Side effects of Nexplanon?

I have had the Nexplanon implant in my arm for 15months now, and my periods are still not consistent! I may have one month without bleeding, and then the next month, I get 3-4 heavy periods back to back for the WHOLE month, or I get periods every other week. It is safe to say it is driving me up the absolute wall. I plan on going to the doctor, but I live several 100s of kilometers from a town in a rural setting. So I was just wondering if anybody out there went on some type of medication or combined it with a pill? I’ve googled everything I can think of, and I can’t get a straight answer. I just want to know if there’s anything I can do before I may have to waste my time on a doctor’s visit just to be told there’s nothing they can do.


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I’d change birth control. I got the shot. I like it. For the 1st few months there’s breakthrough bleeding but it slows down

I got mine taken out for the same reason. And I will never suggestion for anyone.

Your doctor might put you on birth control pill but if you are nursing it can dry your breast milk up. I have the same issue. I tried the pill but it did dry my breast milk up so I stop taking it and just dealt with it. I know how you feel because it is super annoying!

I Personally had a horrible experience with that method of birth control i was on it for four years and all four years I had maybe two months where I didn’t bleed in that whole period of time it literally did drive me crazy and I gained like 40 pounds almost instantly after getting it put in after getting it removed I don’t experience periods anymore and if I do they are
inconsistent but light and manageable.

I had it twice and it did this both times my doctor had to prescribe estrogen pills but I got fed up and just had it removed

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I had mine for about six months. It made my emotions go absolutely crazy and I also bled for over a month straight, like HEAVY bleeding. I decided the best thing for me to do was to have it removed. I’m not sure what kind of insurance you have, but mine covered the removal. You can have it removed at any time if you feel like it isn’t working for you and I didn’t have any pain during the removal. I just waited like a month and a half to two months before getting back on birth control to let my hormones even back out. Good luck!

A doctor honestly will probably put you on another pill as the first option, I had it twice, first time no period at all for the whole time, second one was pretty much constant period, I too got fed up and just got it removed

Honestly just remove it, it was the WORST birth control I’ve ever had i bled for 2 years non stop spotting, horrible mood swings and weight gain.

I was told that I couldn’t be put on nexplanon because of this exact reason. If you got put on it for consistent periods or to stop periods due to having bad or irregular periods then it’s probably gonna have the opposite effect and make them weird or make them worse. They told me my best option would be depo or the pill. The pill made me bleed all month beside the week I was suppose to but depo caused me to gain weight. The doctor isn’t gonna do anything for beside either recommend taking it out or just pushing through it basically. It wouldn’t be worth going in unless you plan to get it removed honestly.

I have had nexplanon for 4 years now. Irregular periods are one of the side effects

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It’s the birth control.

Irregular periods are one of the side effects, as weight loss or gain; whereas when I had the Implanon then nexplanon implant I didn’t have a period the whole 3 yrs on Implanon-2 yrs nexplanon(I got it taken out early), no weight loss, weight gain, soreness, or sickness. Different side effects for everyone though.

My daughter was on that for a few years. Made her gain weight and she was sick all the time. She finally got it taken out and she’s back to feeling normal.

I’ve got the nexplanon implant and I don’t have any periods at all, but I have had implants back to back for years

I had this problem constantly, i can’t remember what it’s called but it’s something in there which creates you to have these side effects . It’s shite … I am now on the coil and I bloody love it ! Brilliant and you can forget about it for 5 years :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine is breaking me out and my periods are going wack. Had it in for almost two months now, getting it removed next week. Plus it hurt getting it put in and will hurt getting it out. It’s not worth it. Back to pills.

Mirana… it’s great. Hardly any periods after the first few months. I’ve had it replaced every 5 years for 16 years now

I had a nexplanon put in 2 years ago and got it removed last year because my body never got used to the hormones. One “good” side effect was that I only got my period twice in the year that I had it.

Had 1 for 4 years hated it did the same thing it would skip a month then be on for at least 3 consecutively after having it removed i get shooting pains from that spot of my arm occasionally, id honestly look at different options

I’m going on three years. The first year I hardly ever bled, just spotting every now and then. My periods came back when I stopped nursing. They last 3/4 of the month ever since. I will be saying a not too sorry farewell in October. Did a great job of keeping my womb at zero occupancy, though.💁

I had the nexplanon for 6 years. Had it taken out(because my husband and I were trying) didn’t have a period in the whole 6 years. Fast forward 4 years later I finally had the baby, and decided to get back on the nexplanon, got it out in right after my recovery time when I stopped bleeding. A week later I started bleeding again, and I literally bled, like thru super plus tamps in an hour, was spending more money on products than diapers, for 11 whole months after I had my son. My doc tried giving me extra birth control to stop it and everything. I finally just had them take it out to see if it would stop and it still took 3 months after that. I miss not having a period at all, but I would def deal with once monthly over a year straight!

This is my second implant. I love it. My first year with my 1st implant was kinda rough but it’s been smooth sailing since then. I would say just give it time and it would go away but after reading the comments it doesn’t appear as though it works that way for everyone so having it removed Maybe the best thing for you so sorry to hear this I love mine and I don’t have to think about it

This happened to me it was annoying I had mine removed

I had the same thing happen. They gave me a low dose estrogen pill but it didn’t help at all. After a year and a half, I was fed up, it was removed. Within 2 months, I was on a regular cycle. Nexplanon is not for everyone.

Hated it. I was always real moody and periods were out of whack. I ended up getting it removed and it moved some. My whole upper arm was black and blue