Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

Getting ready for delivery #2 i wanna make this a calm labor and delivery. Relaxing music and techniques and any tips i was so young with my first i allowed my mom and dr to talk me into an epidural and i wanna know other pain reliefs. Also what should i take to keep help. Any tips in general i feel like im doing this for the first time ever (i had no say kn any of it last time) my husband will be my one and only support person and this is his first time ever so tips how he can help and everything yall


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

My 2nd was so fast I didn’t have time to try and have a calm delivery. Just walk and try and keep busy doing things you enjoy. It helps pass the time and move things along.

Read the book Ina May’s Guide to child birth. It has amazing stories and tips for helping you trust your body and relaxing.

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Well idk about other pain management because I had to have all 4 with c sections. But I’m sure you can Google and learn about them. Some hospitals allow you to sit in a tub of warm water and relax before it’s time to push. Congrats on your new bundle of joy I hope it turns out to be a peaceful delivery

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I followed her after my first but plan on using her techniques for the second. Might find some helpful stuff on her page!

The iv meds is the best but for me I love doing no meds

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I wish I researched before I had my second baby for
other pain relief techniques, they messed up the epidural and I pushed all natural anyways , pushing was very quick not even 20 mins but it was very painful , most painful experience, but feeling her come out was amazing , breathing through it and breathing techniques and taking a second to think through the pain helped a lot , knowing the pain will be over as soon as I push the baby out helped out , I had a great nurse who helped me through the pain with no meds .


Sweetheart its child birth there is nothing peaceful about it. Its painful and bloody


I WANTED the epidural but was too late. I’d been able to labor through the night watching TV. Second babies generally come faster though. After having the nurses walk me through the breathing (but I wasn’t going to have natural childbirth!) while everyone at the hospital scrambled to find a room and get set up, in one push she was out.

The absolute best thing you can do is go into it with an open mind. If you have a ton of expectations for your labor/delivery, chances are, everything is going to go sideways and you’re going to be left feeling disappointed. Go with the flow. If the doctors have a suggestion, listen and decide how you feel about it. I’m due in 2 weeks with baby #3. First baby was born naturally, labor went super fast. I got the epidural because I didn’t realize how fast I was going to go. Be aware if you do get the epidural, it’s for the labor only. Once the baby drops into the birth canal, you’ll feel everything. That doesn’t mean the epidural didn’t work. They can’t numb you that far, or you won’t be able to push. I pushed for 21 minutes with my first, and boom, it was over. My second was a breech baby. He refused to flip head down, and due to the risks, I opted for a voluntary c section. Scheduled it. That night I went into labor on my own. By the time I got to the hospital, I was already dilated to a 5, so they rushed me into OR as soon as the doctor on call arrived. My doctor and I created our plan for baby 3 yesterday…I’m going for a VBAC but already signed consent forms for a c section if it becomes necessary. In the end, as long as you walk away safe and healthy with a healthy baby, that’s what matters.


I thought I didn’t want epidural too and tbh I found out that I really really did. Write a birth plan give to your birth place and hope for the best

Was mentioned above but you can ask for IV meds instead of an epidural.

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I had an epidural with my first. Had stadol with my other 3. Walk. Breathe. And remember it is a mindset.

The Iv meds I probably would not do my baby’s baby was so high when he was born they gave her too much . u can only get them meds here n there to much will make u high . I always made a birth plan and did nothing on my birth plan things can change in seconds. My 3rd labor lasted longer then my first n second . So the whole oh your second will be faster so not true. Everyone is different n every baby is different. But yes only having you n him in the room is very peaceful

I think gonna wanna change your mind when time comes! Epidural came out right after my 3 child’. I would have given anything to had one!!

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Yesss, ok, if you are serious about no epidural then when the contractions/pain really kick in I NEED HIM TO REALLY KICK IN​:100::ok_hand:t5::100:
No more sitting by the bedside, it is now “go time” and you need to be as comforted as possible, even if that’s physically not touching you but maybe whispering positive confidence in your ear…maybe he can hold the other hand (that does not have the iv) or run a foot or something.

Tell him don’t just sit there blank faced not knowing what to do…
Hell when it WAS your first you couldn’t just sit there afraid so…c’mon bud👍🏾 time to kick it into high gear…

My epidural wore off (as now it’s a push button that only allots to much per hour or whatever the setting is on it) nevertheless I got a shot of lidocaine and baybeeeee​:muscle:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:, heaven!
I was actually smiling for the first time all day&night. That stuff’s GREAT :+1:t5::joy::upside_down_face:

I had natural with my first and epidural with my second and there was no difference so I don’t understand all the hype about epidural

Use a TENS machine. Then you’re in control from the first twinge. Lots of warm baths, walking and don’t let them put you on your back. The pelvis is much better placed if you’re on all fours.

Keep saying no to epi, they will keep asking you ( It’s annoying). Practice your breathing, keep moving around, remember the pain is only temporary. It feels soooooo good to have a natural birth, you’ll feel better after you push the baby & placenta out. You got this!!!


