Tips to help with morning sickness?

I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first and can’t stop throwing up. I can hardly eat or drink as soon as I do i throw it back up i take diclectin and gravol and nothing is helping. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help me i can’t even leave my house because of the nausea Thank you.


I vomited through 26 weeks pregnant. It was awful and nothing helped besides Zofran.


Sorry. I was in this same position with my first child. I never gained weight. I had to have IV fluids several times and wasn’t able to eat much at all. I understand how you feel but that’s what the docs are for to offer safe alternatives. My advice stop smoking and talk to your docs for support until birth so you won’t have any issues. Would you put MJ in his/her bottle?

The first 14 wks with my first i barely left my bathroom only saltine crackers i was able to keep down … good luck!

Drink the syrup/juice out of a peach can it helps relieve nausea

I would always go to the mall n get them morning sickness candy things in mother hood

Ive been like that with my girls …eat small snacks regular…the more empty ur stomach is the sicker u will feel

Ask your doctor for diclegis… best morning sickness medication period!!

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Lemon drops and peppermint (candy or gum) helped me when I had to leave the house.

Freeze Gatorade in an ice cube tray for the electrolytes and suck on them whenever possible

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Ematrol and saltine cracker before feet hit the floor in the am

Make broth with chicken bouillon cubes drink it slow like a tea I was sick the whole 9 months hope it passes for you

I did this the whole pregnancy with both my kids and they are ten years apart. I just had to find one or two foods that wouldnt come back up and stuck to them. I lost 25 pounds with both of them while pregnant . wishing u luck on finding some thing to help.

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I had to take Zofran, it was the only thing that worked for me


Shot of pickle juice and a few crackers.

I had to go on phenergan and starting sipping on breakfast shakes in the mornings to stop weight loss. I had hyperemesis gravidarum during my pregnancy

Preggo pops are the only thing that saved me.

Zofran is the only thing keeping me alive currently. (17 weeks)
But once you take it you HAVE to keep something on your stomach at all times. If you wait too long to eat it will start all over again. Avoid greasy foods and over eating.

My doctor told me to take all natural ginger chewy gravol. That was the only thing that helped me, and non salted crackers

Call your doctor they may prescribe zofran… I was sick all 37bweeks of my first pregnancy and nothing helped… I’m currently 28 and randomly have morning sickness and I have prescription for zofran and phenergan

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I threw up on the way to the hospital. I had morning sickness the whole pregnancy. The only thing I could keep down was cereal and milk.

Peppermint candies…helps with nausea. Ginger snap cookies (real Ginger). I had chronic sickness and ended up getting rehydrated once a week. 1st pregnancy used phenergan. S2nd used Zofran and 3rd was reglan. It reduces stomach acid and helps to prevent vomiting greatly. Always make sure you eat something small every few hours.

I got put on Zofran, Folic acid and Vitamin B-6…before I got put on it all I could do was lay on the couch, couldn’t even drink water.

Lemon ice (like frozen lemonade) orange juice, ensure shakes, pho, chicken noodle soup, toast. Those were my staples. I drank LOTS of powerade, lemonade and seltzer.

Eat saltine crackers that always help me

If you are throwing up everything, and I mean even just some water it sounds like you have hyperemesis garvidarium and that’s something you need to go see your OBGYN about. I had it with my daughter and I was very dehydrated because of it. Just my 2 cents.


Pickles worked wonders for me! Also pickle juice. Sometimes peppermint as well

Ginger candies, ginger ale, lemonade helps too

I was sick like this with both my boys and i felt like death! I never found anything that helped me! They call it hyperemesis gravidarum. I lost weight i was so sick. Be sure to tell your doctor about it because it can be dangerous if you get dehydrated or start to loose to much! They can give you symptoms to watch out for! Best of luck to you!

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Ginger gummies gnc…

Sounds like you may have what I did during all 3 of my pregnancies. hyperemesis gravidarum is when you can not stop vomiting, weight loss, hospitalizations for dehydration and malnutrition, and causes severe anemia


I had hyperemesis gravidarum while is pretty much me throwing up 24/7 for 5+ months. I was even hospitalized for it. The only thing that worked was reglan.

Don’t drink any think empty stomach, eat biscuit or something dry before taking liquid this tip really helped me

Dramamine seriously it was what was prescribed for me for hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness

Pineapple juice was my lifesaver. Sounds weird but works. Also if you’re Aussie, toast with the tiniest smear of promote helps keep the vitamins up.

Talk to your o.b first. He or she will be able to help.

I was bed ridden for almost 5 because of this I was a vegetarian and the only think that helped was eating meat… The key whatever works for you mom

Sucking on ice helped and also eating crackers as soon as you get up in the morning. I also tried to eat something every two hours so that I wouldn’t get nauseous.

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Frozen Gatorade and green apples

Sounds like you have hyperemesis gravidarum! Please ask your doctor to check you about that. You need zofran and a non iron dissolvable prenatal vitamin. I had the same problem from week 6 to week 36 I couldn’t keep anything down but cookies steak and watermelon . You may need fluids a few times via IV

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Unisom sleep aid once at night before bed helped me with mine

CBD works wonders for me. I buy CBD edibles and eat one every time I start to feel sick.


Sipping on warm ginger ale and ginger tea helped me tremendously.

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I have a 4 month old and was crazy sick the entire pregnancy lived on saltines and water

big red gum always helped me

Citrus! Carry a clementine with a slit in the peel and huff that shit!

My dr recommends taking these together. It helps


I threw up till 30 weeks with my daughter. It can depend on the prenatal vitamin you take. I found that Rainbow light is the best. Ginger, lemon, peppermint tea, crackers, chicken broth. Also extra vitamin B6 and unisom ( over the counter sleep aid) can help. The combination if the 2 worked for me. I really urge you to please talk to your doctor. All of these are only suggestions. And since we no nothing about your health or the pregnancy please call and see what they say. It’s been my experience that sickness and lots of it comes with girls I had sickness but not nearly as bad with my son. Please call your doctor.

I was like this and turned out to be my gallbladder. Talk to your doctor

Never let yourself get hungry. And don’t over eat. Small meals and snacks, every few hours.

Prob need to go the the Dr and get fluids

I use gum, ginger candies, ice and different good smelling candles and bed rest I’m 16 weeks and I still get nauseous here and there but before it was so bad with headaches as well

Sour candy, lemons, lemonade

Chamomile and peppermint tea work for me

I tried peppermints, crackers and pretzels. It helped some but not much. I ended up having to be put on meds because I couldn’t even keep water down.

I had the same problem! Try some ginger candy or some ginger tablets, one per day. It helped me for a few hours.

When I was going through my morning sickness nothing really helped either, I eventually treated it as the flu by drinking ginger ale and chicken noodle soup and although it didn’t completely help it made it more manageable. And also try not having big meals (if any) so early in the day I found my stomach was weakest then

Oh, I am so sorry. I’ve been there. It’s awful. I lived on cinnamon raisin oatmeal and soft ice for 11 weeks. Got better at 15 weeks. Tell these holistic nurses to shove natural remedies and get the doc to give you a script for relief. I wish I had.

Try ginger capsules or see if your doctor will give yew zofran or Fenagrin… Dry toast and saltine crackers or toast with peanut butter… I had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy but I also have chronic pancreatitis with pseudo cysts so I was very sick and malnourished to begin with… Just talk with your doctor honey… Let them know it’s interfering with your day to day life and they will do something about it for sure! Good luck Mama!

Gingerale helped me and soda crackers. I carried them everywhere with me lol

The only thing I could stomach for the first couple months was chicken broth, and lemons/lemonade

Canned peaches with heavy syrup

Crackers and chocolate milk worked for me! Sounds odd, but it did the trick. I had really bad morning sickness between 6 weeks and 14 weeks and those were the only things I could keep down. Be sure to drink water in between throwing up or you might end up with a strained esophagus!

Nothing. Nothing will help you. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll experience “morning sickness” while in labor. The only thing that helped was giving birth :woman_shrugging:t4:


Soda crackers banana popcicles

Aww I hope you feel better.

Ask your doctor for promethazine that is what helped me I was also able to get a little bit of sleep

I had the same thing it was horrible ! I was reccomended to take gin gins and it did keep it at bay but I still had it pretty bad small meals throughout the day a piece of fruit or crackers before you get up from bed maybe

I ate saltines all day everyday day

I lived on cucumbers n greek seasoning I could not keep anything red or orange down. I was sick all 9 mo. I’d just puke to get it over with n live my day

Sip flat sprite,and keep it at bay w saltines…this too shall pass!

Anything Ginger

Helped me a lot

Bananas and peppermint tea helped me

Fresh ginger root tea

Suck on lifesaver mints. The more saliva you produce the less sick you are and also see if you can take some neasous meds. I took b6 nd something else and it was great

Boil ginger root and drink the water !

Did you talk to doctors they can prescribe an OTC

It sounds stupid, but smell some rubbing alcohol.

Talk to your doctor. They can give recommendations, and possibly prescribe medication if needed. Typically, phenergan is not recommended during pregnancy. But I was prescribed zofran to take as needed. Luckily I only had to deal with nausea in the first trimester. After that, I didn’t have any issues. Good luck, and best wishes for you and your bundle of joy :heart:

Ginger ale and saltines

Nothing worked for me til I got some preggie pops

I dropped 40 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy because I couldn’t eat! But if you like pink lemonade it helped me be able to keep food and water down as long as I drank some lemonade before and after good and water. The tartness of it keeps the rest of your food down!! Good luck mama!

Ginger candy, ginger chews and tums

Saltines, peppermint candies, and anything ginger…I feel your pain all 3 of mine I was so sick every time for at least the first 6 months…they are worth all of it though

I didn’t have too bad of morning sickness but when I did I forced a lot of water and drank all day long.

That sounds like my first pregnancy, could hardly lift my head off the pillow. But each pregnancy ( three more

Sour candies helped me!!!

more) each one was better and morning sickness shorter time.

Promethazine and ondansetron work great

Take Gatorade or body armour and freeze it into ice cubes and chew on those

Pickle juice!
It saved me lol
Just a shot or two tho
Making popsicles out of pickle juice is supposed to be great too lol

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Ginger root helped me with my first. It’s a strong taste so take a little bit each time but it helps

Zophran. Keep saltines by your bed and nibble on them before getting out of bed. Avoid sugars. Dehydration is dangerous during pregnancy so drink things with electrolytes. You might just have HG, unfortunately. Mine lasted until 7 months.

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Lemon heads help me. I don’t have a puking problem but I’m nauseous 24/7 and it’s worse on car rides. I can hardly eat cause of the nausea .

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Drink boost(the drink old people drink when they don’t get enough nutrients and stuff). I used to when I was pregnant within my son and I threw up all the time. It does go away after the first trimester

Please look into because this sound like what is going on. And no matter what tricks you try nothing will help without proper antiemetics.


Peppermint or ginger candies

Pepcid chewable tablets

Ginger beer and mandarins were the oy things that worked for me

I did ginger ale with lemon juice

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