Was I wrong to skip my sisters wedding?fami

Was I wrong to not go to my sisters wedding? We havent gotten along our entire lives…she has always made me feel bad about having kids at a young age, not having a job while i was raising them and my husband worked and no matter what i did nothing was ever good enough for her…she still makes snide comments to me anytime she seems me and acts like she is so much better than me…so i decided that i wanted nothing to do with her and skipped out on her wedding…now the entire family is trash talking me and i feel like i can never win…i literally just did what was best for my mental health and people are trying to make me feel bad about it…was i wrong?

Let them trash talk. It doesn’t matter. They’re probably shook by your confidence to do what you needed to do. Congratulations. You’ve reached peak maturity haha. Seriously. Don’t sweat it. I have missed family events and been the talk too. But it’s my boundary and I respect myself enough to listen to it.