Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

Getting ready for delivery #2 i wanna make this a calm labor and delivery. Relaxing music and techniques and any tips i was so young with my first i allowed my mom and dr to talk me into an epidural and i wanna know other pain reliefs. Also what should i take to keep help. Any tips in general i feel like im doing this for the first time ever (i had no say kn any of it last time) my husband will be my one and only support person and this is his first time ever so tips how he can help and everything yall


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

Ive done it both ways and honestly id NEVER get another epidural again! Id seek out a midwife theyre freaking amazing, but if its to late for that id talk to your dr about what wherever youre delivering has for alternative pain management like walking, baths, balls, etc and research all the different ways see what interests you and involve your partner so they’ll know more of what to expect. Good luck and congratulations!!


Bring your own birthing gown.
Another option for pain relief is nitrous, talk with your OB about it.
I could list a million things, I was so fortunate that my labor and delivery went super smoothly and was over before I knew it began.
The number one thing that helped me the most was meditation during my pregnancy. That and directing positive affirmations and manifestations towards my unborn daughter. I never hoped that labor would go a certain way, I focused on that intent during meditation. Maybe it helped, maybe it didn’t…certainly didn’t hurt.


Home birth! And water birth! Warm water is like mother nature’s epidural. It’s incredible when your hips hit that water the relief you get. I decorated my birth area and it was so relaxing and peaceful. I made a play list and had the lights off with some beautiful lights up. I like silence so I can talk myself through labor. It also helps to not have people pushing an epidural on you.


I have had c-section, vbac epidural, and vbac non epidural. Essentially it is what it is. A painful experience that you forget about and procreate again. I think the main thing is to listen to your body and don’t feel you have to prove anything to anybody.


I just gave birth this morning. Hire your self a doula! Best decision I ever made and some how figured out how to budget for. I also had two midwives. They truly were amazing and gave an outstanding and out of this world experience compared compared my hospital birth i had 3 years ago.


Just take deep breaths. 4 long seconds in through your nose and 4 long seconds out through your mouth to ride the contractions. You can use the gas and oxygen too and that took all my pain away. I 100000% will do this with my second again. I slept through 26 hours of labor. As far as music, you can download mixes from YouTube. I personally would like gospel.

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Well I swear I wouldn’t get an epidural for my second and I ended up getting one at 9cm worst mistake ever. Didn’t even have time to work because 5 minutes later I was pushing. But I tried laughing gas when my contractions weren’t intense it kinda helped not really and I also tried medication in my iv (part of the morphine family) and personally that didn’t work for me either. So it’s nice if you ask all your options!!!

My first born I prayed to die while in labour. Ended up with a C-section. So tbh I’m going for the voluntary C-section for the next. Avoid the 24hrs of labour and the 3 days of sleep deprivation before being hit with a colic high needs crying 24/7 baby… good luck

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My 2nd born I had just fentanyl iv into my arm. No epideral.
I could push the button every 10-15 minutes for a small dose of fentanyl and it didn’t take pain away but it helped relax me enough to labor with him. I just did breathing exercises and my husband pressed my lower hips together whenever I got a contraction. (Back labor sucks)


I say take the epidural. I was young (18) when I had my first. It was a breeze even after 23 hrs and 8’ 11oz of baby. My second was years (20) later. I guess my body had settled in after so long. It really was the worst pain imaginable in my life. My 3 rd time wasn’t as bad almost 2 yrs later.

No epidural here. 15.5 hours. I listened to the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore. It helped ne visualize the contraction receeding. It helped me remember ‘this too will pass’ ‘it only last for a few moments’. Sending hugs! I used stadol (sp check) as the pain management in labor.

When your baby is born have the nurse lay the baby on our chest and let the baby breathe with you as you take nice deep and relaxing breaths. Before cutting the umbilical cord. Your baby well now know how to breathe properly unlike most of us. Instead of having the cord cut right away making the baby gasp for air and cry. :heart:

There is nothing wrong with epidurals unless you personally know that you have an adverse reaction to them :purple_heart: I recommend the epidural to literally everyone, there is no greater peace to know your baby is finally coming and you don’t have to be in utter agony the whole time :purple_heart: good luck with whatever you choose and congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Jessie Preston they are the one thing I refuse to have ever again and advise people not to have the continuous repercussions of back issues u can occur from them are ridiculous… I had one with my soon to be 16 year old and with my 8 year old coz I had no choice apparently i do not have big boobs and I wasn’t 35 for either lol I now suffer really back with my back since and know personally many others that also do too … diamorphine is what I would suggest to people instead

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For a calm delivery, definitely work on keeping yourself calm.

With my youngest, I was playing video games and doing a Destiny 2 raid while contracting 7 minutes apart. And after that, my husband and I were laughing and joking. He was teasing me and my nurse roasted him, it was hilarious. I was making jokes and having casual conversation in between pushing.
Keeping myself calm and happy and joking around, playing games (my hobby) really contributed to a smooth, calm labor. I did try the epidural but it kinda failed. Only my thighs and down got numb. Pelvis and up was not numb at all.
I used the gas whenever the contractions felt really strong.


I used a rocking chair with my first. It actually help a little with some of the pain.

2-3 weeks even a month before, have him massage your vaginal walls with his fingers, and then day of have him do it a slowly press down. It helps stretch you so you don’t tear

There is no other pain relief, get that epidural!!

Look into the Bradley birthing method :slightly_smiling_face: it’s what I used. a 14 hour 45 minute labor.

Girl if you want to go natural more power to you I had my three oldest natural and then got an epidural with my twins and then with my new baby girl! Epidural was the most amazing thing ever! I was able to rest and relax while enjoying cuddling up to my husband while awaiting our daughter being born
With natural I just tried to breathe and I used a cold cloth on my face and neck to distract me and my best friend combed my hair while I rocked in a rocking chair but other than that I can’t really offer much else! Natural hurts like the dickens and there isn’t any way around it!

Look into hypno birthing!!!

I got nebain in the iv. Doesn’t make you numb and doesn’t affect the baby.

Just know that you aren’t a failure if you opt to use the epidural. That is a harmful and painful myth that is perpetuated amongst the high and mighty crunchy mom crowd. That baby is coming no matter what, there is no reason to be in pain when you don’t have to be.
Giving birth isn’t a test of strength or pain tolerance or womanhood. The epidural does not effect the baby and really isn’t anything to fear.


Watch podcasts and read up on hypnobirthing its a new thing kind of but i hear that its wonderful

Having a doula can be helpful

Epidural me immediately and at the max. I want to feel nothing. :joy:

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I recommend you looking to hypno birthing techniques. It’s meditation that can help reduce pain. With that being said I’ve had a natural childbirth and an induced one with an epidural. 10/10 would definitely recommend the epidural. I did combine hypnobirthing with modern medicine but my second birth experience was extremely calm peaceful and easy

Move around. Request a bar for your labor, itll have you in a squatting position while delivering which is 10x easier on your body than laying down or do a water birth itll hurt way less. Make sure you are walking for as long as you can during labor or its gonna hurt 10x worse. I would definitely get a midwife or doula. Dont let the hospital boss you around at every turn you are there to have your baby on your babies and your time not theirs and in the way you want they can shove it.

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Epidurals are awesome. There is no such thing as a calm birth. You are playing yourself. Just keeping it real.


My second labour was totally different from my first.
First time was awful, I had gas and air and it just made me feel sick.
Second time I had a water birth, I highly recommend one if its possible. I had no pain relied at all and just breathed through the contractions x x

I had my first 3 without an epidural and was induced for the first 2 never again. Epidural and no induction :sweat_smile:due in a week

I took a deep breath in through my nose when the contraction started, and breathed out through my mouth. I counted as well as it took my mind off the pain x

Bahahahha​:woman_facepalming::joy: sorry there’s no such thing. Just go with whatever makes it easier for you. Good luck x

A labor nurse drilled into me this awesome reminder that really helped me:

Every single thing that happens during your stay at the hospital is your CHOICE. You do not need to accept any intervention just because a doctor or nurse says you need it or because it’s “standard”. It’s your body and your baby. If someone says you need to have or do something that you’re unsure of, don’t be afraid of offending someone… speak up:

-“What is this and why are you recommending this?”

-“How can this positively and negatively affect me AND my baby?”

Tell them if you would like time to think something over. Many things are not an emergency. If it’s not life or death right this second, but staff insists you need to make a decision about something NOW, you can ask for a private moment to talk with your partner.

YOU are in charge of EVERYTHING. Technically YOU have hired the hospital to HELP YOU during your labor and delivery.

Keep in mind this natural process of giving birth is not happening TO YOU, but YOU are DOING something amazing. Something your body KNOWS how to do, even if you think you don’t. Relax and embrace this incredible day. The best way to do that is EDUCATE yourself as well as you can before it’s time.

