Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

Getting ready for delivery #2 i wanna make this a calm labor and delivery. Relaxing music and techniques and any tips i was so young with my first i allowed my mom and dr to talk me into an epidural and i wanna know other pain reliefs. Also what should i take to keep help. Any tips in general i feel like im doing this for the first time ever (i had no say kn any of it last time) my husband will be my one and only support person and this is his first time ever so tips how he can help and everything yall


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Look into hypnobirthing. There’s free videos on YouTube about it.
Don’t fight the contractions or pain, just embrace it and ride each wave.
I had an injection of diamorphine at 8am and my boy was born at 5.40pm. there was an IV of paracetamol but that was turned off until go time! Hoping to do the same again with baby number 2.
Just make your wishes known, make sure your husband knows too, and take home comforts. Lots of music you like, things to watch that make you happy etc

The best thing Ive learnt after 5 kids. Is just BE with the pain. Dont exert your energy into noise. Put it into delivering your baby. When I say be with the pain, i mean feel it. Can you water birth? I never did and wished I had been able to but all my babies were high risk pregnancies. Honestly, just go with the pain. Sink into it.

Did you know you dont need to push? Thats what contractions do. They push them out when its time. My partner watched my last baby just crawl out. Was amazing. Our bodies know what to do!

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