Use the peanut or yoga balls. KEEP AN OPEN MIND to anything and everything. Baby’s actions is really what determines how labor goes. The best way to stay relaxed is to not have expectations. You can ask for morphine to help with pain but they can only give you so much in a certain amount of time. If you don’t have an epidural they should allow you in the shower so standing under hot water may help too

Open mind, concentrate on your breathing and breathe slow! Know that with every contraction you’re getting closer. I also squeezed the shit out of a hair comb, apparently it works with the pressure points in your hand, I found it worked for me. All natural no pain relief or meds. When you really want an epidural, you’re almost there :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The more prepared you are mentally the easier it can be. I did hypnobirthing and I had a great Med-free experience! It was so relaxing and easy, seriously. I even gave birth at home. I would look into home birth if you are low risk and hiring a doula who can help make you comfortable. Pm me if you’d like to hear more about it!

I had my son 9 weeks ago, completely med free. I breathed through the contractions and concentrated on anything else. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be… wish I would have done it with all my boys.

I would recommend an epidural to keep yourself relaxed. Having less people and visitors will relax you. Both my labors were absolutely 100% different so maybe this time will just be better for you.

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It’s best to have all the information ahead of time, have a plan then have two back up plans because speaking from experience, nothing in life ever goes according to plan. It’s best to educate yourself on all your options going into it and be ready for any changes that come your way.

Focus on keeping your forehead relaxed lol. It sounds weird but my nurse for labor #3 told me and it helps!!

They can give you some strong pill instead of an epidural. Ask for that instead! Also, the smell of lavender helped me. And a warm pad for my area helped so much! They freaked out and said they couldn’t stop me if I wanted it warm, but They wouldn’t help me with it at all. Thankfully I had my man help. That’s literally what a doula told me to do lol and it helped.

Look into hypnobirthing and find your mantra.

You got this. I had three unmedicated deliveries before two c-sections. Keep noise to a minimum. I was bothered by noise during contractions. Take shallow breaths during each contraction. Trying to take a deep breath was painful for me. Unless it’s time to push, let your body relax as much as possible through every pain. Fighting against the contractions made it hurt worse for me. When it’s time to push, having your knees up and back while holding the handles on the bottom of the birthing bed helped me get my babies out so much faster. Don’t let them push you into an epi, but if you change your mind, don’t be afraid to get one. People will tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t listen. I heard the same things with each pregnancy. I was up soon after my deliveries and never regretted not having medication. It’s amazing what you can do, so don’t doubt yourself.

All fours. Yoga poses like cat cow. Did that and was able to cope until I realized I was pushing in my kitchen…

After my first was natural (not by choice) I swore I’d never go through that pain again. To each there own though. My medicated births were way more relaxing. Less hectic, no pain, slower (which for me was a good thing), and recovery was incredibly easier.

I wouldn’t have your mind set to a specific thing. You can prepare but every labor and birth are different. My first was 3 hours start to finish, natural. My second was induced 7 hours start to finish with less recovery issues, my 3rd I wouldn’t contract at all after my water broke and my water was broke for 30 hours before he came and Pitocin wasn’t really helping contractions for a long time.

Go in with an open mind is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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Keep the epidural if you want a peaceful delivery.

Just know about the time to push is when the pain feels most unbearable. Breath through it don’t be afraid to try crazy positions you aren’t allowed to with epidural. Try lower back massage and have your husband right next to you ensure he understands before labor how much it means to you to go without one. My husband was the greatest coach for me through it even the nurses kept complimenting him afterwards.

Hats off to you I discovered I’m a pain woose with my first so the epidural was a savior. I had one with my second which saved time when I had to have an emergency c section

Don’t let them force you to lay down flat if you don’t want to! That works against gravity. You want the baby out, not to stay in. It’s not natural to give birth laying down! Look up different positions. Those beds move up and down in order for you to be able to be in different positions than just laying down or sitting up a little! If your mind is made up about no epidural don’t let them change your mind. I personally chose epidurals for all mine bc I don’t handle pain well, but w/ one of mine I wasn’t able to get it, it’s extremely painful, but literally as soon as the baby is out, the pain is instantly gone! Know all of your options ahead of time so if your original plan doesn’t work out, you will already know your other options! is a great resource for new and experienced moms before delivery. My husband and I did the online course and it made all the difference in developing our birth plan and what to expect during labor.

We had an unexpected transfer to a hospital when I went into preterm labor, but we still kept most of what we wanted. No drugs or pain medications. I labored standing(back under shower)/ walking then delivered on knees. Anytime I laid down or sat the contractions were far more uncomfortable.

Epidural will screw up your back… I’ve got back trouble… fentynal however you spell it WORKS AMAZING

Every labor and delivery is different. My first baby took 14 hours and was 8.13. My second took 7 hours and was 7.13. My third took 13 hours and was 8.6. I had no epidural, just a little Demerol to ‘take the edge off.’ Worked like putting the knife under the bed to cut the pain in two. It was my choice to go as natural as I could, though, and I’m glad I did.