To all the ladies, what's the best birth control?

I have the nexplanon & had it since my baby Damianna was born. 10-15-19 I hate it so much that I’m getting it removed end of the month. I don’t get normal cycles.... Irregular bleeding for month on end!!!! It don’t stop TMI I know I’m sorry, I also put on a lot of weight!!! My moods aren’t the best& I believe it’s causing me chest pain. Just want something better!

I have a vaginal ring and I love it! In 3 weeks out for one, I still get my cycle. You can also leave it in for four weeks and put a new one in. I think you can do that for 3 months then take it out for a week and get your cycle. I’m not sure how long you can do that though

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. To all the ladies, what's the best birth control?

I love the pill I’m on. No side effects for me.

You shouldn’t have a period with nexplanon, just spotting every now and then.


Same here. Got nexplanon in December and my periods are so crazy. I bleed lightly for weeks at a time. Its so annoying, my weight has remained the same and definitely a lot moodier than usual.

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I use Low-Ogestrel and I have no side effects. I did pass a decidual cast but I think that was my fault.

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The birth control shot :syringe:

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Each birth control is different for every individual. So what works for one person, may not work for another. I tried various pills such as Levlen and Zoely. While they were effective at contraception, I kept breaking through. Didn’t help with my pain management. So now I’m currently on the Mirena, about two months in, and my body is just adjusting to it at the moment. So I have to give that 6 months for my body to fully take to the Mirena.

Everyone’s bodies are different.


I’m looking at this postpartum :blush: Hormonal birth control makes me bleed too much and screws with my bipolar so this is a blessing!

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I had nexplanon and I feel it caused me soo much trouble! I did it the 3 years and during I would have periods that lasted for 3-6 months and then wouldn’t have one and would spot just randomly, I also gained weight and after it was removed I had the same trouble with my periods as before and actually had to not take any birth control for a year and a half before my periods became regular again… I also after it came out got diagnosed with PCOS after that year and a half of irregular periods. I was also told because of PCOS I would have to have fertility treatments to ever have a child and after 4 years of trying we are finally having our first child. I’m not saying that the nexplanon cause all of my issues but it just seemed to me that it caused more trouble than just taking a pill. All birth control is different, I say listen to your body! If it seems like it’s to much for you I would try something different for sure!

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Have you tried taking ibuprofen or naproxen every 4 to 6 hours for several days before your period? That often stops it. It is not unusual to have bleeding for the 1st 6 to 12 months with nexplanon. It takes awhile to stabilize. You can also take a round or two of oral pills on top of it and the estrogen will stop it.

Merena is great

Paragard often causes heavy bleeding

Depo is every 3 months shot and often weight gain and bleeding.

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I had one after I had my last baby, I just blead heavy for six months straight they just kept telling me it’s my body getting used to it… what a load of shit that was they ended up taking it out after almost 8 months

I’ve been on the depo shot for about 2.5 years. I haven’t had a period in about a year and a half, it took a good while to get to no periods, which is literally the only reason I’m even on birth control.
I get moody/hormonal usually mid-point of when I had my shot and when I’m due.
I like the depo alright. Sometimes I think of changing to something else, but I don’t want a period. Sooooooooo. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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Do they still have the diaphragm? You have to remember to insert it before you have intercourse, so maybe not great for spontaneity, but it works well and you can’t feel it if you position it right. They have inserters that help but you have to ask & insist on getting them (makes it sooooo much easier). Stretch the diaphragm on it, insert, twist to take out the inserter, afterwards use the other hooked end for removal. Worked to prevent pregnancy for me, no side effects. Use with spermicide. Or how about the sponge?

I’ve done well on trisprintec. Be careful of the shot (Depo or depoprovera). It can majorly affect your fertility. Taking months/years to get pregnant after being on it…just reseau what’s you go with really well.

I had mine in for 15 months after my second child in 2016 and my whole arm burned and was always numb but the Dr said it wasn’t the birth control but once I got it out I had no more problems

Ive been on the mirena for the past 5 years. Havent had any issues really with it. Get checked up with Dr. Cline once a year to make sure everything is ok.

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I’ve tried most stuff.
The shot, implant, coil, every pill. The only thing that’s worked well and didn’t make me have irregular periods has been the patch. I love it. I’ve no side effects. No mood swings. Period is regular and shorter than ever.
Can’t reccormend it enough

I am on my second mirena, I haven’t had an actual period in 7 years, other than very occasional spotting. I’ve had no issues with it at all

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. To all the ladies, what's the best birth control?

I used mirena iud after my first. I rarely had a period, and when I did it was basically super light spotting. I loved it!

The nexaplanon is thee worst. I have it and want to remove it too. IUD is the way to go, I never got a period.

Nuvaring was my absolute favorite but not sure it’s offered anymore. I had nexplanon but it messed with my heart rate and after it was removed I ended up with a heart rate problem.

I’ve got the copper IUD and my periods are fine. But I think the Mirena is best.

IUD. Ive had mirena numerous times with no issues. And got NO period.

Before kids i loved the nuvaring
After kids
The paragard
I will happily get the paragard every 10 years if it means having one less thing to remember to take

Depo gave me migraines and the pill I was just on made me lose alot of weight. I lost my appetite a whole month on taking it. So I just stopped and now looking for something else.

Go see your doctor! Reading all this is Not helping I’m sure, gave me an instant headache after a few posts

I have tried almost everything. The patch when I was a teen and got a rash from it. The depo after my second kid and I gained alot of weight and lost my sex drive so I tried the pill. Couldn’t remember to take it. Now I have the skyla IUD. At first I was getting a period 2x a month but now I rarely do and it’s usually only spotting.

Im on coil qnd have been for almost a year definitely worth it no monthlys odd cramp here n there but definitely puts my mind at ease

Damn i was considering the Nextplanon next month but now im reconsidering :flushed:

Try the hormone free copper IUD.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. To all the ladies, what's the best birth control?

I literally just got off that in the beginning of May and I’ve slimmed down 16 pounds since and I’ve been in better moods overall!!! I highly recommend you take it out!!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. To all the ladies, what's the best birth control?

Depo provera shot every three months


I used to have the merina coil worked great for me cramps and periods a lot less but it caused erosion on my cervix which then turned into pre cancer cells grade 4. Twice I’ve had to have them removed and now my cervix is so damaged I couldn’t carry a baby if I wanted too.
I’m on an oral pill now and still not 100% right but my doctor is great and swaps me to keep trying till we find the right fit x


I have the non hormonal IUD I really like it simply because it has no hormones in it so I have a regular period, no side effects like I’ve had with other birth control, no mood swings , nothing!


I’ve struggled with finding the right bc I’ve tried it all besides the implants which I’ve heard horror stories about. The app Nurx has been awesome for me they ask u a ton of questions u can email with doctors who are all about finding you the right one and they send the bc to ur house. Im on a low hormonal pill now (I get gnarly mood swings on everything else and it kills my sex drive) so I totally recommend something like that if u suffer from mood swings. Bc sucks in general so at this point we’re all just trying to find the lesser of the evils. Good luck!

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Unfortunately it honestly depends on your own body what the best birth control is because each one affects everyone differently

I loved the nueva ring when i was on it back in 2010 cause it didnt mess with my hormones too much (i tried three differnt pill types and went physcho) but unfortunately got pregnant on the ring (i know still my fault as it all says not 100% )

But honestly in my the best thing is to try what u think is the best option for u as far as how often u take it or what kind of upkeep u need and then go from there

Sorry i couldnt be much help but i just dont wnt you to go by just what we say because altho urs made u irregular and so forth for others it could of made them no exisitant or regular etc. Either way i hope u find something that works for u.

Yep me too it’s made me put on 30kgs within 6 months after my baby.

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I’ve tried the patch, a bunch of different pills and the nuvaring !!! The ring has by far been my favorite !! I’ve been on it for over 5 years


I had 2 rounds of mirena iud. They lasted 3 years each before they fell out. (Supposed to be 5 years.) I caught the first one and got so used to not checking the strings I missed the 2nd one and have a 4 year old! I’ve noticed without it i get cramps which were never a problem before. I would recommend it as long as you check your strings often!


I had a Teflon IUD for about 12 years. The only reason I had it removed is because it had become partially absorbed/attached to my uterus. I then had a tubaligation.

Nexplanon is the implant and progesterone-only based, I think. You can try a combo, there is a new one that has the lowest dose possible. IUDs are another option (the copper one is non-hormonal), which might be better if you don’t have metal sensitivities.

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I have the Mirena and love it. Never had any issues. I don’t get a period and wouldn’t even know when I should be having one.

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Copper IUD gave me heaaavy bleeding. I just got a Kyleena IUD inserted, much less hormones than the Marina IUD. Good so far for me.

