Thoughts on the baby name Annabelle?

Lots of people out there with the name Annabelle and other names associated with horror films and events.
Honestly you arent going to please everyone so you may as well name her something that you and your husband like. 🤷

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There’s the most adorable animated Christmas movie, Annabelle’s Wish. It was my little sister’s favorite movie when she was little, earning her the nickname Allie May Bell, to sound like Annabelle, but still an extension of her actual name, Allie.
Just offering a different perspective. “Annabelle” and “horror film” aren’t necesarily synonymous.


Do not not name your baby a certain name because someone in the family associates it with a movie. Your child, totally your decision.

My daughters name is Coraline after the movie and I got dirty looks when I announced her name but oh well. If you love it it doesnt matter what others think.

Stick with the name, an as a plus when she gets older if anyone bullies her she can say she’ll get them like the movie

:woman_shrugging: my little girl is Emily Rose its also from a horror film but if you tried you could find something wrong with any name. also once she’s born and they no longer think they have time to change your mind people won’t comment so much on the name. My advice: growing thicker skin hunnie some peoples favorite pass time is critiquing mamas. No matter what you do or don’t do someone will think you’re doing it wrong. Ignore them.


That’s silly, the name has been around for centuries before that movie ever existed…name your child what you want and let the in-laws sort out their own shit…lol…


Annabelle was also a movie about a sweet little cow at Christmas who wanted to be a reindeer. Annabelles wish. I think it’s adorable.

My daughter is named Annabelle and she has red hair lol she was born before the movie came out though. I think it’s a great name

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Also, my opinion is this: although Annabelle is based off a true story and is the name of the entity that possessed a doll in the 70s, it does not mean you are damning your child by naming her that. You are naming her because of the love and the beauty of the name, not because you’re naming her after said entity. Also, we are not the originals to our own names. Who’s to say that something terrible happened to someone thru the years with the name that is the same as ours? A name does not lock in our fate/ destiny/ future…


My daughter is named Annabelle. Couldn’t imagine calling her anything different but I’ve refused to watch those movies for that reason :joy:

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It’s a horror movie but if you like the name who cares what anybody else thinks. I have a cat named Annabelle and I had someone tell me they wouldn’t come to my house because of it. I told them ok, I don’t care. They didn’t stop coming over. It’s a beautiful name. I say go for it and name the baby Annabelle cause it’s your baby, not theirs.

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My son due in a week is named Severus and ppl dont like it. But my child my choice. Name it whatever you want. Don’t let others dictate what to name your child, how to raise it, or anything. Isn’t part of being a Christian not to judge others? They need to practice what they preach.


I have an Anabel… well before I heard bout the doll. I would say go for it if thats what you want. Your baby…not theirs!

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Tell them your gonna name her Luci short for Lucifer!:grin: see if they care about the name Annabelle after that.


Name your baby whatever makes you happy! I named mine Guinevere before I ever remembered the name of the girl in the show “You.” It didn’t even occur to me that there’d be a correlation. Frankly, everyone who’s asked me has told me it’s beautiful, never mentioned the show, and only one person ever has actually put together the song I actually named her after :slight_smile: Everyone else usually goes straight to “King Arthur’s wife who had an affair with Lancelot” lol

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It’s your baby your choice when I choose the name Damian for my son I had family members against it because of that movie but that’s not why or who I named him after I had gotten the name from the actor in the movie blood in blood out (Damian chapa) who plays miklo my dad swore he wouldn’t call my son by his first name only by Michael which is his middle name but whenever my son was around it was always Damian this and Damian that so momma it’s your choice also as for that movie Anabelle I personally wouldn’t watch it not a big fan but I do like the name so good luck and congrats on your bundle of joy

I had an aunt with that name that had passed away few years ago she was a very good woman

I actually was researching names when my youngest daughter was born… I named her annabel because it means grace and beauty :heart::heart::heart: not everything is dark like that, you and the dad have the say in the name… noone else :heart::heart::heart:

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That name came before the movie anyways… It’s your choice. It’s a beautiful name too.

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Not gonna lie, I think of her too when I hear the name and I never watched the movie lol

It is fairly popular in my community, we have more than one Annabelle, an Annabellea and MANY Isabella/Isabelle at our school.

