Thoughts on the copper IUD?

Hi, I’m a mother to 4 children and do not want any more babies! However, I do not want to tie my tubes because I don’t want to be put through any kind of surgery. I am currently taking the mini pill for birth control because I am breastfeeding my baby and also have hypertension. I’ve been considering the copper iud as I’ve read that it’s safe under my circumstances … but wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with it because I feel so nervous about having something inside of me for multiple years. Thanks !


I LOVED mines! I can’t take any hormonal because of my migraines!

I don’t have the copper one but I love my mirena. Sometimes I can feel it during intercourse (this happens with more endowed partners) and sometimes my partner can too, but it isn’t every time and once you realize what makes that happen it’s easy enough to avoid.

My periods stopped, but mine has a hormone strip so that’s not always the case with the copper or paragard ones. Sometimes your periods may get worse with those.

I swore the first few weeks or so that I could feel it when I bent over or stretched weird but I think it was more in my head than anything else. I’ve had one for ten years now and will never switch back because I’m allergic to most of the pills. It helps keep things spontaneous with your partner, there’s no stopping to search for birth control, and no disposing of filled condoms after.

You have to be extra cautious about infections because the strings they attach for removal are like a wick. An std or regular pelvic infection can hit you harder, quicker, and worse than it may women without so if you’re prone to pelvic inflammatory disease or other internal infections, it may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise? They’re safer, more effective, and more reliable than about any other form except vasectomy and abstinence.

Good luck!

Dont do it I had to have removed within 2 weeks.

Try the depo shot! I was on it but it does have some pros and cons. Just read up on it and see if it’s something your willing to take on.

Its wonderful! Didnt have any problems. Bc it doesnt have hormones in it, u will have normal periods(ur body) if u get cramps, it will be the same.

Tubaligation is a simple procedure and not major surgery and can be done in an outpatient facility. Much easier than the side effects of IUD or birth control pills. Mine was done right after I gave birth.


I got an iud last month and have been bleeding ever since, getting it removed at my next appointment.

My body rejected IUD. I bleed the whole entire time I had it…

Don’t do the copper iud, my daughter had it and it messed her up lost her hair, gained weight etc… They had to surgericly remove it and gave her a 20 % chance of getting pregnant again.

It can cause heavier bleeding especially after giving birth. It just depends on your body. If it happens talk to your doctor. There is no weight gain so that’s nice. I have had mine for 6yrs and so far so good.


I had a iud ma y years ago and would not recommend it to anyone
The thing with least chance of side effects probably is the tubes tied ,why not talk to your doctor about this it is so much easier than it used to be .
The doctor could certainly explain the pros and cons of each methods

I had one years ago and it led me to a hysterectomy.

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I’d go with the plastic

I loved the Mirena. Had it 5 years with no problem!

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Get your tubes tied its no big deal and done in outpatient. Recovery time is short.


Getting your tubes tied is really no big deal. Very little pain and that was just bc I moved the wrong way and pulled a stitch. I pretty much did what I normally would do after surgery.


I had my first IUD for 5 years, removed it to get pregnant and conceived within 2 months. Now I have my second in and so far so good. No complications, no hormones, worry free for me

I had really bad experiences with this IUD. Heavier periods. Constant cramps. If you’re sensitive to certain metals it’s not a good one.
Getting my tubes tied was the best thing I’ve done.

I’ve had the mirena for 15+ years. 3 of them total about to get my 4th and it’s been awesome. Never a single problem. Stopped having my period all together with the last one. No cramping or side effects. Quick and relatively painless to have put in and changed.

I have the Mirena. I have no heavy periods. It last for 6 yrs. No regrets with my decision. It’s something to consider if I were you.

I removed my tubes on a Thursday and aside from some bloating, I was fine the next day on Friday. It was honestly, not painful, maybe just a lil bruisey.

I’ll be honest. I had it and it was awful! Terrible back pain. My body tried to reject it! Had what felt like contractions for 5 hours after having it. Was constantly losing a nasty colour discharge ( sorry if to much info lol ) . I didn’t get on with it at all! A friend of mine had it and had no problems. I think it depends on the person. Have you thought about the implant? It lasts 3 years. I’ve had that twice and found it amazing.

Ive had the copper IUD for going on 6 years now and havent had any issues with it whatsoever.
I love that it has no hormones and is safe for 12 years .

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The IUD and most birth control have so many side effects that just aren’t good for your body especially if you have hypertension. I opted for a tubal and it was any easy outpatient surgery I was back to my everyday life in a day or two. It’s much safer for you and your body.

I developed a rash all over my body 1 week after having it in. My OB said it was impossible for that to be the issue. Bleed every other day for the 2 years in had it in. Great birth control you can never have sex cause your always bleeding.:confused: The ob finally took it out after I developed a growth on that it happen to be attached to. Personally will never do it again.

I had two IUDs (Mirena). First one fell out within a week. The second one, fell out after two years; it looked like a murder scene - penetrated by cervix. Had terrible back pain, to the point where I was medicated. Depression was insane! Periods never stopped, had them for a whole week. Went from 3 days to 7-8 days. It was an awful experience for me. I am now on the extended birth control method and I love it. PS. Not trying to scare you, it was just my experience & it wasn’t nice. Cheers!

Nuva Ring!! It’s wonderful!!

I have had mine for a number of years now & it’s the best thing I ever did!

I’m on my second mirena iud. Almost 9 years total, no issues.

Don’t know dear, had my tubes tied after 4th son, a C-section.:thinking: wishing you all the best.:tulip:

Vasectomy for your partner? You have done enough


I had the Mirena removed due to too many issues. Now have copper. No problems.

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I have it 6 years for me it’s normal works perfectly get my monthly on time no side effects

I had the copper IUD after my last child, I think for 3yrs or so? It caused heavier bleeding and more painful cramps for me. I had it removed due to those issues.

Get your partner to have a vasectomy- problem solved


I had my tubes removed via salpingectomy, it not only prevents pregnancy but also prevents fallopian cancer. It was outpatient and I was home within 4 hours. Recovery is about 2 days with just some soreness. I now have Mirena, since May for heavy, painful periods. I have not had a period or any side effects since insertion which took about 5 minutes and it lasts for 5 years. I don’t know anything regarding the copper iud but the Mirena has been good to me so far.

Birth control is bad no matter what. Just my opinion.

I have the implanon arm implant. Its great. No side effects. 3 years and then i put another one. No periods. No cramping. Nothing. And i love being period free

The pill sometimes raises blood pressure? I have high blood pressure n went on ahead n got tubes tied it’s not a complicated surgery can do laparoscopic through belly button laser type surgical was very simple n one day n healing time not bad , ask your ob/gynecologist dr ;”)

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Nexplanon. Your arm is sore for about a week. Light spotting if any at all. Good for 3 years at a time

Don’t get any iud and Tubes tied or vasectomy for your husband

A tubular ligation seriously can barely be called “surgery”. it is so simple. Out-patient. 2 tiny scares.

Don’t do it. Releases copper into your body. Very bad. Google it.

I had the copper IUD and had tons of issues with it. But I know it’s not like that for everyone.

The copper iud causes cramping for a few days after placement and no major noticable side effects except for changes in consistency of cervical mucous which the copper causes to thicken.

It’s safe and it works. Mine only lasted a year. Your body will reject it when it ready.

Let me understand this. You have 4 children.
And your afraid of surgery? Stop being silly, just one birth is way more intense than getting a tubal. Worse part is the iv.
And just so you know, you can still become pregnant with a iud. Just go get the tubal and be done.


I had issues with the copper twice and have had Mirenas for @7 years with no issues. I still get my period every month but its lighter

I have 4 children and do not want to have my tubes tied. Not because I’m afraid of surgery. My reasons are different. For some reason the idea of an IUD is disturbing to me and I didn’t want the hormones of the pill. I decided to use the Nuvaring.

Just quit having sex lol

I have had the Merena forb8 years and I love it. Haven’t had a period in 8 years either. LOVE THE IUD!

You could always not have sex. Had my 4th 3 weeks ago and he’s the last. Husband doesn’t mind and plans on getting a vasectomy at some point but I’d still go for no sex. 100% effective.

I used depoprovera injections, they were great.

I had it for 4 years and absolutely loved it! The only downside was my periods being heavier for about 6 months. I was on hormonal BC for 5 years before I got the iud so it took a while for my body to regulate

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You need to be 100% that you don’t have a cooper allergy. Besides that you get more cramps and heavier bleeding on your period. It’s not terrible but it also not that great

I had mirena (iud) and got pregnant after a yr. With the iud, i spotted on and off for about 3mos, but my periods still stayed the same.

I loved mine! Periods were a little bit heavier but still not bad :slight_smile:

I don’t have the copper one so I can’t help there. But I do have the Kyleena and I will tell you that I adore it. No kore remembering to take any meds, no worries of it peeling off(the patch) or falling out(nuva ring). It is by far my favorite method.
My periods are consistent, on time and lightest. They’ve ever been. I don’t feel it at all, I have no pain associated with it.

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You shouldn’t while you’re breastfeeding, it can cause problems with moving the IUD after it’s put in place.

I had my second child because of the it. The second time i had it ,i had copper toxicity. I would not recommend it at all.

Use condoms fuck all the side effects​:joy::joy::joy:

I’m on my second Paragard IUD. I love it, no additional hormones :grin:

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I got pregnant and miscarried on the copper iud, the Paragard.

My periods were heavier and more painful for the first 6 months. After that, the pain wasn’t bad but they were longer than when I didn’t have the IUD (7 days instead of 4).

BTW, I spotted a lot initially. Had Mirena done in March. I haven’t had a period since.

It depends on the person. If you’re anemic or allergic to copper then don’t get the copper one. And definitely talk to your OBGYN beforehand to make sure they think it’ll be the best for you too.

I’m anemic and have Mirena (hormonal IUD) and love it!

I just had mine removed. Had it for 1.5 months, so much pain. So not worth it I’m my book.
But most people love it. Just need to be sure you aren’t allergic.

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5 1/2 years no issue. period 3-4 days with one heavy day.