Learn about the stages of labor and everything your body will go through so you know what you can expect. Learn about all the interventions (vacuum, forceps, episiotomy, pitocin, c-section, etc.) that could be offered. Find out what pain relief options your hospital offers (drug & non-drug). Have an idea of what you might be ok with and not ok with. Writing up a simple birth plan with your hopes and preferences and packing a few copies is a good idea. Give one to your OB in the office ahead of time (and even go over it with them to work out any more questions you might have). Give one to your nurse at the hospital. Have your partner pack a copy so he can jump in and remind you or the staff of your preferences in case you can’t think straight.

Try to find a childbirth education and/or breastfeeding class. Tough with COVID right now but there are some good online ones. Get your partner involved and educated too. He can help you best if he knows what/when/how.

Again, tougher with COVID, but see if it’s possible to tour the maternity floor at your hospital. Some hospitals have a virtual tour on their website.

During labor, use gravity to your advantage as much as possible! Get up and MOVE around to speed things up and help baby get into a great position. Staying in bed can actually make it a much longer and more painful ordeal.

Be prepared for nothing to go as planned🤷🏼‍♀️. It never does, but that’s ok.

Remember, no matter how your labor goes or what decisions are made during the delivery, you are just as much an incredible, fierce mama as any other. Bringing humans into the world is hard work no matter how it happens. Everyone’s experience is unique.

Congrats!! I know this time around will be better for you! I hope you are able to go into it feeling positive and ready❤️

YOGA BREATHING(slow deep inhale through nose,slow exhale through the mouth) Don’t hold your breath,you’ll pass out or hyperventilate.

If you feel the need to yell,DO IT!!(War Cries are a POWERFUL THING​:muscle::sparkling_heart:) never let anyone in the room try to tell you to “be quiet”.

Don’t panic,ever.


If you want “Metallica” or anything like that in your ears during labor for motivation,IT’S YOUR CHOICE,just don’t try to head bang,twerk,or anything on that bed​:wink::rofl:.


Since this is ur second…… there is a high possibility it would be sooner this time. For my first delivery my water broke but I didn’t hv any contractions so was induced labour n I also opted for epidural but fr my second one I started getting mild contractions at 1 midnight n went to extreme by 3 am by 4 my lil one was out widout epidural just normal delivery…… u got dis…… just breathe and don’t overthink😊

Ps: my second one was 19months apart

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Stop!!! Ur setting ur self up for disappointment…tell the nurses what u want how u envision things going then let it go and go with the flow expect the unexpected it will not go as planned no matter how much u try to make it hype urself up for miracle of birth and try to enjoy the process with ur hubs…my favorite birth of all 4 was my daughter who was #3 the only plan I had with her was I wanted the epidural lol I went in I was 4 cm they gave me the epidural which is always scary and her dad and I slept till they came in to check me said I was ready 2 nurses and the doc came in (it was the middle of the night so the room was not filled with people thank goodness) we had a baby it was calm and quiet people were laughing and joking with me…none of it was the plan and in fact we only had 5 days to get that baby out before he had to go back afganistan


I was 17 when I had an all natural birth at a birth center. It was amazing and I won’t have it any other way with my future deliveries. I got to sit in the shower with the removable shower head on my back for most of the time. It helped immensely. I got to bounce on the ball. They put on relaxing music for me. I got to wear my own comfy gown. It was the greatest experience ever. You just have to get in that “mindset” as far as pain.

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Every delivery is different just like every pregnancy. Just go in with the mindset of it will be okay. My first one I had all the pain meds and almost a dry birth. With my second I wanted to go all natural. She decided the morning of 38 weeks she was coming and my water broke. But I had no contractions at all, found out she was stuck due the the cord and I wasn’t even displaying, she couldn’t even get into the birth canal. Had to be induced and held out as long as I could but contractions hit differently when induced :joy: epidural with her was completely different. I could still move everything and it wore of really quick after delivery.
First pregnancy the epidural was so strong I literally couldn’t move at all and stayed like that for hours afterwards. The one thing I will suggest is maybe ask for the smaller catheter, I forgot to ask and ended up with a urethra tear and let me tell you that is worse than healing from delivery.

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I planned a peaceful delivery of my second too… it was going to be amazing. Until I labored for less than 3 hours and had him in the car on the way to the hospital that was an hour away. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Gave birth naturally 3 times. My last one was calm. It was peaceful. And i was in charge of everything i highly recommend a birthing center. They advocate against epidurals and medical intervention. They Gave me a birthing class that helped guide me through keeping calm. They have a pool to have a water birth if you want. It was great. Depending on your insurance you can call around to different birthing centers around you and just ask if they accept your insurance. It was the best decision i made in my whole pregnancy. No medicine being pushed on me. Quiet room. No bright lights. I could walk around or lay however i wanted in a queen size bed. It was the best birthing experience i could’ve asked for. Don’t let anyone that was too scared to have a natural birth speak fear into your plans. Epidurals definitely take a toll on mom and baby and have side effects. Good luck!:yellow_heart:

I went without an epidural for baby #3 and it was an incredibly calm birth. I got to 9cm, doc broke my water and I was pushing 15 minutes later. He was out in about 10 minutes. According to the nurse and doctor, I was very calm… I didn’t scream or say much of anything. UNTIL the shoulders came out. Then I let out a holler lol but doc pulled baby out right after.

The only thing I can recommend is that you try to WAIT to get your water broken unless it breaks on its own of course. The contractions get much stronger once the water is broken and if you aren’t super dilated they can be hard to push through. That’s what happened with baby #2 for me (I was 5cm and they broke my water) and I had to get an epidural because the contractions were causing me to almost pass out.

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And just a heads up you can make a birth plan all you want but most Dr’s and or hospitals don’t care about your birthing plan… If your pregnancy has been healthy and smooth and your insurance allows look into a birthing center. They’re more mommy centered. I’ll never have another child because of how stressful my deliveries were

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I had 3 all natural birth, zero pain relief and it was hard. I had 1 with an epidural (was the most relaxed and best delivery experience I had) I had 1 emergency c section and than my last was also a C-section of course. My opinion out of my 6 deliveries is, if you want relaxed, is epidural. The best, most painful way is natural, which I did 3 times and as painful as it was, it was amazing. However, if you’re looking just for relaxing and less pain, with feeling the birth, epidural. My opinion.

Honestly one of the biggest things I’d say is research the hospital,doctor, etc. I know you don’t always have time for this but it will really help. What’s their rate of messing up an epidural, how many csections, etc. Tour the hospital as well. If the staff seems rude find a different place. You could have all the pain management skills in the world, but a bad doctor and staff could ef that up in two seconds. Sometimes that drive to a different hospital/birthing center is well worth it.

Mine was calm but only because I had an epidural and had medication to help me sleep so my baby actually crowned while I was asleep (setting me up for a very high expectations for my next I’d say)

I could never have done it without the epidural. It would have been one and done. I went on to have 4.

I’m so sorry that the system has failed women so hard that they felt the need to laugh at this post or discourage this woman in the comments.


Epidural is the only peaceful thing…ZERO things about labor and delivery pain are peaceful, I don’t understand why people sugarcoat that :flushed::joy:yall wild! (Yes…I read the post)

I think a home birth would be can set up candles and soft music and have your family around you

Just breath momma and have a good time I was at 7 cm with no epidural or pain meds

Hire a doula. Thats it. If you make a birth plan, you’ll have a c-section. It’s almost cosmically guaranteed.

You need to talk to your OBGYN. There is nothing wrong with an epidural, or an IV drip, doula, water, exercise ball, good old fashioned walking. Not every pregnancy or delivery are the same. Just be prepared for it to change no matter what you have planned.


Calm labor? Good luck on that one

Epidural​:rofl::rofl::rofl: they ain’t no way anyone’s birth is a calm one haha I may not of felt my contractions nor screamed any but ill tell you what the moment my doctor said oh fuc* I’ll be right back and had a csection team ready to go is the moment my calm birth stopped. Get the epidural if you want a calmer birth than most but it still won’t be calm. Just breathe, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Tell them you don’t want unnecessary people in the room

Get a rope for you & your husband to pull when you are pushing… kind of like tug of war. My mother swears by this.

Everyone is different…part of being calm isn’t to plan the hell out of it because no matter what unexpected things happen. I did get lucky and had all three of my kids at a maternity center so no epidurals.
I had my oldest at 15,
my 2nd at 20
my 3rd at 24…
only my 2nd was easy peasy 45mins I had him and was on my way home…my 3rd I was in labor 16hours and my first 19hours…

Peaceful delivery? :rofl: Epidural :wink: