Was there a difference for you when pregnant with a boy/girl?

I am a mother of 2 amazing daughters. Now I am 11weeks pregnant. And wanted to know from other mamas who had more than one pregnancy if there was a difference between being pregnant with a boy or a girl? Thanks


I have 3 girls and 1 boy. My pregnancies with my girls were very similar. I was extremely exhausted all the time. Very little nausea and fortunately my skin was clear. My skin was horrible with my son and I seemed to have more energy with him.

Most Definitely. I have 4. 2 girls, 2 boys.

My boys were definitely a lot easier pregnancies than my girl. But girl was also during the pandemic so that may have had something to do with it

I was more sick with boys .
Much bigger with my girl.
Really dry irritated skin with girl.
More cravings with boys.

I had 3, 2 boys and a girl. They were all different.

You’re cravings might be different with my son it was sweets and chips but with my daughter it was hot and spicy and now I can’t even eat spicy stuff and no heartburn with my son but yet he had a head full of hair and my daughter lil heartburn and she had no hair but it may be different for you but good luck and congrats and god bless you and your family

My symptoms and pregnancy seem to be about the same. I’m currently 32 weeks with my son. I’ve just gained more weight with my son but I’m a good bit older now than with my daughter.

I have one girl, one boy. Both very different pregnancies.

I’ve had 2 girls & both pregnancies were completely different.

It’s really hard to say honestly. It’s different for each woman and every pregnancy is different as well. I never really noticed and significant differences other than cravings.

All three pregnancies were different and I have all girls

Yes… the sickness w my girl was way worse…


I had both boys entirely different pregnancies in every way

I had less sickness with my boy and craved healthy food and veg with my daughter I was sick for ages and just wanted to eat junk x

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My 3 boys were easy pregnancies( just like a ball in my shirt) and with my 2 girls it sucked( super water gain, fat and uncomfortable as hell)lol but morning sickness was the same with all

With my girls I had morning sickness all day long my whole pregnancy. With my son I never got sick once

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There are differences in each pregnancy. The sex of the baby does not matter!

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I have 1 girl, 2 boys, and am pregnant with my 2nd girl right now. Every single pregnancy has been different.

My sickness with my little girl is so bad where as when I had my son I had a really comfy pregnancy this pregnancy where I’m having a little girl has been way harder xx

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My butt got bigger and I carried lower with my boys. I also gained more with my boys. There were lots of differences between my 5 pregnancies, but that’s the only thing that I noticed different from my boys to my girls.

My pregnancy with my daughter was way different than with my boys. I was much more sick and had many more food aversions.

I knew from the day i was pregnant the second time that i was having a girl this time round and everything about my pregnancy was different than my son x

With boys I craved chocolate & peanut butter. I was sick the whole time with the girl. Bigger all around with her.

I’ve had two singleton boys and then twin girls. All my pregnancy were the same no morning sickness

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All different I would of put money on it that this little one was a girl only till find out 2 weeks ago it’s a boy


With my 2 boys i didn’t have sickness but had bad heartburn all way thru with my girl no heartburn but a bit of morning sickness

I’ve had a girl and a boy so far and their pregnancies were quite different, i’m pregnant with my 3rd now and it’s completely different again so i don’t personally think it’s a gender thing


My 3 weren’t really different.
Except the high risk I had with them
With 1, I ended up with pre eclampsia
With 2, I ended up with choleostasis
With 3, I ended up with gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia
Otherwise nothing was different.

My son I felt like I was just growing a belly and other than being tired I had 0 complaints. My daughter I was sooooo sick for months.

With my son I couldn’t stand sugar. Which is my normal attitude towards sweet stuff. I’m not a fan. With my daughter I literally made a cheesecake every 2 weeks or so cause I always wanted sugar. I knew when I was 8 weeks that she was a girl

Boy. Terrible terrible morning sickness.
Girls. Barely a off feeling.

The only difference I had between my 2 boys and my girl was with both boys I craved spicy food and with my daughter I craved sweets. Other than that all 3 pregnancies were miserable lol

My pregnancies were completely different and i have 2 girls :sweat_smile: i was carrying high with my first, low with my second, more morning sick with my second, preeclampsia and c section with my first, completely healthy and vbac with my second

I had a boy then 2 girls. All 3 were different. My girls were opposites. With my first girl i had a little nausea here and there never actually got sick and with my second girl i threw up for 12 weeks straight and was in and out of the ER for fluids.

