet in time to change and I wear that maternity pads and tampons.


I’ve had my tube’s tied for 7yrs and have periods for 3 days tops and it’s super light but the cramps are terrible. I was in so much pain after getting them clipped and burned

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My ob actually removed a portion of my tubes saying it was safer and reduced risks of ovarian cancer, about 4 years ago. I have noticed weight gain and slightly heavier periods, but it was worth it imo. I have never really cramped and now I’ll get a couple here and there but nothing unbearable. I’d 100% do it again.

I got my tubes removed in 2020 and my periods were much heavier, my periods were longer and the cramps were absolutely horrible. I also had bleeding in between periods. I recently had a hysterectomy thank god.

I got mine done almost 2 months ago and I have noticed my periods are way lighter than what they were and I don’t cramp hardly at all if I even cramp at all. And my periods seem shorter as well but every woman’s body is different

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Extremely heavy periods, horrible cramps, my periods are 10-15 days long.
I’m getting a full hysterectomy next week.

I got worse periods. Had a tubal for 11ish years. Trying to get a hysterectomy they have gotten so bad. But still better them being pregnant.

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Much heavier periods. I regret doing it


I got my tunes tied in 2011 and my periods are light and only 3 days but the 1st day I cramp but the rest I’m good

I got my tubes removed and my periods are much heavier

I got mine removed 8 weeks ago and I don’t notice anything at all yet :person_shrugging:

They grow back and you get pregnant. It happened to a lady I know.

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Periods were horrid. I ended up with a hysterectomy a few years later because of it

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Mine were tied 4 years ago… no complications, no side affects, no periods

Not everyone will get same side affect but my periods are like 100000 times worse. The pain, the bleeding . I can barely function at work from the pain I have . It’s brutal but at the same time worth it cause i have 4 kids and don’t need anymore :rofl:

It depends on the woman. I had my tubes tied almost 8 years ago and I am just now starting to have symptoms of endometriosis. 20%-50% of women get endometriosis after they get their tubes tied. The pain can be damn near close to childbirth pain. Had me in tears all night once. Besides that, I would never object to getting tubes tied.

I got my tubes removed in 2020 when i had my son via c-section. I bled so much after that. My periods went from 1-2 days light flow to at least a week with heavy bleeding and tons of clotting. I get stabbing cramps down by my scar but I didn’t have the best experience during birth because it was an emergency. Everyone is different so try not to let the horror stories scare you.


I had mine burned in spring of 2018 I now have massive cramping some bloating nausea heavy bleeding clots etc minimal energy due to the flow etc all things that didn’t happen prior…I have started menopause about 2 years ago so now it just varies symptom and intensity…


My periods are sooo bad. I’d go back and never do it bc of that alone

I had mine cut out, didn’t even take pain meds just Aleve for two days. Was breastfeeding a month old baby. It wasn’t as bad as people made it sound. Not gunna lie I do have rougher periods but nothing to bad. I did it for my mental health and it was the best decision for my family. :blue_heart:

I had my tubes tied about 3 years ago and it was a horrible pains afterwards and now I have the most painful periods I have ever had in my life. My belly hurts so bad the first couple days I will literally just lay in bed with a heating pad and lots of ibuprofen and that is every month now I never got pains like this before I got my tubes tied

Got mine removed in 2021 and it was amazing! Barely any pain after, was able to walk normally without pain about 2 days after. My period flow hasn’t changed, a slight increase in the strength of cramps, but they were nonexistent before so a small amount of pain isn’t an awful thing. I still get a single pimple right before that’s gone within 2 or 3 days. No weight gain. Overall, I had an amazing experience and have absolutely zero regrets.

What I do regret, is not asking about an ablation also. I HATE having a period without a purpose now and wish I could get rid of them lol. But honestly, that’s only for personal reasons lol

I had my tubes removed 2 yrs ago, alot of ob recommend that now. Like others are saying I have had heavier and more frequent periods(shorter cycle)worse pms symptoms and some weight gain.

I experienced periods from hell, and when i say hell i would bleed so bad i had to wear diapers. Don’t get me started on the cramps :weary:, that eventually led to them putting me on a certain birth control because if i was lucky i would go 2 days out of the month without bleeding. That eventually caused cervical cancer, because of being on it for so long, at least that’s what the surgeon told me. Thankfully it was caught in it’s beginning stages but my only option was a hysterectomy, so yea you do run the risk of cervical or ovarian cancer.

Went from the perfect 28day cycle, never a problem, 3 day at most periods to Heavy heavy periods that last 8 days and extreme pms. Def regret doing it but def do not want any more kids. Its been almost 8 years…

Get a endometrial ablation. I have no periods and I can’t have nomore babies. It’s been 7 years of no weight gain, no crazy hormone issues, no dryness, or none of the other side affects women get.

Why not get an ablasion, they take absolutely nothing out and no more periods ever within a couple months. I’m definitely :100: love that I had one. You must be absolutely sure you are done having babies, there’s no turning back after this.

I haven’t gotten my tubes tied after 12 kids and my period is already heavy so I don’t know what the difference would be besides not having any more kids, probably jus early menopause.

I had my tubes tied in the late 1980s. I’ve had no problems.

Get them out. No side effects for me. It’s been 5 years

Irregular periods( heavier, longer, and never on time)

It’s brutal regret doing it

Heavier periods and more PMS symptoms

Haven’t noticed any difference since getting mine done!

My periods are super super heavy now and more painful, although this is slowly improving nearly 3 years after having it done

Periods are h311 I wish I had them removed. It’s horrible :sob: