The ultrasound tech said they couldn't see all the parts of my babies heart: Has this happened to anyone else?

I had my 20 weeks (19w+4d) scan today. The technician told me she couldn’t see all the parts of the heart (didn’t say which ones) and scheduled me to come back in a month. She told me I shouldn’t worry that most likely everything is fine, and it was probably just the way the baby was lying, but naturally, I’m scared to death. She didn’t have a Dr talk to me or anything, and when I mention it to my OB at my regular check-up he didn’t seem worried either. Anyone have any info they can give me, good or bad?


I’m going thru same thing I got to go tomorrow for new ultrasound pictures they said last time everything was fine just wanted more pictures

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I’ve had to go back but it was the spine. Sometimes it just hard to see everything so hang tight!

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They put the return date a month out, if they where concerned it would be more closely monitored.


This happened with my first child (who is 18 now) with her she was just laying in away that they couldn’t see and everything was fine. I will prayer for you and your family.

Me! I go back Monday for another look. I’m not too worried. She was just a wiggle worm and wouldn’t lay the way they needed to view it completely.

I’ve had to have 3 anatomy scans because he was laying weird. Still waiting on another to get his spine and I’m almost 26 weeks. I’d say it’s normal :woman_shrugging:t2:

I dont want to scare you or be negative in any way, just honest - I was told the EXACT same thing, they saw me again in two weeks with the same results and referred me to a specialist and it turned out my daughter had a MAJOR heart defect :broken_heart:

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I’m surprised an ultrasound tech even mentioned that. They always had my Dr deliver the “concerning” results. All of which were no concern at all.
(Except for the tech that told me my son had no heartbeat, and almost convinced me to do a DNC… He’s 11)

Bottom line:

Just give it time.


Had it happen with first two pregnancies. Boys just moved to much or wouldn’t face the way the lady needed.
The way my current pregnancy baby is going I’ll probably have to do two scans also…my scan isn’t for another week and half though

I would call your doctor back and set up another appt for this next week. It could be absolutely nothing. But I have a few friends that have gone through some really hard times because a doctor acted like they where sure everything was okay. You won’t regret spending the money to make sure your baby is okay :blue_heart:
Go with what your gut says! Momma always know best for their babies.

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Yup happened with both kidlets.

Happened with my second kiddo. He was just being a little shit head & didn’t show everything he needed. Everything was fine & I got to see him on the screen more❤️

With my first I had to go back because they couldn’t get a clear view, he was perfectly fine.

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Sometimes depending on babies positioning it can make it difficult to see everything.

Did you get referred to a Maternal fetal medicine doctor or pediatric cardiologist? Are you have a regular ultrasound when you go or a fetal echocardiogram?

If you are having a normal ultrasound without a specialist I’m assuming they truly are not too worried. Even if they send you off it’s better that they have a specialist look over the heart with an in-depth ultrasound/echo.

My daughter was one of the unlucky children that actually ended up having congenital heart disease after further testing. I won’t go into all the terminology, but she has what is considered severe CHD, and required open heart surgery as a newborn. I don’t say that to scare you, but to explain that even though she does not have a healthy heart and has needed surgery, more surgeries to come, she is a happy 2 year old now. Other than being small and having a scar you would never know she was sick at all. She lives a very happy and full life. So if something actually does show up just know medicine and technology has advanced so much that these kids are able to live an amazing life still. Feel free to message me if you have questions at some point.


If they were concerned the dr. would have talked to you and they would have set you up for an in depth scan and possibly a specialist right away instead of another in office one in a month🤷🏻‍♀️ they thought they saw some issues in my daughter’s heart and i had an ultrasound with a specialist within a few days. Turns out everything was fine, she is 8 and no issues!

i had to go back in because they couldn’t find my sons left kidney but it was how he was laying and they saw it again at the next one

With my first child they thought she had a problem with her heart had a more detailed scan and everything was normal with my 3rd i was sent for an mri as they thought she had a problem with her brain but her brain is also fine x


My daughter wouldn’t turn correctly for the first like 6 months, so we had to go to a specialist to see her heart.
Some babies are just high maintenance

They said the same thing to me. I have been just worried about it now. Our appointment with a different untrasound tech is in 1 more week. We have to wait 2 weeks to be seen again only because thw doctor is coming from another city.