You can contact Family Planning New Zealand and make a contraceptive options appointment to find out what would work best for your situation.

I have the Mirena IUD. I have my 2nd one in 7years and it has worked wonders! It took about 6 months to work to slow down my period and help with cramps and after 1-2 yrs my period almost completely stopped! Very little side effects for me. And A HUGE bonus I have Not gotten pregnant

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I’ve been on the pill since college (2011), and briefly was on the Implanton, from 2015-17, which made me gain weight and caused a lot of issues, went back on the combo bill in 17-until now and it works great for me, no issues with remembering to take it (alarm), regulates everything for me.

Iv got the marina coil, had no problems at all with it at all. X

Every woman is different so it all depends on what works best for YOUR body. I’ve been on the pill for a while now and have never had issues. I personally feel weird about putting an implant in my body.

The patch. The shot isn’t the same as it used to be, I know a lot of people that have gotten pregnant on the pill and IUDs are notorious for causing extreme cramping.

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Remember that what is amazing contraception for one persons can be a nightmare for someone else you’re best to speak to a professional. Tell them your concerns and they should be able to advise what will be least likely to give those symptoms. The copper coil used no hormones but does cause a lot of bleeding when it’s first been inserted

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I’ve tried IUD was annoying for the entire year as I could feel it, it’s placement was good. But it gave me chronic bloating, cramps . The pill has been good since I was a teen but I find after a few years or made me depressed. So just sticking with condoms for now as I’m tired of messing up my body

Discuss with your dr! I got pregnant on the pill in 69,had her in 70, had an IUD in 71. I kept it until 88. Of course had it cked yearly.

The depo shot is the worst one has the most hormones and I still ended up pregnant before I was due for another shot
I had the Mirena 3 times the first time is was ok just some discharge and sometimes bleeding after sex the second and third time I had it I blead everyday with cramps till I had it removed
I’m on a low hormones pill right now and I hate the mood swings and weight gain😫
Moral of the story all types of birth control has adverse effects on our bodies and I’m getting my tubes tide cause I just can’t live like this anymore :woman_shrugging:

Injection gave me realy bad mood swings so after my 4th i was steralized i was on ovanette for yrs n that was ok

Vasectomy/castration/Male sterilisation/ chastity belt. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My honest opinion? No birth control. Doesn’t matter which one you get they are all awful for your body.


Sounds like your not compatible with the thing. Try a non hormonal one. Gets some bloods done and see where the hormones are and then sort that bit out.

I am on the three monthly injection and have been since last two years. Works really well on me. Depends on the woman

This is a gynecologist question, not a worldwide tell all. Good grief.

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Abstinence. 100% effective.

A private matter discuss with your Dr.

The best method I guess is to look at men as your biological brother so you can look at them without any desire whatsoever…haha…seems impossible …or shall we have all the females have menopause…

As above comments say. What works for some may not work for others. I’ve had awesome luck with my iud. I’ve had it twice. (Once back in 2011-2016. Only down fall is I still had my period that time around) well I had my 3rd baby in 2019… got another one had it taken out March 2021…I’m pregnant with my 4th due in January… I had it removed due to the hormones being to much for me this time around. I pushed through them last time due to my ex husband. But I was crying over songs on my way home from work at 6am. Like on my way to my apt I cried over the song that goes what would you do if your son was at home crying because he’s hungry… im getting tied after this little one. (I didn’t get my period this time around. I was also thinking since it usually takes me a while to get pregnant I’d like to give my 2019 baby a sibling her age (I have two with ex husband 12, 10 girls)… I didn’t think I’d get pregnant so fast/soon after. (I have had the shot and patch when I was 16-18 i tried them both during that 2yrs)

Hysterectomy. It’s the best. :rofl:

I’ve been on nuvaring for almost 2 years now.

I have an IUD and love it. No periods. Just spotting and once in a while

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Non hormonal IUD. MonaLisa.

I’m in love with my IUD. I have had a few and can’t imagine anything else. Ask any questions you want I’ve had 5, 5 different kinds, and 2 really bad and very unlikely issues and still go back. You can DM me if you want

Best birth control is telling your man to get a vasectomy


Merena! Had it for 11 years now…they remove and replace them every 5. No pierod no cramps no bleeding no nothing. I love it! I didn’t put on any weight either. Good luck!

