Tips on getting pregnant with PCOS?

So I have PCOS, and I have been struggling with it for about 12 years. I want a child in the worst way. My ex had a baby with another woman, and she is completely out of pic(haven’t heard from her in years), and my ex and I have split, and my stepdaughter lives with me and sees her dad on the weekends. All good and been very content. I have gotten into another relationship and have started talking about babies again. Guys, I am super grateful for my daughter, and I’m not trying to sound otherwise. But I would absolutely love nothing more than to add to our family. Basically, I’m asking if any mammas out there have any tips to help make this possible?? I have been waiting for the fertility doctor. And my current doc has tried me on metformin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m confused, what do you mean you want a child in the worse way? Because your ex had a baby?

Believe it or not starting strict keto has helped a few of my friends get pregnant


Try conceive u can get it at Walmart my cousin same situation as u I had told her about it coz I’m in a group and some women had used it and was talking how good it was and she is now 18 weeks pregnant

The only way I can get pregnant (i have severe pcos, tons of cysts inside the ovaries so I dont ovulate) is to lose a ton of weight. Even if I’m not currently overweight, i have to drop like 20 lbs, have people start worrying about my weightloss type thing, then bam, pregnant.

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I got high (weed) and drunk. 38 years old and have a 10 month old. I’ve been sober since

I took Clomid and have 6 kids. 3 single pregnancies and 1 that was triplets


i have bad pcos… i only took a month of bc and metformin i stopped bc only took it few days and metformin had my period and bam i got pregant a month later after i started the pills… dont giv up have hope and faith… :purple_heart:

Clomid 100mg days 5 through 9. Worked 1st time with both my kids

Don’t think of it. I have PCOS. I don’t get periods and apparently I get pregnant easily lol

It really depends on what’s going on with your body. There are pcos trying to conceive groups. For me I had to take provera to have a period each month until I found maca root. It made my periods regular. But I don’t ovulate on my own so had to take Clomid to ovulate. Also taking mucinex helps. (I used mucus relief from Wal-Mart that is just the generic form) it breaks up cervical mucus to make it more sperm friendly. Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins as well. You can download an app and track your basal body temperature to see when you ovulate.

I used multiple fertility drugs for eight months due to PCOS. For the first six months I never ovulated even with medicine. I changed my diet and lost 15 pounds. I also had an HSG in the same month. I was pregnant two months later. I think the change in diet and weight loss was the biggest factor.

Talk to your doctor!
I have PCOS and she gave me a pill to help me ovulate!

I just started this thing called ovusense it helps monitor and track your bbt to help you figure your ovulation stuff out because I wasnt sure my body was even ovulating anymore seeing my periods were almost completely absent for some time. And I recently got them back and somewhat know track and have had much better understanding of my cycles now that i am using ovusense and know when I’m close to being fertile and when im not

I’d depends I have pcos and had my daughter through iui and my son through ivf. Metformin and clomid didn’t work for me. I would seek an infertility doctor or an obgyn and see if they can help you.

I also have pcos and suffered from secondary infertility. What worked for me was a low carb diet, 1500 mg XR of metformin & then adding clomid. We also used preseed. I took prenatal vitamins as well… I just had my baby 5 months ago.

I have PCOS and Endometriosis. My husband and I tried for over 8 yrs to have a baby. I had my tubes blown, put on metformin and clomid, and no baby. We couldn’t afford a surrogate, IVF, or adoption. We took a break for about a year, and finally I said I want to try again. My dr preformed a laparoscopy and removed some cysts from my ovaries, scraped my uterus lining, and blew my tubes again. I went in 2 weeks later for a post op appt and was already pregnant (he’snow 6.5 yrs old). 13 months after my healthy son was born, we were surprised with another pregnancy without even trying. We have tried for one more, but haven’t gotten pregnant since my last. We wont try anymore due to me getting older and my youngest (now 4.5 years old) keeps us on our toes 24/7. I know it is hard, but never give up hope. Talk with your dr and see what he recommends is best for you.

With PCOS it’s really up to how your body is. I have it too and was never able to get pregnant. We tried fertility meds with no success and then we were told our ONLY option was IVF and there was no guarantee. We couldn’t afford it so we just gave up trying to get pregnant. I’m overweight and everyone blamed my weight for me not beubg able to get pregnant. But I know skinny women with PCOS and they can’t get pregnant either. We ended up becoming foster parents and adopted our three children through foster care. They are the light of our lives and they were meant to be ours. I can’t picture my life without them.


I was told I have pcos and told it would be hard to conceive… which I was fine with and had a baby ASAP.

The first thing fertility doctors going to do is tell you to start charting your temperatures in Cycles. If you walk in there with that already done you’re going to be ahead of the game. And Metformin isn’t much help, the first thing I usually do is call the Clomid challenge to see if they can get you to ovulate. I have PCOS, two successful pregnancies with the help of fertility doctors. Also your age is a big factor along with lifestyle and health

Honestly, I had weight loss surgery just to get pregnant. I have PCOS as well and it seriously has made my symptoms so much less intense and my quality of life SO much better. I’m even pregnant with my second babe in 3 years… my body adjusted so well and I actually have 4 friends/family with PCOS, who also decided to get surgery and 3 of them are currently pregnant. I’m not saying it’s easy because it absolutely isn’t but a strict weight loss focused way of life is basically the only thing I’ve personally seen work without IVF. I can actually run around with my daughter and keep up with her. It’s worth a shot!


I took clomid and it helped me!

I have pcos. I tried for 2.5 years to get my daughter. We got fit and health took one a day both of us fertility pack. Het also took maca root capsules 2 times daily. He stopped caffeine I quit smoking

I know someone who has endometriosis & was told it’d be hard to get pregnant. She went to dr & got off of her birth control & started taking prenatal vitamins, not long after that she found out she was pregnant.

Honestly it depends on if it is hormonal. A lot of external things can have an effect on your hormones as well. Paying attention to the chemicals in your food and body products (seems extreme but it can be important depending on your body) can mess up your hormones causing pcos and infertility. Glow is a good app to track your cycles and ovulation.

90 percent of woman can’t get pregnant because they are lacking iodine… Or have a gluten allergy. I’d look into that… both are natural ways … That get overlooked usually

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Keto. Look into the statistics of keto and pregnancy in women with PCOS. My PCOS is severe and I’m 100% anovulatory. It took us many rounds of meds, multiple drug studies, and 5 years to get pregnant with our first. We then tried for 7 years and gave up, it was only after changing to a keto way of eating, eliminating unhealthy carbs, eliminating sugar, and making healthy changes in my life that I got pregnant; with absolutely no medical intervention. I’m now nearly 25 weeks pregnant with our surprise baby, and owe it 100000000% to keto.

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Look into TRS detox. Lots of success stories :heart: good luck

You should get ahold of dr. Gundry in Palm Springs. He will change your diet, detoxify you, and you will be pregnant in no time!

Lol so … does the first paragraph remotely have anything to do with it?

For options other than drugs try preseed. Helps alot of women with pcos & it works.

I know someone who has it and they actually took a break from everything and stopped trying so hard and got pregnant right away.

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I’ve suffered with pcos all my life and after 7 years have up we moved countries and I changed lifestyle completely I used to walk eat better travel and have fun. Put of the blue I went to hospital as I was bleeding and I was informed I was pregnant and the bleeding was normal at implantation stage. I guess what I’m saying is change your focus and if it’s meant to be it will happen. Mum of 2 now
Good luck and god bless you.

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Lost 17kg and was taking Metformin and it helped me

Lose weight if u can. And keep tying I fell easy with first and last baby’s but second one took 2 half years. Happy trying

METFORMIN… See and Endocrinologist. After 2 months of being on metformin bam… I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. Its a miracle drug

I’ve heard a lot of people have success with truvision… it balances your hormones and stuff. I would def. ask the dr before you take it tho.

I’ve been diagnosed with pcos. Both of my pregnancies, I’ve lost significant weight before getting pregnant. The pregnancies weren’t planned, but definitely surprising blessings.

I really believe being more active in my life and losing weight helped me.

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I heard the keto diet helped getting pregnant

Metformin seems to help

I lost weight and was pregnant in 4 months. And i stopped trying and just had a lot of fun with it

There is a pcos suppprt group with a 30 day diet challenge in Feb. I see a lot of success stories there. It is called pcos support group by Kym.

I personally had luck simply getting off birth control and my ovulation kick started. Good luck!

First baby was with metformin. I am 30wks with my second who was IVF

Balance by alani nu. It’s a vitamin sold at gnc or on their website. It helps hormonal imbalance and fertility. And has reviews left by those with pcos

Weight loss, quality diet, and metformin and clomid worked better for me than the injectable hormones.

I was on metformin for a few years I think to help with insulin resistance due to PCOS. I thought I would struggle with infertility but I got pregnant pretty quickly. I stopped taking the pill and went on weight watchers and lost 20 pounds. I then got pregnant with twins!

