Weird feeling down below while pregnant

Currently 29 weeks and this is my 3rd pregnancy, but did any mamas ever experience a weird sensation in your crotch, like jumping or pulling?? It’s not lightening crotch, and its not the usual sciatica nerve issues I’ve been dealing with… I think baby dropped within some time in the last few days, but today I had to drive to my husband’s work site and hour away, and the entire time I was driving and the baby would move,it felt it it was trying to escape!!! Or maybe pulling in a nerve,but every time I felt it happen,it would only be my left side of my crotch, and when it would hit,it felt like it was trying to come out of me!!! Like something in the outside would pull and it would try to make it’s away out. Idk if maybe it was head butting me or what,but I never felt that with my other two kids. I go to the Dr on Monday for my next check up,but figured I’d ask here,if anyone else experienced it.


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Possibly go to the er I had that and found out I was 3 centimeters …

I did with my 3rd. I had symphysis pubis dysfunction and the pain started at 12 weeks and lasted until birth. It was miserable

I had that with my last and my water broke super early. Spent 2 months in the hospital before they induced at 34 weeks

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You’re going to feel all kinds of different things, don’t get alarmed. Most are all normal

i felt that less than 24 hours before i gave birth

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Felt that…then 10 hrs later my water broke

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If nothing is wrong, I would recommend hydrating. Drink lots of water!

My first son laid very weird most my pregnancy and it did often feel like he was trying to escape or claw his way out or something definitely unusual but everything was always fine it was just a very unusual sensation that carried on most my pregnancy with him.

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That happens. I’ve had 5 kids and it got worse with every pregnancy lol.
I honestly felt like the baby was going to just drop out :rofl:

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I feel it a lot. I thought it was just being pregnant with a girl over a boy. Might just means they are head down

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Consult your doctor of course but this feeling happened to me while pregnant with my 2nd daughter. It was because she moved way down and her head was so low. We actually caught her shaking her head on ultrasound when I was feeling it!! :joy:

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