Tis the season for depression and self doubt

As a single Mom of three with little to no help from outside my home I am struggling. How do y'all do it? How do you keep a smile? All I want to do is cry. Everytime my kids ask me what we are eating tomorrow all I can say is turkey...and only because it has been in my freezer for 3 years now. I do not know how to keep going. My kids deserve so much better than what I can give them right now.

Prayers and good vibes welcome.

I’m so sorry, the holidays can be so stressful. They’re some different places that can help you. I would look into applying for food stamps. I’m not sure what your financial situation is (only saying that because the have a maximum income per month they’ll allow). If approved you should get a good amount since your kids will be on your case. Also wic helps with food. They help supply milk, cheese, bread, fruits/veggies, yogurt, juice. It may not be a lot, but it certainly does help. Since you have 3 children they might also add more on. Also, food banks. I’ve gone to a couple before and for the most part they do give you some good things. I’ve gotten meats, pantry items, desserts. It’s been a minute since I’ve gone but just find your nearest one… from my experience they just ask for your ID and either give you a form to fill or you talk to a real person. They ask how many you live with, etc. then you get your box. Some I’ve been too also help provide clothing. Not sure if it’s a situation as well but look up on google the post office operation santa… the kids write a letter to “Santa” and someone can adopt their letter and send them gifts. As far as I know it’s a 50/50 chance, it may not get adopted/picked but it never hurts to try. They also have the giving tree thing with the same concept. I hope this helps, I know it’s stressful but try and enjoy the small happy moments with your babies. I hope & pray things get better & you’re able to take a breather :heart: