Thoughts on kids having a TV in their room?

We have a TV in every room but my kids don’t even use their TV only their computers.

All the bedrooms have tvs, some of my kids don’t watch them as much like my oldest who’s 12 likes the background when doing her work or cleaning and such. Normally they only get the tv before bedtime, I’d rather a Disney movie then then have their tablets.

Kids dont need no TV in the room sorry its not a babysitter

My son is 9 and sleeps with his Tv on.

All 3 of my children had a TV in their room. They also did sports and other such activities, so the TV’s were never a problem.

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No TV in bedrooms, no technology in bedrooms. I do this so it’s fair for all the kiddos. If they have phones or other technology they know it goes on the charger at a specified time each night

My 4 year old has one and only uses it to watch tv for an hour before bed

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my Kids are age 7&4 and they dont have a TV in the bedroom… personally i don’t Agree with it but each to their own xx

My daughter is grown now, 21. She always had her own and it never caused a problem

We only have the one tv in the living room. I wouldn’t have one in a bedroom as to me that is a space to sleep and read but each to their own. Maybe if you choose to get one, it can time off close to bed time as the blue light really interferes with sleep x

Our 7 year old has one but honestly I think he’s only turned it on a handful of times, he’d rather be in the living room with us than up there by himself.

My oldest twos shared room does. But they get to have movies on while playing in their at times or during calm down times. Otherwise they don’t watch it.

My 5 and 7 year old have one in their shared bedroom. They got it a year ago after my hubby surprised me with an upgrade for our bedroom. They don’t have free control over the remotes so they’re still limited on tv time.

My 15 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old all have tvs in there room.and all 3 only watch it at bedtime or nap time. None of them watch it too much. They don’t even ask for it on unless nap or bed time…my kids would.much rather be outside and so they arent in there rooms a whole lot except wjen it’s dark and at that point its almost bed time and I don’t care if its on

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Nope, no one needs a TV in their room, ever,

We are anti tv in bedrooms, just as we don’t allow any electronic devices in their rooms after bed time. Catch a kid on their phone or tablet sneaking it after bed time a time or 2 and that rule was an obvious one for us. But we created a “family room” for tv and video game consoles so that we weren’t always fighting over 1 tv.

I don’t even have one in my room. I think my daughter got hers at 13. I wouldn’t do it younger than that.

No tv in bedrooms at our house. I have enough trouble getting two if the boys to bed as it is.

Mine has had one in her room since she was 2, she’s turning 8 next month. Me and her father decides when she can use it. She’s a little gamer, so she uses it mostly to game on. She always asks if she can play, because we dont allow all-day gaming.

Both my kids had Tv’s in their room since they were very young… To me it was about setting rules the had a Tv time depending on their age and when they were about 2 it was mommy baby time as i would keep the remote with me and it only went on when we cuddled in their bed watching something… As they got older it will go on on certane times. It builds trust and responsibility however you need to ensure they understand the rules. They have never slept with on or switched it on when not aloud my son is 23 and daughter 15

Theres always a limit on TV, phones, iPads no matter what room it’s in so go for it!

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they have one in their room but they hardly use it because they are in the living room or watch the tv in my room

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My kids do but it’s timed. It’s off after 8pm and only on if they’re in the bedroom

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Yes my kids had thier each own t.v they know what time is off for time bed or schedule time neways.


My girls have one (13, 12 and 6) thinking of letting my boys have one for Christmas (7 & 5)

We’re a big family and can never agree on what to watch!!!


My girls has a TV in there room they never watch it much as we have a TV in the living room

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My boys had a tv in their roo at that age an we had a time limit set. They didn’t like it at first but after a cpl wks they got the hang of it…

They’ve had one since they were 2. We have one in their room and one in living room. Honestly, I’m not gonna sit here and watch paw patrol all day :laughing: you go watch it in your room lol.

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I don’t have t.v in the bedroom at all

My son has one :woman_shrugging:t3: along with a game system plus a smartphone :woman_shrugging:t3:

My daughter is 9 and has had one since she was around 4 or 5. She doesn’t watch it all the time and if there was ever any issues with her getting out of bed and watching it at night then I would take away her remote for awhile. She eventually learned better and it hasn’t been an issue in years. Now she has an iPad and is playing on that more than she watches TV. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My 5 and 7 yo have one but its not plugged into a tv outlet, it has a built in DVD player and once in a blue moon I will stick a DVD in there for them. It’s only really there cause I had nowhere else to put it except in a cupboard lol.

My daughter is 9 and has had a TV in her room her whole life( my husbands doing) I personally wouldn’t tell they are older …

Our 16 year old has had one in his room for four years and the only time he watches it is when he has friends over. He is in the family room by us most of the time. :woman_shrugging:

My kids have one…they watch tv during the babys nap…and they get 1 hr before bed of either tv or xbox on the weekends they get it alil more like in the mornings when dads sleeping in…it gets turned off at certain time for bed…but most the time they arent even watching it they play and do things why it’s on its more of a back ground noise then them just sitting watching…but as far as sitting staring they get weekend morning about an hr and then they get an hr before bedtime as long as homework…baths…and dinner is done…or they get the hr to play a game on the xbox…

My kids have had one since they were born lol… keeps them entertained so I can get things done. They r 13 8 5 5 2 and 1. They even got roku for each their tvs

My kids a TV in their rooms and surprisingly they only use it for bed time. Unless they play fornite which isn’t very often. Limit them if anything :slight_smile:

We say no too young to our 8 year old, they need to rest and the temptation is strong to watch tv/play games.

My step kids are too young to have tv in their bedrooms. They are 4 and 6. The dad and I discuss about having tv in their rooms around 5th or 6th grade. All depends on their priorities.

Our 11year has one. it has a ps2 hooked up to it and no cable or anything else. He hardly ever plays it. I’m sure if it had tv or Netflix or a newer system he probably would alot more. He watches his portable DVD player more than anything and the iPad school sent home is practically attached to his hip.

All my children have one. We see the timer on ever night . Very rare do we issues. We take the remotes so the can not add more time and their tv has to be off at least 30 mins before it will turn back on by this point they are fast asleep

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My 8 and 9 year olds have them, I chose smart tv’s so as they can watch their YouTube videos instead of tablets - I didn’t want my girls to have access to chat rooms and I feel more comfortable knowing what they are watching - I am very happy with the decision! I would totally recommend it :blush:

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Most tv’s now you can remove the power cable. I would let her watch it during the day, but remove the power cable at night so she can’t turn it on when she should be sleeping. I’d explain that to her, too.

Mine didn’t get one until they turned 18 except the youngest who snuck an extra one into his room a year early

My kids have had ones since they were toddlers…but honestly they don’t watch their TVs as much as I thought they would. My kids prefer to be more active outside and watch movies in the living room with us.


My kids (9 and 11) have one in their room but they get outside time (unless its storming) and they do their chores. And the tv is turned off 1 hour before bed, showers, brush teeth, and read a book. They know after I say “get ready for bed” to turn their tv off and if I see their tv on after that I will take the tv for a week.

I personally have never seen the need. With four kids I feel that it would be overkill for the fact that if one gets something… Well. You know the rest lol.
I have a large screen in the living room that they all compromise together taking turns to choose content that everyone will enjoy and that is appropriate.
I also have a tv in my bedroom that i occasionally allow to be enjoyed from my bed. It’s a treat and I use that opportunity to connect one on one with whichever kid seems to need it.
My oldest has a laptop that she keeps in her bedroom and uses individually.
I don’t have cable and never have. Our DVD collection guarantees that the selection is approved by me and gives them the ability to decide when its their turn without the age gaps being a concern.

We are constantly surrounded by technology and media and I truly feel that the outside world is complicated enough.
Their bedrooms should be peaceful space

My 9 year old has one and literally never watches hers

I don’t agree with it.

Can I just say, I’m astounded by how many people have TVs in bedrooms … Let alone little kids bedrooms. I thought I was terrible for letting my kids watch TV on the iPad once a day … If that. We haven’t had a TV in the house for about … A decade. Never a need. We just watch a show on Netflix when we want to relax . and the kids use my iPad while I’m cooking dinner. I don’t like the thought of TV always sitting on a table or in every room. Rather buy them boardgames and jumpy balls… But to each their own <3

Both of mine kids have tv one is 10 and the other is 8

Some people may judge me or hate me or think I’m a mean mom but I absolutely hate the idea until they are old enough. My fiancé has a 4 year old and he’s CONSTANTLY on his tablet (which I also don’t think he should have this early) and CONSTANTLY watching tv. Even when we go out he has to have a screen in front of him :woman_facepalming:t3:. It doesn’t matter that I say though…he still gets what he wants. We have a 6 month old and I told him that with him it will be entirely different. I think around 8-10 is a good age with limitations.


My son has a tv in his room. You just have to set rules and monitor usage. The problem is people who use it as a baby sitter.

My 4yr old has a small TV in her room. Only hooked up to a DVD player. But the only time she is allowed use it is once in a while on a Friday or Saturday night as a special treat if she wants to watch a movie before bed. And that’s it. Probably only happens once or twice a month.

My kids have no limits on games or tv because when it’s bed time they not allowed to play games and they like watching tv while laying in bed! I use to put it on sleep mode after 9 but no longer needed


My 5&3 year old have one in their room :woman_shrugging:t2:. It only has Disney + and I keep the remote with me. Its basically just for background noise when they play or to give them something to do so I can have a moment to myself or cook/clean. :woman_shrugging:t2: its honestly whatever works best for your family. And if you are still unsure, (if you already have an extra tv) do a trial run and see how it works for you.

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My daughter didn’t have one in her room til she turned 14. I didn’t want her to be up in her room all the time. Wanted her to communicate with us as a family. But, by age 13, she steadfast stays in her room anyway.

My 11 year old has one in his room, my 8 year old has one in her room, my 5 year old has one in her room. I grew up with a TV in my room, and my brothers had one in their rooms. My husband also grew up with having a TV in his room. So, to us, putting TVs in our kids rooms wasn’t that big of a deal. You can come to a social media public platform and ask for advice/opinions. You’ll get all different kinds of answers, from every aspect. But at the end of the day, it’s what you and your husband feel is best. Some parents (me) don’t care about screen time. Others (such as yourself from my understanding of your post) do. There’s literally no wrong or right way about this. Just do what y’all feel.


My kids have tvs in their rooms. My youngest 2 share a room and are 6 and 4. They have had a TV in their room for a couple of years. They haven’t used it much in recent months but previously it was used a lot.

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My 4 year old has a TV in his room and I have no limits on how and when he watches it. Most of the time He just chooses his Ipad anyway but he can watch it as long as he wants. I grew up with absolutely no limitations on TV but my husband did. So we never really had a conversation about it I just bought the TV and put it in there.

My 6 year old does she can watch it on a Saturday night for an hour and Sunday morning for an hour but it’s dvd only so I know she can only watch age appropriate content.

I was same way… no tv allowed!! Then by 9-10 I gave in one Christmas and got my son one. To be honest he’s 14 now and probably only used it 2-3 times lol… so I think there’s a big difference between being 2 with a tv then a 8-9-10 year old. My son would rather watch tv binge series with us or play ps on living room tv… he was never interested

I’m a hard no on this. I’m almost 29 and don’t have a tv in my own room.

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All 5 of my kids have their own tvs. They have had them since they were little. I get tired of watching kids shows all the time. This way they can watch whatever and not argue over it. Win win for me.

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My kids have always had TVs in there rooms. My oldest is 18 and youngest is 4. But with that being said that doesn’t mean it has to be on all the time. You can designate tv times for them. There’s educational stuff to watch also.

My 11 yr old does my 14 yr old not

I don’t like TVs in bedrooms regardless of who’s it is. We have three, one in the downstairs living room, one in the kitchen and one in the family room upstairs (which is almost never used :laughing:) I like to promote reading so bedrooms are our quiet and peaceful space. But that’s just me :woman_shrugging:t2:


My kids are 7 and 8 I got them a Roku tv. I can put a timer on it and when I take the remote they can’t use the TV.

My 8 year old has one but we still control how much she watches.

We decided that our daughter has to be 10 before she gets a TV in her room.

Mine had them. You can monitor them and put restrictions on what they can watch. Use the parental controls that your TV service provides.

Our two have tv’s in their room and have done for years (now 11yo and 8yo). They have always had a bed time of 7:30pm during the week. Tv is on at 6:30pm with a timer and it turns off automatically at 7:30pm. Since having them we have no arguments at bed time and they are usually asleep before it has turned off. Bonus when having sleep overs and they can watch movies etc and stay calm.

I think about this all the time. I would love to have TV’s in the rooms and keep the lounge as a family/games room

We only have one TV in our house. I will not out a TV in my children’s room or in my bedroom. I like spending the time with my family watching TV, plus I can monitor what my children watch.


My kids do. They watch movies. Like spongebob and stuff before bed. Helps them sleep. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old.

Mine is 10 and has one, but knows the rules and when the TV is allowed on and when it needs to be off.

My two year old has an old vhs tv in her room that we thought we would let her use once in awhile. But we haven’t touched it in over a year :laughing: I keep forgetting we even have it because we’re too busy playing with her toys :teddy_bear:

My son is 10. He has TV, Nintendo switch and my PS4 there. He doesn’t really spend a lot of time on the tv.

We have it in the playroom/younger 2 kids room mainly because they can’t operate it themselves so it’s safe. The oldest is 7, just got her own room and does not get a tv

We just put a smart tv in our kids room. We have 9,8 and a 2 year old. We just limit the screen time.

My 12 year old and 5 year old each have a tv in their room. But they only go on for 30 mins before bed

My kids have a tv in their room!! Tvs have a timer on them… so if you are worried about to much tv just set the timer for what you feel is appropriate… and take the remote with you when ya leave the room… so once the tv goes off… it’s off for the day/night…


Our 10 yr old has one and only uses it at bedtime for the most part. Bedtime we put something on we know he’s not going to get sucked into that’ll keep him awake.

My kids have always had TVs in their rooms but there are guidelines, especially during the school year of how long they can watch.

My son has had one in his room since he was 2. It’s on almost all the time, but he is never in his room, until bedtime. It’s honestly like it’s there for background noise.

No. Save something for adulthood.

My kids don’t have a TV in there rooms… My oldest at 13 has a computer though.

My 4 year old has one in his room but he only watches it during the day. He doesn’t get any tv at bedtime.

Nope. We have a playroom with one of they want to watch something that we aren’t watching

Don’t have kids BUT had one as a kid. It promoted a lot of isolation. Program I wanted to see? Go to your room. Company’s coming. go to your room. (Family room had TV and that’s where they were staying).
Finally came to the point, I don’t need to leave my room.

Why not? I guess I don’t get it.

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Have one, but no cable and only a DVD player no streaming services either. Room is shared between 6, 4 and twin 1 year olds

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My 8 and 10 year old has one. We take remotes by bedtime and only let them in their rooms watching TV so much during the day.

My kids 6, 7, and 8 all have TVs in their rooms. They use them more at night than the day but before bed they bring us the remotes so they cant watch watch tv when we’re not aware

Let him/her have one, it’s completely fine at that age and teaches some sort of responsibility! And that if they’re not responsible and follow the tv rules you have set then there will be consequences. So it teaches them something. Take the remote at night if you’re worried about them watching tv at night