Tips on conceiving!

My S/O and I recently decided to start trying

For a baby, I have a 3y/o already, can I get any advice for trying as I’ve never tried for a baby before and don’t really know, do we need need ovulation test, my cycle has always been super irregular, Just kinda lost on the idea and right now we’re just not using protection and going about our everyday… so any advice or tips is helpful! TIA!


I used the app PREMOM and bought a bck of ovulation stop tests and pregnancy tests from amazon! I ovulated Day 12 of my cycle when the usual is said to be Day 13-14 so if I had just went by the app said so I would’ve missed my peak!! Ovulation tests I say is best and the premom app can even help determine how high your hormone levels are. Two weeks after the first day of your period is the usual ovulation day. Drink plenty of fluids, make sure to eat, prenatals are wonderful for before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after!

Test twice a day for ovulation. One in the morning pee and one at night. With the first response test strips from Amazon you can get a positive as soon as 11days after ovulation for cheap!

I wouldn’t advise going based off of a estimate from an app without tests is they can be wrong. (I got pregnant from the FLO app because of this, and someone I know got pregnant from the OVIA app because of this.) They can only assume when you’ll ovulate but you could do or later or even earlier and have no idea!

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My friends used preseed. It’s suppose to help.

I’d just have fun with it n it’ll happen wen it’s meant to be


Once I stopped obsessing about getting pregnant. Then I did. You gotta just go with the flow.


You should check out the Premom ovulation test strips on amazon! They 100% work! They are super inexpensive and you can test with them twice a day so you don’t miss ovulation!

Download an ovulation tracker and start marking your periods. There are so many free ones. They predict ovulation. Worked for me!

I tracked everything with a period app but we didn’t really stress to much about it. Just let it happen. But if you’re irregular like that, ovulation kits and tests would probably help.

Tell daddy to take zinc

Ovulation tracker, preseed lube and start putting good food in your body.

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I had just done a complete lifestyle change when I got pregnant. I was on keto, eating cleaner, quit smoking cigarettes, drank a little less. I’m due in September at 40 and never thought I could get pregnant.

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Premom app & ovulation strips off amazon (super affordable)

With my 1st, it took us 3 yrs…once I stopped worrying about getting pregnant it happened, along with the help of meds. With my 2nd, we tracked EVERYTHING knowing that it might take some time.

Last day of period and go every other day😁 my Dr told me this❣️ trying during endometriosis and it worked for us

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I just went without protection and went at it every other day. You can use an app called ovia fertility…helped me a lot too!

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Less anal and oral, more missionary and doggy style.

Take folic acid and don’t drink alcohol. Have fun. You don’t need anything else for a while yet. Don’t worry about your cycle…just make sure you have plenty of sex! You could also get your S/O a zinc supplement.

Take prenatal vitamins. One a day and that will help. I would recommend a ovulation test just because your periods are irregular. Best of luck!!!


It depends on your body. When we decided to “try” we never actually tried. We just had fun and got pregnant right away. The more you stress the harder it can be.


Take Geritol vitamins. I did and had a child in 2004 & 2005.

I got pregnant once I forgot about trying to get pregnant. Good luck.

The main thing is to stay relaxed. Don’t harp on tracking every single little thing., especially if you aren’t having an issue getting pregnant yet. Just let your body relax, eat healthy, stay hydrated and have lots of sex. I honestly wouldn’t worry about tracking things until 6+ months of no luck. Good luck!

Conceive plus on Amazon!! We tried for 8 months and finally got pregnant a couple months after taking these!!!

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When you’re not on your period have sex every other day to try and catch your ovulation - especially if you’re irregular. I also used some apps. Worked with my 5 year old and I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I also have bad endometriosis.

Femometer app and track as much as you can about each period. It was extremely accurate with me and mine have always been irregular too.

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wondfo ovulation strips then also buy digital, once close using wondfo use digital for peak.

Make sure to track your cycle on with an app- even if it’s irregular. Track your days and it will give you a window frame of ovulation when you enter the last day of your cycle. My ob always told me the best time is that first day your ovulating, but if you don’t get to do the deed that day, don’t get discouraged, still plenty of days after. Start taking prenatal vitamins now.

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I started eating better, cut back on smoking and used the flo app and took prenatals… I dont

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Yess! This. Literally don’t try!! Enjoy each other and don’t worry about it and it’ll happen. I have irregular periods and I’m 28 and thought it’d never happen and when I wasn’t trying Bam! Positive test. Lol


Go to the dr and ask them. Not Facebook.

Decided that u will try in a year,
You will be pregnant in a month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed:

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I used a cycle tracker on my phone to give me an idea of when I would be ovulating. We tried for 6 months and as soon as we stopped trying, (we were in the middle of quitting our jobs and moving) bam. Positive test. Stressing about it will not help. Just enjoy each other’s company and have fun :star_struck: it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.


You already have one kid so you must have some kind of idea

I’d call obgyn and work with them and they can give you guys all the resources and possible meds if needed to boost a period so hopefully yall can have an idea of when to get busy lol. That’s what I had to do both times me and my fiance were trying to conceive. Just try not to stress or think about it too much and it will eventually happen.

My advice…do it every single day

Ovulation testing 100%

I also have irregular periods. I tracked my cycle with an app and when it told me I was ovulating we did the deed. Tried for over a year (with other fertility issues) and then just stopped trying. Here we are 35 weeks pregnant. Don’t over think any of it. Stress affects our bodies in many ways especially when trying to conceive.


Just do it the old fashion fun way, sex 3 times a day everyday, and don’t pull out. you’ll be pregnant in no time. You also wanna get blood work don’t to double check you don’t have any health issues such as thyroid or something else that prevents pregnancy.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips on conceiving!

I started tracking my periods on the Flo app which gives you an idea of ovulation days etc- really easy to use and it’s been spot on for me (not trying for a baby but it’s really handy to understand your cycle!) for someone who’s been on contraception for 10 years with no periods x


Get an app for sure and log your cycle. You can also get ovulation test that are used exactly like pregnancy strips. Also start a pre pregnancy supplement xx good luck

I used Clue Period Tracker! I got pregnant twice using this (one loss, one current pregnancy) and its brilliant!

If you are irregular you’ll want to find some way to track your period. Ovulation tests I found were more helpful. I also used an over the counter fertility lubricant. I got pregnant within two cycles. Take prenatals to essentially “prep” your uterus, make it a very hospitable place for a fertilized egg.

You could regulate your period with the pill for a couple of months than stop. Just have fun.

Go to gp and get the contraceptive injection. Mark it on your calendar for when it runs out (12 weeks) romp like rabbits cos you’ll be extra fertile and hopefully make a baby.
This is pretty much how my daughter came to be. Dr renewed my injection 2weeks too late and 15weeks later found out I was pregnant. Science. Use it to your advantage :joy:

Download Ovia app. 100% so accurate. 2 times fertility was at a 10.0 likelihood I got pregnant both times.

Have sex every 2 to 3 days so you don’t miss any ovulation windows!
Good luck!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips on conceiving!

I would honestly say try not to “try”. Just enjoy being intimate with your man regularly.
My first baby was a surprise baby but I tried and tried for 9 months with my second child using ovulation kits, apps, different positions etc. Got really disheartened and stopped trying, deleted all the apps and got pregnant 4 weeks later :white_heart: xx

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I had irregular cycles and reset it by going on birth control pills until my periods were regular. That was about 6 years before I got pregnant. We were on and off on having kids but when we decided to “try”, I ate healthier, cut out a lot of bad things like soda, drank less alcohol, and worked out (mainly walking).

Got pregnant in end of 2019 and had my son in April 2020. I’m currently 7 months with the 2nd child. :sparkling_heart:

Whatever you choose and whichever advice you take, good luck! Sending baby dust your way :heartbeat: :heartpulse:


The best way is to naturally reset our cycles by getting back in tune with our bodies. We can do that through daily self-care and exercise.
I am hopeful to be able to conceive naturally the next time around. I was put on clomid to conceive my youngest and the side effects were awful, worse than the stereotypical first trimester of pregnancy and I wasn’t even pregnant yet. If you can do without pills to regulate your cycle, I would highly recommend it.


Get drunk…it works like a charm…seriously!


I used that premom app to help track my cervical mucous (the sticky kind is when you’re most fertile). I bought ovulation test strips off Amazon and scanned them onto the app and on days where I peaked, we had sex twice within a short amount of time. Because I only have one ovary, I ovulate every other month. So when we got high peak numbers, I had a positive 13 days after ovulation. After you, you know, put your feet up too.


I got a huge pack of cheap ovulation tests of Amazon. I was still nursing my 2 year old and have always had an irregular period. I took a test every day for 2 months to confirm when I was ovulating and I was able to conceive my daughter the second month

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Man I love these questions so many OBGYNs in the group. Honestly every one is different. As is every pregnancy what works for some my not work for you. You just have to relax and have fun with it.


My advice would be don’t try just enjoy it i wouldn’t bother with the apps or ovulation strips, we tried for 5 yrs with no success we gave up then hubby was put on folic acid & the month later so was i 2 months later i was 4 wks pregnant that was in 2019 she was born April 2020 good luck x

My first baby was unexpected. But now we are actively trying. I use the app ovia fertility. Tracks my cycle and when I’m fertile. I also use the ovulation tests but make my husband (hes willing😂) do it that whole week im fertile. It worked for us when we tried i got pregnant but unfortunately lost the baby…now were trying again. Best of luck to u!

Try foods that are used in natural progesterone. I have learned that my irregular periods and recurrent miscarriages were a result of my ovaries not producing progesterone as they should, pregnant or not pregnant. Also, look into some things y’all do eat and see if healthier alternatives are there that won’t break the bank.

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I used ovulation tests to increase my chances. My cycle was a bit unpredictable.

Honestly the big one is just to not have sex too much. Every other day or every two days is your best bet so your partner’s sperm count stays high. Also take a prenatal vitamin, having the right levels of vitamins to support pregnancy will make it more likely to “stick”.

I’d definitely recommend getting an ovulation test as you’re only able to conceive for 3 days during your cycle. Also there are lots of apps you can get to track it. My sister got pregnant first time doing the above and she was 37

Definitely track ovulation, I use the Premom app and they also have a Facebook page linked to the app that helps a ton, lots of people giving advice.

Take your temp daily (basil temp). When it’s higher (but not sick) for 2 days… get it on… the more direct of an angle the better for conceiving. I should add, I’m not a doctor.

We’ve been trying now for over 2 years. I track my periods and ovulation on the Glow app and I’ve already had everything checked out at the dr, still no luck. He has a 9 yr old but I have no kids :pensive: good luck !:heart:

If irregular I would get some ovulation tests, also talk to your Dr and make sure you don’t need prescribed progesterone if there are fertility issues. Usually Drs will recommend you also start a pre natal. Get a good app to help you track your ovulation. Have fun

Try the Ovia app! It tracks what days you have the best chances of conceiving, when to take a test, when you’re ovulating and tips. Helped so much when we were trying, had it 2 months and I was pregnant. Best of luck!

Don’t try. Just do it and let it happen on its own. Trying causes stress which can delay ovulation and periods and then just messes up your whole cycle

Honestly, don’t TRY to have a baby. Just have fun and make love.
That being said, download a period tracker app and you can track periods, ovulation/fertile windows, moods, symptoms ect…


Honestly I would start by going to your OBGYN with your concerns about your irregular period And the fact that your ovulation schedules might be off and your doctor would be able to advise you the best way to go about it. It’s not an issue that you’re asking us at all it’s just that we’re not really doctors so we can’t advise you the best route to go. Always go to your doctor especially for that issue cuz they know what they’re talking about. Especially like I said since you have let it be known that your cycles are very irregular that means you’re ovulation could be very irregular too

Don’t think about it… my cycles were quite irregular with my second but whatever happens happens… it took about 16 months to get pregnant but it happened eventually :slightly_smiling_face:

Get ovulation tests, and treat your body as if you’re already pregnant. Eat healthy, no alcohol, try not to stress as much as possible (I know, it’s hard), tell your s/o to wear loser underwear if their underwear is tighter. Both of you should take daily vitamins (yours, you may as well start taking prenatals). And remember, sex should still be fun, even though your goal is to make a baby. Don’t make it a chore.

Don’t try. Just have fun and it’ll happen if it’s meant to be :heart: good luck!


Just do it like God intended. Don’t start getting into the ovulation crap and all that. That will just stress you out. Stress causes issues and it’ll take forever to get pregnant. Bht afterwards…sit with your hips propped so it doesn’t come rushing out.

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So, not an expert but my 2 cents is get your body ready for it, go ahead and start pre natals and all that, and if you have trouble after a couple months then yes get the tests and such

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There’s men’s vitamins that could help. Conception Men and others like it.
Odd suggestion but also being on all 4 could help. Not sure if that’s best for tilted uterus or not but it’s worked for me.

I know it’s a little weird, but google how the check cervical mucous throughout your cycle. It’s been a reliable method for me. If that’s too much, have sex 3-4 times per week during your most fertile time.

If you have a child already, I would just stop birth control to see if it happens within a few months. That is unless you dealt with infertility issues when trying to conceive baby #1

Count 12 days from the 1st day of your period. Have sex on days 12-14. Prop yourself on a pillow with your legs up against the wall for 30min each time after

My advice is its always a wonderful thing to keep trying doesn’t hurt and dont think about it to much you have to be able to just relax your body and .unless there are medical problems if so always talk to your Doctor…thats just my opinion …

I used the Flo app and started trying pre ovulation day!

Have sex daily and then just lay there for an hour! I used to put my legs up on the head board and play on my phone lol

If you are irregular, you’re going to want to get ovulation strips. Similar to pregnancy tests it will detect ovulation

Before you go and spend money unnecessarily, Just go the old fashioned route and have lots of sex for a few months.

Don’t stress about it. Have you both checked by a doctor to make sure everything is still in working condition. Have fun :heart:

The best way to “try” for a baby IS to not try at all. Just have fun, it will happen when it happens. Trying to force it ruins the fun and gets you down constantly when you see the negative tests month after month.

Go to a doctor and get looked at first :slightly_smiling_face: if you can of course :slightly_smiling_face: it’s always good to know that there are no underlying medical issues :wink:

One day I told my husband I wanted another baby and we decided to stop preventing it from happening and didnt really try for it just said it it happens it happens if it doesnt happen it doesnt and I ended up pregnant

When my ovarie(s) are super sensitive and sore, I know I’m fertile and there’s an egg waiting to be fertilized. Also there’s a bit more discharge inside of you

Just have sex lol…I mean unless you’ve been having fertility issues then take the other’s advice.

Me and my hubs tried for a year to have a 2nd baby. Nothing was working. I got a cold and was taking robitussin … boom pregnant with my daughter.

I highly recommend seeing a Chinese Medicine Doctor for accupuncture and herbs.

Don’t think about it lol. It will happen when you don’t think about it. You ovulate about 2 weeks in your monthly cycle or wait for the sticky clear discharge.

Use a period tracking app. I used P Tracker and it tracks periods, ovulation and symptoms

When I tried, I couldn’t get pregnant at all. The moment I stopped was when I did. When you try IMO it puts more pressure on your selves. And that creates stress issues.

How did you do it the first time?

Sex every other day is ment to be better to help you conceive we always conceived this way without trying too xx

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Start taking folic acid now before you conceive.


Don’t plan just have fun it’ll happen when it happens…the less you think about it the better :wink::wink::wink:

Also start taking prenatals now!