Side effects of Nexplanon?

I have had the Nexplanon implant in my arm for 15months now, and my periods are still not consistent! I may have one month without bleeding, and then the next month, I get 3-4 heavy periods back to back for the WHOLE month, or I get periods every other week. It is safe to say it is driving me up the absolute wall. I plan on going to the doctor, but I live several 100s of kilometers from a town in a rural setting. So I was just wondering if anybody out there went on some type of medication or combined it with a pill? I’ve googled everything I can think of, and I can’t get a straight answer. I just want to know if there’s anything I can do before I may have to waste my time on a doctor’s visit just to be told there’s nothing they can do.


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My cousin had so many issues she had it removed!

Try a different method of birth control

Go coil way, very safe

I was on that same birth control it made me gain weight. My period didn’t come at first. Then closer to the end my periods we coming normal. Got off birth control cause of gain weight and really bad mood swings.

It made my daughter break out and have mood swings, at 17 years old she used a needle and tweezers and removed it herself

Its normal, some woman get no periods. Some woman get a period every month. Some woman get a period every two weeks. Some woman get spotting every few days. Its all normal

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After having mine removed it was very had to get pregnant again. Took us 3 years to have another 1.

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There IS something they can do. They can take it out.

There’s nothing they can do. My oldest finally had hers taken out after having sporadic heavy periods & weight gain.
Every type of birth control effects everyone differently. I prefer the patch. You wear it for 3 weeks then you remove on the 4th week and that’s when you have your period. So you know exactly when your period will be. Wasn’t heavy & no pain. Completely normal/ light period.

I haven’t had one at all with mine. But I also get really depressed once a month, is why I’m considering on getting it removed. Also has made me gain at least 10 pounds.

Had a period of 18 months straight no break on that. My body was rejecting it due to being allergic. Had to go to 8 drs to figure it out. Had it taken out and an iron transfusion and went the iud route.

Following because I’m interested in this birth control

Can you do an online visit with your doctor or do you have that option available?

Mine was overdosing me and causing my digestive system to shut down I would be look normal in the morning but by bed id be blown up to the point you’d think it was 10 months pregnant

I never tried the arm implant cause I heard so many bad things about it! Instead I got the Skyla ( goes in the uterus) and it’s great! I have a period maybe once every 3 months. Never have any problems with it and it’s definitely effective. I would definitely try a different type of implant

I had a period for 8 months or so ended up taking the pill as well as the implant and I stopped bleeding. My body didn’t wanna fully shed my lining. I only had to take the pill for a few weeks and everything was good. After that I didn’t have a period for 5 years

I have nexplanon and it causes me to have long periods every once in awhile, my doctor gave me a pill to stop it when that happens

Every body is different. But for me it was the worst! I had my periods for almost 2 years straight with a few weeks off here and there. Which caused several kidney infections from UTI and now I have a growth in my kidney due to the scarring, plus other issues. I got it removed on the 3rd year (woulda been sooner but covid happened) and decided I really didn’t want anymore kids so I had my tubes removed.

May be its time to get it out

After 6 months of non stop consistent periods, I ended up in the ER. I was literally on the verge of a full blood transfusion. That was 3 years ago. I have been on iron pills since. I almost died from Nexplanon! I would strongly suggest that no woman ever use this form of birth control.

I have it. Had no issues after 1 year on it we took it out to have another baby. Within a year we had a pregnancy and then a baby girl. Got back on it before I discharged and it’s been 2 yrs no issues. Hardly and periods I spot for 2 days a month

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I work in a gynecology office and abnormal bleeding is the biggest complaint with the implant. A lot of women come in and get a one time depo provera shot to help suppress the periods or will take a progesterone only pill. If this fails, then they get it taken out.

Arm implant was horrible for me, I had constant headache and no appetite. Irregular bleeding was another bad situation. :-1: Take it out!

Get it removed and just get something else. Maybe just pills for now