I was diagnosed with PCOS years before I got pregnant in 2014. When we started wanting to try I talked with an OB, we did test to confirm I was ovulating ( I was not) and I was given a medicine to kinda get everything working in the right direction. Once I finished the meds and was positive for the ovulating I was given one round of clomid (pill form) and thankfully fell pregnant about 3 weeks after that round of pills. I did lose some weight on my own which most likely helped.

I was on metformin made me sick. So we “gave up” and within 6 months we’re pregnant

I tried for 8yrs. Lost weight and BOOM! Not saying that’s your situation because I don’t know you but worked like a charm for me

I took femera it helps you ovulate cause sometimes with pcos you don’t. It worked for me on the second try!

I’ve got PCOS as well and just had my little one almost 3 months ago. The gyno that I went to see prescribed me letrozole and prometrium as I naturally don’t get periods. Letrozole causes ovulation. And prometrium causes a period. It took about three months to get the dosage correct and once we got that right I fell pregnant on the second cycle :smiley: Good luck :heart:

Have you tried chiropractic care? I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but my husband and i tried for a year or so with no luck. 3 weeks after I started chiropractic adjustments I got pregnant. They say it can help. I have type 1 diabetes and PCOS.

My biggest tip is to stay on the metformin its rough but without it if I would have just done clomid alone it wont work for me also a prenatel losing weight doesn’t hurt but it’s impossible for me unless breastfeeding the weight barely budges I have 2 children from 3 pregnancy and ttc for number 4

I started working out and my doctor put me on clomid. Good luck!

I went on the pill to help with pcos symptoms and it made me feel awful so I stopped taking it but it apparently was all my body needed to kickstart because I got pregnant 10 days after I stopped taking it.

PCOS girl here and I’ve struggled with infertility for 7 years now. I was on Metformin, but it made me ungodly sick. We are looking into fertility treatments soon.

I have pcos pretty severely, tons and tons of cysts inside my ovaries so I struggle with fertility too. The only way I can get pregnant is if I have a huge weight loss.

I have pcos…what helped me was physical activity working out i lost 15 to 20lbs not saying this is the case for you . I was a bigger girl. But my weight loss was like a jump start to my body and ovulation. I was on birth control during this body transformation the first month with out it actually within weeks of stopping the pill i got pregnant with my daughter.


I tried for over a year. My periods were very irregular and my body wasn’t ovulating. I lost weight (70 pounds) but once I lost 40 my periods starting regulating and my body started ovulating. I got pregnant within a couple months and I’m currently in my second trimester. I know how hard it is. I used the FLO app and tracked everything. Periods, sex, all of it lol. For me, the fertile days it gave me were correct. :blush: I know my gyno mentioned clomid too and have heard lots of success stories from that! Good luck!!!

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PCOS & TTC support group

Best advice is dont lose hope. I had to do 3 rounds of metfomin, clomid, progesterone, & 2 other pills i cant remember for my baby girl. Its rough but push through it. Best of luck :heart:

Would you consider embryo adoption? It’s an amazing option you may want to look into!

I HAD pcos and I asked God for healing. I claimed I was healed to my family and others. I went to the gyno(new one) and when I told him I had been diagnosed with pcos in my early 20s, he looked at me like I was ignorant. He ran a weeks worth of tests and confirmed I did not have pcos and was actually about to ovulate. I am now 30weeks pregnant with my son at 33 yrs old. We had tried for 14 years before I turned to the Only One who could change my situation. I dont know what or who you believe in or if you even believe in anything. But I and my unborn son are a testament of what a Mighty God I serve.


My BFF has PCOS and put it in remission. She now does health advice on FB and via phone and even in person if local and more. Free as a feather is her page. Anyway, She changed her diet to clean eating, meditated to the point that I think she became enlightened (just teasing, but she meditated everyday and practiced gentle yoga). I honestly believe her diet and mind set is what did it. I wish you the best of luck.

Try a Ketogenic diet for a bit, also take one baby aspirin- folic acid and prenatal pills combo once a day to strengthen your uterus. I have two close friends that did this and became pregnant.


I had surgery to clean out my ovaries ! Hoping it’ll work the doc said chance of pregnancy are highest within the first year after surgery!

Weight loss! Lost 50lbs and was pregnant for 4 years :rofl::rofl::rofl: had 3 kids! Lots of water for the both of you. Helps you and his swimmers.


I have severe PCOS, tried to conceive for 8 years. I lost weight by eating keto and low carb, became healthier and now I’m currently 5 months pregnant with my miracle.
Firstly I would go see a fertility doctor, have him monitor you for an entire cycle just to make sure that you’re ovulating. Also, partner should be tested as well which is easily done by blood tests and semen analysis.
Everyone is different especially with PCOS, what works for one might not work for another.
Start taking a prenatal and 2000ui of vitamin D.

Pcos girl here. There is alot of good advice here. Keto is great for pcos, but make sure you are taking the metformin. See a reproductive endocrinologist, femara is better then clomid. Baby dust to you! Good luck mama!

I lost a few pounds and tracked the few periods I got on the app glow and it would calculate when I’d be ovulating great app if your trying to get pregnant

Also, take Pregnitude. Ask your pharmacist about it.

PCOS, Pink Drink, and You

Lots of amazing stories, and support in this group!

Many ppl will roll their eyes, but Plexus helped me after over 8 yrs of ttc. After being treated like a lab rat by multiple drs over the years… medications and procedures. I was given metformin and as it does for most ppl… it makes you horribly sick. I had had enough! I stopped everything and months later gave plexus a try, after reading a story about plexus babies. I lost 40#, and for the first time in my life naturally had my cycle. After being on it for 11 months, I was pregnant. And when that baby was 5 mos old, I was pregnant again! I have 2 plexus babies as proof it worked for me. You’re not alone. Don’t give up!!:black_heart:

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I have had pcos for years. I also had 6 children. Just get healthy if you aren’t already and relax. It will happen.

I have PCOS and didn’t get pregnant for 7 years. My little girl was born in May 2019 and she was a complete surprise. The thing that helped me was that I started eating better and exercising more. I also stopped putting so much pressure and stress on the desire to have a baby. I literally had got to the point where I stopped caring and just let mother nature lead the way. I kept track of my periods via an app and even though I struggled with ovulation, my fiance and I would spice things up in the bedroom. And now we have a beautiful baby. Good luck honey <3

I HAVE PCOS… it’s hard and I understand. But I have 2 beautiful baby boys now! My doctor had me on metformin (taken faithfully) everyday and a testosterone blocker (you might want to ask about that) because women who have PCOS their testosterone is out of wack… so the chemicals needed to produce a healthy egg is off balance because of the high testosterone low estrogen levels.
Try Ovia, fertility and period tracker!!! Hands down best app! It tracks your period (2 months logging data will help!!) Even just 2 period cycles! And then it tells you your fertile week…
Exercise will not only help you to feel better but will help destress your body, help you lose weight (IF you need to) I know I did, and help your chemical balance!
The right diet as well make sure you drink your fluids, some recommend taking a prenatal vitamin.
Last but not least… I don’t know if you need to know this but breathe… PCOS doesn’t define who you are, you are a powerful beautiful woman. you’ve got this!! You can do this!!!

I also have PCOS, tried for 15 years, I quit taking the garbage meds the Dr prescribed (metformin) stopped eating (as much as possible processed foods) and ate grilled chicken, veggies, and used a lot of natural herbs… don’t forget to exercise!(Just Google teas/herbs for PCOS) and in no time boom…

I was on metformin three years. Finally lost weight told my doctor I wanted a baby. He did a HSG procedure on me and two weeks later I was pregnant didn’t find out I was until I was eight weeks because I was used to missed periods and horrible pains ( uterus was stretching) I thought it was cramps lol

I hated hearing it but weight loss did work for me along with that procedure. Don’t give up.!!

  • I’d like to add i was in a toxic 4 year relationship after that ended alot of stress was gone and my now husband and I got pregnant “easy” sometimes I like to think my environment played a big role in getting pregnant being in a relationship with my now husband my periods were always constant unlike with my ex-husband *

I quit smoking and lost about 30 lbs. Pregnant 3 months later. Good luck mama.

Can someone help me? I have an 18 yo who was diagnosed with PCOS back in June and was prescribed the pill and metformin but I didn’t hear the reasons why for the metformin so I didn’t have my daughter take it. She also has a congenital heart issue so I have to be super on top of things with her. She went back to the gyn in December and the dr mentioned the metformin and I said she wasn’t taking it and that her cardiologist was wondering why she prescribed that to her. My daughter is very thin and she is getting her period monthly now whereas before, she would get it every three months. She did say her testosterone was high and wants lab work done before she sees her again in May. My daughter is away at college and isn’t home much and also doesn’t drive so I have to make the two hour trip if she needs to go somewhere. Should I make sure she takes that Metformin? I am not educated in PCOS so I need someone to enlighten me, please!