I named my youngest daughter Sabrina, so that pretty much sums up what I think of other’s opinions about my baby name choices lol

Tell everyone you’re naming her something absolutely ridiculous because nobody likes your ideas. Tatertor Jane is her name now until she’s birthed :joy: Itll give them something else to be pathetic about for the time being.

I’m Church people, and love the name and horror movies. It’s your daughter, be damned what others think. It’s between you and your husband, nobody else.

You could always have the name Anna-Bella as a middle name but to me I like the name Annabelle and I like LillyAnn x.

My daughter’s name is Annabelle (born in 2013 before the movies came out) and everyone comments on beautiful the name is all the time. Forget what everyone else thinks if you love it then it’s perfect :purple_heart::purple_heart:


That name only reminds me of that movie! But if you like then go ahead. Your baby, not ours!

Looove it I have three boys but if any of them had been a girl my top pick was annabelle lee after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe

Word of advice: don’t listen to family regarding the name you choose for your child. Think about what the name will sound like when spoken by a teacher, or when children knock on your door and ask, “Can _______ come out and play?” Annabelle is a beautiful name. She will end up being called Anna, Annie, Ann, or perhaps Belle. This is a deeply personal decision. Go with your gut.

It’s not your fault that the doll’s name is the same. I personally have always liked the name! It’s a cute name :hugs:

Annabelle has been around for literally hundreds and hundreds of years… don’t let one movie (and it’s sequels) Ruin that. It’s a gorgeous name

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I love it although if she ended up in my room staring at my smiling in the middle of the night I might scream lol :joy:

Tell them your naming her that or sibil sure Annabelle will be the win who gives a f what anyone else thinks its your baby

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It’s a pretty name. And she’s your baby, not theirs. They don’t have to like it. What are they going to do if you decide on the name Annabelle , avoid her…?

When my husband and I wanted to name our son Ira, my Mom said she didn’t like it. Guess what? Our son is named Ira and I couldn’t picture him with any other name.

I like it, if the name feels right to you then who cares what other people think…your child ,you choose the name that you want to say a million times ,haha

Look it up in the bible…they can’t hate it then… lol

as a name for girls is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of the name Annabelle is “He (God) has favored me”. Annabelle is an alternate spelling of Anabel: combination of Anna and Belle. Annabelle is also a variant of Anne (Hebrew).

You name whatever you want YOUR BABY to be. As long as your husband is on board too. I am due in august and having a 3rd girl and I will be naming her Annabelle because I think it’s a beautiful name.

You name your child whatever you want. It’s rediculous to say something like that, I mean names are names. I’d say it would be understandable if you wanted to name your child Satan or devil or some freaky name like that… But Annabelle ? Give me a break. Name your sweet little girl and be happy about it ! I had my son’s name picked out from the start of mg pregnancy. You just feel it when it’s right. So please just don’t listen to rediculous stuff like that and live your life.

Tell them to shove it. You like it. You carried her, not them.


My daughter’s name is Anna Belle. Two names, not one, totally different from movie.

They are not carrying that child if you and your husband have decided on that name then forget what others think!!! I love the name!!

My daughter is Anabelle. Named her that way before that movie ever existed. Ppl say the craziest stuff :sweat_smile:

Love the name myself but because of the famous possessed doll it puts a negative twist on it for me which is disappointing. Maybe do Annabella ?! Changes it slightly!

Its your baby, your choice. If they don’t like the name, then that’s their problem. So name that baby any name you want. No matter what name you chose for your baby, you can’t please everyone. Just name your baby what you want and the hell to all the haters…

My younger two are journey and cherokee. Simply because people TRIED to tell me what I could name my kids.

Do you and your husband like the name? Your in-laws already had babies they got to name, it’s your turn now. Their time is over in this instance.

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I have some one that named their daughter that

My sons name is Damian… the dr delivering literally referenced the movie The Omen when asking what his name was.
You can link every name back to good/bad actors & movies. Name your baby what you’d like, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

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My sons name is Abel my ex’s dad thinks it’s from the Bible but it’s really from the sons of anarchy I say name your baby what you want it’s a pretty name

I named my first born Samara,horror fan I admit I named her after Samara from The Ring :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Annabelle reminds me of the creepy doll movies…so imma have to say no

That is a BEAUTIFUL name. I almost named my daughter that. However, I truly believe we feel what name belongs to our children. If you feel your baby is Annabelle, then that’s your baby’s name. Sure you will toss around some names but the right one will stick to you. Go with it. It’s nobody’s else’s say. Maybe they can call her Belle or Anna, if you prefer. However, don’t change your mind because of other people’s feelings towards a name, whatever that reason may be. Wishing you many blessings :two_hearts:

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Is it their kid?? I don’t know why people let their family decide… it’s YOUR baby.

Can I think of a whole Lotta movies they don’t have common names in there. My name is it a bunch of horror movies don’t bother me none

Are they the ones giving birth to her?

It’s your baby not there’s you have the say they can like it or not it’s not up to them

Not everybody can be Rebecca of Sunnybrook farms

I love it!!! You are her mom, so name her what you want! Your the one giving birth to her not them!

Uhm who’s baby is this? You and your husband right? You two get to decide!:grinning:

Maybe a variation like AnnaBella?

My favorite poem is Annabel Lee. Its a wonderful name

My 9 year old is Anabella Elise. I love the name

If you want love the name Annabelle then you shouid beable to name her that i love the name its beautiful :two_hearts:

Beautiful name!! For a baby, my niece named a doll Annabel, different story :scream:
:joy:. There’s lots of boys named Jason and Damien… if you and your partner like the name then who cares… :heart:

You could always make it annabella?:two_hearts:

My nickname is Annabell I love it I think it’s a cute name for a girl :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hahaha tell them you’ve changed your mind and will be welcoming baby Lilith soon. :joy::rofl::joy:

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This is your baby. Besides the name has been around a lot longer then the name. I love that name also. Go for it

I know a couple Annabelles and they’re both church goers

Its beautiful! Very french :heart:

If they don’t like it they can call her Anna or Bella something like that

There’s always a movie or crazy person with a name :rofl: just name the baby what you want to call them for the rest of their life and repeat one million times a day :joy:

Omg! Who care about the movie!!! You name her the name you like! His family doesn’t have to like it!!!

It’s your child with your husband who cares what anybody else wants to name your baby. You birth it…you name it! That’s how it works…js💁🏻‍♀️

My daughters name is Annabelle. I love it

Mom and dad’s daughter your guy’s choice, beautiful name go for it girl🙂

My niece is Annabelle. It’s beautiful. Do it.

Name your baby whatever you want. They don’t get to name yours!

Well my name is Annabel and for short is Anna …

Name your kids whatever YOU want.

Name your baby whatever you want - she’s your baby

My granddaughter’s name is Annabelle

I named my daughter Reagan … sooooo

Just add an A… Annabella then it different lol and cute :heart_eyes:

If you love it it’s all that matters :relaxed:

Annabelle means favored grace :raised_hands:

Just tell them the name was around before the movie

My mother had 8 children in her life. When it was my time to pick names for my babies she told me not to set my heart on one name - it might be the wrong one. She told me to have some ideas in the back of my mind and then when I hold that baby and we’re bonding I’ll KNOW what that baby name should be. She was absolutely right. I changed my mind after I met my baby face to face.

Our daughters name is Annabel

I doubt she will become the possessed doll they are so afraid of.

Your baby - you choose! It’s a beautiful name

I say go for it🤷‍♀️ they wouldn’t of know a damn thing if it wasn’t for that movie. It’s a name. Use it n

I love it because church people hate it because of a horror movie …but that’s just me :woman_shrugging:t2:

Your baby, your choice. Not theirs.

It’s lovely. Heaps of names can be referenced to movies. What can ya do? :woman_shrugging:t4:
Could alter it to Annabella…:footprints::gift_heart:

Annabella is cute as well.

I changed my name to Elizabeth because of the Biblical connotations when I was 16, when my mom saw my ID she freaked because in her opinion Elizabeth Taylor is a tramp😆. Its been years and she still calls me “Sis” and never uses my name. Point is I’m happy. Everyone, but her, has accepted my choice and none of my kids have family names. So if anyone has a problem with what YOU and hubby name YOUR bundle of joy. Its THEIR problem, they can deal with it.

It’s cute. Who cares what other people think💞

Fuck that, name the baby what you want.

It’s a beautiful name!!!