We just got back from the OB. If there is no heartbeat at 8 weeks is there any hope?

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No honey, I am sorry :pleading_face::purple_heart:

What did your dr say?


Depends on how good they are. I miscarried and went for a dnc. I got an ultra sound right before the procedure. And there was another one kicking up a storm. Are you sure they checked long enough and everywhere? I’m so sorry you are going thru this


Have they told you to go back in 2 weeks time for a follow up scan?

What did your Dr say?

I would be more concerned with what your doctor said rather than polling random people on FB.


Depends on the method they used to try to detect it. At 8 weeks the most reliable is a transvaginal ultrasound. Standard ultrasound or Doppler can take up 10 to 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat.


Get a second opinion honey. I know your probably devastated right now but definitely have someone else check before you lose hope. 8 weeks is still really really small and sometimes they are tricky. If something didn’t form correctly and you did lose it please be easy on yourself, it happens to a lot of women and something just wasn’t quite right. I’ve had three miscarriages and it’s hard not to blame yourself when in reality it’s not your fault. I’m so sorry your going through a difficult time and love and blessings to you and your family

My doctor and nurse had trouble finding the heartbeat of one of my daughters. My uterus is tipped a bit which can make it a bit harder to find also could depend on where your placenta is forming. I hope one of these may be the case for you hun.

No, I have a similar story :pensive:
I’m sorry

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Was it an ultrasound? Trans vaginal or abdominal? If it was a Doppler, even seasoned doctors can’t usually pick that up. If you saw a fetus on a trans vaginal ultrasound and no heartbeat, I’m sorry but likely not a good outcome.

I think Facebook is a dangerous place for these kind of questions. Maybe seek a second opinion.


1 it’s not a heart beat bc there’s no heart
2 idk that implies the fetus is alive so?


Yes there’s hope. Equipment fails sometimes. I would for sure go somewhere else and have it doubled checked. My doctor just told me about equipment failure about a month ago.

Ive had 5 kids and had this exact same scare with 2 of them. Listen to your doctor and I wouldn’t recommend asking people on Facebook. I wish you the best. :heart:


There was no heartbeat at 8 weeks for us. Our OB said wait 10 days. Come back and repeat ultrasound. There was a heartbeat. So they were wrong on calculating how far along I was. Prayers for you.


You can have blood work done to see if your hormones are going up or down if your questioning what your Dr said


Yes sometimes your ovulation dates could be off. There’s always a glimpse of hope.


Doctors may not be able to hear a heartbeat at 8-10 weeks. It is difficult to. Do not stress wait another few weeks, unless other tests can prove there is no heartbeat. A vaginal ultrasound may provide answers now, just ask to have one.

I has the same at 12 weeks I had to have a miscarriage the baby didn’t make it it was horrible

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They should do 3 day bloodwork. 8 weeks is very early, especially if the date of conception is off at all.


Did they look for it on the screen and say that or were they just trying to find it on your belly Cuz sometimes they cant find it with the sound machine. I had twins and one was positioned so snuggled to her sister that couldn’t find her heartbeat until they moved her around. I know 8 weeks is not big enough to feel it move yet but sometimes it might be positioned differently I dont know. I want to give you hope.


I had a heartbeat at 5+4 weeks 130/ and had misscariage at 7+3 weeks… so… if there isnt one…its not good :confused:

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It all depends on how they tried to find it. My obgyn would not even attempt to find a heart beat with dobbler until a minimum of 10 weeks. If through ultrasound then it’s likely correct.

Sadly no at 8 weeks they should detect a heartbeat

The doctor would schedule an appointment to do a dnc if the fetus was no longer alive

I think that’s a question for Drs ,not FB,go to another Dr,get your answer sweetie


Don’t come to fb for this. That’s a question for your obgyn to answer or you’ll be flooded with misinformation and false hope.


Don’t ask about things like this on Facebook (I mean that in a nice way, you will not get what you want or need to hear from it) some prime examples above ^ :heart:


Its possible you have miscalculated how far along u are…wait a week or 2 and ask for another ultrasound or seek a second opinion…but good luck to u


You may not always hear a heartbeat that early in pregnancy. Dr should do ultrasound and blood work to double check.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had babies, but my doctor didn’t even check until 10 weeks

It’s possible dates are just off a bit.

This happened to my friend yrs ago. Even her pregnancy test was negative. But she knew something wasnt rite. Went for regular scan. No baby. Had the vaginal one. And there she was. Hiding with a strong heart beat. It will happen when it’s meant to happen. Thinking of u. Xx

Did they use a doppler or and ultrasound machine? Bcuz with a doppler they usually cant pick up the heartbeat until around 10 wks or so

I had the same problem with my 3rd but 2 weeks later they found it

At 8 weeks the heartbeat should be noticeable now and if they cant see it then im sorry you will lose the baby :broken_heart: :frowning: . There is a small chance they just cant see it yet due to baby being small or conceiving at a different date that originally thought ( i ovulate week 1 instead of 2) and that baby will be fine

Don’t worry yet! Sometimes they move or curl up so tight it can’t be heard! I got a vaginal ultra sound and they found my baby easily…and she had a heart beat! She is now 8 years old and almost as big as me!

Yes as it can’t really be detected until about 12 weeks.


Definitely ask your ob. My sister was 6weeks with no heart beat and low hcg levels. It was declared a miscarriage

Sumthing mite b wrong wen I was pregnant n 2019 I heard heart beat at 7 weeks

Yes. The baby could just have been moving around or in an odd position

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Don’t rely on Facebook. If baby is not sitting right heartbeat might not be detected. Let your doctor be your guide. Ask all the questions you have to them


At 9 weeks, my dr was unable to hear a heartbeat with a doppler. Due to me having a previous miscarriage and being concerned, I was sent for a sonogram the next morning. My baby was alive and well thankfully!

When I was 8 weeks they had already detected a heart beat at a previous appointment but when they tried it on a doppler they couldn’t find it. I’ve had 4 back to back miscarriages so I panicked but when I came back for ultrasound there was a heartbeat and im now 20 weeks. If they used a doppler, they can’t detect until about 10 weeks, sometimes 12. If it was transvaginal or a regular ultrasound I think they would be able to see the flicker on the screen as well. They should be doing quantitative HCG labs to see if your hormone levels are where they should be and/or decreasing vs increasing.

If your dates are off or if you are heavy sometimes its hard to hear a heartbeat. You should get an ultrasound done for confirmation.

I had a scan at 8 weeks and it was detected

Praying for you, and hope all is well.

Hope is a virtue.
I hope the goddess of life sends the spark to your womb.

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I had this with my daughter, I went back two weeks later and there was a heart beat, you might not be as far along as you think…good luck!

Anything is possible. I went in at like 7-8 weeks and they couldn’t find a heartbeat and just said it was to early and I was freaking because I had already had 3 kids and could hear theirs in the past but everything was okay. I also pasted blood clots and assumed I miscarried and I didn’t! I just had a blood sac by the baby and the clots was just a part of that don’t stress mama that’s not good for baby.

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Why wouldn’t ask your Ob??


Ask your doctor. That being said, from my general knowledge, I think it’s 12 weeks you’ll hear a heartbeat.

Did your doctor say definitively there is “no heartbeat” or that they couldn’t find it yet? 8 weeks is still super early!

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There is hope. When I was pregnant with my son, I was told I was 8 weeks pregnant based off my last period although I told them my periods were irregular. They used a Doppler and couldn’t find the heartbeat so they followed up with an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, we could see him but couldn’t see the heartbeat. They wanted to do an D&C that night but I wasn’t emotionally ready. Thank goodness I waited because my son is now 3 years old.

When I was 6 weeks they seen the heartbeats but at 8 weeks they heard the heartbeats for mine I have 2 lil peanuts

If you are sure about your dates like I was, then it is not a good outcome. Usually they will do about two more ultrasounds a few weeks apart to be sure and then do a DNC if they still can’t find it. I just went through this a few months ago

Yes there can be not all dates are accurate also my friend went in for a dnc and there was a heartbeat the dr missed it before

When I was pregnant with my son they couldn’t hear a heart beat. I was already 12 weeks. Went for ultrasound and they let me hear his heartbeat. Try not to stress

What’d your doctor say if you just left there? That would be who’s information I’d be taking in!

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I heard mine at 6 weeks. It depends on position of baby. I would get another one in 2 weeks cause they should be able to detect a heartbeat

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With God all things are possible.


They could not find a heartbeat after previously finding one on my son at 10 weeks. They told me I had miscarried and sent me to hospital for an ultrasound for verification before a d&c. When they did the ultrasound he was in my uterus doing flips. He was moving too much and they couldn’t catch it. My son will be 21 in February.

Have them check your hcg levels that will usually determine whether or not the baby is viable

Not necessarily Sometimes they have a hard time locating the Heart beat depending on how the baby is positioned. This happened to us as well. Some of these questions are very skeptical

No just went through this on the 4th do no not take the pills at home have the dnc I seen my baby come out of me and it really messed me up

Done with this page. When did this turn into WebMD ?

There’s always hope until there isn’t. Give it a little bit. Babe might just be shy. Best wishes and a prayer

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If they cant find a hearbeat on the ultrasound machine then its likely you miscarried. However if they couldnt find it using a fetal doppler, then 8 weeks is still fairly early, in fact the OB who delivered my 5 children doesnt even attempt to find heartbeat with a fetal doppler until 10 weeks.

My doc always told me 12-14 weeks is when they find it.

Could be too soon to hear the little heartbeat even with amplified Sono sound tech. If the doctor is that concerned about it, he would order an internal sono which would allow a visual view of your little one’s heartbeat.

It’s barely detectable at 8 weeks with external ultrasound, if at all.

My OB waited until like 12 weeks with all my kids. Anything earlier just confirms your pregnancy

Usually its detected around week 6 of pregnancy but thats not to say everyone is the same you are still early…dis they draw blood? Usually if a heartbeat at that gestation is not detected then they will check your HCG levels and have you come back in 48 hours to recheck and that will tell you if the pregnancy is viable or if you are going to miscarry

Maybe it has that rare thing where tha organs are on tha wrong side of tha body…so they arent listening in tha right place… my sister just found out my nephew has it but it wasnt detected until after he was born and already 3 months old

8 weeks is early to find a heartbeat. Send prayers! They should be checking your levels everycouple days and they can tell you if its sticking. I recommend FOLIC acid supplements daily. I had multiple miscarriages and then was told about taking folic acid daily 800mgs no more miscarriages. This has worked for 5 women I know also. All woman should take it before trying to conceive and during pregnancy

If you’re concerned you can get a second opinion or wait until your next appointment :heartpulse::heartpulse:

I didn’t hear my sons heartbeat until around 12 weeks or a little over if I remember correctly because of the position he was in dont lose hope yet

Possibly, babies are different sizes maybe your baby at that age in your womb is still very little. Not an answer but you have to wait a little longer to know for sure. If you’re not feeling right get a second opinion from another doctor.

Don’t feel down so soon. Usually the heartbeat can be heard until week 10 :black_heart: . if you don’t have really strong cramping like pain or bleeding your baby is fine probably just too small give your baby a couple of weeks and I’m sure you’ll hear the heartbeat sooner or later :wink: sending lots of love momma!!!

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We couldnt find a heart beat at 8 weeks I went back 2 weeks later and there is was beating strong im 20 weeks today :slight_smile: keep hopes mama

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Drink orange juice before your next appt. Sounds crazy but my OB told me the sugar increases baby movement and heart rate. Prayers for you! :pray:t3:

Yes there is hope!! My daughter had no heary beat til I was almost 3 1/2 months. It was a tough pregnancy and was always scared after on everything I did but always had hope… She is a monster brat but I love her!

Well not everyone’s body is the same.
And sometimes your doctor will tell you to come back with in a week or so for more test.
If a doctor tells you there’s no heart beat and leaves it like it is with no follow up.
Then that is no doctor at all.
So I would be asking that doctor questions.
Yes it very hard on a woman.
However you could be carrying twins .
And if one pass away the other one will hide .
So just go talk to your doctor and ask the doctor questions.

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Sometimes the heartbeat can’t be detected until 10 weeks.


I wish you the very best. I just hope the dates were miscalculated. Check in again in a week or 2. Much love and prayers heading your wayđź’•

It might be too soon… don’t get down… I didn’t hear my first child’s heartbeat until I was like 3 months along

Pray about it, you never know!

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Wow u really shouldn’t have asked this question on here so many different answers … 8 weeks heartbeat should be noticeable then no it’s not then from 10 weeks then 12 every pregnancy is different etc etc u really need to consult with ur consultant or Gp not fb … wish u good news

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Why didn’t you ask your OB?!?!


My 1st heartbeat for my oldest was detected at 7 weeks my 2nd 9w. There’s hope. Prayers

At 8 weeks they had a hard time locating my 2nd babies heart beat. And I think maybe I had another visit and same thing they had a hard time. I was going into my second trimester and miscarried. So I’m not saying u will, but prepare urself. I kept getting false hope and honestly wish someone would just kept it real w me. Just be prepared anything could happen. Wish u best of luck.

It depends. What method did the doc use? If it was ultrasound and didnt see the heart beat then unfortunately there wont be. If he used the doppler , the heart beat isnt usually detected like that until 11 weeks

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I didn’t hear my babies that early except with the internal probe :heart: try not to worry too much

Yes, just keep praying. God is in control :pray:

Most heartbeats aren’t visible till 10weeks. :heart::heart::heart:

It’s normal not to feel a heartbeat at 8 weeks

You might not be able to hear a baby’s heartbeat at your first ultrasound. Most commonly, this is because it’s too early in the pregnancy. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. Your doctor may recommend you schedule another ultrasound 1 to 2 weeks later.

Have someone else do another ultra sound i had a nurse tell me my baby didnt have a heartbeat for 45 mins i was hysterical i got another nurse she got the heartbeat in less than a minute and i had a very healthy full term baby boy