I still get cramps SUPER light bleeding but I’ve only had it for one month. I haven’t had any side effects at all.

I had the copper one. Made my period heavier and longer. Cramps were stronger than normal. And after a year my body rejected it. Felt like i was in labor all over again.

I had the Mirena for just over a year and hated it… I packed on the pounds so I got it pulled and did the pill again… kept puking it up… so then I got paragard and almost pulled it out myself because the strings got stuck to a tampon so my doctor pulled it out and replaced it and I had my strings cut shorter and no problems ever since… my periods aren’t super heavy either. I’d recommend

I had an IUD and never again. It moved and I almost bled to death.

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The surgery is not a big deal. There’s no pain or healing . It’s out patient. If u really don’t want kids. I’d do it.

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Look up Cooper toxicity.

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Just saying tube tye is barely a surgery did mine last Dec 30 min asleep tiny scar inside belly button fine the next day no pain

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Had mine for 9 years no problems. I would get it again

I have been on and off the IUD for a few years and finally stopped getting them because it was really effecting my hormones giving me manic depression and anxiety. Since I haven’t been getting them anymore (my SO got snipped) I haven’t had any episodes and I feel like a whole new woman.
Side question:
How do you do a “fan question”.

Had mine for 3 years didn’t bother me but I got pregnant on it!

I’ve had it for almost two years now and it’s been great! The only problem I had was having to go back and get the “strings” shortened because my husband could feel them during sex (I told the doctor they needed to be shorter during insertion and she laughed then said “unless your husband is huge, he won’t feel them.” And needless to say she laughed again when I came back and told her they needed to be shorter).

Had the Paraguard over a year. Still have break through bleeding off and on. I’m getting mine taken out.

It made my periods slightly heavier, cramps only on the first day. It was great until I had it taken out (personal reasons) Insertion and removal was a breeze!

Tubal is band aid surgery. Don’t even feel pain afterwards really. Better than any possible side effects if you really don’t want any more children

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I have one right now, I have no problems. It’s hormone free which is why I chose it. I am breastfeeding and haven’t gotten my period yet. You can expect heavier periods and more cramping. It’s worth it to me though, I am the same way I don’t want to have to tie my tubes and be put under. My fiancé is getting a vasectomy and as soon as he is in the clear I am removing mine.

I had one for 10 years my only issue was the bleeding was horrible during my period I decided to have another baby so I took mine out now I’m in the pill and prefer the no bleeding each month

Well. My sil got preg with an iud. Everything has a chance of not working.

My sister had it for 2 years then she got pregnant with it lol

Tubal is easy amd no risk. I had mine removed and dont regret a piece of it

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I just got my tubal 2 weeks ago best thing I’ve ever done i got pregnant on birth control twice

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I had it, got pregnant on it. It makes your periods heavier and cramps worse.

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I had quite a few mirenas, and never had a single issue but 2 years ago I ended up pregnant, for the 2nd time on bc and my 3rd kid, so i got another iud. This 1 was a liletta or loletta, whichever it’s called, and I have had NON STOP issues since💯 It started with bleeding all the damn time and forever and ever but now I’m going on 2 months with it out and still struggling with abnormal discharge, frequent BV infections, hair loss like crazy, fatigue, mood swings(that has had some improvement since getting it removed thank God). My husband had a vasectomy because we have for years been noticing the affects BC has had on my body And rather than me having a more major surgery… he said it was his turn to take a risk And give my body a break🙏 Oh, also I now have cystic acne and supposed foliculitis all over my chest, neck, my whole back now although it didn’t start that way and my whole face now as well which again, it didn’t start that way🤦‍♀️ I just suggest really doing your research And discuss things with your dr’s, ask a lot of questions, whatever you have to to make the best decision for you! I now found out that the place I went to gets kick backs for pushing certain things, so that iud was in fact in no way a “better option” for me like they had lead me to believe. If you go with any iud be ready for a year or so before your periods are any kind of “normal” again and even then… no promises🤷‍♀️

Ive only had mine a few months, but zero issues so far.

My oldest has one and she loves the fact she can live her life without taking the pill which had too many side effects

I had the copper IUD for years and it worked great. I ended up having it removed after several years because it began to feel like I was getting stabbed from the inside out. It happens if it gets dislodged but overall never had any problems with it. I liked it because it has 0 hormones and I still got my period.

Had the paragard for 5 yrs no pregnancy scares and I would recommend to anyone

Horrible id wake up here a pop then flood with blood put loads of weight on could actually feel it ended up pulling it out im now on the marina which last 5 years am 2 year in an love it everyone is different what works for you mite not for someone else its trial an error really

I had the Mirana for 3 years, it worked great. I was blessed that my husband got fixed… then though got pregnant again during the 12 week transition period. Had my baby 2 years later I went into early menopause… lol. Life is so unpredictable.

ive heard you can bleed for months and months…i did not get one because i suffer from anemia. I got the Mirena instaed

Having your tubes removed prevents future ovarian cancer. Just had mine removed 4 weeks ago. Best decision I have made regarding birth control and future health.

I have the Mirena. No problems.

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