More sick with my 2 boys than with my girl.

do the pee and baking soda test!

I looked like I swallowed a torpedo with my son. I was much rounder with my daughter and the hormones pushed my hips out permanently, so I went up a size in pants and skirts.

I have 3 babies… 2 girls and 1 boy. With both my girls I was super sick/ extremely hormonal and had absolutely no sickness or irritability with my boy. I carried each different physically and craved different things with each.

There was a total difference with my pregnancies, I instantly knew I was having a boy. My bump was a different shape, I had a lot of pain and pressure, I wasn’t sick, I liked the opposite foods that I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. Just little things like that really and my gut said it was a boy even before I found out the gender x

All 3 of my pregnancies were very different from each other. I had acne with my girl and one boy. Nausea with my girl and couldn’t eat any meats, very little morning sickness with my first boy but over all a very easy pregnancy and my last boy i became extremely ill and lost weight. My first son was my easiest pregnancy by far. My daughter (first pregnancy) wasn’t too bad and my second son was a very tough pregnancy. I liked sweets more with my girl and last boy and liked steak with both boys lol I personally don’t think gender makes much difference if any.

I have 4, 2 of each. Boy, girl, girl, boy. My first boy I couldn’t stand meAt at all, my husband got PBAnd J everyday. If he wanted a burger he had to eat it out and brush his teeth before he came home…couldn’t smell it either. My girls, I was super moody and worried about everything. If my husband was late, then I thought he was laying on the side of the road. I actually spent spent an hour calling hospitals and police stations between my house and his work. He was fine but at his second job and couldn’t hear his phone. After both girls I had a milk allergy and egg sensitivity. Got prego with my fourth (2nd boy) all fixed. I was on almond milk for 6 years and now I can drink milk and eat eggs whenever I want. He says he was my medicine cause he fixed all the that broke when I was prego with my girls. He’s 5.

Not for me, it was more of an eye opener when there personalities showed.

My third pregnancy was alot different than my previous two, and it’s still a girl.

I was pretty sick with my daughter and with my son i would sometimes forget i was even pregnant because i had no symptoms or issues

I had a huge difference from being pregnant three times with boys to now this time with a girl!!

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Zero difference for me besides spicy cravings for boy and sweet for a girl. :relaxed:

My pregnancy with my son was so easy. No heartburn, no issues really. With my daughter I had acid reflux,my hips hurt and made it hard to walk.Not sure if it was bc I was older (22/23 with my son 28/29 with my daughter) but my pregnancy was soo much easier.

Everyone of my pregnancies were different. My 2 boys were the most contrast.

All my pregnancies were different from each other

I have 2 girls one boy, absolutely no symptoms at all… I am now pregnant with a boy and have every symptom you could imagine. Both of my girls heart rates were 160’s both of my boys were 130’s to 140’s

I’ve 3 girls and one boy…with the girls i was craving sweet food and boy …savoury food

I have 2 girls and the symptoms I had were extremely different with both.
With the first I had lots of heartburn, no morning sickness and craved sweet things. With my second I had no heartburn, constant morning sickness and craved salty stuff.

With my first two (ones a boy and ones a girl) yes! I was so sick with my daughter but felt great with my son. So when I got pregnant a third time and have been sick the entire time I swore it was a girl… it’s another boy. So I don’t think it really matters

All of mine were different. I have 4 boys. With my first and my 4th they were both difficult . With my middle two they were so easy no morning sickness no tiredness. I worked up until 36 weeks with my second and I worked the day my 3rd was born on his due date. I pulled a 9.5 hour shift went home he was born 4 hours later at home. I only knew the gender of my first two. I didn’t find out with the last two.

With my son I had the easiest pregnancy, no sickness, no pain, it was glorious. With my daughter it was the complete opposite, i thought i was dying

With my son all I wanted was candy like penny candy and oreo cookies. With my daughter i was sick the whole time ii had every sickness flu , bronchitis, sinus, and even thrush and didnt want to eat.

With my girls I was so sick the entire pregnancy. With my boys I was so sick the first trimester then fine. I also gained 40lbs with each girl and about 20 with each boy.

Boy I had spicy cravings girl I had sweet cravings

My pregnancies were completely opposite… and I had girls both times. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

My first pregnancy with my daughter was HORRID. This pregnancy has been an absolute breeze and until we found out the gender I swore uppp and dowwwnnn it was a boy, only to find out we’re having another girl. Every pregnancy is different

With my son (first) I had no sickness whatsoever. With my girl (second) I had so much morning sickness in the first trimester. That was the main difference for me.

Not sure, but with my daughter morning sickness only lasted the first few weeks and I ate lots of salads, fruits, burgers and would sleep a lot always napping I hardly remember being pregnant because I was always so tired with her I gained 65lbs lol with my son I was always so sick up until the 9 months, very picky with food I would crave a cheeseburger and nothing would taste the way I wanted. I gained 45 with him and in a strange way he was born 9lbs when I hardly ate anything.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my second son and nothing has been the same this pregnancy… everyone swore I was having a girl this time around… Nope. Another Boy! 3 confirmed ultrasounds :joy::joy:

Definitely can’t go by the difference or similarities of one pregnancy to the next!

3 boys. My sickness was terrible, craved spicy and sour things, terrible migraines, they were all in my back, absolutely no energy, and labor was the worst part even with epidurals.
My 1 princess my sickness was bad for 2 months then eased up decently, more energy than the boys, she was all up front making herself known, craved more sweet and sour things than spicy, terrible leg cramps and labor with no epidural or pain meds was tolerable considering how I was with the boys

All pregnancies are different my 1st girl I had extreme nausea n sickness, 2nd girl heart burn, fell asleep everywhere but I was able to eat almost everything, 3rd boy ate everything n slept mid day everyday

With my daughter I gained weight every where. With my son it was mostly in my belly and I was carrying low where as with my daughter my stomach was up high and round. I didn’t like meat with both of my kids but morning sickness with both of them.

I’m currently pregnant with my second daughter and my pregnancies have been very different I think every pregnancy is unlike the last. So hard to tell if it’s due to gender.


I’ve had 4 pregnancies, every single one of them were different, like night and day different…all 4 of them were girls. Don’t put too much stock in how “different” your pregnancy is for trying to determine boy vs. Girl


Food cravings for me. Healthy with my daughter. McDonald’s Big Mac ( which I had not eaten for 20 years) with my son… not sick with either.

When I was pregnant with my daughter’s I would vomit all the time and was always nauseous. Before I found out I was pregnant with my son I had a feeling I was having a boy because I felt different this pregnancy. I would hardly vomit but I do get nauseous sometimes.

I have 1 boy and 1 girl. Both pregnancies were the same. Except for when I was pregnant with my daughter. I just got fat. Everywhere. Her heart rate was in the 170’s. His was in the 130-140’s.

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I have 2 boys…1st one was easy pregnancy no sickness. 2nd one I was so sick the entire pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. Best of luck :pregnant_woman:!


3 boys here,no girls,I never was sick during any of my pregnancies,in fact I never felt and looked better,I do hear some say that have had girls sickness is more common if you are carrying a girl,idk,I don’t even know if I carried high or low but I was huge

I had three different pregnancies and a boy and two girls. The only thing that was the same for the girls is they both gave me mild dysplasia on my cervix. Even as fetuses they had strong hormones.

When I was pregnant with my son I was sick the entire way through. Every. Day. I always felt like crap. I was put on bed rest early on. With my two daughters until the very end with each I could almost forget I was pregnant if you know what I mean. I know it’s nice to read other people’s experiences but it’s true when they say every pregnancy is different. Wishing you the best :heart:

With my 2 girls I got some morning sickness and there was with one I couldn’t eat spaghetti and the other I couldn’t eat lamb. With my son I also had some morning sickness and I could eat any meat with out getting sick. I couldn’t even stand the smell of Bar-B-Q, not so fun in the summer . I could eat orange chicken from panda I think because it didn’t smell like meat. It improved some over the pregnancy, but it took a couple years before I could stand the smell of Bar-B-Q.

I have 2 girls and just recently had a baby boy (dec 22nd). there was a HUGE difference. I was constantly sick and every part of my body ached the entire 9 months. And I didn’t really have much of an appetite. Completely different than my pregnancy with my 2 girls!

For my son I lost a lot of weight and got anemic. One week before giving birth I got a terrible tooth ache that was killing me. I had no cavity or issue, the doctor said it happen to other woman as well. For my girls, I vomit my soul every day. I hate the smell of grease and I suffered heartburn terribly. I lost a lot of weight after the pregnancies. From size 7 to size 1. I breastfeed both of them. They were very cranky babies, my son was an angel. He rarely cried and slept all night. My girls, hate to let me sleep :rofl:

I had severe morning sickness all 9 months with my boys and only the first 4 months with my daughter.

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2 boys- VERY sick for the first 4 months, central line and all, pre-term labor until births at full term, had no idea I was pregnant at first either, 12 hours labor w/son #1, 7 hours w/son #2 and almost lost him. 1 girl(last baby) - knew immediately I was pregnant, didn’t get sick until week 13 and only for 11 days but still needed the central line, only 3 days preterm labor and didn’t know that until day 3 because it was back labor. Easiest labor & delivery of all 3 still 7 hours but only 5 mins from legs in stirrups to holding my daughter.

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My son I was 20 and had hardly any problems little bit of morning sickness in the begining.fastforward to having my daughter at 28 and I was nauseated all the time ,so tired,developed alot of other issues as well …it was a rough rough pregnancy.

I was horribly sick with both my girls. Not with the boy. First girl all I did was sleep. 2nd girl I barely slept. All 3 births were completely different too.

I had 3 girls & a boy. All 4 pregnancies were slightly different. Morning sickness worse with 1st one & got a little better with each one. Blessed that they were & are all healthy though!

I was sick the whole pregnancies and super tired with both my girls. Had like no morning sickness and was fine with my boy.

My 1st was a girl and I was very sick all the time until 20 weeks and craved chocolate. My 2nd was a girl and I was never sick, didn’t even know I was pregnant until week 10 and craved tacos. My 3rd was a boy. I got sick 1 time around week 8 but was in so much pain in my hips for the last 2 months. This is my 4th, I have been sick nonstop and don’t know what I am having yet. :woman_shrugging:

My pregnancies were like day and night opposite, girl first then boy… first one had morning sickness whole pregnancy with my boy it was done by 3 months. Also loved pickles and spicy food with my girl but hated both with my boy… but they say all pregnancies are different anyway

I carried my daughters higher than my son. I also had more morning sickness with my girls.

I did not get any morning sickness with my son.
With daughter I however did have morning sickness.
I was sick the entire pregnancy.

3 boys no morning sickness alot of weight gain…lost a girl but had morning sickness the whole short time i was pregnant with her

My pregnancy with my daughter was amazing, not a single symptom, little weight gain, no pains. My son on the other hand I suffered awful sick ess from day one til delivery, we developed a few issues which meant he had to be induced earlier than he was due and they he nearly killed us both :laughing:…I can laugh it off now he’s a bundle of health at 3 yes old…safe to say after his traumatic delivery im finished having kids lol xx

I have two boys. First pregnancy was rough just due to him trying to come early and heartbeat 140-150. My second pregnancy was miserable sickness off and on. Heartbeat was 140-160.

I was always sick and no energy with my girls. And with my boys I was the complete opposite.

I have 2 boys and my pregnancies were exactly the same. In my 3rd pregnancy, everything was completely different. I had morning sickness all day for months. I couldn’t eat spicy food because it was way too spicy(and I love spicy spicy foods). I thought for sure I was having a girl…nope another boys!

Both girl pregnancies I lived in the bathroom hugging a toilet. With my boy no sickness and clearest skin I have ever had.

No I had 4 pregnancies one with twins and they were all the same morning sickness I have 2 girls 3 boys all same symptoms

Was sick for a very short period of time with girl and longer with boy now in second trimester still sick.

Ive been pregnant 7 times (5 boys and 2 girls) all of them were the same except how i carried. My boys were all in front and my girls were all over. I did think my youngest was a girl (we didn’t find out gender) and out came another boy lol

The only difference between my son and daughter was the labor. I labored for 12 hours and pushed 2 hours with my son, my daughter was 5 hours and 1 push. Everything else was the same.

I’ve had one boy and one girl. I definitely felt a difference I was more sick with my daughter had less cravings and no food made me feel sick and I had less pain with her. Him I never had morning sickness but greasy food sometimes made me feel nasus and I had a lot of cravings ice cream ice pickles any candy and a few weird things and I had a lot of Braxton hicks with him some the doctors even said they were real but i didnt dilate so they couldnt do anything