Signs of pregnancy?

Hello everyone I’ve been in this group for a while and I’ve decided to ask because my husband is absolutely driving me mad . So I just had my period and it was not my normal it was several days shorter I only bled for 4 days and the first and last day I was spotting . I should mention that I’m 31 with three boys my youngest being 8 and I had my tubal ligation just a couple days after having my youngest. Im graving chocolate, and fruit and for some odd reason vinegar not together just at random times these are things I’m craving I’m also very emotional and for whatever reason he thinks I’m going through pre menopause idk the signs or symptoms ( I guess I could just google. ) anyways I’m trying to tell him that is just from my period although it just ended. So my question do any of you other mommas remain emotion and have cravings after your period? I also must admit this is a first for me lol but I know it’s possible and I also assume my period was shorter and out of whack do to a bit of stress.