Was it wrong of me to hife my pregnancy?

I am like a week away from having my third baby. I haven’t told any family or anybody else that I am gonna have one. My husband and kids know but that’s it. I have a good reason for it. Ever since my second child I had in 2011 I have gotten pregnant 5 times but they all resulted in miscarriage so I feel like by telling people I was jinxing them. So this time I vowed not to tell anybody until I actually have him. Do you think that was wrong of me? I mean the last miscarriage I told them I was pregnant and no one believed me cuz of the other times I had been pregnant and lost them. They hurt my feelings by calling me a liar and my husband never really says anything to anyone in my defense so I told him I’m just not telling anyone until the day I have him. Does anyone have an opinion on if it was right or wrong to hide it?

When I was pregnant with number 3, I told everyone at the same time that I was pregnant. My sister was angry with me for not telling her first and separately to everyone else. I replied to her that she can’t keep a secret and I wanted to tell everyone when I was ready so she got told at the same time so as not to spoil it. She didn’t like it very much. That child is nearly 3 now and she’s met her once. I’m now pregnant with number 4 and have told only a select few people who are in my everyday life. I vowed that if people figure it out and ask me, I wont lie to them but other than that I’m not telling anyone because of how my sister reacted last time. You do what’s right for you. Responding anonymously because I don’t want my sister knowing.