Unique baby girl names?

Does anyone have any unique girl names? Just found out we’re having a girl, and I’m lost and cannot find a name I like! I love unique names that you don’t hear too often!


I love the name River <3

My daughter is named Avora

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I named my daughter Leilani, but I loved Alora, Lyra, Alonah, and Harlow

My daughters name is Belicia.

My girls are Persephonii (traditional spelling is Persephone) and Kalliope (common spelling is Calliope)

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My middle daughter is Qwenlyn BreAnna

My girls are Kaylia (kay lee ah) and Lainey!

Penelope Poppy for short!!!

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We have a Nevaeh and an Octavia :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My cousin named her 4 girls McKinley, Carmen, Phoenix and Kadence!

Nina. Cora, Celeste, Bianca, Eliza, Esme, Everleigh, Fiona, Hazel,

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I named my daughter Everett :sparkling_heart:

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My girls are named
Kamilè (ka-my-lee)

My daughter is Meela

Fatelynn , Jazlynn, jesslynn, I have a Rosslynn

My oldest daughters name is Jaxie

I have a Emmerson and a Annika and a Georjah and Sophie

My daughter is Emerie. I also like Vyda

My girls are Joliciah and Jaleah. I love different names :grin: good luck

I named my daughter Xochitl
It means sunflower in Aztec

My girls names are Baylee and Quinn

I just saw a little girl named Salem. I love it!


My name pronounced D-ah-von-na!!!

my daughter’s name is Callie

My daughter is Quinci

Isla, Croix, Lennox, Brenna, Morgan, Lo, Sydney, Jetta, Navine

Emelina, Alina, Elianna, my daughter is Sloane

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Jaylee is my daughters name :blush:

My daughter’s name is Breeja (silent j. Pronounced Brea)

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Ivy Cadence Skylee Raydon Harmony Lyric Greyson

I have a Lucy idk if it unique but it’s old fashion and u don’t hear it a lot :smiley:

Layla, raine, isabell, mya , roseleigh, Makayla , Felicia ,

Delaney is my daughters name. I also like the name Genesis.

Aerith, Artemisa, Deanira

I have a Lorelei :heart:. I saw a baby girl named navy and I thought that was pretty and unique!

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Abela…I named my daughter Abela after my father whose name was Abel.


I named my daughter Accalia.

My best friend growing up was Jerusha. I also work with a Nisreena. I love the unique names :blush:

My daughter is joretta Lynn joey for short

Opal, Ophelia, Zaya, Norah

Conscience, justice , reylynn

My daughters name is Lacey and I haven’t seen that name used a lot

My daughters name is Celashia Rose (Cell-lay-sh-a)

Avyanna is my daughters name :cherry_blossom:

Greta, Zaira, Jeanne

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My girls are Cooper and Jaycee

My daughter’s are named Delilah and Sage :heart:

Cora, Aila, Miriam, Maylee, Nala, Delanie, mauve,

Dgypt…said like Egypt but with a D

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Paisley jade deliah airel justice like that

My girls are
Aurora :heartpulse:


My daughters name is Cambrie… could spell it as Kambrie to and call her Cami/Cam as a nickname

I like Elizabeth and Eleanor as names

My daughters friend nane is Aliella and I love it! Like Muhammad ali thsn ella

My daughters named Beatrix.

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Kerstin … I love this name and wanted to use it for my daughter but my husband didn’t care for it. So we named her Kinsley.

We have an Imogen but I also really liked Aurora and Willow :grin:

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My daughter is Lorelai Elizabeth

Araya sunshine
Passion love

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My girl is Emersyn. There is a Journee in her class which is unique.

My daughter is Skylar. If I would’ve had another kid her name would’ve been Lynzi or kenadi.

Nevaeh,( heaven spell backwards), avery,Olivia,veda,carys,Caroline,ella,Mary alice

I named my daughter Jaren, (Jerry Lee Lewis’ 4th wife)

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My daughters names are Penley and Presley!

Auralia, Aneka, Elliott, jazzmin, Roslyn, Abigail, Parker, Hazel, Jaquline

I named my daughter Cartney after Paul McCartney. I love names that have a special meaning.

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Sterling, dally, aspen, piper, adleigh, raylan

I named my daughter Ada Claire
It’s off of resident evil comics

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My daughter…Laiken Rain

My daughter is Zoey Brielle but I also love Aurora, Sophie, Luna, Nova, Alaia, Bianca for girls names :heart:

I named my daughter Alexandra Jade. I was stuck between that and Jocelyn Jade for months. I really like both.

Rach Harrigan another selection for you to choose from. So many options!

Im naming my daughter Thalia.

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I have a Hope & Faith. And my name is Jimi!

My daughter’s middle name is kinda unique. Its old fashioned. Eldora

My granddaughters name is Eowyn…pronounced A-O-WIN

My daughters name is Jazzlyn
And I get a lot of compliments on it

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Gwendolyn, Genevieve, Evangeline
They are normal names but not common

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Eleanor Grace, Willow Rain, Meadow Skye,

I always loved the name Addison. If I had a girl that would hve been what I would name her. But I hve all boys


Tallyn…Imagine (pronounced Emma Jean) …

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My girls are talieah rebel and makenna skye (noooo we are not racist at all)

My daughters name is Charlotte (not really unique but not used very often these days). Pregnant with girl number 2 and she’s going to be Everleigh!

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My daughters have unique names. I have a Dawnyia a Kymberlynn and an Asyeliss.

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I have Patience, Raeleigh, Zadee and Verity

Neva Lee pronounced Nee vah

Hazel and Helen and Sally

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We named our daughter Riven.

We named our daughter Airabella

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Ah’layah (uh’layuh)
Ari’aysiah (are-e-Asia)
Ari’Annah (like ariana) Angeline (An-gel-ine)

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My name is Chastyn ( pronounced like Chasten ) but with a Y Lol … alot of people say they love my name though ! I get alot of complements and it’s super unique for sure . :blush:

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I so Wanted to name my daughter Vegas Shay

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Scarlett, Savannah, Isabella, Isolde