Chastity belt, abstinence or hysterectomy…

I’ve had mine from almost 3 years and it was the only one that worked for me. I would bleed for 3 months at a time on and off and I haven’t had a single cycle or spotting, no cramping, it’s been amazing!! The pills made my bleeding worse, Mirena started to embed into my uterus, depo was a no from my Dr so nexplanon saved me from misery. Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you, hopefully you can find something that does work!

I liked the Mirena. Had it put in after our first was born, and taken out when we were ready to try for our second. Never had an issue. While it was great for me, I understand not everyone has the same experience. Good luck! :heart:

Just because it works for one woman does not mean it will be work and be better for you. Not all women are the same and have the same body chemistry. I suggest perhaps talking more with your doctor(s) of all the different options that you have.

Nexplanon was the worst I’ve ever tried. I feel like it took years off my life. I went back to the pill :woman_shrugging: it’s not great cause the reason I went with the implant was because I always forgot to take it but after nexplanon I’m afraid to try anything else.

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I did really well on a birth control pill called Tri-Sprintec for many years. Triphasic pills mimic your natural hormone fluctuations, which can minimize the possibility of irregular bleeding. Triphasic pills do just what they sound like they do: split every month’s worth of pills into three phases, each with a different concentration of estrogen and progestin. At the end of the three phases, there are seven days’ worth of placebo pills to take (your period week) before restarting the cycle. It took a good 6 months for this pill to completely get rid of all of the pesky premenstrual symptoms I was plagued with before. But I’ve never had issues since. Talk with your doctor about it.

Nexplanon has always been the best for me

I had the nexplanon to. Had the exact same experience. I had a period ATLEAST 2 weeks out of every month and it came at random. Gained 40 lbs in 6 months even with dieting. Also experienced heart palpitations

Once your family is complete send him for a vasectomy


I had mirena for just over a year it was great , periods were like a day long and lite

Anything but MIRENA
It was the worst experience of my life. Left me with permanent scaring in my uterus from PID and caused me to have an ectopic pregnancy. Inhad weight gain, mood swings, hair loss. And the pain from the PID was horrible…

I have nexplanon now and dont get periods at all anymore and I love it. But everyone has different experiences.

I was on the pill ortho tri cyclen lo even went back and forth from the name brand to the original for years and I never had a problem.

I got pregnant on every birth control I used so I have no options just 5 kids lol but best of luck tooo you!! Hopefully you find a quick solution!!

None. Foreign objects aren’t good for your body.

Abstinence jus sayin but then I’m a smartass. Lol

I like the patch and it’s the only one that I like. I have tried many other forms of bc and they all make me bleed nonstop, all the time. I hated it. Stopped the Bc for a few years and then finally as a last effort, tried the patch. Normal periods, no breakthrough bleeding, no crazy mood swings, nothing permanent in my body.

I wanted to get an iud but insurance wouldn’t cover it so I ended up getting nuvaring instead. I absolutely love it. My periods are much shorter and lighter than they’ve ever been plus I’d be terrible at remembering to take a pill every day so this is nice you put it in, leave it for 3 weeks then take it out.

I had the mirena IUD with no issues and spotty to no periods. Talk with your doctor to see what works best

I like pirmella 7/7/7
You’ll honestly just have to switch to something and see if it works for you. I was on one pill snd it made me cry at everything. I was on another that made me start almost a week late every month. 7/7/7 has been the most consistent for me.

My 2 year old seems to be effective for us. Last 3 times were attempted tries but failed because he came running in. So toddler 3 …fun time for mommy and daddy 0. We are thinking about making a tally chart for # attempted and # successful. Seriously though I would try a hormone free bc. Those hormones mess with me so bad.

Been on depo for over 2 years now. I love it. I had the nexplanon before this and hated it. With the depo I dont gain weight, have a period, or any cons really. And if I ever decide to have more kids, it’s only every 3 months and I can just stop getting the shot. No removal necessary.

i’ve been on yasmin for 10 years never really had any issues other than i fount it difficult to sleep

I personally use the patch. You just change it once a week, and you can either have a period by taking a week off the patch, or skip your period and not take the week off. I prefer skipping the period since whenever I don’t it’s a bit rough with flow and cramp level. I haven’t noticed any other hormonal effects, although it has helped me with my acne! I’m unsure about the specifics on how effective it is and how fast it becomes effective, but that can be discussed with a doctor. It’s been the best form of birth control for me so far, I’ve done the pill and the ring(Ive never been willing to try the more long-lasting methods like the IUDs or the implant).Good luck finding the best for you!

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The only one that works is an aspirin between your knees.

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