Since having twins I pee when I sneeze: How can I fix this?

Hello, fellow mamas. I had twins almost a year ago and a single five years ago. I’ve recently started experiencing stress incontinence (peeing a little when I sneeze/laugh). I already placed a call to my doctor, but I imagine there’s not much they can offer me. I’m obviously super embarrassed by it and have been doing Kegels - any other tips to help control it/strengthen those muscles? Thanks in advance!


That will never go away… welcome to motherhood? lol


Pelvic floor therepy can also help!


You can buy these balls that you put in you can there’s a control the you press and it tightens you up can’t remember what they called though

Girl I had my twins 7 yrs ago and a single 5 after I had my single birth I have been having the same problem bit it’s just being a mom lol nothing no one can do

:joy: just use panty liners in the meantime and keep doing the kegals


Women having been asking that question forever lol


Cross your legs when you sneeze. Works for me so far!


I just sneezed last night and peed a little… my daughter is 20 months. Panty liners are amazing

I work for an OBGYN that specializes in Urogynecology and we offer a few [life changing] procedures for this. Definitely talk to your doctor and see if they know of a pelvic floor therapist in your area. It’s a very common misconception that you have to live with these issues!


Go see a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor therapy!

Motherhood is amazing.:100::heart:Just got to love it and always carry extra clothes for yourself.

Yeah. Motherhood. Dont jump on a trampoline without a pantyliner either :grin:


oh god i dont think it ever goes! if you cough sneeze jump on a trampoline :joy::joy: kids really do ruin our bodies xx

Ask a urologist about urethra bulkening. I had it done when my son was about 9 months old and it worked wonders.

Cross your legs when you feel a sneeze coming on. Welcome to motherhood.

Kegals, pelvic floor exercises, core exercises.

In the meantime, panty liners lol



These I was talking about

Physical therapy for pelvic floor!

If there was a simple solution to this problem, someone would have made millions by now. Kegels, panty liners & extra underpants in your purse.

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My kids are 13 and 5 still happens lol

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Lol I been peeing when i sneeze or jump on trampoline since my first kid . I’m on my 4th now . There are pills that help but I was told to do kegels a coochie crunch lol. I just cross my legs when I sneeze and stay off trampolines.

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Have you thrown up since then? It’s even worse than sneezing.


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. Works amazingly well.

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It takes time. I had my second one almost two years ago and can finally laugh without peeing but sneezing I’m still working on

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Get yourself a big ole box of pants liners😅

Girl I just had surgery for this very thing it’s a bladder sling the surgery was so simple and I no longer pee when I sneeze chough laugh…Dr.Dafroda she is a urologist she is in the building behind St Anns

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Pelvic floor therapy

It depends if it’s the bladder that’s is affected or the urethra. I had to have surgery for my urethra after my son

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There’s medication and also surgery if it gets bad

Rewind time…dont have kids. :joy:

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My doctor sent me to a pelvic floor therapist after my 3rd. Wonders!

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Cross your legs as tight as you can when it comes on.

Well theres nothing wrong wearing poise pads. The only person who would know your wearing them is you, unless you tell someone.

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Ive heard using the balls and doing kegels is helpful

There is a surgery who can fix that

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It depends if you have a prolapsed bladder.

You may just need to strengthen your pelvic floor. I would consult your doctor


There are uro-gynecologists that specialize in pelvic floor concerns and work with physical therapists to correct problems from childbirth.

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Strengthen your pelvic core !!

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Pelvic floor therapy. Its literally the best thing ever

Lol welcome to motherhood. :tada:

You can try like keagels, but they never really helped much for me.


Kegels, see a therapist who specializes in this, medication or surgery.

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Happens to all of us, great question though!


I feel like that’s just what happens when you have kids …


Super simple surgery can fix your pelvic floor. Check for Groupons in your area!

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Cross your legs and bend over a little bit hahaha.


Leak proof underwear.

Women don’t even have to give birth and this can still happen.


Yes there is I got an op which outs like a hammock holding your bladder in place . Talk to your gp x

Omg, I’m cracking up over here. I really love this page :joy::heart:


Pelvic floor specialist


Pelvic floor exercises the midwife or health visitor should of told you about them

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My physical therapy clinic has a specialist that comes in once a month to work with pelvic rehab problems like this! Not just kegels. I’ve seen her help so many women that have intimacy issues or never thought they would ever jump on a trampoline again after giving birth because of the same issues as you. Might be a good idea to see if your doctor can refer you to a specialist in your area.

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My Sister had her vagina rejuvenation done. She said that it was the only thing that helped after 3 kids.

It took me having my fifth child to have this issue but it’s normal for moms of more than 2 kids. It puts allot of pressure on the bladder and can cause it to weaken. Most of us just resort to bladder control pads so we don’t have to worry so much when out and about and it avoids more invasive things like surgery which is usually reserved for more extreme cases like the bladder falling out (which usually happens after menopause).


