Twin baby name ideas?

Hey ladies! So I went for my first OB appointment today. I thought I was only around 12-13 weeks. Turns out I’m 25 weeks. What I thought was one baby turns out it’s TWINS!! It’s a boy and girl. The baby boy is a bit bigger than the girl. He weighs 2lbs 15oz. She weighs 2lbs. Dad is naming baby boy Curtis Wade. I get to name the girl but I’m clueless on names. I want their names to be at least similar. So what names do y’all have for a girl that would go with baby boys name? Also how many of you have had twins that didn’t have to do NICU stay? I’m terrified as I’ve never had an experience with twins. Also good vibes prayers whatever it is you do would be appreciated


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Twin baby name ideas?

Carrie, Cora, Carly, Chloe

Chloe Jane or Chloe Jade


Carly Wren
Also, I have a Wade​:blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Caitlyn, Kara, Chloe, Carissa

Dutton is a popular name these days. I think it’s Kool. Dutton Bell… or Bella Dutton…

Clarissa Jade or Jane sounds nice, and as long as the birth goes well they might be able to go home within 4 weeks, also depending on how far along you go with your pregnancy. A friend of mine she had twins a boy and a girl, the girl was bigger and was able to go home in 2 weeks and the boy 2 weeks after that. Also they were full term babies and my friend was huge , they induced labor so she wouldn’t go past her due date

I would do a first name starting with C and the middle name starting with W, that way they will have the same initials, super cute! Nd congrats, what an awesome surprise! Plus u dnt hav to wait that much longer for them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Caelyn or Kaelyn. Cora.

Sending prayers and good thoughts

Caitlyn jade would sound lovely with Curtis wade :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Clarie Jade
Cassidy Jane

Cassie , Carley , Charlie

Cursita Marie

Congratulations! How about Claire? If the names are too similar you are likely to get tongue tied when you’re calling them. I read somewhere that you should stand at the door and scream it out a couple of times before you settle on a baby name :grin:.


Chloe Jade would be cute I think! :heartpulse: Congratulations! Prayers and good vibes :pray:t2::heartpulse:

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Chloe Jade - Caitlyn , reminds me on Jenner lady, Clarissa sounds like a horror movie name,

Kyla Willow :heart: Cassidy Wendel :heart: Carolina June ( I think 25 weeks would put the due date in june?)

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Curtis and Courtney?
Curtis and Cora
Curtis and Cassandra
Curtis and Caitlyn

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I think Curtis Wade & Delilah (not sure of a middle name) would sound lovely

Courtney Sadè (Sha-day)

Kurtis and Krissy
Curtis and Courtney

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Charlotte, Chloe, Cassandra, Cadence

Crista Jade, Callie Jade.

I had DCDA boys and their names are not matching.
They were born at 37+4. I had started contracting but made it to my scheduled c section date. NO nicu or special care for either of them.
They weighed 6 pound 2 and 7 pound 1.


I do maternity authorizations at a local hospital and if they are under 5 lbs or have complications they will go to the nicu. Twins don’t always go.

I have

Sophia rose

Heidi Jayde

I have B/G twins named Jack and Delaney :blue_heart::two_hearts: no Nicu stay for them thankfully but I went to almost 38 weeks. Congratulations and best of luck to you! Twins are truly something special

Cutis wade and Jade Ellis or iris

CONGRATULATIONS! I have boy/girl twins grandbabies that are 18mo. They are Ursula and Oberyn. Carsyn, Celeste, and Collette.

Calista and Curtis, you are so blessed. We have twins in our family. Zac and Zoe.


Carys,and Curtis would be cute

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Curtis Wade and Cabri Jade

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Curtis Wade & Coralynn Jade

Curtis Wade and Claire Willow


Cora willow
Cohen winter
Caity wynter
Claudia Wendy
Casey wesley
Cooper walker

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My stepkids are twins boy and girl. Thoer names are Jordan Daniel and Jayden Josephine. They go by Daniel and Josey

Congrats!!! I have 13 year old twins they did not stay in nicu. I found out when i was 4 weeks. But didnt find out it was twins until 18 weeks. My twins are Heidi Jenea and Valen Michael. They both were named after 3 people. They were 5lbs 8oz and 5lbs 14oz i had an emergency csection 4 days before my scheduled csection.

What about a middle name that rhymes with his? Like Jade.

