Signs labor is near?

What were the signs that labor was near for you? I am 36 weeks and havin a lot of inconsistent contractions…and have been losing bits and pieces of my mucus plug…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs labor is near?

Nesting, sleeping more…ummmm…I knew I was in labor when I pooped real good and cleaned out my insides.

Aching back for me, like period pain.

If you start going to the toilet if say yes your baby is on the way! Good luck!

Sounds like Braxton hicks (false contractions)… No indication that labour is near… Neither is losing bits of your mucus plug…

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Urge to poop, period like cramps were the signs I experienced. You still seem to have time… please don’t worry and good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i felt a heavy aching feeling in the bottom of my stomach and fanny the day before, it felt like a weight was on me. i said to my sisters that it was gonna happen that day or the next. i remember complaining to them on the way to the shop😂

For me I had back pain and I started having diarrhea :woozy_face: then my mucus plug started to come out with a bloody show! And of course accompanied by contractions

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Baby will come. No one is pregnant forever. Labor can start with no signs leading up to it. Get some rest.

I’ve been going pee like every 1-2hrs, having constant pelvic pressure, my lower back hurts, and I can barely walk without pain. I’m 37+2 so I feel you on the wondering if labor is near.
With my oldest son I had to be induced, i was 41+4 when I got induced. With my youngest son my water broke on its own at 39 weeks exactly, but I still pretty much had to be induced with him. He was ready to come out, but my cervix was still 2cm high and long

My hands and feet swelled up a week before I had mine. Midwife told me it can happen just before labour.

A sign my ob once told me was diarrhea. Your body’s way of purging I guess you could say. Lol I was 39+5 and I remember waking up and was super crampy, had awful diarrhea went back to sleep few hours later woke up to pee and my water slightly broke on the toilet lol but it’s also extremely different for everyone! Good luck!!

It will come when it’s ready you can’t always know exactly when you got pregnant

I was the same with my 2nd, my ob and I swore she’d come before her due date just because my first was born 36 weeks, she made her appearance right at 39 weeks! Your body just knows what to prepare for so it’s starting sooner

Could be cleaning fluid not mucus plug. I’ve been getting the same since about then. I’m 39 weeks. I asked my midwife about it.
She’s assured me as long as no blood and it’s white it’s ok. She said if it’s clear (and watery) , brown or green or has a funky smell then we have a problem

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My second baby came 34weeks, I lost a large piece of my mucous plug. The next morning around 6 am j had one hard painful contraction as my husband was getting up for work. Went back to sleep and by 4pm I was at the ER bc I thought j had a UTI. Nope I was in labor :sweat_smile: I had him at 2 am after 30 seconds of pushing!

I lost my mucus plug little by little, for about a month before baby number 2 showed up (10 days late)

My second was 2 weeks “overdue”. Your mucus plug can replenish so isn’t really much of an indication that labour will happen any time soon. Braxton hicks can be quite strong in second or more pregnancies as your body has done this before.

Losing your mucus plug is not a sign of labor. You still likely have at least a month to go.

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My waters broke both times followed by muscus plug and bloody show a few hours later. Other than that I had nothing until contractions started x

My daughter was having irregular contractions during her second pregnancy kept telling me they were irregular all weekend but she felt like you described I took her to the emergency room that sunday afternoon and she was dilated 5 cm… they moved her directly to labor and delivery my granddaughter was born later that evening.

Sounds like your coming down with something. I never lost a mucus plug (which can grow back btw) or even had my water break but I was most definitely in labor. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’d call your doctor and let them know. I don’t think that’s an indication of labor but you may come down with something, I’d probably take a covid test at home if I was you. I hope you feel better!


Check your blood pressure

When in doubt call labor and delivery or your ob just to make sure they don’t want to check you out. Good luck mama! It’s so hard to tell when you’re so close!

Do NOT bounce on a ball. Spread your legs and roll from side to side for as long as you can. It will help speed up labor if it’s near, by opening the hips.

Id get tested I felt this same way and was diagnosed with Covid. It will make your body contract and start preterm labor

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Call your OB unit to make sure something else isn’t going on. Everyone’s labor and pre labor signs are different and your history of having two previous c- sections might cause other symptoms so better safe.

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Get to a hospital or doctor

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Your probably having Braxton hicks contractions. Real labor contractions won’t go away. They will get closer together.
Also losing your mucus plug is not a sign of labor it will fall out and come back neither is bloody show.
You are probably just getting sick with that stomach bug that everyone’s getting.
But nothing you described sounds like true labor

I lost my plug almost a month before I had my 2nd.