Look into getting a jade egg if your comfty with that sort of thing. That combined with a oxybutin from my urologist helps me

Put your finger over your top lip under your nose, that usually will stop a sneeze if you press hard. Wird I know but it works for me.


I think it happens to every woman who delivers vaginally. It’s NOTHING to be ashamed of. Try kegels works for some not for others. Congratulations on your double blessing

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Yeah good question but after having kids your body is never the same


Go to a psychotherapist to have your pelvic floor assessed!

I saw these advertised on TV a while ago


See a urologist, you probably have a dropped bladder.


I do kegal exercises daily multiple times a day

Do them lil workouts… I wear pads but even when i walk sometimes i tinkle a lil. Oh well… I always have pants in my purse or car just in case

Always cross your legs :joy::joy::joy:

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After I had my kids I done the same thing. I went back to my obgyn and he said I need a bladder tack. I did and it worked amazing.

I work in a Physical Therapy clinic where we offer Pelvic Floor rehab. The pelvic floor therapist can do amazing things. They do much more than just kegels. Please ask your doctor for a referral for pelvic floor therapy if it is available in your area.

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It depends on reasoning . It could be a prolapsed uterus or bladder

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I have 2 kids (9 and 11) and I do the same thing if I sneeze or cough hard enough.

I had my last 8 years ago, (I have 3 kids) and i still drizzle a little when I sneeze lol. It helps to go ahead and go to bathroom when you feel the urge to urinate. I know if i hold it more than 30 mins, i better not cough or sneeze :joy::joy:

Lmao sorry to say it has little to do with twins as it birthing two babies I had my first at 20 and I had a slight pea when I sneeze problem 5 yrs later I had another and now I per when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. I legit am forced to wear a pad so I can get through the day without smelling like I peed myself tmi but u know mom to mom

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Try kegel exercises but like any exercise you have to do them regularly to get them to work and I also try to stop in midstream when I pee.

I only have kids that were singles & I have this problem, but not only when I sneeze. Mine is all the time. My dr told me to do kegels, there may be a medicine that might help, or in my case, when I am completely sure I am done having kids, they can do surgery & it helps

Talk to you dr about possibly doing pelvic floor physical therapy, it IS partially internal so you need to be comfortable with the idea but it’s helped me so much

Pelvic floor exercise

You can get a TENS unit for your vagina to help tighten the muscles it’s like kegels only involuntary when you turn the machine on…

Kegels is about all you can do. Or try Ben Wa Balls/Kegel Balls

Bladder sling surgery, best decision I ever made after our triplets!

Depends on why your body is doing it I would see a doctor and check. Unfortunately after 5 kids I pee when I cough, sneeze, laugh, move to quickly or get scared by my husband, but mine is due to a tilted bladder after having all my kids and then having a hysterectomy and unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover bladder sling surgery so I wear pads

Lol every mom does this

Kegel exercises to strengthen your bladder

Pelvic floor exercises, see the doc though as may just be ur bladders not emptying properly hence the leakage!

Might need to have your bladder tacked ,went through that with mine . Was told it’s normal

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Ask your doctor about a referral for pelvic floor therapy

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My mom had surgery to repair this after she had twins (4th pregnancy).

I wont lie to you … After 3 kids and about 30 years old ev1 does it … Coughing / Sneezing etc. At times like when I have a cold I just wear a pantyliner … Welcome to motherhood … Lol


Pelvic floor excercises!! 6 kids= tena lady😭#momlife

I have four kids & this has never happened to me cos I done my pelvic exercises & I swear by it,good luck

I had to get surgery to fix that

I have one kid and I pee when I sneeze or run on the treadmill! lmao. Practice those kegels

Drink more water and control your urine flow by pushing it out especially at the end you need to empty your bladder fully or you’ll get a kidney infection

Kegals with different weights of Ben Wa balls which help strengthen your pelvic floor better. The plastic didn’t help much but the heavier metal ones did and I don’t have a problem anymore. I had birthed four children between age 18 and 34. Had a problem till I was in my forty’s that Kegels just didn’t do enough and I started researching and discovered this method. I’m 55 now.

I had to get a bladder sling, had 2 kids within 369 days of each other. My bladder had significantly dropped due to the close deliveries

wear panty liners, after you finish peeing stand then sit back down, this will help empty your bladder and sorry doll, this happens to all of us. P.S. cross your legs when you sneeze helps too :slight_smile:


Kegel exercises. Imagine using your vagina to pick up a marble that you are sitting on. Practice doing that. When you are peeing, stop midstream, count to 10 and resume urination.

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Cross your legs when you sneeze/cough/laugh

Azo bladder control. Can be found at Walmart

You may have a prolapse got to your Dr and wear incontinance pads liners :+1:

Kegels .it’s funny my 24 year old daughter just ask me about the same thing yesterday and she has no children

I’ve had 4 kids and this is something I’ve felt with since the first.