Same happened to me with my last child. They also couldn’t hear a heartbeat or get him to move. Once he was born he is perfectly healthy and now gets on my ever lasting nerves. He’s 18 now with a daughter of his own that lives with us.


This happened with my first son but they made me come back the next day hoping he would move because the way he was laying wasn’t allowing them to view everything. I was of course freaking out but everything came out fine

If the doctors and ultrasound technician aren’t worried then stop worrying cause if you worry too much you put stress on your baby. If they were worried they would’ve made a referral to a pediatric specialist who is trained in the heart and you wouldn’t wait a month for it.

This is quite common I believe happened with me, when I went back after a month they still couldn’t see all parts of the heart so I had to go to great ormond street hospital for a specialist scan. All was okay in the end x

I went through the same with my youngest. Scared me but everything ended up fine. Was able to get extra 3D scans of my baby throughout pregnancy so that was a plus.

technicians are not supposed to give you any information regarding the results. They are not experts. The radiologist or actual doctor shares the results for this reason.

If the doctor didn’t seem concerned, I wouldn’t worry. If they were really worried, they would have scheduled your appointment for sooner than a month away. You can usually tell how concerned a doctor is by how soon they want to see you again, especially if it goes against any previously explained schedule (like my doctors who did every 8 weeks until 3rd trimester, every 2 weeks until 36, and every week after that).

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I would call and demand another ultrasound, much sooner than a month away. Thats a long time to stress and worry about something like that. A lot of the time it’s just how the baby was positioned or laying and nothing to worry about at all. Hugs, Momma.

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My 4th pregnancy the ultrasound sound technician told me my daughters intestines were on the outside of her body. She was born healthy with all intestines inside her body, with my 5th pregnancy I was told my baby had all short long bones and may have skeletal dysplasia, she was born 3 weeks ago completely healthy and no skeletal dysplasia :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: ultrasound are not very accurate!!

With my last son, I was in almost every week to monitor my amniotic fluid, apparently you can’t see shit when there’s to much fluid and we had to go back to try and see vital organs and such. Thankfully, my levels just dropped out of no where maybe a month before I delivered and everything was good.

I had this. Baby was in an odd position. I had to go back for another scan. It was all fine. Nobody was overly concerned. Good luck. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had to do two appts at the 20wk mark too. They couldn’t see all of my bugg’s heart either, or her right hand properly because of the way she had it curled and the direction she was facing and position. And at that time they thought she was a boy. Second appt, she had everything on display for everyone. And was very obviously NOT a boy!!
It’s hard not to worry, keep your head up I’m sure everything will be fine.

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Yes! Went through same thing my son is now 13 months happy and healthy dont worry till you have a reason to worry. Everything will work out momma

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She probably meant she just didn’t get a picture of it. They are very particular what they want at the 20w scan. Call your doctor to be on the safe side. But they rescheduled me for a month away because she didn’t get the profile

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I have had five babies and I feel like maybe this happened to me and they couldn’t see one of the chambers of the heart if the ob can still hear a healthy heartbeat and isn’t worried maybe they just didn’t get a clear pic i would stress amd worry when the dr is rushing u to do more tests u know what i mean ?

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The way my baby was positioned was casting a shadow on her heart. Went back in a month for another scan and everything was fine!

I just had this problem with my last one! They didn’t get a picture of all 4 chambers. We went back a month later and they got everything they needed. She is perfect.

I had to do the same thing my son was a wiggle worm and they he was positioned I had to go back at month later and have a full fetal echo done to make sure everything was cool. She told me it’s actually really common

My 3rd pregnancy the tech saw my baby”s brain was developing outside his head and a medical abortion was necessary. I demanded a second opinion and that baby is now 15 yrs old, 100% healthy since birth. Though sometimes I wonder if some of his brain really was outside his head😂
Don’t stress because there is nothing you can do about it either way. If it’s extremely stressful demand another opinion ASAP, not in a month.

