Thoughts on having an epidural?

So I want to change my birthing plan on my next appointment due to hearing terrible things about epidural. Tell me ur thoughts. No bashing please. At this point I don’t want the epidural…


If you don’t want it don’t get it.
I’ve heard horror stories too but I had no problem with mine.
It’s your body, don’t do it if you don’t want it.

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Epidural was amazing for me

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I had it and it worked great besides some times I’ll have back pain. I’d definitely get it again

Agree with above it’s your choice. My epidural was amazing and went perfect for me, but that was my choice. Do you

Mine was great didn’t feel it going in and worked wonders! I would reconsider your decision but ultimately do what’s best for you!

I put epidural on the papaer when i first wad pregnant but told them at the hosptial i didnt want it. I git meds through my iv

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I did it completely meds free


You’re gonna want it when your 7 cm dialated and you can’t stay still because your shaking with pain. Its really not that bad. The epidural saved my butt!! I thought I was going to die before I got it. Once I got it everything was 110% fine! I pushed my babe out w/ two pushes! I was walking around the same night! I loved my epidural! But if you want to try natural dont let ANYONE discourage you! This is your day, your plan, and your little babe your bringing into the world :heart_eyes: No matter what everything will work out!


You may change your mind once you get into labor. Be prepared for anything.

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To each their own. I opted not to get one cause I was scared of the needle going into my spine. I’ve had 4. No epidural, no meds. It hurt no doubt but I didn’t have any of the nasty after effects from one. It affects everyone differently. Your choice momma!


I had an epidural and it was great, the birth was truly a breeze

Ive had three boys one was induced no epidural or pain meds of any sort… we were made for this


4 babies, loved the epidural!!

It hurt worse to re-pierce my ear. It was a tiny pinch then no pain

I got one epidural my first pregnancy, it was awful i got so sick i could barely hold my baby. Did my next two natural but still at the hospital and it was wonderful i was up and walking pretty quickly. I still have back pain from the epidural I got and it’s been almost 12 years

Best thing that ever happened to me js couldn’t have done it without one and I tried for 16 hours

Do whatever is going to have your mind at peace when baby is on the way :orange_heart: less stress is best no matter anyone’s opinion.

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I’ve heard of women having a hard time. I had it with no problem either time except it didn’t take quickly enough with my daughter’s emergency csection. So… Got to feel that whole ordeal.

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Loved mine, it made my birth happy and relaxed.

I did epidural with both.

My epidural didn’t work at all and I have 4 holes in my spinal sac. But that was my experience. My spinal went amazing that I had with my c-section. If you don’t want it, don’t get it. Discuss other pain relieving options, I liked meditation and a mantra. It got me through two medication free labors and I would do it again. But again, it’s your choice and I also advise meeting with the anesthesiologists because my first one was an asshole and in a hurry and he majorly fucked up. The second one was sweet as could be and made me feel so comfortable. It makes a world of difference.

I’ve had 3, no bad experiences.

Totally up to you! With my first one I listened to everyone and waited to get it until I couldn’t bare the pain anymore, it didn’t have time to work so I felt everything without numbness. My second, it only worked on one side, only my left side was numb :joy: I’m due in July with baby #3… and totally plan on another epidural. In the end its totally your decision…just dont rely on every one elses opinions.

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I had 5 babies no Epidural. Two were induced and labor was 19hrs each the other 3 were 4 hour labors

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Epidural was amazing for me, no regrets!

I had 1 with my first and I did my second natural, but not by choice, she came in the ambulance. I don’t want more kids but I would never have an epidural again! It made my whole birth traumatic! And my recoup time with my second was a breeze and my 1st I was sitting funny for weeks. I tell every woman that will listen to at least try to do it natural. I know burg is just scary but truly, honestly our bodies are made for it. You have all kind of natural endorphins that help with the pain. Honestly my second didn’t even really hurt! You can PM if you want. Ask me anything I’ll tell you my opinion

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It took away my pain but the next week following, I had a lot of back pain in the area where it was inserted. I’d get it again though :wink:

I was very glad to have it all 3 times. If anything it made me more numb than I needed. But I’d rather that then excruciating pain.

Mine was amazing, a life saver. I was even able to take a nap after i got it!! I didn’t have any complications at all, but everyone’s different!

They only problem i had was itching which was is a side effect

I had an epidural and it was awesome when it worked. Didn’t have any side effects. Other then one side wearing off after about and hour. Which sucked cuz I had back labor

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I got stuck 4 times before they found the right spot. Totally worth it. I did loose it all though when I had to roll to my side due to my daughters heartrate dropping. I felt everything again after that.

I said I didnt want it but it saved me and my littles life. I was preeclamptic, nothing would bring my bp down. Epi is a vasodialator, brought my bp down so fast I almost passed out. Amazing.

I has an epidural and everything went great. I do have some back pain where it went in though

They are just gossip. 4 babies not one problem with epidural

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When u get in labor, u will want it! Lol Good luck to you

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I heard many bad stories which is why I didnt get it with my first… I also went for no meds at all… it was terrible. My second I got it. Such a lifesaver!!! Labor was really easy . Two pushes and she aas born. No tearing at all. I have back pain every now and then in the area it was but I would get it again.

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I told the Dr he saved my life lol. Wouldn’t hesitate to get it again.

I loved having my epi🤷‍♀️ felt absolutely nothing, couldn’t even tell if I was pushing or not haha. No side effects during or after. I had a good experience so I’d do it again.

It didn’t work for me however, I don’t regret trying. Keep your options open.

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I loved my epidural and had no problems with it during or after delivery. It was so nice once I had it placed. Like I went from thinking I was going to die to thinking I could do it all over again

1st baby, a Tiny tear, NO ED and it was easy. I’ll definetly have all my babies without it

I couldn’t have had my last three children without the epidural.

I had a bad expierence with mine & it only numbed my right side.

If I have another did I an going to use natural pain relief

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I had one without the epidural and one with it. Honestly there wasn’t much of a difference, I don’t think the epidural helped me at all. With that being said everyone is different! You never know until you experience it yourself

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I begged for it, definitely no regrets. It took away the pain I was feeling


One thing I can say is labor is very intense but relax the best you can and breath through the contractions and you will progress quicker!!

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honestly, my fear of that needle and fear of a c-section are what got me through pushing! :joy:


It was great with my daughter I do have some bad back pain because of it but it really helped with labor!

I have 3 kids. 2 with epidural, 1 without. Recovery was so much easier without having an epidural. I think I walked to bathroom to pee 20 min. After birthing my son!

I have 2 boys, 6 years and 3 years loved the Epidural and thankful its available! I’m due in 2 weeks with my third son and will definitely be getting the Epidural again, no back problems or excruciating headaches either!

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My epidural was a great birth but my 2nd was out so quick I didn’t have time. It helped while in labor but pushing was easier without. Good luck :two_hearts:I’m also lucky have really good birth stories

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I got it. Labor was killing me. I do not have a high pain tolerance

Didnt want to get the epidural but a part of me is glad I did. Because I was in labour for 17 hours and 15 minutes and no it didnt hurt at all. The only thing I didnt like about it was it didnt work on my left side so I still havent labour pains

My epidural with my 2nd was wonderful. Felt nothing, had her out in 4 pushes. Took 11 mins.

I didnt want one until about the 4th cm… then I did lol

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I had one both times. The second time it took a few times to get it where it needed to be but I’m glad I got it bc it helped me a lot. I honestly dk if I could have done it without it.

A plan is the plan until it changes. Feel free to make any changes you want to and know that you can always change you mind again with new information. This is your labour story and you have control over what happens to you in it.


I had an epidural and everything went great couldn’t even feel the contractions

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Keep the option open things change in the delivery room

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I have lower lumbar issues as it is, also want what is best for baby. I’ve had nightmares of the epidural paralyzing me and more. Hearing others opinions helps alot

I got it with both my kids. With my son I only went numb on one side and with my daughter we didn’t know she was even coming out till the doctor came and checked me

Hypnobirthing worked wonders for me! Look into it :slight_smile:

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No epidural and it was the best decision I made for both me and my child!!! :heart:

I had an epidural with both my babies. Never had any issues or complaints with recovery. If I have any more kids I’ll get an epidural! I think you should do whatever you feel is best for you. Everyone is different and if you feel that you don’t want one then that’s great! It’s also okay to go in not wanting one and then deciding to get one. It’s completely up to you mama! Good luck :relaxed:


I did not like my epidural experience. My natural birth was was better. Better mentally emotionally and physically.

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I got one & don’t regret it one bit!

Yeah epidurals suck. Nothing like having a cathider shoved up in you after delivery. Didn’t even work on me. I had back labor so it didn’t even touch the pain. And I wasn’t even numb

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I had an epidural and had no issues slept 99% of the time until I had to push felt no pain no nothing

Just go in there with an open mind!!!

You don’t need one. Stay calm and relaxed. Breathe through the contractions. Stay mobile and walk around. Sway your hips. You’ll be able to give birth naturally and drug free. I have had 4 babies the same way.
P. S. No one can force you to have am epidural x


I had one. :person_shrugging:
No issues.


My epidural was a godsend, I had strictly back labor and it was excruciating. Even though I still have a very sensitive section of my lower back now, I would do it again

You can do it but you have to focus and breath. Lamaze class will help you. Your SO massaging your lower back helps. Ice chips, panting. It sounds dumb but it definitely helps.

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I had epidural with my first caused issues still have a place in my spine where if i lay wrong it goes numb but i have heard plenty that everything went alright with theirs. I had spinal block with my last two all csection those were no problem for me would suggest having your back checked before doing epidural cuz if your spine isnt normal or you have any curving that is not normal it can mess you up!

2 kiddos, both natural. Heard too many bad things that could happen so i never wanted to chance it. Just kept telling myself the pain was only temporary :blush:

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4 babies and I didn’t get anything. I just couldn’t let them stick I needle in my back.

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My first born I had an epidural and labor lasted forever, I couldn’t feel my contractions to push properly and my baby boy ended up in nicu because he aspirated on meconium. My second was all natural no epidural and a completely healthy baby. I also felt like I healed quicker for whatever reason!

I had spinal with my son and natural with my 4 daughters. Almost lost my oldest in childbirth 2 years ago related to her epidural caused her blood pressue to bottom out and she went into shock because of it.

I definitely did not want it. But at 8 cms i got it and I have a high pain tolerance. Between blacking out and having flash backs I could not bare it no more. Next time I plan to have it stopped while I’m pushing

I thought it was the most painful part of my labor experience, unti I ripped right at the very end. So glad I got it. I didn’t have to have a catheter afterwards and my recovery was so much faster than with my c-section.

I was against them until I was in so much labor pain. I have no complains about me epidural though

Had an epidural with my 1st. Still hurt. 2nd 2 were natural. My 3rd i was even induced and still had no epidural. It hurt but i was fine, and was bouncing around the hospital in like an hour. You wouldn’t have even known i was a patient if u didnt see the bracelets

It worked for me but its was extremely painful. You dont NEED an epidural theres other things you can do to help:)

I got it with both pregnancies. NO regrets. I had no lasting effects from it and I would do it again.

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best decision ever couldnt feel nothing when i asked them to turn it down some it was the worst decision everrr… that shit hurt sooooo bad!! GET THE EPIDURAL

When u get a epidural its a thicker needle for the IV also a thick one it hurt my daughter natural is best

No epidural with all 3 kids and I dont regret it one bit :blush: it’s painful, you feel every contraction and it feels unbearable. You scream you cry and it feels like the most agonizing pain youll ever feel but there is something about feeling everything that meant a lot to me.

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FTM to a two week old and both of my epidurals failed I wished I hadn’t even bothered getting them

I had two with no meds … I didn’t want a needle in my back

everyones different in every situation
I have back problems

I had an epidural with my first and the back pain I get 3 years later is excruciating, I did natural with my second and I’d do it again with no meds

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You can get pain meds in your iv if you just need something! Epidurals can cause back pain/ issues years later.

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I was going to have it but didn’t in the end
I’m glad I didn’t and I wouldn’t opt for it either

I had Iv meds, it takes the edge off and I didn’t have all the restrictions that come with an epidural. By the time I was asking for an epidural, it was too late to get one!

It depends on your pain tolerance. I only had the IV med because I wanted something to take the edge off. I didn’t like the thought of a needle going into my back. But even then I waited until the absolute last minute to get the IV med

I had an epidural…no problems…do want you feel is bit

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I had it done with my second kid and I ended up throwing up

I birthed two. Both without. One completely med free, not by choice