The only way I was able to get pregnant was having sex every 2-3 days throughout the month. When me and my now ex were ready to start a family we went all October and then early November I got my BFP

Pcos here- lost weight, got pregnant, three times. Praying

I was diagnosed with pcos at 18 after years of begging my mom to take me to a dr for horrible abd pain (cyst ruptures)… I was with my ex for 10 yrs and never got pregnant… after my divorce I changed my diet (blood type diet w/ REAL food… low sodium… and NO PROCEED FOOD), which of course made me lose ALOT of weight (without working out… YES! :raised_hands:t2:) and I magically (semi-planned) got pregnant by my (now) fiance. I had my son just shy of two years ago, and we found out were expecting again (a little girl!). The best thing I could recommend is a diet change (look jnto the blood type diet or switch to wholesome foods) and use an app like FLO to track your cycles. The hardest part is when the PCOS makes you irregular… but it WILL work! Best of luck!

I have pcos, and don’t ovulate on my own…we had success using the gonal-f pen and an ovulation booster shot… though I have been on ghe keto diet for almost four months and besides losing 15 lbs and two sizes… I’m starting to think my fertility is improving…

I had to change my lifestyle. Better eating habits and exercise. I mainly just walked 45 minutes everyday. My period came back to normal. I did take clomid to have my son but when I was ready to have another I kept up with my diet/exercise and got pregnant on my own. I learned my body symptoms while ovulating and my husband and I had sex every other night to better the chances.

I went 8 years infertile after I had my first child at 20. We ended up going to a whole foods, clean eating diet for other reasons due to my husband getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We cut out inflammatory foods and about 4 months later I started ovulating. It was crazy. (I didn’t have a desire to necessarily have other kids so I had declined meds in the past. Honestly I enjoyed not menstruating). Well, lo and behold I got pregnant VERY quickly. I have stuck with avoiding inflammatory foods. 8 months after my second child I got pregnant with my 3rd. I still have the hair growth and weight issues but I eat healthy and exercise and have continued to ovulate and had lots of other benefits (better mood, increased libido). I would consider some lifestyle changes and even the possibility of concurrent issues like auto immune issues that can compound pcos. I actually was later diagnosed with celiacs and it definitely exacerbates pcos.

Metformin also helps

i’ve had pcos for about a decade now. went through surgeries, treatments, injections, ivf… the works. even had a surgery to open my cervix. & nothing happened. about 6 months later, i got pregnant out of the blue with my miracle baby. little did i know, it was in gods timing. we were more financially stable and so ready for her (even though my heart was ready for years & years) i know it might seem awful now but please don’t give up. see a fertility specialist :heart:

I have heard from several of my patients that gluten free and dairy free did it for them. Good luck!

I have PCOS and actually of all the things I tried over the years I think it was weight loss that clicked my periods into some form of rhythm. The good news is though although it took many many year to have number one the second one was straight forward and my periods have been regular since … I wasn’t huge … probably 12 stone and 5’8 but I think being 10 stone is what did it … there is some data around metformin etc isn’t there so I think it sort of makes sense ?

My gynecologist prescribed it and it worked the first month :heart:

I’ve had it since 15 and it took us 4 years to conceive. Clomid definitely helped. All 4 years I never ovulated and the day I did after starting clomid I got pregnant

Not a mama or have pcos but I just want to say that it’s ok to worry and it’s ok to want another baby. Keep your head up mama it’ll all work out

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My husband and I did IUI treatments. The first didn’t take but the second gave us our son!

I also have PCOS I have 3 daughters. First was natural at age 22. At 33 I had been waiting long enough for nature to allow me another. Dr. gave me Clomid. It worked on the first try. I gave birth to my second daughter. 16 months later I had my 3rd daughter again naturally. I guess giving birth helped my body get to a more normal range. Clomid was easy just pills over a few days.

My OB started me on Metformin and Clomid. I did 3 rounds and it didn’t work. Then we went to a reproductive endocrinologist and we did one round of Clomid, metformin, and FSH Injections. I had twins and they’re almost 9 now. Best piece of advice is find a doctor who knows about PCOS and who supports your goal of being a mother.


Clomid I swear by this drug !


Clomid worked for me

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Tried for 5 years, started keto and did it for 2 months and bam pregnant.


Try pre seed lubrication. You can get it at most drug stores if not try Amazon. You can use it as directed or just as a normal lube.
Do not normal lube as it hinders/kills sperm. This includes saliva. You can look up and read reviews on it if it helps.
Also, start taking prenatal vitamins now. Good luck. Hope it helps.

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