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Don’t be concerned, if anything they will have you come in for a follow up as babies do not always cooperate. I had to have my anatomy scans done twice for all 3 of my pregnancies because none of my kids are cooperative… I’m just shy of 38 weeks and my current little one still isn’t head down and I have polyhydramnios so she has lots of room to swim even though she is over 8pounds already. ( had it with my son too who was induced at 38 weeks and came out 9 pounds 14 ounces…) don’t let it bother you, your doctor will tell you what needs to happen.

Dont forget at 19+4 they’re still really small so it can sometimes be difficult to see, get an accurate look. I went back a few week later after my 20 week scan because they couldn’t get a good look at my sons heart, it was fine! If they’re not concerned, try not to worry.

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This happened with my youngest. We had to go back 4 times. He is a healthy and very happy 10 month old boy. He just was always in an awkward position apparently.

The techs weren’t allowed to tell us anything. I aways had piggyback appointments with my doctor. They were allowed to tell us certain things anything beyond the basics they said “the doctor will go through all of that with you.” I asked about my son’s head because I have Hydrocephalus and they couldn’t give me that information.

Yes it happened to me as well. Went back at 24 weeks and they finished the heart anatomy. All was fine !

With this pregnancy I had to go back because baby was lying weird and they couldn’t see a part of his heart or spine. No one was worried and we were able to get pics of it at the next appointment.

It happens when they cant get the baby to move to see. I had to have 2 scans to get all the parts. His heart and head they couldn’t get the first time because he wouldn’t move positions. My last ultrasound I got no head shots because he wouldn’t turn around for one.

It means that the baby wasn’t in the correct position it doesnt mean anything is wrong with you or your baby. Go back and have the scan repeated in a month as your physician stated…it will give you and your baby time to grow more and for the baby to change his or her positioning for a better view of the things they couldn’t visualize at that initial visit.

With my daughter they couldn’t see certain parts of her brain and then with my son it was his heart. I just had to go to a specialist that had better ultrasound equipment. They got the pictures there and both my kids are good and healthy. I’ve heard its pretty common

Happened at every other ultrasound because my daughter wouldnt move so the tech could see so had alot of ultrasounds but now I have a healthy 8 month old

This happened to me with my son. It was due to his positioning. I went back a week later for a follow up ultrasound. They got the rest of the images they needed and there was no issues.

This happened to me, with my oldest, now 7. They couldn’t find the 4th chamber. However, they also didnt seem worried and at the next ultrasound they were able to see it. I know it’s hard, but try not to stress!

This happened to me with 2/3 kids. Both were perfect. They just needed me to come back so they could do another ultrasound

I had that happen to me. They couldn’t see one side of his heart so I had to go back. Everything was fine with his heart. He ended up having a lung thing though that they found the second time! He’s a happy healthy 2 yr old now. Once a year follow ups with pulmonology to be cautious but he’s been fine!

Um. Get another doctor because that one is ignorant uneducated and stupid.

Because if she cant read an ultrasound properly after years of med school that makes her stupid.
And even if she is reading it properly wich is highly unlikely because parts of hearts dont just disapear…her telling u to come back in a month is extremely stupid.
If your baby has a condition wich has caused part of her heart not to form properly that’s extremely serious and would require interior fetal surgery or for her to be extremely closely monitored and have heart surgery preformed on her the second she is delivered.
A normal doctor would immediatley have a 2nd doctor come into the room to view the ultrasounds for a second opinion. Smart doctors that know what they’re doing dont just send u home with a “Well um part of her hearts not there but come back in 4 weeks”
That’s not a doctor I’d ever trust with my baby
I’m a nurse btw.

Yes! I had the same thing happen. Tech made me drink a cold glass of water, jump up and down, all sorts of things to try to move her but she wouldn’t budge. Went back a month later and they got the view they needed and everything was normal and healthy. Don’t sweat it.


This happened to during my second pregnancy at my 20-week anatomy scan. They had me walk all around the office and jump trying to get the baby to move. She wouldn’t budge so I went back a week later for another scan of just her heart and everything was totally fine. It was the longest week of my life though!

I just had my 20 week check up also and the same thing happened to me. Because of the way my baby was laying, they couldn’t get a reading of the right side of his body/heart so I went back a week later and everything was great! Don’t worry or stress. Your doctor should have gave you an actual explanation so you wouldn’t be stressing for a month while you wait for your next visit.

