Trigger warning: How to deal with and let others know about a miscarriage?

After a miscarriage did you announce it to family? How did you get through it? How did your SO handle it? When did you know it was time to try again?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Trigger warning: How to deal with and let others know about a miscarriage?

I personally did not handle it well emotionally. My SO was not that helpful bc he physically wasn’t going through it and didn’t understand my emotions about it. My family was more level headed but the only way I got thought it was support from my gfs. :heart:

I went through a miscarriage a few months ago. Those that I had told about the pregnancy we told about the miscarriage. It was hard on us both but we managed to get through it. Our dr said wait at least 3 months so the body can heal. We didnt try to get pregnant again but we are currently 14 weeks with what will be both of ours last child


I didn’t announce it. My best friend was the only one that knew about it for a while until my sister announced her pregnancy and I got depressed. My family caught on after that. I wouldn’t say I moved on but I eventually moved forward. My SO was pretty much okay but it’s a bit more complex of a situation there.

It’s really up to you.
Sometimes people want to keep it to themselves, except people you told about the pregnancy should probably know.
But sometimes even if no one knew, you can tell people and feel the support from loved ones. Sometimes people would rather grieve and heal in private.
So sorry for your loss.
Wait 3 months before trying again. <3

I told a few family members really the ones I close with. I was told since I lost it at 7.5 weeks to wait 2 months to try again to heal.

The only people I talked about it with were my mom and my husband. No one else even knew I was pregnant…


well i guess its best 2 talk about it,as 2 when 2 try again you dont have 2 tell this, go for it might help ease the pain

I told the people who knew about the pregnancy. Waited 3 months before trying again.
Sorry for your loss.:heart:

I just went through one, and we only let close family and friends know.

If they knew of the pregnancy then they should probably know. But if they didn’t then I don’t see why they need to know.
As for trying…I feel like that’s a…you’ll know when the time is right kind of things


Devastating! I’m so sorry! I’ve been there. And hopefully most are tactful enough not to ask. Word will get around to your key people. I was pregnant again 3 weeks later! Lol. He is 29 now