Thoughts on the baby name Annabelle?

Thoughts on the baby name Annabelle? Is it to a horror movie? My baby is due in a month, and I love it but my husband’s family (Church people) do not like it because of that movie.


Name the baby what you like it’s your child.


Yes it’s a horror movie…but there’s lots of other horror movies with female names…

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It’s a good name but what about Annabeth?

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Church people… :thinking: oh ok, so they’ll understand and accept it when you name your baby whatever you like! Win win lol


Why are church people watching horror movies


I named my daughter Abela.

That’s my 2nd kiddos name :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughters name Is Annabella

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Annabelle is my first daughters name! :heart:

I am not Christian but think of that damn doll when i hear that name. Given that when she grows up people wont even know about that movie so go with your heart.

My daughter’s name is Annabelle.
Annabelle Rachel.

My step daughters name is also Annabelle

I named one of my girls that but it was before the movie but what about Isabella.

My little love is Annabelle. It is the perfect name for her. She can be Annabelle, Ann, Anna, Belle, Bella, etc. We don’t watch horror movies and I hadn’t even heard about it until after she was born.

If they’re so “churchy”, how do they know what it is about? The name is beautiful and EVEN BETTER, will piss people off who have no right putting their two cents in on YOUR child’s name.
I have a friend with a daughter named Annabelle and never once did the movie cross my mind.


My daughter is Annabelle Rhianne born in 2011

Then I guess they disagree with a bunch of names, I think that is childish.

Sounds beautiful! And also it’s your baby so name her what you want. Seriously it is between you and your husband. And if movies are their standard then lots of names would be out. I’m sure you will use a shortened version for every day use anyway.

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So we aren’t going to talk about Jason, Freddie, or Michael? They don’t use those names either? :woman_facepalming:t2: Ridiculous. Don’t even discuss your name choices. They don’t get to have an opinion because it’s none of their business. Only mom & dad get a vote.

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I heard the same with my son Damien. From scary movie. I didn’t care. People get to name their own kids. I don’t think people realize how rude it is to even interject their opinion.

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Your daughter your decision.

How about Annabella?

Omg haha it’s just a movie …

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Honestly I’d then definitely name her that just to offend the Bible thumpers :woman_shrugging:


I think it’s pretty and she’s your daughter. BTW, I worked with a sweet young lady named Annabelle.

It’s your daughter. Don’t let others dictate how you choose to name her. My mom didn’t like Nathaniel, but I instantly had a gut instinct that I was having a boy. His name means a gift from God. I never let her opinion sway what I wanted to name MY son.

Annabelle has a beautiful meaning.

My sister and her husband are very religious and they named their daughter that. They didn’t care about the movie at the time. My sister’s water started leaking at 21 weeks and they wanted a name in case of the worst. But even since then they’ve never had any issues with her name being brought up as associated with the movie.

I’m not a fan, but if you like it who cares what others think.

I like the name but I get why they disapprove.
Why tempt fate?
Regardless, your child, you name her.

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It’s cute. And your baby, not theirs. I had that issue with my very Catholic family because I named my daughter Gloria.

I love that name. It was on the top 5 list I had made and secretly wanted that name for our daughter but I handed the list over to my husband and said here pick on these are the ones I like. Needless to say she ended up as Adalyn instead

My first born is Annabell Brooklyn :purple_heart: I had her before the movie was out and I’d never heard of the story until the movie. People always ask if I named her after it though. It doesn’t bother me because I simply say no she came out before the movie :wink:

Never talk about baby names with family or really anyone until the birth certificate is signed. No matter what you decide to name your child it will be critised. Some people just find joy in critizing. The name Anabelle is beautiful. If you like it name your child that. If family don’t like it they don’t need to be in your beautiful Anabelle’s life.

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Everytime I hear that name it reminds me of Annabelles wish. My daughter loves that movie.


Honestly I wouldn’t not because of the movie or your family but because she has to grow up with it and she will be reminded every day of her life and be teased

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What about annabella? The first thing I think of is the movie lol not gonna lie.

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Ok first off that’s bs, tell them to go scratch! your kid, your name pick, Annabelle is beautiful!

Second pick any & I mean ANY name in the book, google it & you find a bad person with that name! Doesn’t have anything to do with your child! If that was the case my whole entire family would be named after serial killers! Trust me I just googled it to make my point! You do you girl!

My daughter’s bestie is named Annabelle she doesn’t give off a horror movie vibe :+1:t2:

I like it its a pretty name

Maybe Annabella? Compromise and I think it is pretty

Every person has something to do with some name. Pick a name and don’t tell anyone until after babe is born.

My friend named her daughter Annabellee pronounced Anna Bell Lee

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When I was pregnant with my daughter people said it was a “black” name, I still named her what I chose and it suits her so well at 8. Don’t listen to them, it’s your child
ETA: her name is Ariana Elyse

I wanted to name mine Samara but decided against it because of The Ring movies. So she is Elena.

You’re the one that’s gonna be yelling it 83936293926 times a day. I like it :woman_shrugging:t3:

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What about Arabella?

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Everybody is going to have something to say about what y’all decide to name yalls baby! Name your baby what the two of YOU want.

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How about Ambrielle,Arabella or Amelia or Bella-Anne


It’s a beautiful name and it’s ur daughter you name her what u want not what other ppl want. My daughters name is Emma n my family made faces to it but my daughters name is Emma n I love it.

It’s a beautiful name… Don’t let them talk you out of it…
How many horror movies are around and it hasn’t stopped people calling their children names that are in the movie eg: Jason, Freddy ECT…

It’s a name,it has nothing to do with the movie…They are being silly…

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It’s your child name her what you want to and tell them to get over it

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Honestly, that is the first thing I think of too when I hear the name but who realistically will call her Annabelle unless she is in trouble. Most likely people will call her Anne or Annie

I don’t know the movie so… :woman_shrugging:

Love it. It’s my daughters middle name. Just spelled AnaBelle

I wanted to give my little girl that name didn’t because of my step mom today I regret it I ended up calling her Annaché. Stick to the name u want if u don’t u will regret it. Good luck MOMMA

I have an Anabelle Grace we call her Gracie now, figure when she gets older she will wanna use her first name instead.

If you like it, No ones opinion matters tbh, that’s your baby. :black_heart: Dont let anyone talk you out of it.

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My daughters name is Annabelle Sunshine. My middle name is Sunshine so I thought it goes perfect.

My daughters name is Annabel :blush: we used to get a lot of the horror movie stuff but then we explained that Annabel also means loving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What movie it a beautiful name

Annabelle was a name before it was a horror movie lmao if you feel its right then name your daughter Annabelle

The first thing I actually thought of was the poem “Anabel Lee” by Edgar Alan Poe. I love that poem. :heart:

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It’s up to you and your husband. There are loads of names in films. There being silly, she’s your baby they don’t have a say.

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Good thing it isn’t their baby lol. If you love it, use it. It’s your baby


His family wasn’t there for the making of the baby then they shouldn’t have a say in the naming of the baby… I wanted to name my daughter emmaleigh and my ex husbands mom told me that she had a cousin named Emily and that I needed to find a different name… So my dad ended up naming her… lyllyan Lorene Grace Ann

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My son has a friend and that’s her name, all the kids love Annabelle!

That’s ridiculous. Seriously. I think the name is beautiful. I love it. Bella for short. Or anna. Anabella is also pretty. Don’t let a stupid movie or ridiculous opinions stop you from naming your child what you want.

I think it’s cute. Pick what you like. Screw everyone else.

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My daughter is called phoebe Annabelle pick what you want it’s your baby your choice best of luck x

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First thing I thought of was the children’s toy range lol. Pick what you like!

Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hahaa if thats what you want go for it !!! Nvm your in-laws you & your husband are the one that’s gonna be raising her! Do as you want ! All my friends calls me Bella or we joke around about the scary doll, but its all fun and games thats all it is !

We had Annabelle at first but then changed to Anabella! I love the same!! There is plenty of names that are off movies… that can’t be helped can it haha or is it because it’s a horror movie hahaha xx

Give her a middle name of a saint this might make them happy

I’m sure God isn’t going to send your baby to He!! over a name. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I’m all for church people, but they take it too far. Tell 'em they weren’t there to help make the baby, so they don’t get a say.

If they didn’t like my baby’s name, they wouldn’t have to worry about seeing them. :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

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That is a beautiful I would name your baby what you want

Since when do the grandparents get a say?

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It’s a pretty name, but they do carry vibrations… but people should also look at the positive! I think it’s beautiful

I have a friend who’s name is annabelle. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think they’re just generalizing it.

Go for it! I loved Emily Rose but everyone put me off … I still love it 5 years later :rofl::woman_shrugging:t4: xxx

What about Isabella?

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Annabella and call her Bella? Maybe then they will be okay with it. Reassure them your not naming her after the movie but simply bc you like the name. Also you could compromise and go with Isabella

my daughter’s name is Samara… I never realized until after naming her it’s the scary girl from the ring"s name as well… but it’s a beautiful name :woman_shrugging:t3:

Girl people name their babies Emily Rose and I cringe.
Annabelle is nothing.

Annabelle was also a name of daughter in the CHRISTIAN movie called “miracles from heaven”.


Your baby, your choice. There are always gonna be people who don’t like a name for one reason or another.


Adorable name. I named my daughter Lilith. I didn’t care what anyone else’s say was. I have 2 boys who have generic names (one of which is a jr.) So she was my pick and mine alone. I didn’t care who didn’t like it.


It’s one of my absolute favorite names, it’s my daughter’s middle name. She was named after her late great grandma who’s name was Lucy Ann so we put a spin on it and did Lucy Annabelle.


If you love it, go for it! It’s your kid. It dosen’t matter what other people think…


The very reason we did not tell anyone our baby names until the kids were born. It’s not anyone else’s choice besides you and your husband.


It’s sad that all these woman are saying “it’s yours baby name it what you want” when there is a father in the picture and deserves a say on the name. It’s his baby too. You should agree on something.


I love this name💗 it was my grandmother’s and my daughter middle name was going to be this, but we didnt end up giving her a middle name. Its a beautiful name


I’m not sure how much they could be considered “church people” if they don’t even realize that Annabelle is a very old Biblical name lol. :woozy_face:


I named my some Slevin because his father’s mom hated it… I’m the wrong person to give advice on this :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well, i adore the name Damien and if that kids name was “Steve” in the Omen it would be tagged too. Annabelle is lovely.


One of my my close friend named her daughter annabelle and we are Christian! Tell your hubby’s family only Jesus is allowed to judge you and your name choices :wink: If you and your hubby decide on the name together then congratulations and welcome to the world baby Anabelle!!


It’s a little creepy bc the movie, but they will get over it:) they aren’t the ones carrying that baby for 9 months!!:rofl:


I love annabelle the only reason I wouldn’t name my girl that is because my show cow in high school was named that. I would remind them of the movie annabelle’s wish . It’s a Christmas movie back in the late 90’s . It has a great story line behind it!

Also don’t forget this is you and your husbands baby not theirs!


My daughter was born in 2004, we named her Emily Rose. Not long after she was born the move came out, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Do you know I have had people actually ask me if I named my baby after that horror movie?? Really people?? Why would I do that?. :roll_eyes: Name your baby what you like, people are gonna be how they are, we can’t change that…