This girl has been hitting on my boyfriend at the gym: Advice?

I can see why it took him so long to tell you. It’s not his fault. Don’t feel so threatened. He wouldn’t have told you if he was doing anything wrong himself.


So if your guy isn’t interested he would leave no room for her to keep hitting on him. If she’s been doing it for weeks means he probably hasn’t directly told her to kick rocks.
He should have brought it up before but he’s said something now so go from there. Make sure he knows how you feel without blowing up at him. Tell him to tell her to knock it off and move on from this.
Seems like a lot of growing up needs to happen all around here.


he came to you with it. Take that into consideration. Maybe he was afraid to come to you with it. Because of how you would respond. He definitely should tell her he isn’t interested and has a girlfriend. But I feel like if you blow it up he is going to be hesitant to tell you future situations. Also, maybe he is looking for attention. Or some verbal affirmation from you. Idk trust has to be there. I know that.


what was the fight about? You just know about this one for some reason but if your man is good looking, intelligent, kind and respectful there are probably scores of ladies who have a crush on him. It really is none of your business. If he is the man you think he is then all will be okay. Give your man some credit and you need to find something to do. This is nuts.

trust him.he didn’t have to tell you.

Grow up and trust your man.


Go with him to the gym.
Mark your territory.


That is a red flag. He may have a wandering eye and cannot commit. You don’t want a man you have to babysit. You want a man who is so in love with you that he is committed and not available to anyone else.
Don’t settle!

Go to the gym also, improve your confidence

Why are you not trusting him? Stop being so jealous. How toxic.

Well maybe he wasn’t paying any attention to her actions then when he realized it he told you which he didn’t have to. I suggest you go to the gym with him so you can be seen and let them eyes let her know you don’t play .

He told you, didn’t he? You’re already saying you don’t trust him and sound a little childish. He probably didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t think it would be worth the backlash he’d get :woman_shrugging:t3: If he has to change gyms or pick a new time because there’s a girl that hits on him, you need to re-evaluate your relationship lol

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Relax…it’s his job to make it clear that he is taken. Be cautious though