Hiya, just to say I tried all kinds of things to get my baby to move so the sonographer could see (including some very undignified jumping) and in the end I needed to come back a week later for them to rescan. On the second visit all was fine and I was done in a few minutes. Hope that puts your mind at ease xxx

That happened to me at my 20 week they had me come back at 33 weeks and everything was fine it was just how she was laying the 1st time. I’m now 38 weeks, she’s had a good strong heartbeat at every appointment and I’m being induced Tuesday unless she comes on her own before then. Just try not to stress about it, I know it’s hard but it’s not good for you or baby.

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My daughter was stubborn and wouldn’t roll over for her 20-week ultrasound to let them look at her heart and we were told they would look again at her next appointment. They took me to ultrasound for about 5 mins before the following appointment and everything was perfectly fine! She’s a healthy, rambunctious, almost 3-year old :heart_eyes:

Happened with my youngest. Had to go in for an hour long sonogram where they just measured every part of his heart. And everything was fine. Its hard if the baby doesn’t cooperate or isn’t in the right position. You’re going to worry regardless of what we tell you, but try not to. :heartpulse::heartpulse:

They could never get a good picture to really see all the parts of my little ones heart. She was laying the same way and never moved during the pregnancy, so I needed a c section. But she is perfectly healthy with no problem! They just have to get very specific clear views or they can’t say they see it. There’s also a lot of pictures they need for different things on the heart and it’s rather small. Don’t be too worried about this.

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Totally normal. I work in a high risk pregnancy office and we have patient come back all the time to get complete views of the heart. It’s usually because of the way baby was laying/facing.

Yep. I got a call 20 mins after my ultrasound saying I had to come back immediately to get more pictures of the heart. You could see my heartbeat in my stomach that’s how nervous I was!! My oldest has always been so stubborn🤦🏼‍♀️ Everything turned out okay, he just wasn’t cooperating.

Honestly it’s hard to see all the parts of an adult heart via ultrasound. Echocardiograms are difficult enough and the wand goes right on the chest and in the ribs. Don’t stress about the baby, if something was wrong they’d have gotten the doctor involved or referred you to a specialist.

The same thing happened to me with my first daughter. When I came back in for my follow up ultrasound everything was totally fine!

At mine the tech couldn’t get the bottom half of my baby spine. I had to back 4 times the last time I had a different tech and she found everything just fine. Don’t worry if your dr was worried he would have you come back sooner for a new scan. God has control.

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I wouldn’t worry until there’s something to worry about! Especially if ur doc didn’t seem worried! They see your ultrasound before your visit and would say if something was wrong and send you to a specialist right away! Have faith that everything is OK! Blessings to you and your baby!! :sparkling_heart:

It happened with my second . I had an anatomy scan at 16 weeks, they couldn’t get everything so I had another and 22 weeks and then another at 32 weeks to get everything they had missed before. I have a c-section incision from my first so it’s hard to see around some of the scar tissue, and I’m on the bigger side. I’m 38 weeks, due to have baby in 7 days via c-section!

I had to come back for both my pregnancies. The first couldn’t get good views of the face to check for a cleft lip. The second was for the heart. Both babies were fine on my repeat scan.

Same happened to me on my last pregnancy. They had me go back in the week after and all was well… it was just the way he was lying the first time. I know it’s hard not to worry but it’s probably just something simple as that. Stressing yourself too much now won’t be good for you or baby. Best of luck x

I went in with a full bladder and they couldn’t get all the pictures they needed, made me empty my bladder. Still no luck, gave me a sucker and made me walk around the hospital to try to get her to move. No luck. At a later appointment they were able to view everything perfectly!

At my 20 week scan, the tech said I needed to come back in a week because she couldn’t get good pictures to determine whether or not the baby had Down syndrome and if my placenta was in the right place. Went back a week later and got my results a week after that and everything was fine. Most of the time the baby just isn’t in a good position to get the best pictures so you have to go back.

My daughter had a hole in her heart and my doctor told me it would close up by the time she was 2! She’s perfectly healthy & happy & is now 2 years old !!

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This happened to me as well, I was told baby was too active for them to really get a good glimpse on what they wanted and we had already been there almost an hour. Don’t worry yourself, VERY normal, but I know I still panicked as well, but all was good to go at the next one :blush:

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I found out during my last ultrasound at the end of my pgcy (@ 34 weeks) that the docs were also monitoring my son’s heart since 20 something weeks bc they could only see 3 chambers. He was born perfectly healthy.

Try not worry. It’s normal for baby to be positioned in a way that makes it tough to get everything. In my case I had an extra ultrasound scheduled for 28 weeks, because my son’s father was born with an enlarged heart. the extra scan revealed that everything looks perfect.


That happened with my son and I went back a week later and they were able to see everything…with my current pregnancy I had to go back too but they didn’t say what they weren’t able to get pictures of. Sometimes it just depends on how the baby is laying and even the pictures are clear enough

Though it wasn’t the heart there were parts of my little ones brain and kidneys they couldn’t get. Went back a month later and they got it after some difficulties getting her to move into a good position. She is now a healthy 5 month old.

My son my first child had a “shadow” in his heart with the ultrasound I believe I was close to 20weeks but I went to the city’s to double check they said it was al good I believe it does depend how they lay and how good the ultrasound is

Yes I had to go back three times before they saw it all. It’s mainly because of the babies position that they can’t see everything. I worried myself sick thinking something was wrong. Try not to think about it too much.

Yes my one daughter they could not see all her chambers,went back and she was fine.

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I went clear through my pregnancy with out the ultrasound techs being able to see my little ones left ventricle. My baby was always laying weird and then just got to big and smushed to be able to see. But I have a happy healthy 5month old.

Happened to me. They couldn’t get all the images they needed of her heart because she was stubborn and wouldn’t change positions. Came back and got all the images they needed and everything was fine.

This happened at my 20 week ultrasound with my son. They saw a ‘dark spot’ and referred me to Rochester right away for a 3D ultrasound. It’s been over 10 years now but I believe they called it a void? They didn’t think he truly had a hole, just couldn’t pick up that part of his heart on the ultrasound. Nothing more was done and he was born 11 days early perfectly healthy.

This happened with both of my girls. They saw all but the fourth chamber on both. It is nothing to worry about. It really does depend on how the baby is positioned. They’ll check you again at your next ultrasound. They shortened the time between visits just because of that

Same as me, I’m 23 weeks and the second time around they found everything. My sister who is 25 weeks had the same thing happen. So I wouldn’t worry at all! Totally normal!

Yes, it took like 4 ultrasounds to finally get a good pic, I think it was her inflow valves they couldn’t see. But she’s perfectly healthy and happy.

Yes, they couldn’t see parts of his heart. I went back at 24 weeks for another anatomy scan. He was absolutely fine. :heart: they assumed it was bc he was positioned weird in there and there was shadowing on the scan.

With my 3rd they couldn’t see the whole heart, rebooked an ultrasound at a later date and all was good! Dont worry :slight_smile:

That happened with me at my 20 week scan as well. I went back a few weeks later and everything was completely fine! Try not to worry, mama! I know, it’s easier said then done :slight_smile:

I was told one of my sons kidneys was too small and most likely would not develop. Went back for another ultrasound 1-2 months later and everything was fine.

I’ve had to go back a few times for different babies when they couldn’t get a good look at different parts of the body. No need to worry yet at all

Don’t panic. This is very common. Happened with all 3 of my babies during the ultrasounds and I’m happy to say all 3 are just fine. I too was concerned and just phoned my doctor. They are there for you and can help put your mind at ease. You pay for them, sis! Call them up!

Breath momma. This happened to me multiple times. I was high risk, so I had several ultrasounds, out of 6 ultrasounds it happened the first 3.

This happened to me at 20 weeks and I was terrified. We ended up going back a couple weeks later and everything was fine! Baby just liked to move a lot!

Yes on both my girls I had to go back and all was fine, they said it’s so small and hard to see that it will be clearer a little later on

Yes, that’s normal. They can also make a referral for a cardiologists, just to be safe. Sometimes baby is turned a certain way and it’s tricky to get a good view of their heart.

Yes I have had 2 ultrasound done and she keeps not getting what she wants. Says there all there but needs a cleaner picture. Gatta go back for a 3rd one in a couple weeks