Signs labor is near?

Hello :blush: I’m 38 weeks 3 days. I’m having contractions ONLY in my back. About 5-7 minutes apart, lasting about 45-50 seconds. The pain is about 8-9/10. I called the on call to ask if I should come in to be monitored. There response was "Back labor isn’t a real thing, don’t come in until you have contractions in the front " I have not felt but maybe a few cramps in the front lower belly… but last 1.5-2 hours I’ve felt it consistently in my back. Should I go in anyway?? Is what they said true??


Back labor is a real thing. Go in and get checked


No. My contractions were only felt in my back and hips

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I never had pains in the front. Mine was all back, started at 10am, by the time I got to the hospital at 11am i was already 8cm dialated. I would go.

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Go in. I had back and front labor

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My contractions started in my back and moved to my belly. Try drinking water or sit in the bath, if they keep happening call them again. Good luck momma!

Ahh yah back labor is real lol my friend with all 3 only had back labor

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I had something similar when I was in labor with my oldest. My water broke on it’s own about 6-8 hours after I started having back pains.

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I only had back labor. It’s real. They r wrong


When in doubt go in. Worst thing they will do is send you home

Ihad contractions every 5 minutes for 15 days but back labor Is absolutely horrible. When you feel like you have to go to the bathroom beyond belief and you will know your body will do its own thing beyond your control then you head to the doctor.

Yes ! I would go in ! I had back labor with both my girls ! Go with your gut ! Don’t wait !

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I would go in! My whole labor was in my back. Very rarely did I have anything in the front.

Back labor is 100% real labor. Lmao I never even had front contractions

Back labor is most definitely real…

My son was face up. ALL my contractions were in my back and stayed in my back.

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Back labor is real i had it with my 3rd child and thats all i had never in the front. Good luck and go get checked please to be safe

My water had already broken before I had front contractions… before that I only had back labor

Go in. I didn’t feel anything in the front. Mine was all in my back.

Is there any tightening at all across tummy during these pains. Back labor is very very real… you may very well be changing the cervix I would go.

I would go in. With my first I only had back labor… never felt anything in the front.

I never had a single front cramp with my youngest son… All back labor and it was worse then anything I ever felt…


I had back Labor with my son because he was facing the wrong direction so I felt contractions there instead of the belly. Go in!

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I’d go anyway just to be on the safe side.

Go in even if they say no they dont know what ur body is doing or ur pain id go get chwcked out just incase

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Go in. Mine was all back with my son. The Doctors told me back labor is real. Go with your gutt and don’t wait.


Lmfao back labor is definitely real… I had it all in my back and lower back very minimal in the front.

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Ha! Back labor is real and that shit is no joke. Was in back labor for 27 hrs with my 2nd and they wouldn’t admit me bc I was only 1cm dilated and my water hadn’t broke. Doctor had to break it at 9cm when they finally took me serious. You know your body best so go with your gut.

Back labor is so real please go in

Yes, definately go in. All 3 of my labors was strictly back labor. :blush:

I had all back labor and the contractions weren’t even picking up on the monitors - sunny side up baby!

Yes i only had back labour with 3 of my prgnancys. Didnt have contractions in the front till baby was about to come out.

Bull all my labor pains were in my back for all 3 of my children

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You are in labor, take a shower and then go to the hospital

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mine were in my back with my 2ndd

F*ck that, I only had back labor, go to hospital unless you want to have baby at home

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I NEVER had pain in my stomach ONLY in my back. I say you should go and get checked.

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Back labour is totally a thing. Go get checked.

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I had a back labour with both my boys

It is a real thing. I carried my first all in my back I didnt even look pregnant until 2 weeks before I delivered(due march 17 had her Feb 26) I woke up with a backache at 630am asked my aunt(my ride) to hang around for a while. Took a shower, had tea. Kept having a backache that was just a little tight in my lower belly. Went in to pee around 710 and I had blood and could actually feel the top of her head. 5 minutes later I was in hard labor. Got to the hospital at 725 couldnt even sit in a wheelchair had my daughter at 732 never made it to a delivery room. Had her in a labor room they said I was probably in labor longer then I thought but because it was back labor I didnt realize it.

That is 100% NOT true! I only had back labor for 12 hours before I was able to get an epidural. I’d say just go to the hospital, don’t call again.

When I gave birth to my younger son I only got labor pains in my back. Yes, you should definitely go. Good luck <3

My doctor took my back contractions more seriously because braxtons aren’t felt in the back

Back labor is a real thing. I had it was my first… I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t breathe, stand. I felt like someone shot me in my back… I finally went in and had my daughter 3 hours later

Do not listen!! They told me the exact same thing when I had my first and they left me managing it all by myself until she was almost crowning. I was 19 and scared and had no idea what was happening. A midwife checked me and rushed me to delivery and chastised the midwife who had been watching me. I had my daughter 10 minutes later.

That’s crap! Go in! What has the medical field come to… This women could have that baby at home BC of some dumbass! That pisses me off more than anything… Nurses/drs not doing their job correctly!

It is totally a real thing back labor is probably the worst pain I have ever felt

I only had labor pains in my back . Water broke at 2:30 in the morning . Pains got to 5 minutes apart went to hospital at 530 and my son was born at 6:49 and he was my first child.

If you feel you need to go then go cause no-one knows how you are feeling and if this helps you not worry then go cause you don’t need to be worrying at this point


No harm going in to be checked. Better safe than sorry.

My labor with both babies was in my back. Hospital tried to send me home but I refused to leave until I was checked for dilation and ended up giving birth the next day.

When I was in labor the first time, it was all in my back. I was at the hospital then. And was told the babys head was moving down posteriorly towards the back, instead of anteriorly towards the pelvis. I was told to be in quadriped to help the baby move anteriorly. I was in that position for three hours. Try that, and see if you start having the contractions in the front. If not… Go to the ER and lie and say its front! Seriously! I would do it.

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Back labor is totally real — I had 42 hours and 10 minutes worth!


You’re about to have a baby. :hugs: Good luck!

Yes for sure ,just to be safe

Back labor is a fucking thing man that nurse is full of shit. Typically it means baby is turned around ‘sunny side up’ is what my doctor called it. Definitely not easy at all. Trust your gut and go in!

85 and 4 kids years ago get going girl

I had nothing but back labor! Don’t listen and go in and if you have to tell them you feel them up from if they try to turn you away!

I only had back contractions with my first! I never once had a stomach contraction and I was in labor 42 hours

Back labor is totally real. Go in

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Uh no i totally had back labor. The pains in my belly only felt like light cramps.

I’d go get checked it never hurts to:)

My sister was the same water broke back pains…Doc didnt believe her…Left her all day …She was having csection anyway with twins…It ended up being an emergency csection…Cos they wudnt listen

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I had back contractions and they were irregular so don’t listen to them if you think something’s up go in don’t wait till doc says its ok because if I did I could of died

Go to the hospital. Back labour pain is real.

Go in I only had back labor with my daughter

I had only back pain with my second child but decided to go in… I was dilated 4cm and in active labor… all in my back!!

I would just go ahead and go to the hospital just to be safe… Back labor is real I had it w/ my second… Good luck and congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:

Back is real!! Go just to make sure!!

Back labor is the real thing! Go!

I had only back labor with one of mine. He was OP, sunny side up. I also was an L&D nurse for 10 years at the largest university hospital in Mississippi. You. Are. In. Labor.

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Go in. I had back labor with my first born

I had lots of back labor with my 3rd child didnt have actual contractions till my water broke( was already in the hospital) go in. Better safe.

Better safe the sorrry. GO!

I had back labor with both of my children
Go in giiirl…

Bs. I had back labor. Go in.

Go in… just tell them you’re having contractions up front… and back labor IS real… I had it BAD with my son… I’ve had 6 kids all vaginally … and only 1 was back labor!

The only pains I had with any of my babies was back labor…go in

Thats bull shit, my labour with my daughter was only in my back and that was 17hrs, it was because of the way she was sitting, id just go in anyway

Better safe than sorry!

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I only had back labor with my first. That on call doc needs to go back to school.

Go I had back labor with my son.

Wow yes it is cant believe they told you that! I would go in.

Back labor is real I remember that from 39 yrs ago!:neutral_face:go just to be safe

Go! All I had with my first was back labor. They didn’t move to the front until right at the end.

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Some women only have back labor. I would go in .

That’s how my friend found out she was in labor. Also the same with me, I had Braxton hicks that I could make go away in my back but when they were like yours I knew they were real.

All I had with my first child was back labor. Go to the hospital now!!!

My mom never had stomach labor with my sister. She only had back labor. Go to hospital

I would go in. Of my 3 babies 2 were only back labor

Oh really well back labor is labor n ain’t fun feelin , I’d be ready packed n planning on going out the door soon ;”) hope all goes well congratulations ;”)

I had full blown back labor with all 3 of my kids GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW congratulations by the way :footprints::heart_eyes:

I had back labor with both my kids and the pain was so bad I couldn’t feel the ones in the front. I’d go in!!

Yes they are real… How my labor started… I would go in…

I had bad back labor with both kids. Go in. They will atleast monitor and check you for an hour or 2 I think

Go in !! With my 1st I only had back labor my whole pregnancy even the Braxtonhucks was in my back .
Good luck. And congrats.

I had back labor with my first and it was horrible you should go.

Back labour only get your skates on. Good luck xx

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I have three kids and all my pain with each.wad in my back

Go in. Back labor suuucks