I went into labour with two of my kids born at 35 weeks. one my water broke randomly and second was having contractions for what felt like for ever. I had gone into early labour with the second. 3 out of 4 of my kids tried to come before 32 weeks. It can happen if you feel the need to do checked i would. My second born water broke not dilated no contractions 3 hours later i had my baby. It can go fast and that early there are things drs can do to help.

If you think you’ve been leaking amniotic fluid, you need to call your doctor and go get checked out, immediately.


Call your doctor! :woman_facepalming:t2:


Fourth child you should know

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What does the doctor say?

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What do you think you should do

4th kid. Your leaking fluid and don’t think you should call the Dr :woman_facepalming: instead of asking unqualified individuals. Call SOMEONE or Go to the hospital :woman_facepalming:


Go to hospital now, and call you OB on the way

Why are you on Facebook asking these questions?? Call your Ob

How many babies and you don’t know

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You should call your doc and not risk it

Is it random? If it is, probably Braxton hicks. You’ll know bc there will be a lot more pain to follow! Good luck and congrats

Lower back wouldn’t stop hurting

It will feel like period cramps amplified by 1000 lol

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Based on my experiences birthing 6 babies…it could be an hour, but could be a month


My 4th baby I was 3cm, 80%, soft, and baby was completely engaged at 36 weeks. 38 weeks I was 4cm, had a membrane sweep. Baby came the day before his due date.
*I was high risk for preterm delivery the whole pregnancy to :rofl:

No way to truly know but just based on a pure guess maybe 39 weeks?

I have no idea. But with all 4 babies when ecer told me I dropped I went into labor within 24hrs.

You’re 38 weeks, it’s near

What you mentioned can be signs it’s about to start.
In addition with my first 3 I was extremely emotional the day before. With the 4th one I had a lot of energy the day before

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Im 39 weeks with my 2nd too and lost my plug Friday. Been 2cm since last week and still light contractions. Unless your water breaks or it’s cramping/pain that you can’t handle I’d hold off on going back. At least that’s what I’m doing lol diarrhea definitely means your body is getting ready though! That happened with my first.

I had my son 16hrs after I lost my mucous plug. My water finally broke. I was up from 1am-4am thinking I was having Braxton hicks contractions… it just didn’t feel painful enough to me for me to be like “ I think I am in labor “ :joy: I drive 40 minutes to the hospital after my water broke and I was admitted and dilated to a 5. I had no idea I was having real contractions. I didn’t lose any mucous that I noticed with my daughter. I was told once mucous plug comes you should go in labor within 24hrs but I’ve heard of people losing bits of theirs for weeks before labor :melting_face:

With all 4 of my kids I went into labor within 48 hrs of someone telling me baby dropped. So that was always my sign.

For me I woke up and felt kind of off. My lower back really hurt. Turns out it was labor and my water broke just a couple hours later

I just didn’t feel right with my second. Went to bed and woke up the next morning contracting x

I give birth @ 36 weeks but the week leading up I felt “ off” like lots of toilet visits, little bit snuffly and just really tired! I give birth on the Sunday and I remember being in b+m on the Saturday and just wanting to be at home to make sure my hospital bag was ready even tho I had no idea! It was strange! This was my first baby also so I had no idea what was happening :rofl:

Usually more tired. Your body might have you using the restroom more.

Remember the due date is a guess date.

So have your bag and car seat ready:)

The pain with the preeclampsia is what would concern me… I’d call mama🫶🏼


I had preterm labor at 29 weeks- my symptoms were stomach cramps that would not go away with switching position’s and or drinking water. They didn’t lessen at all or change. They had me go in and they stopped labor.

At 31 weeks, I lost my mucous plug. Dr had me come in the next day and he said I was fine.

At 32 weeks, I woke up soaking wet with no pain and nothing. Went to hospital they admitted me said I’d be there till 36 weeks and that my water had broken but I had no contractions- I gave birth less than 12 hours later.

I was on bedrest starting at 15 weeks.
I’d 100% be calling my dr.
If they tell you to come in to L and D and you have no one to watch your kids most hospitals will work with you and figure it out. You’d much rather be safe than give birth at home to a preemie.

Call the advice line and go to the hospital for immediate care. Pre-eclampsia is a serious thing and if you are having pain and contractions you want to avoid complications. Bring the kids if you don’t have anyone to stay with them right now. Or possibly you cam have someone meet you at hospital. Hope you are on the way there now.

These can be signs or just near the end of pregnancy symptoms as well! So it’s hard to say. With you being high risk though and pre e I would go get checked. I know it’s hard with the kids but it’s better to be safe :pray:

I would definitely suggest going in just to get checked I experienced this at 31 weeks an went into preterm labor

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Always always check with your doctor, but I had all of that and still had to be induced. lol

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Call labor and delivery and ask them if they think you should go in. Or your obgyn should have an after hours line if you call office.

You should definitely go to L&D. Bring your kids if you absolutely have to. Preterm labor can sometimes be stopped if caught early enough

I went into pre term labor at 32 weeks. Had called out of work that day and told the other assistant that “i didnt want to be that person calling over nothing.” She finally convinced me too. Low and behold i was and placed on bedrest there after.
Call your doctor

I had preclampsia issues as well. It honestly sounds like pelvic spreading more than labor. Labor pains will be steady like every 5 min etc. Braxtons are all over the place. If your nervous definitely call.

Do not get advice from Facebook! Call your dr

When I went in labor with my oldest I felt like I had bad gas pains just time your pain


Braxton hicks pains or false labor contractions always went away for me or stopped after a few minutes go by. But I knew I was in real labor when my lower back pains started and never went away no matter what position or relaxation technique I tried. This happened with 2 of my pregnancies. The first pregnancy my water broke and pain started contracting off and on 15 mins later. The contractions got stronger and closer together within 6 hours I was giving birth. I’m baby 4 now and so far only feeling the false contractions every day.

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I had period like cramps for a week before I went into labor with my first.

Do u have yoga ball to bounce on??

If u don’t gentle bounce on corner of bed.

Ur body will feel squeezing bloading pressure… And like ur vagina is gonna pop off.
Do kegal muscle exercises to prepare for birth. Try very hard not to pee urself.

Deff call ur Dr when pain is 7 or more rated 1-10. 10 being worst pain ever.

Good luck

I expect u will be holding ur baby this weekend. Esp if ur due.

It should feel like your whole abdomen is tightening as if you’re going to cough, those are contractions. not like pinching gas / bowel pains.

You are probably having what they call
Braxton hicks

Their contractions
Which their prepping your body for the real deal
Which the real deal will be stronger and sharper then the Braxton hicks and have a length that they last verus the Braxton ones short and not as sharp

At 38 weeks baby can come at any time
Time the pains and the duration between the pains
Once they get to five minutes apart
And last for a few minutes
It’s time to make your way to the hospital
If the pain stops or slows down
It may just be Branxton hicks contractions (practice contractions)
One sure way to know bubs is coming soon
Is you can’t stop cleaning your house from top to bottom
This is known as nesting

Contractions aren’t constant in the beginning of labor and should be able to be timed. If you’re still unsure, call your doctor to be safe. Being in labor can feel like you have to poop so you may be in the beginning stages but I’d call the doctor to be sure.

38 weeks is considered full term so I would get checked just to be safe with my first child I didn’t feel any contractions I just kept feeling like I needed to pee even after my water broke which they had me pretty doped up in the hospital with my second I got induced and they had to break my water after that it just felt like an elephant foot was trying to come out :rofl::rofl: idk if it was contractions or him literally trying to come out but if your not sure get checked my biggest fear is always waiting too long and end up giving birth on the way to the hospital lol

Contractions mama and start timing them and once they’re apart a certain amount of time go to the hospital. I didn’t have contractions till about 2 hours after my water broke :woman_facepalming:


Sounds like it could be contractions. Time them and if they come around the same time then it’s contractions. I would call my Dr and ask what they want you to do. Sometimes hospital won’t admit you until they are so many minutes apart

If you start getting “cramps” for 5 mins about every 5, you’re probably definitely in labor ! Active labor at that. Try to time what ever feels like a cramp, even if it’s slight… they grow in pain and time

Go for a good walk and if the pains worsen and become more intense make your way to the hospital.


Start timing them. If they are 3-5mins apart for 1hr go in.

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Better safe than sorry is my rule.

My labor started just like that!

I had the same thing. Had no idea I was in labour with my first

Call ur obgyn and ask what to do we are not drs

That’s how my labor started.

My labor started just like that

My labor always starts like that. Feels like you need to go to the bathroom but you don’t it’s just the feeling.