My daughter is Makalynn Alexa. (Ma-kay-lynn)

That was my dad’s name ! Curtis Wade and today is his birthday


I had identical twin girls born at 38wks - no stay for them. I had complications that required a week long stay, but they were perfect :heartpulse: best of luck

Claire Wynn or Winter

Curtis and Cassie/Cassidy, Curtis and ciera, Curtis and camryn, Curtis and cristan

Carley Willow
Clara Leeann

Charlotte, Cambria, Coraline :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Claire Waylon
Chloe Jade

I have boy twins one was 6.1 and the other was 4.9 lbs and both went home with me with no issues went 33 weeks. Only early because one was out of amniotic fluid. They found out during a sonogram since I had them every week.

How similar lol? because I would say Claudia Jade

Carissa willow
Charlotte westlynn
Coralynn Whitley

Curtis and Cadence. They both have that hard K.


I love Everlee :heart: but isn’t a C name.

Catalina Or Carleigh

Clarity Clarissa caprice

I love Chloe Jade that was mentioned previously


My Brother and I are Aaron and Andrea :blush:

When I have my future daughter I’m naming her Charlotte :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: a name suggestion! Maybe Charlotte Jade so they rhyme? Congratulations mamma and good vibes and prayers coming your way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love matching twin names
Curtis and cars
Curtis and Carly
Curtis and Alanis
Curtis and Courtney
Curtis wade and Callie Jade


Congratulations on having twins
I’m a twin mumma
2 girls non identical born at 37 weeks 5 day and no nicu time x
Every one is different

Tana Pressley you find great names,it’s your gift.

Carly Kade…Casey Jade

I’m a twin!! Congratulations!!

I like less common names… Navy, Nola and Amena where some on my list

Join twin mom groups on fb :slightly_smiling_face: pregnant with twin boys and they been helpful

Curtis wade and Christina Jade

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Congratulations I have twins a boy/girl 34 yrs old now mine are named david&danielle

Carley, live that name

Not at all trying to scare you but I wish someone would have told me this. I had twins at 38 weeks and 5 days. All I can say is when it comes to your breathing , swelling or blood pressure make sure you are advocating for yourself at the doctor. My concerns were ignored and the babies were perfect but I now have congestive heart failure. Listen to you body.

Curtis Wade and Camilla Jade


I have 3 year old twins ! Marcus and Malani !

I knew twins named Caitlin and Curtis when I was younger

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Congratulations how about Clara Jade

As the parent of a child with a random Y in their name, don’t. My son is 13 and it doesn’t bother him, but damn it if I don’t regret doing it.

Cadence (Cady)


Kristiana was my girl name. But you can always change it to C

Carly, Cayla, Caylee, Candice

How are you 12 weeks off on your dates that’s crazy.

Curtis Wade and Chelsea Rae

Camille, Camilla, Camryn, Carly, Cara, Courtney,Corey

I just gave birth to surrogate twins in November. They stayed in the NICU but for less that a week. I had them at 36.4w, so all was well besides baby girl needing to eat a little more and baby boy getting some fluid out of his lungs

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Korine and Kristopher

Maybe just use the same initials

Twin mom here - no NICU for them. Boy was 8 lbs 1 oz. Girl was 7 lbs 13 oz. C section at 38 weeks

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Curtis wade and Cyrus Jade
Curtis wade and Carlee Jade
Curtis wade and Caris Jade

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Ciara Nicole, Cassidy Leanne

Prayers for you and family
My sister had twins and did not do similar names b cause they are individuals despite being identical
There are a lot of nice “c” names out there. Cody, Carly, Kiley, Clarissa

My daughters’ names are Cassidy and Carsyn

Clara, Celeste, Cheyenne, camila, Callie, Cora

Christine willow, Careene willow, christen willow, cara willow

Congratulations, I wish you all the best. Twins are beautiful. Names suggestion: for the girl; Emma, or Maya, Elaina, Larissa, For the boy, Curtis, Marcus, Lucas, Henry.

Ciara,camy, carmen, carma, cameron, cindy, clara,casey,catey, caliope( from greys anatomy)

Curtis and kearstin or however you spell it :sweat_smile:

I think Jade as a middle name for sure

I work with a Cady. That name would work with your boy’s name.

I have twins to a boy and girl there name angel is the boy destiny is the girl good luck it so much fun

My twins are Cora and Carter. Kept the same initial sound. I also carried them to 37 weeks, 6 lbs each. Went home just over 24 hours later.

My husband, my mother inlaw and nieces are all twins. The advice I’ve been given is NO RYMING NAMES…

Caylynn Jade or Chloe Jade or Cerenity Jade. (I’m biased with Jade as my daughter’s name is Ashlyn Jade.)

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I had twins born 10 weeks early and had a brief NICU stay. You will survive, the hard part is having to leave them at the hospital after you are released.